“after all,The Ren family doesn’t wait to see your family……”

Chapter Thirty Five Free visit
Sun Qian’s words。
Words and words。
Ren Yurou buried her head lower,I can’t wait to find a hole to drill down。
And the standing green tree beside,Actually, the flower of Lincheng,Coveted for a long time,He doesn’t care about money,Just give the body,Whatever you want。
Shopping today,Is a great opportunity。
Although there is a fool around,Seems to have some strength,but,Can’t hinder anything。
“Miss Ren。”
“You and Qianqian are classmates,I can help。”
“and,Rare meeting,Back to buy clothes,We can have a meal。”
“Qianqian,If Miss Ren and they really have financial difficulties,I think,Help,it should be no problem。”
Li Qingshu looks at Sun Qian。
Two people together,Agreed long ago。
Each other can play casually outside,But her Sun Qian,Must be a main room,Other women,The lover,Just have fun。
Ren Yurou,Is my worst enemy ever,Can see her being played by her own man,Love to hear。
“Of course, no problem。”

“Ha ha,Yes,Are still very young,But don’t look at them,Have been on the battlefield with guns,That really experienced the rain of bullets。”

Qin Liang said that,I suddenly felt proud in my heart,After all, those girls,He brought it out。
“My goodness!It’s too hard to imagine……”
really,Liu Rushi was so shocked。
“Yep,I’ll talk to you,One of these female soldiers,Is a very very cute girl,Correct,She looks very like you,Whether it is beautiful,Still figure,I look so much like you,And she is as kind as you,Qingchun,Sometimes as naughty as you are,energetic and cute。”
Qin Liang said that,Shen Ruoxue’s charming and charming look appeared before her eyes。
“Oh,and then……”
Liu Rushi somehow,I feel a little sick,Probably because Qin Liang said that the girl is as beautiful as himself,The same figure, alright……Presumably Qin Liang didn’t look at that girl less,How else would he know so clearly……
“Then they set off separately,There were four female soldiers,All little girls of the same size,I ordered them to divide into four directions,Go forward separately,No one is allowed to contact each other during training……Ha ha。”
Qin Liang said that,Can’t help but smile。
“You order them?”
Liu Rushi is undoubtedly the best listener,Because she will ask the narrator questions from time to time,It is this kind of interaction between master and slave,Only then will the narrator have great interest to tell the story more brilliantly。
“Yes indeed,They are all fighters of the Dragon Soul Special Forces,but me,He is the highest military commander of Dragon Soul。”
Qin Liang’s proud answer。

“No no no!We are free,It’s okay to find something to fight with someone?We are out shopping,Is it good to buy snacks??Xiaoyun,Don’t talk nonsense,What fight?We are such gentle and lovely little princesses。”

Shen Ruoxue hurriedly talked about this explanation,I haven’t forgotten a few words from Liu Xiaoyun to pretend to be educated。
“I just said casually……Don’t take it seriously,We are all good kids,We don’t fight。”
Liu Xiaoyun blushed and said。
“So be it,I’ll call Yang Zhi and the others,Tell them to come and hang out with us too。”
Qin Liang tentatively asked。
“Brother-in-law,Are you afraid of fighting without a helper rhythm??”
Liu Xiaoyun asked awkwardly。“I have a hasty,You think too much?I am here,Do you still need help in a fight??to be honest,I’m afraid I can’t serve you all alone,So find a few people to help me share the burden,Help me with a thunder at the critical moment
,Carry a pot or something。”
Qin Liang confessed,Tell the truth directly!That’s exactly what he planned in his heart。
“You are so afraid of us?”
Liu Xiaoyun couldn’t help laughing,Hurriedly asked。
“to be frank,Really afraid!Really scared!”
Qin Liang nodded immediately,Answer without hesitation。
“Then you call them……Ugh,Unexpected dragon soul boss,Actually no one dared to accompany us to the streets。”

Shen Ruoxue hurriedly pretended to be calm and echoed,She feels she must go out to cool down,Otherwise the hot flame in my heart,I might burn my clothes after a while!

It was originally a scene to please my sister-in-law,But Qin Liang was performed“Tease”Effect,Qin Liang is really no one,It’s really a shame not to be an actor……
Everyone found out after leaving the house:The moon tonight is exceptionally round,Exceptionally large,Extraordinarily bright and beautiful!A few faint clouds set off under the moon,Hazy by moonlight,Although there are not many stars in the night sky,But every star is bright and twinkling!This must be God deliberately pranking,Deliberately made such a romantic night to meet the scene。
“The scenery tonight is so beautiful!”
Not far,Shen Ruoxue began to sigh from the heart,She didn’t mean to say these things to everyone,A girl with a very beautiful mood,Walking in a quiet and quiet street on such a night,Naturally, everything is beautiful!Mentality,Decide everything。
“Do not,You guys are more beautiful than this night!This night is to set off the beauty of your little fairy daughters。”
Qin Liang praised Shen Ruoxue alone,Turned into a collective compliment to the five little girls,Changed a bowl of soup,The medicine still hasn’t changed。
Chapter three thousand four hundred and forty seven The girl struggling on the lowest survival line
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Chapter three thousand four hundred and forty seven The girl struggling on the lowest survival line
Of course he changed his strategy on purpose,Because he thinks he can only praise Shen Ruoxue forever,I can’t go for a while,I guess the person walking under the moonlight tonight,He and Shen Ruoxue will be the only two left。
This is not unfounded worry,This is a very likely result……
“Koyuki,In the future, our sisters from the Shen family will simply change their name to the Shen family Little Fairy Corps.。”
Liu Xiaoyun turned away,Pretending to be very serious and said to Shen Ruoxue。

Nonsense,I seduce you?You are so good,I’m far worse than you, I can seduce you?Can you not make fun of me?

Li Qiaoer heard that Shen Ruoxue said,But let go,So he answered boldly。
Forget it,Serious,I told you the secret,Then, should you and Xin’er be in step with me and Xiaoyunbao??
Shen Ruoxue asked seriously。
You mean me and Xin’er make ourselves as sweet as you two?Is that……A little too that……
Li Qiaoer was instantly embarrassed,As a girl,Of course she doesn’t mind making herself fragrant,But make yourself like Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,She still can’t accept it,Because it is so fragrant,The fragrance is a bit too eye-catching。
Too much?Speak clearly。
Shen Ruoxue’s tangled question。
Too fragrant,It’s so fragrant that I’m a little scared,Really,Do not lie to you。
Li Qiao’er said nervously。
Ugh……Become a girlfriend,The kind that can live and die together,You are so reluctant to even this little thing,Forget it,Whatever you two,Not reluctant,Barely boring,Plastic sister flower is plastic sister flower,Ha ha。
Shen Ruoxue deliberately sighed with emotion。
Li Qiaoer looked at Li Yaxin at a loss,Li Yaxin bit her lip,After hesitating for a moment, he made up his mind and nodded to Li Qiao’er.。
it is good,Me and Xiner keep in step with you two。
Li Qiao’er knows this level of confusion will not pass,For sisterhood,She felt it was worth the sacrifice,It’s not a bad thing anyway,It’s nothing more than being ridiculed by everyone,Make fun of,It’s better than letting Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun treat themselves with grudges。
Hehe,That’s right,This is my good sister and best friend。
Shen Ruoxue immediately opened her eyes and smiled,It’s so simple to get Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin on his thief ship,Of course she is happy。

“Armed Forces,Did you find the Wang team to cheer for us??”

Wu Yue waved his hand repeatedly:“No,I didn’t mention it,I’m afraid that mentioning Dongchuan Middle School will make him sad……”
“Let’s win Dongchuan Middle School this time,Completely destroy the demons in the hearts of the king team!”
In the locker room of Jiaxiang High School,Everyone is more concerned about whether their captain specially came to watch their game。
Head coach Feng Yuanchang walked in and saw the relaxed Jiaxiang High School players,His face sinks:“What to do?I’m only one ball ahead and don’t know what my last name is?Do you want to open a bottle of champagne in the dressing room to celebrate?”
A group of people was scolded at each other by the head coach,Dare not say anything。
“I forgot how you lost the finals last year?Just lead by one goal。You guys should now focus on me in the second half of the game。Taketake。”
Wu Yue stood up quickly:“I’m here,coach。”
“Can’t relax the defense against Hulay in the second half,Keep following him without leaving,Don’t let him run away。”
“no problem,coach。”
“Jiaxiang High School scored another goal in the second half,This game will be stable?”
During the intermission,Dai Zetao handed a bottle of mineral water to Wang Guangwei。
Wang Guangwei took over the mineral water,Thank you first,Then shook his head:“Hard to say。”
“Hard to say?Leading two goals at home is not guaranteed to win?Jiaxiang High School is not so weak, right?”Dai Zetao was a little surprised,He thought he was the iconic figure of Jiaxiang High School football,Wang Guangwei must support his alma mater,But I didn’t expect that he was not as optimistic as I thought。
“I played against Dongchuan Middle School,I know they are a very tenacious team。Last year we also lost the game with one goal ahead。”
“But last year they had Luo Kai……”
“They still have Hu Lai this year。”
“Hu Lai?I admit that he runs very well off the ball,But this is not enough?His physical resistance is too weak,This will greatly limit his performance……”Dai Zetao takes the vision of a professional scout,Published an evaluation of Hu Lai。“A forward like him must rely on his teammates,If teammates play normally,His abilities and talents are also useful。But if teammates do not perform well,He will also be affected……Look at the first half,Their No. 9 high center forward is not doing very well,Hu Lai’s performance is naturally not good。If Hu Lai is Luo Kai’s player with strong individual combat ability,Then he may indeed rewrite the score on his own,Save the team,But it’s like this now……”

When he finally left, he left a word:“Not to mention the World Cup,Even this East Asian Cup,Champions are not so easy to win!”

Want to come now,Today’s grades are like a slap on his face。
They turned out to be true……Hope to win the East Asian Cup?
of course,There is still no word left。
But the situation is already very good,The last East Asian Cup game,As long as the Chinese team draws against the Japanese team,You can get the championship。
Yes,No need to beat the Japanese Olympic team,Just tie them。
Draw and win。
Thinking of this,Guo Junfu frowned。
It sounds like a curse……
Draw it out,The result of not qualifying has happened many times in the history of Chinese football.。
“Do whatever it takes”,Really a curse。
And with the strength of the Japanese team,It’s not easy to tie them。
The South Korean team tried their best to only tie them……
Speaking of the South Korean team,Guo Junfu suddenly thought,We are3:0Defeated the Korean team!
South Korea and Japan drew a tie,Then why can’t we also tie Japan?
Thinking of this,Guo Junfu suddenly gained confidence。
Think again,Who brought him this confidence……
Hu Lai。
Speaking of Hu Lai,Guo Junfu is really mixed。
At first he thought it was an arrogance,Or a clown。

The old professor shook his head and sighed slightly,But very useful in my heart,Drank saliva,Said:“The past two years have not been calm,Grandpa is on campus,Ask less about foreign affairs,But I also heard the old guys talk about some strange things。Zibuyu,Weird。The big world,All odds,Manpower is sometimes poor。Just know these strange things,There is no need to go into more details。

Grandpa, old folks,All the same as grandpa,Taught for a lifetime,There are also many talents that are useful to society。Some in government,Some in the army,Some business,No matter what industry they are in,The root is for the country and the people……”
The old professor didn’t mention Wu Changan,He started to mention some of his students。
“Grandpa has a student,His situation is special,My hometown is in a remote mountain village,There are a total of twenty households in the village,Never seen the world,Unreasonable,It’s harder to integrate into the group even after going to college,But grandpa admires him。why?Because he can’t eat as much as other classmates,The clothes are also stitched up,But he remains optimistic,Motivated,Always face campus life with a full mental state……
Later he was admitted to the civil service,Start from a junior staff,Keep going,Now he is the director of the center of the Municipal Housing Management Bureau。You met him,His name is Wang Kai,See you later, remember to call Uncle Wang……”
Next,The old professor talked about several students,Most are government officials,There are also those engaged in the financial industry,And businessmen……The young man wondered why the old man told him these things,But the old man explained carefully and he listened carefully,To remember。
Finally the old professor said:“The principal of the University of Gansu you met in the hospital the other day was also a student of his grandfather,His situation is similar to Wang Kai,But he chooses to go to graduate school,Stay in school,Start as a counselor,Has been the principal of Gansu University,His name is Chen Zikang,You can call him uncle in private,He is also the one you will come into contact with most。”
The old professor introduced so many students in one go,Also very tired,Did not continue to introduce,Said:“I will tell you so much tonight,Everyone must keep in mind,In addition, some people from other provinces will wait for grandpa to tell you tomorrow。”
Early next day,The teenager retreats in the backyard as always,The old professor sat under the pavilion of the former dean as usual,Chen Guifang brought breakfast,Ye two finished eating,The old professor began to explain something to the young man again。
During the period the teenager received a call,It’s Ning Tao,Said to invite him to dinner,The teenager did not respond,I hung up when I said something was happening at home。
The old professor was sleepy in the afternoon,Slept all afternoon,Wake up before dinner,The teenager feels something wrong,Didn’t go anywhere,I just read a book for an afternoon by the bed。
At night,The workers are evacuated,A semi-enclosed deep-water swimming pool with a small area but very deep is completely constructed,The old professor sits quietly in the long pavilion, looking up at the stars。
Half moon tonight,Star bright,The breeze blows the treetops,At the same time, it also floats the corners of the elderly。

Liu Qiao knocked on the door and came in,Remind Ou Bao to see you in the meeting room。

Baby Ou come out,By the way, continue to ask Su Xi,“Su Jing back then,What’s the reason,Will take Su Ruo home?”love?Impossible。Bao Bao always suspected,Inside,Something else。
Su Xi just knew。
“Su Ruolan was young,Is the best child of the Su family,It is said to have the ability to remember。and so,The Su family will send Su Ruolan and Su Jing away,Mainly to protect them both。Su Jing hates and jealous of Su Ruolan,So seeing the bad behavior of Su Ruo’s family,Did not stop,Even contributed to。It seems that Su Ruolan will be taken away by Su Ruo’s family,Because of Su Jing。He just wants to eliminate an opponent。”
Su Xi, to deal with Su Ruo and Su Jing,Analyzed this matter。
“Su Jing was probably because of his young age,The perspective of seeing things is the perspective of children。Children will be innocent,Do many things according to their wishes,Zoom in or zoom out。Su Jing is a leader。He infinitely magnified his dislike and jealousy of Su Ruolan,Then it infinitely reduced the severity of Su Ruo’s replacement.。He hinted at himself,This is a little joke,mischief,Won’t succeed,Su Ruolan will still be back.”
of course,“If successful,Also pretty good,It has nothing to do with him anyway,Not his idea。”Su Xi said this,“who knows,Su Ruolan’s biological mother,Will take advantage of the situation and acquiesce to this。Because Su Ruolan’s biological mother,Eccentric Suhe。She doesn’t like Su Ruolan better than Su He,I think she stole something that originally belonged to Su He。If Su Ruolan is gone,Su He will be cultivated by the Su family。Then she went to find Su Ruolan back.”
Everyone has selfishness,Have infinitely amplified their desires,Then they reduced their despicableness。This led to Su Ruolan becoming a later party red cloud。
“honestly,Su’s house is really not a good place。Although Ms. Dang Hongyun is alone,,Must have suffered a lot,But according to my own experience,I feel far away from the Su family,Is the best。Better than anything。”
Su Xi felt,This is providence。God doesn’t want Su Ruolan to become Su Ruo,I hope she becomes Dang Hongyun。I don’t want her to be harmed by the Su family。Su Xi only thinks,This is a good thing。But she dare not say,Because it’s too hypocritical。
Ou Baobao heard such an absurd inside story about changing girls,Don’t know how to react。
Others are selfish,Changed another person’s life。This kind of thing that puts out a hand and casts a haze on others’ lives,There are so many in reality。But it seems that all these implementers,I don’t think I have anything wrong。Even if it’s not egoism,There is no guilt。Other people’s lives have become bad,Can you really make your life better??This is unfounded,Impossible causality?
“Ms. Dang is gone。Her thoughts,No one will know。Waiting for the Su family to leave too,Go see her,They solve it by themselves。”Ou Baobao finished saying thank you,“My brother has always been thinking about this golden lock。Thank you。”
Su Xi waved,“Should,I wanted to be careful at first,Calculated.There seems to be other things belonging to the party lady,I will find them all。Express by then。”She shouldn’t have the chance to meet the little empress again.so sad。
Baby Ou thank you again,“You can call,I will pick it up when I have time。By the way invite you to dinner。I can go to many private kitchens,Aren’t you a food blogger?Do you like to study recipes??”
Su Xi smiled,I didn’t say that she was just eating,I don’t like the smell of oily smoke at all,“Good!!”
go home after get off work,Yuze went to another company for a meeting,Baby than Ou came back later。
When Baby Ou had supper,He just came in。Yuze already knew about Jinsuo,Changed clothes and had supper,Took a look at the golden lock。
“The Su family should have been brilliant。what a pity,Unworthy offspring,Mixed up like this dog.”Yuze said,sneer,“Deserve it。”

“hungry。”Guan Hao is telling the truth。

Guan Hao is really hungry,He has barely eaten since he knew he was going home,Only a slice of veggie bread in the morning,His stomach is too weak,Can hardly bear the intrusion of western food。Now take a sip of her sweet and fragrant millet porridge,Smooth down,It feels so comfortable that the dry stomach is infiltrated、Ironing,There is a sense of integration from top to bottom,The stomach that has been silent for many days is instantly activated,It seems that every cell starts to swim、Chasing,My stomach groaned。
Xia Jihan is pushing the dumplings in the pot with a small spoon,Heard his inexplicable laugh,Poked his head and asked:“Why are you laughing?”
strange,He did not scream after patting,Xia Jihan walked over,Just put his ear on his stomach,There was a grunting cry,And the sound is very loud,So that you can hear it without touching your belly。Both of them laughed loudly。Guan Hao said:“As long as my stomach screams,My stomach is fine,Turned out to be hard and uncomfortable,Don’t move or call。”Finished,He kept belching a few times,The foul gas inside is discharged,People are also moved and refreshed,There is a luster in the eyes。
“God,amazing,I’ve been thinking about it for several days。”
She served him half a bowl of rice porridge,He finished it in a few sips,Said:“Stop drinking,Waiting to eat dumplings。”He stood up,Patting belly,So that rice gruel can be absorbed and digested faster。
Northerners like to eat dumplings with vinegar,This way、Not tired。Guan Hao likes this too,But today Xia Jihan didn’t give him jealousy,But to encourage him to say:“The dumplings I make are not greasy,You try one。”
“Why don’t you even eat a little jealousy?,Damn lady。”Guan Hao picked up a small dumpling,Open mouth,Just swallow it。
Guan Hao also wondered,How can you swallow it without chewing??Say after thinking about it:“Blame you。”
Guan Hao said:“Who made your dumplings so small,And it’s so soft,No need for teeth,Squeeze your tongue and palate to complete the process of grinding food。Always eat such food,My teeth are degraded。”Talking,Another little dumpling。
Watching her tap the fine white tooth shells very loudly,Two rosy and sexy lips are opened to the maximum,And pointed his mouth to show him。
Listen to him,She closed her mouth immediately,Dare not provoke him anymore,Right now, eating to nourish his stomach is his top priority。
“Eat less,Don’t eat too much。”
“You don’t eat dumplings every day like Li Zicheng?”She said casually beside。
Xia Jihan suddenly realized that this analogy is not good,Change your words quickly:“I mean dumplings are really delicious,Nutritionally balanced and comprehensive,Look at protein、Carbohydrates、Vitamins and so on,Not only Li Zicheng likes to eat,Everyone likes to eat。People who do are also particularly interested,Just like we edit a feature film,After preparing all the materials,It’s time to integrate,do you know?My greatest interest lies in integrating this link,Whether it’s making dumplings or feature films,This link is the most creative process,Is also the most enjoyable process。Sometimes a dead leaf recorded by reporters at random、A small flower、Even a cigarette butt,Can be used as transition shots,Sometimes it can play a surprising role in winning,Even as a special language to reinforce the theme。There will always be surprises and excitement in this process,And this surprise and excitement is unpredictable in advance。You say——”
“For example, I made a feature film in memory of a martyr,Suddenly found that the camera recorded a small trumpet flower in front of the tomb of the martyr,I told the production staff to use this lens repeatedly,The production staff dare not reuse this picture,Because this is a taboo in editing、Is a flaw。I said nothing,You use different angles。Later proved to be correct,The little trumpet flower appears every time you switch,With lyrical and sad music,Damn,Great effect!Can’t help but you won’t shed tears,If you don’t shed tears, I always let this scene reappear,Strengthen your mood,Stimulate your lacrimal glands。In the end, I was so excited.,Crying on the keyboard。”
“You do not know,The mother of this martyr until1980Comrades from the Local Records Office in Ducheng in Nian Ducheng went to his hometown in Hunan,I knew my son was a revolutionary martyr,Prior to this, he had been treated as a reactionary family member of the Kuomintang。Because he was drafted into the army by the Kuomintang at school and then went to Yan’an。The broadcast effect was great。It is said that when participating in the evaluation, the judges were shocked,The director of Jin’an station asked the ancient bureau,Did you ask someone to do it??how about it?My level is not high?Ha ha——”
The wise Guan Hao doesn’t know her intentions,Known for so long,This is the longest and the longest she boasted“**bare”Once。So smiled and said:“You stayed alive for so long,Are you just trying to make up for the mistake??”
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