“I admit that I don’t want to provoke those two haunts,Dare you say you are not afraid of them?”

Shen Ruoxi asked rightly and boldly。
“I’m not afraid,But it’s safer not to mess with them。”
Song Min euphemistically stated his position,to be honest,She is also afraid。
“Among our five sisters,The only one who is not afraid of Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun is the fifth,Only the fifth child can suppress the two little witches。”
Chen Hao pointed to Yang Shiyun with envy and said。
“You praise me too much……How do you know i’m not afraid?Actually I am also afraid,I’m worried every day,I’m afraid that those two unafraid little aunts and grandma will cause something out of control。”
Yang Shiyun answered without concealment。
“Care is chaos”,This sentence is on the princesses of the Shen family,Got the best proof。
Actually, although Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan belong to the Shen family“Big sister big”,But in fact, the true leaders of the Shen family are Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun.,This is an undeniable fact……do not forget:“Shen Jiamei”This title,Was born because of Shen Ruoxue。
“At least you seem to be able to hold those two girls,At this point,You are much better than us。”
Shen Ruoxi said with a wry smile。
“to be honest,I don’t even know why,Those two girls have always given me face,You are still willing to listen to me。”
Yang Shiyun’s awkward answer。
“Maybe it’s because you are too beautiful,The figure is too good。”
Murong Shan said bloody。
“Nonsense!Here again, right??Can speak well?”
Yang Shiyun blushed instantly,Shame and annoyed Murong Shan said。
“Ugh……Speaking of which, our fifth son is really a stunner,If this is someone who marries our fifth child,That’s the Yanfu that has gone for eight lifetimes。”
Shen Ruoxi is starting to be rude……


Chen Xingyi received the ball again。
This time he did not appear in the empty space,So naturally there is no possibility of offside。
But he also had to face the opponent’s defense。
He tries to take the ball by himself。
This is the only thing he can do when he can’t cooperate with his teammates,Is what he is good at。
I saw him pretending to break through from the side,Trick the opponent to move the center of gravity,He immediately dunked the football to the center with his left foot,A variable inward cut!
“nice shot!”Anton TV commentator appreciates Chen Xingyi’s decisive insight。
Judging from this action,Chen Xingyi didn’t seem to be affected by the offside just now,Dare to make moves,And I feel confident。
Say inside cut,Without hesitation,Never procrastinate。
Chen Xingyi, who cut inside, faced the defensive player of Heihe Polaris.,Flick the football to the right with your left foot,He got out of the opponent’s foot that came up to steal the ball。
Then his right foot knocked the ball forward,Continue to dribble forward。
I’m about to rush to the free throw arc。
Originally, Chen Xingyi was planning to find a chance to hit the door。
He knows that his current problem is that he can’t cooperate with his teammates,Then he thought he wouldn’t cooperate at all,Come by yourself first。At least one goal,It also helps my future in Shining Star。
Of course he doesn’t want to be“Lone wolf”,Can be forced by the situation,Don’t bring out something,Maybe the coach will lose patience with himself。
But when Chen Xingyi drove the ball to the arc of the penalty area,He suddenly found that he had a better choice——His horizontal dribbling attracted the attention of the Heihe Polaris players,Came at him all at once,Other places appeared empty。
If you can shoot yourself,Of course good。

Peng Changyi opened a drawer,Sure enough, there is a pack of tightly packed peanuts wrapped in a plastic bag。

Within two days,There was another person in the communication room,Is a sloppy、The old man who can’t walk in clothes,After that,Peng Changyi never entered this communication room。
Since the new secretary of the municipal party committee came,Peng Changyi recently discovered that Ren Xiaoliang is abnormal,The meeting is also held frequently,I attended the wine bar more often,this day,He took the initiative to make an appointment with Peng Changyi and Liu Zhong,Came to the construction site of the two family homes,View project progress。
In order to grab the schedule,Two family homes have officially entered the construction phase,Land requisition procedures are also handled while construction,Because these two plots are corner plots of North City,The procedures are relatively easy。
The two construction sites are in charge of Liu Zhong and Wang Paizhuan, director of the government office,Xicheng Building,Contracted to a construction company in this city,The bungalow in North City contracted another construction company,Although it is a small courtyard,But they are all uniformly designed,The pattern is also the same,Brick and wood structure,Red brick、Blue tile、Double eaves、High ridge,Standard triad,Five North Rooms,Three furnished rooms for east and west。
On the bungalow construction site,Ren Xiaoliang told Peng Changyi:“Changyi,I don’t know what you think,I went back to the row of bungalows we lived in,Just get stuck。frame,Dare not make noise,Love,Dare not do,Low and humid,Not even a shower place,Awkward。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Yes,Fortunately, I am more convenient than you。”
“Yes,You are inside,You can also build a small pergola,At least you can take a shower at night。We suffer。Don’t say there is no place to shower,Smell of oily smoke every day,I really can’t live anymore。Hurry up,Let’s move over for the first Spring Festival。”
Peng Changyi thought of the small mansion next to golf,If nothing happens,Ren Xiaoliang should have lived in Xiaoyang Mansion this year,It must be Zhang Huai who thinks things are not good,So none of them dared to live in rashly。Thinking of a small foreign house with such a beautiful environment,But can’t stay,Have to suffer in a low, damp bungalow,I’m in a panic,It’s no wonder Ren Xiaoliang is staring at the schedule,Indeed as he said,Can’t wait to move in right away。
Shen Fang’s mood is similar to Ren Xiaoliang’s,Because every member of the party committee has a drawing of the family home,Shen Fang looked at the drawings when she was fine,Sketching out the new home in the future,I didn’t complain so much when I saw him in the house,The topic is always inseparable from the new home decoration。
Peng Changyi thinks that women are also cute,Just better,Just satisfy her joy in material possession,Let her have enough superiority,She won’t be nagging about who bought a water heater,Who bought the air conditioner。
When they first came from the bungalow construction site to the building construction site in Xiguan,Wang Paizhuan received the paging,He ran over,Said nervously:“Secretary Zhong is here,You guys go home quickly。”
Not finished yet,The phone in Ren Xiaoliang’s bag rang,He just gave a feed after connecting,Said immediately:“Secretary Zhong?Hello,Our family building construction site,Correct,Director Peng and Secretary Liu,All in,Correct。Hehe,I think nothing happened this afternoon,We came out together,Attention later,Must leave a housekeeper,We will go back soon,what?Come here,Oh, this construction site is full of soil……Good good,We wait for you。”

Aunt Xu and Yinan also laughed。

After eating,Qi Xiang、Yi Nan and Xu’s Wife pack up,Peng Changyi and the others are sitting in the living room,Began to continue the topic of the afternoon meeting。
See you Qi Xiang,They used Xu’s house as a meeting room,He wanted to remind Peng Changyi,I saw Aunt Xu waving to him,Then whispered:“The leaders are studying such a confidential matter in our house,That they didn’t treat me as an outsider,I am too happy?Don’t push them。”
This meeting,Peng Changyi thinks it is too necessary to drive,And he wanted to open it,After he became secretary of the county party committee,The main task I set up for myself in the near future is to study personnel issues,Solve the problem of aging of the three-source cadres,Before this meeting,Peng Changyi met Kang Bin,I want to use this incident from Sanyuan,Adjust cadres on a large scale,Changing cadres has not moved for many years and the ranks of cadres are too old,Serious aging situation。
Peng Changyi who has done organization work,When first came,By observing, I found that Sanyuan’s cadres lacked a flow mechanism,And the aging phenomenon of the entire cadre team。The average age of Sanyuan section-level cadres is six or seven years older than Kangzhou。Some units have not changed cadres for more than ten years,Cadres generally appear conservative in style、Rigid phenomenon。
First79chapter The call that Peng Changyi refused to answer
that time,Peng Changyi urged the issue of aging cadres,It has been proposed twice on the county standing committee,But at the time, Wu Youfu didn’t agree,It’s hard for others to say anything。After he became secretary of the county party committee this time,,Ready to devote a certain amount of time and energy,solve this problem。He is at the grassroots level who has done a lot of research,An investigation report on the age of cadres at the section level of Sanyuan County Township Bureau,It was presented to Zhai Bingde, Secretary of the Jin’an Municipal Party Committee last weekend.。
He pointed out in the report:Sanyuan, especially the age of the cadres at the township level“Get together”Aging phenomenon is more prominent,According to the statistics,The age of the township bureau-level cadres is concentrated in42to49Years old,The head of the department-level unit is older than50Years old55%,42to49Cadres in the age group account for the total number of cadres at the township level68%the above。The average age of department-level cadres in the township bureau reached47.4year old,This kind of age structure“Get together”Ageing,Will bring cadres“Fault”phenomenon:In the next five to ten years,Nearly among the current township officials40%Above cadres“Get together”Retire or leave the leadership team,Young cadres are difficult to supplement in a short period of time。
A good leadership team should be composed of cadres of different ages,There are experienced veterans、Middle-aged cadres who inherited the past、Vigorous young cadres,Form a leadership group in a trapezoidal structure,And make it in a dynamic development process,In this way, according to people’s psychological characteristics and intellectual level,Play their best performance,So as to prevent the aging of the leadership team,It also helps maintain the continuity and inheritance of the leadership team。
Age of township officials“Get together”Aging and the age of the cadre“Fault”The emergence of the problem,Led to a decline in the vitality of the cadre team:Serving township bureau officers are of the same age,Similar experience,Did not form the proper echelon structure,There is a“Not enterprising、Wait for Huang Kao Lao”thought of;There are many young reserve cadres,long“Prepared but not used”,Enterprising slowly loses。Xiao Pang is the only young cadre promoted in recent years,And there is a big age distance from the original cadres。In the long run,The age of the staff“Fault”And the age of township officials“Get together”retirement,It will also have a negative impact on the stability and continuity of the cadre team。Even if a large number of young cadres are selected to supplement,Due to restrictions on the source of cadres and the law of cadre growth,The quality of the cadre team may not be guaranteed,Simultaneously,There may also be new age levels“Get together”phenomenon。
therefore,Peng Changyi suggested in the report,Strengthen the selection and appointment of cadres at all levels,Gradually establish the age hierarchy structure of the leadership team,Solve the age of cadres“Get together”problem。In view of the transition period, the number of posts in the departmental leadership team of the township bureau is widespread“Full”Or over-editing,Treating the Problem of Team Over-duty Dialectically,Get out“Job-only number theory”Misunderstandings and control positions“One size fits all”way of doing。Treat the structure of the leadership team,Pay attention to the number of jobs,Pay more attention to the combination of structure,Take appropriate measures to timely adjust and supplement young cadres、Business cadres enter the leadership team,Ensure the stability of the cadre team。Develop a long-term plan to control the number of positions of the leadership team,Gradually reach the job number control goal。
After Zhai Bingde read this report,,I feel that Peng Changyi’s report,A positive demonstration of his previous explorations and attempts in the cadre appointment system,such as,Former cadre position,Make a group of cadres get actual training in leadership positions,Assign important tasks when the time is right。His approach,Was discussed in private by many people,Think he is wholesale official hats,Despite the motivation to wholesale official hats,But I haven’t found a realistic theoretical basis for myself,Peng Changyi’s report,Coincides with his mind。
then,He solemnly Peng Changyi’s report was approved to Xie Changyou and the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee,It says:This report is good,Very timely,The problems reflected are universal and representative,Very promotional,Please read the secretary of Changyou,It is recommended to conduct a survey of the age of cadres in the city,Research into the problem of cadre groups getting together and aging in some places,Come up with a solution。
When this report was transferred back to Sanyuan,It’s like sending a Shangfang sword to Peng Changyi,Only then did he decide to make a big deal,Adjust the entire cadre team。And this time the secretary meeting。

Hong Ren was also the first to escape from the mainland“Rich land against bad right”’S children,After decades of hard work,Do it on the seat of the industry leader,Can’t help but say it’s a miracle。Because he witnessed the gambling of mainland officials and wealthy people in Hong Kong and Macau casinos,Fully see the business opportunity of gambling in the Mainland,But the law does not allow this business behavior,If it is just to build an entertainment city and resort, it is not cost-effective to invest heavily,Through further negotiations,Jinan allows real estate development locally,No more promises other than that。

Hong Ren went out with an excuse,The goddaughter Linda got up and poured tea for Yue Xiao and the others,Inadvertently bent over to reveal half of his breast,Yue Xiao opened his eyes。
After Hong Ren communicated with the mysterious figure in Beijing, he was instructed to come first,Adapt again。So Hong Ren said after returning:“Secretary Yue,You just don’t blurt out,I can’t get back with so much money。So today’s negotiations can only end here。”
Yue Xiao’s heart is sinking,But he pretended to be calm and said:“Manager Hong,no way,This is our inland laws and regulations,I dare not touch the egg on the stone,Please understand。”I’m going to leave after I get up。
Hong Ren said:“Business is not righteous,I have prepared some potluck,Anyway, I came from the mainland,It is still necessary to do a part of the landlord friendship。You won’t refuse me,Now as far as i know,The mainland’s policy in this regard has been much looser,It should be okay to have a potluck with me and nothing will be involved。”
Yue Xiao can’t say anything,And followed Hong Ren to the restaurant。at the same time,Kangjialing also received a call from a mysterious figure in Beijing,You can let Jianye in first,Change things later。
But Hong Kong businessmen are not so foolish,They don’t see rabbits or scatter eagles。
In the third round of negotiations, the first talk with Jianye Company about Yue Xiao was also considered.,One is to show sincerity to the other party,The first thing that comes to mind is Jianye Company,The second is not to let Hong Ren know in advance the negotiation situation with the other two,Make the opponent confused。
In feasting, singing and dancing,Both sides stick to their own bottom line,Why didn’t Yue Xiao agree to their gambling in the Mainland?。
Linda got up,Holding half a glass of wine,Come to Yue Xiao,Her slender fingers,Dragging a wine glass,Snuggle next to Yue Xiao,The perfume on my body exudes a good smell。
Yue Xiao has always believed that a woman who knows how to spray perfume on herself,At least she loves herself,Know the woman who loves herself,I also know that I love men。Because he works in the agency all year round,It’s really rare to see perfume women。
now,Linda’s soft chest rubbed against herself,The smell of perfume is coming,Adding a few glasses of wine,He couldn’t help but feel dizzy,But reason is still,He quickly stood up,One step away from Linda。
Linda looked misty,Like a blink,There will be dew drops from the mist,She looked at Yue Xiao faintly,Said softly:“I especially hope that we can cooperate successfully,In that case, I can go home often to have a look。”
Yue Xiao puzzled,Hong Ren said quickly:“Linda’s home is Beijing,If this time we cooperate successfully,She will be responsible for everything over there。”
Yue Xiao’s noodles are difficult to color,He said:“Since you are from Beijing,You should know the laws of the Mainland。”
Linda nodded,Said:“I know,Godfather knows,You see,We are adapting ourselves,You don’t know anything about it, okay?”
Yue Xiao is speechless,Hong Ren hurriedly said:“Linda,It’s banquet time,Stop talking about that,Drink bars with relatives in mainland China。”

Qin Liang asked,I stretched out my hand and rubbed Yang Shiyun’s hair casually。

“hate,Look at messing up my hair……”
Yang Shiyun raised his hand,Open Qin Liang’s hand。
“I’m going to mess up your heart too,Hehe。”
Qin Liang suddenly said something to Yang Shiyun quietly……
“Don’t talk nonsense……There are others here。”
Yang Shiyun immediately said nervously。
Qin Liang agreed,Then he put his face on the car window and looked inside,And knocked on the car window,Greet Chen Hao inside to get off。
“Why are you running all the way??”
Chen Hao got out of the car,Ask Qin Liang Shunzui Er。
“I don’t worry about you two,So I came here to escort him,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang smiled and said。

Liu Yong said deliberately。

“Please master,The first time you saw her,She was ragged all over by the fuse of explosives,Whole body is blood,Dying,You can’t see her no matter how beautiful she is!”
Yang Shiyun said immediately。
In fact, she knew Liu Yong just said that on purpose,So she is just playing with him,Based on Liu Yong’s decades of police experience,How could he not remember the scene when he first saw Liu Xiaoyun?,Moreover,I don’t usually see Liu Xiaoyun once or twice……
“I know about Xiaoyun that time,Xiaoxue and the others have already told me,Xiaoyun is great!At the moment of life and death,Can without hesitation,Save so many lives with my own life!Really shocking,Crying ghost!Really!It’s amazing!”
Meizi immediately gushed a lot of things……
“Nowhere……All right,Can you stop mentioning this in the future?,It’s been so long!”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately twisted,She is most afraid of being mentioned about it,Every time I mention it,She is too shy。
“When we encircled and suppressed the Tiger Gang last time,After the fatal shot,The girl who uses her body to roll the fuse,Is it her!”
Song Junming also looked at Liu Xiaoyun in surprise and asked。
“Yes,It’s her,Speaking of,The life of all the officers of our city criminal police team,Including my life,She saved it all alone。”
Yang Shiyun proud,Proud to say,She has already treated Liu Xiaoyun as her own sister,So Liu Xiaoyun’s glory,Which is her own glory,Pride of Liu Xiaoyun,Nature is her pride。

Yanzi started to defend herself,She has never been so guilty in front of Qin Liang……

“Come here with me,I tell you clearly:You will pay for the sentence you just said,As for the price,Hehe。”
Qin Liang didn’t finish,Because he knows that it’s enough to say halfway,Yanzi will definitely understand what the other half of the sentence she didn’t say is。
Some words,Just need to know it,No need for words。
The swallow is silent,Of course she knows what the price will be,She didn’t pay,And can make her pay the price without resisting,There is only Qin Liang in the world。
“Brother-in-law,Don’t be angry,Sister Yanzi was joking with you。”
Innocent and cute,Meizi who didn’t know the situation at all,I’m rushing to help Yanzi say something。
“late,I’m angry,And also very angry。”
Qin Liang replied with a big tail wolf。
“do not!”
Meizi, this little silly girl is really anxious,Can believe Qin Liang’s words,Probably all of Shen’s sisters,She is the only one so stupid now。
Still too young,Too little life experience……
Swallow does not speak or do anything,Just standing there calmly looking at Qin Liang,She knows she doesn’t need to talk,Qin Liang is now looking for excuses to ask him“surrender”,Then he has the opportunity to do whatever he wants,So not speaking is the best way to deal with Qin Liang。
Suffered once,Last time,Can you take a lesson??But inwardly,Yanzi doesn’t care that she suffers this loss,Fell for this,After all, she loves Qin Liang deeply,It’s just that Qin Liang already has his own family,Have my own wife,So Yanzi had to put his love for Qin Liang,It’s hidden deeply。
I miss Qin Liang deeply for so many years,I have long engraved this love in the swallow’s blood,Bone marrow,Nothing can change this relationship anymore。
Yanzi has no friends,There are no close friends of the opposite sex,Her world is very single,The only man in her life who can be accepted by her,Always Qin Liang,Only Qin Liang。

When Hu Lai’s arch touches the football,Wang Guangwei’s hand finally grabbed Hu Lai’s shoulder,Then he ignored the foul and went down hard,With this force, he shoveled his left leg towards Hu Lai’s foot。

Use both hands and feet to prevent this kick from shooting!
The football whizzed past Huang Zheng’s toes from flying。
Passing by the ten fingers of goalkeeper Zhou Yang。
Fly to the sky。
Then was blocked by a metal beam to castrate。
The ball turned down again。
Hit the white goal line。
Further up。
Rising from behind Zhou Yang in the air。
As if you must fly to the sky。
Until it’s caught in the white net。
This has lost all upward motivation。
Fall from mid-air。
Falling to the ground simultaneously with the falling Zhou Yang。
Zhou Yang is at the door。

He hated Zhang Huai secretly in his heart,If he hadn’t played such a hand in the election,Meng Ke would never transfer away so soon。

Meng Ke became the mayor of Qingping City without any suspense,Qingping City is a strong trading city,Here is the largest trade market in the north,Driven by this trade market,Whether it is house prices, land prices or tourism transportation,Even the food service industry is booming,Meng Ke’s appointment as mayor of this place is indeed beyond the expectations of many people.。But if you think about it, it’s not without any reason.。First of all, Meng Ke’s ability is obvious to all,The second is that he has always maintained a high degree of party spirit and principle in this election.,Left a deep impression on superiors and colleagues,and so,It makes sense for such people to be reused。
The leading group of Kangzhou City held a grand dinner for Meng Ke,Warmly send off Meng Ke to take office,Even Zhang Huai showed unprecedented enthusiasm,Meng Ke went to a prosperous place as mayor,This is also a new star for Jinan in the future,Promising future。
What bothers Jiang Fan even more is,Mengke walks forward,Ding Yi has to move away。This was beyond his expectation,He never expected Ding Yihui to transfer,And he didn’t know it beforehand,Even Ding Yi never told him,Let alone ask for their own opinions。
That day,Just finished the standing committee,Jiang Fan closed the notebook,Just about to get up,Fan Wenliang stopped him,Said:“Mayor Jiang,Did Wen Qingxuan look for you??”
Jiang Fan said:“I didn’t see him。”
“Ha ha,I will definitely find you。”
“what’s up?”
“Ask you for someone。”
“Who want?”
“Ding Yi?”
“Ha ha,Yes。”
Jiang Fan turned over in his heart,Then he calmed down and said:“you……How to reply。”Jiang Fan hesitated for a moment。