“Turned you back,You want to touch other girls in front of me?Believe it or not, I chopped off your hand?”

For the first time, Shen Ruoxi showed the nature of the tigress hidden in her body,Sturdy career tigress attributes,Broke out in life for the first time。
“I just talk about……I don’t have the guts!Can you be lighter,It hurts too much!”
Qin Liang’s begging for mercy。
“Dare to be bold in my face next time,See how i clean up you!”
Shen Ruoxi twisted Qin Liang’s ears again,Then let go。
“I have a hasty!My ears!Wouldn’t it be okay not to be in front of you next time?……”
Qin Liang immediately covered his ears and avoided Shen Ruoxi,But I still said something。
Shen Ruoxue immediately smiled happily。
“You laugh!Shen Ruoxue!Have you touched enough!”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately cried out again!

“Yes,That little girl likes to act like a baby most,Also very clingy,Yuer,You and that little girl can be very good friends!”

Liu Xiaoyun immediately agreed and said。
“Wait!Who is blue girl?”
Qin Liang’s surprised question,He didn’t remember which girl’s name was called“Blue girl”of,Therefore, Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were at a loss。
“The blue girl is the cat in our house,Because her eyes are blue,It’s a female cat again,So we call her‘Blue girl’,Understand?”
Shen Ruoxue explained to Qin Liang solemnly。
“I have a hasty,What i said!I don’t remember any girl in the family whose surname is Lan,Hehe……”
Qin Liang’s awkward answer,He remembered;I did buy a cat at home,With that dog,Those two little rabbits,And those two parrots bought together!It’s just that Qin Liang feels incredible,He felt that since he bought home,It seems that I have never seen them again…
“Ha ha,Brother-in-law,You probably don’t remember there is a cat in the house, right?”
Shen Ruoxue deliberately asked Qin Liang knowingly。
“remember,How can I not remember,It’s just that I rarely see it at home。”
Qin Liang’s guilty answer。
“Koyuki,Brother-in-law to everything at home,Except people,Basically indifferent,So you are asking him for nothing,Then why do you ask him?。”
Liu Xiaoyun casually said something。
“I have a hasty!Nonsense,How can I be indifferent!It’s just that I didn’t say it on my lips.,Don’t wrong me again!”
Qin Liang’s answer with a big tail wolf,In fact, he really never cared about those little pets at home,People can’t care too much,How can you care about pets?!
“cut,I didn’t wrong you!You think we are stupid?We live together every day,Everyone knows who and what kind!”
Liu Xiaoyun replied disdainfully。

Yanzi opened his mouth to protest,But still bear it,In front of so many people,She has to give Qin Liang face,So you have to obey orders。

Chapter four thousand and forty six What is in your hand
Chapter four thousand and forty six What is in your hand
Qin Liang handed his assault rifle into Yanzi’s hand,Then hold a pistol in one hand,Flashlight in one hand,Carefully walked into the cave slowly step by step,One metre behind him,Yang Zhi and Qiangzi holding an assault rifle,Protecting him with all concentration,And later,It is Marin and Zhao Tuo, who are also on high alert, holding a flashlight.。
The air in the cave doesn’t smell bad anymore,And the cave wall is actually very dry,No signs of wetness,Although you can hear the sound of water dripping on the stone……
The cave came to an end after a few twists and turns,There was another door at the end!A door cut out in the stone wall!
“It seems that this time is really fun……”
Standing in front of the sweet stone gate,Qin Liang said dumbly。
“So is this a hidden maze in the belly of the mountain??”
Qiangzi said embarrassingly。
“So this time we may have a major discovery in archaeological history,Or found a secret base where aliens live in seclusion on the earth,Ha ha。”
Marlin also joked with the whimsical。
“Then we all come to discuss,What to do next?Is to continue to open this stone gate?Or exit first and report the situation to the base and wait for the next instructions?”
Facing this emerging situation,Qin Liang has no idea。
“I think we should ask Liu Xiaoyun’s opinion。”
After a while,Qiangzi answered with a wry smile。
“alright,Then go out and call that girl in。”
Qin Liang thought for a while,I also think Qiangzi’s suggestion seems good,So nodded and agreed。

Ding Yi said:“Why can’t i hear you,What trick,Like i’m a traitor?By the way, section chief,How did you know that I went out for dinner at noon?”

Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“I have eyes watching you。”
“Ha ha,impossible。”
“impossible?Let me tell you,You are sitting on a red Mulan motorcycle at noon,Into golf,Then a little more,is not it?”
“You entered the last row of small houses,Did you meet an unexpected guest halfway??”
Ding Yi opened his eyes wide。
“You still know this uninvited guest?”
Ding Yi keeps opening his eyes。
“He didn’t work hard after entering,You came out,is not it?”
Ding nodded。
Peng Changyi said:“I don’t know what the uninvited guest said to you,Because my ears are not so long。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“The uninvited guest didn’t talk to me,We never met,He goes back to his room,I sleep in another room。”
“Then you didn’t meet when you came out。”

Actually Liu Xiaoyun understands everything in her heart,She did this for her reason。

She knew that after helping Qin Liang complete this task,,She is going to jail,And I’m afraid it will take many, many years to come out,At that time she was old Zhuhuang,How could a man want her again?
Since no man wants her anymore,She wanted to finally give Qin Liang her young and beautiful body,Qin Liang is capable,Powerful man,I gave him my body,He will have a little affection for himself,After I went to jail,,You can also ask him to take care of his mother when he is free……
“It’s not you forcibly occupying,I am willing,That’s all right?”
Although Liu Xiaoyun had made up his mind,,But she also knows that her wish may not be realized,Because anyway,I can be regarded as Qin Liang’s enemy。
So she just did her best,Just do everything and obey the fate,Anyway, a thicker skin and no loss。
“All right,soy Mujer,I can’t tell you……Sleep well。”
Qin Liang finished,Reached out and turned off the light on the table,Then I hugged Liu Xiaoyun and started to sleep,But where can I sleep?……Qin Liang is a young man,Holding a naked girl in his arms,It’s a ghost if you can sleep……
“I can not sleep……”
About ten minutes later,Liu Xiaoyun suddenly whispered in Qin Liang’s arms。
“Ha ha,I can’t fucking sleep……”
Qin Liang answered her with a wry smile。
“Shall we chat for a while??”
Liu Xiaoyun said again。
“What to talk about?”
Qin Liang didn’t dare to find a topic this time,He was afraid of accidentally digging a hole for himself。
“I want to beg you……”

Yang Shiyun is embarrassed,What is this and what!She’s still a big girl!How can you think about people like this?!“Yes Yes Yes Yes,Blame me,I will pay attention next time,Or I won’t go into the fitting room with you,If I go in with you,Really did that,Then you come out and they look at you like this,You don’t have to be embarrassed,Because you are worthy of the name,Hey Hey…

Qin Liang teased proudly。
“roll!You dead thing!Why is it so bad!”
Yang Shiyun immediately started working on Qin Liang again。
“do not,Don’t hit me,You hit me,You promise to be on the headlines tomorrow!”
Qin Liang immediately stopped Yang Shiyun exaggeratedly。
“What headlines are on?”
Yang Shiyun is a silly girl who doesn’t have a long memory,Just finished,Now asking again……
“Tomorrow’s news headlines;last night,Inside a prosperous commercial building in Dechang City,A female movie star surnamed Yang,Beating a man surnamed Qin who was suspected of being an assistant for trivial matters!”
Qin Liang answered seriously……
Yang Shiyun was amused by Qin Liang and laughed。
“Hey Hey hey!Don’t laugh like that!Be reserved!You are a lady,Is a goddess!You laugh so much that hurts your image!Can we not do this?”
Although I know Qin Liang is teasing himself,But Yang Shiyun knows;As a girl,It’s very impolite to laugh like this among the public,So she immediately covered her mouth with her hand。
Out of the mall,It’s completely dark,It is Wanjia Lights,The busiest time of the day。
“I said big breasted girl,Can I discuss something with you?”
Qin Liang suddenly turned around and said to Yang Shiyun。

Qin Liang deliberately raised the bar seriously,He just wants to continue this topic。

“Even if the kid fights back,I can’t beat Sister Shanshan。”
Shen Ruoxue said confidently。“That are two different things!If you can’t beat it,The key is to have your sister Shanshan fight a real opponent seriously.!We can’t count on the competition between us,Because knowing that the other party won’t hurt yourself,The psychological pressure is very small and very
small,Will not be afraid,Those are two completely different properties。”
Qin Liang explained patiently。
“According to what you mean,Next time I meet some bad guy,Don’t do it,Let Ruoxilun and I move around。”
Murong Shan said angrily。
“what,you’re so smart!I really think so!Congratulations, you got it!”
Qin Liang nodded immediately。
“I just said casually,Kidding,Don’t take it seriously。”
Murong Shan regretted immediately!Aren’t you digging a hole for yourself and jumping down?!Why are you stupid to say such a thing?。
“You just say anything,But i’m serious。”
Qin Liang gently shook his head to answer。
“It’s okay,Old sister,We will protect you by your side,You don’t have to think about anything,Just use what you learned,We guarantee you won’t lose,And won’t get hurt。”
Liu Xiaoyun saw Murong Shan’s tone of timidity,I immediately comforted her nonchalantly。
“Shan Shan,You have to think so,What is your purpose of learning Kungfu?It’s for your own ability to protect your daughter, right??But if you don’t even have the courage to do something with others,How do you protect the key?You can’t do anything with determination and desire alone,You have to take action。”
Qin Liang is very smart about Murong’s key,Because he knows;For Murong Shan,Murong’s key is the biggest killer that strengthens her courage and confidence!For my daughter,Any mother who truly loves her daughter will have the courage to sacrifice everything she has!Murong Shan stopped talking,What Qiliang said is reasonable,She can’t refute if she wants to refute,I can only accept it silently,And these words of Qin Liang are like a knife,Accurately stuck in her heart……indeed;For my daughter Murong Qiaoyao,She can’t even kill her,Not to mention anything else。
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Chapter two hundred and ninety one Add ten chicken breasts

Chapter two thousand six hundred and ninety It’s really not easy now

“No no no,I always make you angry,You are so fierce to me,The responsibility lies with me,I will change……”
Facing Shen Ruoxi who sincerely apologized to herself,Qin Liang is ashamed!So he hurriedly corrected his attitude,Seriously said to Shen Ruoxi,But he is used to being free and loose,Talk about it,I forgot after talking for a while!
“Actually it’s really not easy for the two of us now!”
Shen Ruoxi suddenly felt sad,Sadly,Then my eyes are red。
She remembered that since she married Qin Liang two years ago,Two people almost never enjoyed it“world of two people”,The house became a barracks,The life between her and Qin Liang,It’s not even as good as the childhood period!This made her feel wronged and sad。
Qin Liang doesn’t know what to say,Of course he understands what Shen Ruoxi said,And the root cause of this situation lies in me,So he doesn’t know what to say。
“I feel how we are now,Not as good as those who fall in love。”
Shen Ruoxi finished saying this,Tears fell……
Qin Liang reached out and took Shen Ruoxi into his arms,Shen Ruoxi burst into tears in an instant,Qin Liang didn’t speak,Just hugged his wife tightly,Tap her back gently with one hand。
Negative emotions that have been suppressed in my heart for a long time,As long as you vent it, you will feel better,So after Shen Ruoxi cried for a while,Feel more comfortable,I stopped crying slowly。
“Over,Crying eyes swollen,Not pretty anymore。”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile,Deliberately coaxing Shen Ruoxi。
“Not pretty long ago,old……”

Yang Shiyun answered with a wry smile。

“Ok,For your face,I won’t play with her,Hehe。”
Murong Shan’s talent is still unfinished, and she has let the plums go……But she let the plums go,But Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun began to stare at Meizi maliciously。
“plum,Come,Let’s sit down obediently。”
Shen Ruoxue pulled Meizi onto a long couch and sat down,Liu Xiaoyun immediately sat down on the other side of Meizi clearly。
“plum,What did Sister Shanshan mean??Why didn’t I understand?What’s the big place you have,The brain is small?Where are you older?”
Shen Ruoxue asked Meizi quietly,A confused look,This girl is about to start spoofing plums。
“Nothing big,Sister Shanshan is talking nonsense。”
Meizi answered more awkwardly,The pretty little face gets even redder and starts。
“impossible?Why is sister Shanshan talking nonsense??I think she must have found something in you。”
Liu Xiaoyun started to cooperate with Shen Ruoxue,If these two girls join hands together,That plum will end up“At risk”Up。
“So what did Sister Shanshan find in Meizi’s body??”
Shen Ruoxue asked curiously。
“I do not know!How about we come and explore together,See where the plum is big,Actually affects the brain,So strange!”
Liu Xiaoyun continued to cooperate with Shen Ruoxue and said。
“I’m going to the toilet……”
Meizi sensed the danger,Throw a word immediately and stand up and want to run,But Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were swiftly holding on to one side!
“Coincidence plum,It just so happened that Xiaoyun and I also said we were going to the bathroom,Why don’t the three of us go together?,By the way, the three of us will study the problem just now。”
Shen Ruoxue said badly。

“Is not。”Hu Lai shook his head,“sister,Are you our tour guide?”

I heard a high school student call herself sister,Lin Jin, who is almost 30 years old, is very happy,Smile brighter,The tone of speaking to this classmate is also much gentler“Not,This classmate。I am a staff member of the National Competition Organizing Committee,Specifically responsible for receiving you——。During the next national competition,Everything related to you,I will be responsible,Including accommodation、traffic、Dining、Competition preparation……If you don’t understand anything, you can contact me。”
“Are we treated so well?There is also someone responsible for reception?”Hu Lai asked in surprise。
Lin Jin quickly smiled and waved“no no,All participating teams will have a person responsible for the matchmaking。And I am responsible for things related to you。”
After talking, she took out her phone“Come,Dear students of Dongchuan Middle School football team,Let’s pull a group,You can also find me in the group。My last name is Lin,Shuangmulin,Called Lin Jin,Jin is Zhou Yu Zhou Gongjin’s Jin。You can also call my sister like this classmate……”She pointed at Hu Lai,Said happily。
Meng Xi come over,Seeing Lin Jin’s peachy smile,Say to Hu Lai“I rely on,Can’t see it,Your kid still knows how to tease sister?”
“what……”Hu Lai confused。
“One by one sister yells so well……”
“She looks so young,Can’t be younger than me,Then I can only call my sister!”Hu Lai retorted loudly。
After Lin Jin heard what Hu Lai said,,The smile on my face is even more gorgeous,Scan the official attitude when we first met,The whole person becomes vivid。
Seeing this scene, Meng Xi gave a thumbs up to Hu Lai“I admire you!”
The other teammates also cast awe at Hu Lai.——Can boast so fresh and refined,No trace,Really an amazing ability……
When in school,They think Luo Kai is a female food,After all, he has the most female fans。
But now after coming out,They realized that sister Lin didn’t seem to pay much attention to Luo Kai at all.,He is rather kind to Hu Lai……
When a group of people led by Lin Jin to the bus stop,I just noticed that there are stickers on the side of this white bus with yellow and blue flowers。
The sticker is the school badge of Dongchuan Middle School,Followed by the team logo“Dongchuan Middle School”Four characters,Below this line of big letters is a line of small letters“The Andong Provincial Team of the 6th National High School Football Championship”,Show their identity。
“Wow!Great!I want to take a photo with this line!”
“I also want,I also want!”