Xia Jian took out his phone,I found out Ma Hongxia’s phone number,I want to call her,But for a moment I was stunned。This woman is doing business,Smart,Belongs to the strong woman type,But she is not only beautiful,And people are very romantic。Thought of here,Xia Jian put the phone back in,It’s best to call such a woman at night。

Xia Jiangang put the phone on the table,Xi Zhen opened the door and walked in,She whispered:“President Xia,The doorman just called and said,A female boss named Ma Hongxia came to see you“
“what!She really came,Come up soon,Greet you at the elevator,She is the god of wealth in our eastern market,Can’t slow down at all“Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Xi Zhen http://www.supperdream.cn responded,So he left quickly。Xia Jian couldn’t help but“Damn“Several times,Things in this world are really amazing,Just talked about her,She came by herself,This is only the seventh day of the first lunar month today!How could she come so early?
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,With a burst of women’s laughter,Xi Zhen led Ma Hongxia in。Xia Jian hasn’t seen this woman for some days,I saw her in a red trench coat,Tall chest,There are also two beautiful legs wrapped in flesh-colored stockings,Take a look,Just make Xia Jian feel a little bit ungrateful,He is also the one who has seen beautiful women,what is it today?
“What’s wrong, Mr. Xia?Is it not welcome??“Ma Honglu laughed,Came over to meet Xia Jian。
Xia Jian across the table,Help stretch out:“Where dare,But Mr. Ma is getting more and more charming,Let me take a look,This eyeball can’t move“
Xia Jian squeezed Ma Hongxia’s small white hands,Squeezed hard。Woman smiled happily,The two went to the sofa and sat down,Xi Zhen made tea and went out,Shut the door easily。
Ma Hongxia saw the two of them in the room,Rushed up immediately,Twist Xia Jian’s ears with your hands,Curse softly:“You have no conscience,Ignore me once the business is successful。How many times have i been to you,You don’t make a call”
Seeing Ma Hongxia mature and charming,Xia Jian couldn’t help but kissed her on the face and said:“Sorry,There are so many things,Sometimes remember,Suddenly something came in,I forgot”
“it is good!Forget the previous,I came today,You have to stay with me”Ma Hongxia looks like a little bird。
First1021chapter Two-tier relationship
Beauty loves handsome guy,Handsome guys also like strong women。
The relationship between Xia Jian and Ma Hongxia,Not just a cooperative relationship,The private relationship between the two of them is also very mysterious,What kind of love。If there is no such relationship in it,I want Xia Jian to remove her fromZJI’m afraid it’s a bit difficult to invite this great northwest。
“Hey!I came here today to thank you,This is really something to trouble you”Ma Hongxia sat up straight,Tidy up the clothes,Said seriously。No loss is the style of a strong woman,It can be said that it does not leak。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Also thank me,Isn’t it promised by body?!”
“can,This is totally,But you have to promise to do me a favor”Ma Hongxia smiled charmingly。
Xia Jian is most afraid of women treating him like this,He asked quickly:“What busy,Speak out and listen,See if i can help,I http://www.mylcfs.cn will never say anything if I can help,But can’t help,You said it for nothing”Xia Jian is also a clear person,Business is business,Friendship is friendship,He has always distinguished clearly in this regard。

“Thank you Lingsha girl。”I wish Minglang are not polite。

Like the holy dew from Nan’s Xuezang,It’s basically a rare Tianjing Dihua,Even if you travel through thousands of mountains and forests,May not be found。
Besides, this is the spiritual creature that best matches the attributes of Shenmu Qingshenglong,I heard that Nan had such a baby before,If you steal, you have to steal a copy for your baby dragon!
“Great guardian,The birth of Saint Lu for a hundred years is complete, right?,I’ll give it to Zhu Minglang。”Nan Lingsha went on to say。
“hundred……Century Saint Lu,This is the foundation of our Nan family……”The guardian of the holy forest was stunned,He didn’t expect Nan Lingsha to even send her best wishes,But soon the guardian saw Nan Lingsha’s eyes,He immediately continued with an awe-inspiring expression,“But there is only such a treasure,To be worthy of the identity of Zhu Minglang!”
Zhu Minglang glanced at this protector who had a consistent tone before and after,Sigh in my heart,Nan Zhaobing’s father is also a talent,This can make things rounder!
Nan Lingsha retracted her indifferent gaze,The guardian was relieved,Hurriedly lead Zhu Minglang to continue。
Ten Years of Saint Lu,Is to gather the aura of heaven and earth,The wood spirit finally taken from the silver cedar altar,Generally, it is slowly taken from the silver fir which is more than ten years old,Just the collection process,It takes a http://www.yelangedu.cn lot of manpower and financial resources。
And Hundred Years Saint Lu is even rarer,It is drawn from a century-old silver fir,I think the reason why Nan Taigong Nan had a lofty status,It was he who won the centuries of Saint Lu,Let Nan’s stand tall。
In fact,The reason Nan Taigong wanted to oppose Li Yunzi,To a certain extent, it is also because of the centuries-old Saint Lu。
Grandpa Nan wants to enjoy the century-old holy dew that will be conceived exclusively,But Yunzi Lai hopes to use it to train a new strongman of the dragon shepherd。
Haven’t walked too long,The three came to a forest cliff。
Under the cliff,It is an earth altar piled up with spirit wood stones,The sun is blocked by the tall silver cedar canopy,But this stone altar glowed with a brilliance stronger than sunlight,Fever!
When they approached,Above the forest http://www.rk-coder.cn cliff,A huge ancient tree came alive,Then the body stretched out among the dense foliage,And stuck out an old head,Looking down at the three people who came to the altar。
Is an old sacred tree!
Zhu Minglang is secretly surprised,Most of this Shenmu Qingshenglong’s body is still hidden in the forest cliff,Just show the tip of the iceberg,Gives a strong、ancient、Sense of mystery。
I didn’t expect Nan’s holy forest,There is actually a sacred wood and blue sacred dragon!
“Holy guard,Let’s go to Shenglu,This is the offering we brought。”Talking,The guardian placed a few crystal clear beads aside,It took a respectful salute before leaving。

This is the old horse。

For the patient’s family,It is a thrilling dead escape.,If it is a rabies,Then you have finished playing.。And myastosome is weak, although I can’t cure,But some drugs can be controlled,And you can return to life completely,That’s lucky。As for a diagnostic error,Old horse,They are now happy now.,It is estimated that you will not find trouble.445
Piece68Elderly male,I was found in a coma at home,Hurry and send hospital emergency。
Patients with coma come to emergency,That is very tricky。There are too many reasons for coma.,From the head to the foot, dozens of diseases,And each cause may have several dozens of changes,Classifying a little change。
The emergency doctor initially suspected that it would be a brain,Such as cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction,After all, this is the most common cause of coma in middle-aged and elderly.,Especially the family said that patients have high blood pressure for more than ten years.,Not taking medicine,Take medicine is also intermittent,This makes the emergency doctor suspect,How many good guys are in the high blood pressure puzzle,Hypertension is not easy to really, it is very easy to bleak blood bleeding or cerebral infarction.。
The emergency doctor carefully saw the patient’s mouth corner,No mouth skew performance,There is also no limb hemiplegia performance,This is not big as cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction。So I quickly made a craniholect,This is the gold standard.,If there is a cerebral hemorrhage,ctI can see it at a glance.。ctIt is possible to see the organization of different density of brain tissue.,Bleeding words will be high density,Show a white。
So the patient is not a cerebral hemorrhage。Is there any cerebral infarction??possible,ctCan you rule out a cerebral infarction??no。Cerebral infarction is a cerebral blood vessel.,Blood flowing,Brain tissue ischemic hypoxia,Not a cerebral hemorrhage,So short-term(24Within an hour)ctCan’t see。Must be onset24Review the brain after hoursctCan you see that it is a cerebral infarction?。
Neurologists also read,Assess,I feel that cerebral infarction is not like。
In addition to cerebral hemorrhage、Cerebral infarction can lead to coma,There are still many reasons.。Patients may be poisoned,Such as pesticide poisoning、Sleeping pill poisoning?The family denies,Impossible,There is no such chaos in the family.。
Will it be hypoglycemia?Does the patient have diabetes??Diabetes hypoglycemia is also coma。Emergency doctor is fast than the big brain,The problem has not yet been asked,Just give the nurse to take a blood sugar。A few seconds were saved.,blood sugar69ol/l,This is normal blood sugar,No hypoglycemia。
This is not,That is not,What is the reason for coma??The family is also anxious,Doctors。
The emergency doctor carefully looked at the patient.,I feel that the patient’s breathing is slightly promoted,Not too obvious,Just a little bit,I am afraid that it is not a respiratory problem.。To know,Severe pneumonia can lead to hypoxia in patients,It is also coma。But generally severe pneumonia will have a breathing、Lips(Hypoxia)Performance,But he is not very obvious。
Sweepingctwhen,LungctAlso sweep together,Didn’t see obvious pneumonia lesions。
So serious pneumonia caused a coma like a coma is not like。
Will it be myocardial infarction??Elderly,Hypertension,It is also possible to make a bad myocardial infarction.。The family said that the patient has no history of coronary heart disease.,And there is no performance of chest pain talking on TV.,It should not be。Emergency doctor interrupted him,Saying that disease is not typical,Do you have evidence?。I will know if I have a heart map.,ECGettical more than a dozen dollars,Master out。The family is not good to say anything.,Agree to make an electrocardiogram。
Is such that,Typical myocardial infarction will have chest pain、Chest tightness,But some serious maybe it is coma.,No time to show chest pain,This is completely possible。Therefore, the emergency doctor is routinely to do an electrocardiogram for the patient.。
There was a result.,Not myocardial infarction,Didn’t see itst-tSegment change。The emergency doctor used a stethoscope to listen to the heart and the lungs.,Looking at the camera results,Talk to the perspective,The first ECG did not see an abnormality,Can’t block the heart muscle infarction,You can continue to make an electrocardiogram after an hour.,Do a few times,Have normal,Can be assured。
Speech,The blood of the arteries also came out。Other blood draws have also come out。These blood draws are all in the blood test.,Basically, there will be results for an hour.。
Original emergency doctor is still suspected that it is not a respiratory problem,Is it a problem of hypoxia?,However, ECG monitoring is not low in blood oxygen saturation.,Now there is no hypoxia,Basically, it can be excluded is the problem of respiratory tract.。
But there is a significant error,That is the alkalinity,There is only the acid and alkalinity of the patient in the blood gas.70(normal735-745),This is really a patient’s old life.!The emergency doctor finally found the problem.。
Why is the acid alkalin so low??Why is the patient in the body so acid??
After contrasting other blood loss results,See the patient’s blood creatinine710μol/l。
Finally found the problem。
Blood creatinine710μol/lwhat,Normal people’s blood muscle anhydride top110about,Many people are100Inside。Creatinine is human muscle、Small substances produced by metabolism such as protein,Can be considered a garbage in the blood,These garbage are kept from the kidneys.,Follow the urine。
In the case, it will cause blood creatinine so high.?The answer is self-evident。That is the time when kidneys have problems。For example, http://www.weiyijiu.cn there is renal failure.,The excretion of the kidney has a problem.,Creatinine can’t go out,There is more accumulated in the blood.。The kidney is like the body’s garbage excretion workstation,Rubfish recycling station,Good things are filtered over again, they will re-absorb them back.,The bad thing will be flushed away.。The kidney is a good worker who is not afraid of suffering.,model。
But there is no day and night work,Stress from work,Or other problem,Such as hypertensive nephropathy、Diabetic nephropathy、Kidney stones、Nephritis, etc. will cause renal dysfunction,It will cause the function of the kidney to decline the function of the station,In the end, the garbage of a series of hard creatinine can’t go out.,Stacked in the body,Problem。
Patient,Very might be kidney failure,Garbage accumulation,For example, http://www.zhengxingguanye.cn creatinine、Urea, etc.,There are still many other acid metabolites accumulated,It may lead to serious acidosis in patients.,And may lead to a coma,This is also very common in clinical。A lot of coma patients,A kidney function,Utinish,Hardsthydride is high。
Emergency doctor told the patient’s family,It is said that the patient is uremia.,The reason for coma is caused by uremia.,Must wash the kidney(Hemodialysis)Can save him。
Thinking of patients are uremia,The emergency doctor quickly asked the family.,How the patient in these days,Normal urine is normal。
Family is a bit,I don’t know.,Not living with him,He lives in the old house there。If you don’t know the urination。
Emergency Department
Kidney filtration,Garbage will be filtered with the blood,Enter the urinary tract,Water will also enter the http://www.hzdh-mobilehome.cn urinary tract,Forming urine rushing out。Once the prostate is large to a certain extent,Completely blocking urethra,Water and garbage will not come,Will accumulate in ureteral、Bladder,Time long,The kidney will also give water,The kidney is very large,Eventually because of the pressure of water,Hold the blood filtration,At the same time, forced the kidney ball,Then the function of the kidney will naturally shrink。Chaosteen dirty east stacked inside the kidney,Also very easy to form infection,Patients ultimately infectious shock,It will be quickly lethal。

At this moment James’ heart is full of despair。

He killed in Magnolia,Do not,Can’t be called killing,And should be http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn called‘massacre’。
He slaughtered those mortals,It’s like crushing a bunch of ants,The difference is that those ants can also bring him some benefits。
And now,It is the turn of the gods of the Magnolia continent,Killed him like a crushing ant。
Weird king·James Fury,Unwilling,despair。
“I want to be the palace owner、I want to improve again in the realm of the magic circle,I want to become Dzogchen、I want to become the legendary main god!I must not die here!”James roared inside,Last fight,Even the body surface is covered with a layer of black light,The shape seems to turn into a shadow。
At this moment of life and death,His strength has faintly broken。
Wright didn’t use a gun,Just reach out the right hand,Operate the laws of the earth,Take a picture。
With the power of Wright,Just use the law of the earth,There is also a palace owner level。And he doesn’t want this James to die so happy。
Endless gravity is suppressed on James,James, who just made a breakthrough under the pressure of life and death,Was instantly suppressed。
No wonder,He is a six-star high-level god close to the seven-star level,Strength even breakthrough,It’s just reached the standard of the Seven Star Darkwalker。In the palm of Wright,As if turned into a mountain to block James directly。
The terrible gravitational http://www.yaliliangjing.cn tear oppresses James’s body,Feel the pain of every inch of body,James wants to wailing,But I can’t even make a sound。
A few minutes later,A soul attack completely annihilated James’ soul,Except for the head deliberately avoided,The soul of James, who has almost turned into a puddle of mud, is completely annihilated。
“died~”Wright’s face didn’t feel much pleasure。
“Count his death happily!”Cecilia also said bitterly。
James killed countless in Magnolia,And then fled into the dark god plane,Now this matter is completely resolved。
Wright waved his hand,Put the head of James in the space ring,Bringing back to the Magnolia Continent at that time is an explanation for the human beings who directly and indirectly killed James.。

Of course the captain wants http://www.yundingyingshi.cn to go with sister Qiao,The longer the road, the better,Best never ends。But people’s face is like frost,Not say a word,Really uncomfortable。And just got into trouble,Scared in my heart,So I didn’t have a few steps,Just ran back。

Rushed into Li Tianchou’s room in one go,The captain can’t be happy anyhow。
“Why don’t you walk around together?Talk more。”Li Tianchou deliberately teased the captain。
“Nothing to say,People ignore me。”
“You can usually blow?It’s diarrhea when it’s critical?”
“I really don’t know what to say,Panic in front of her,Paralyzed,Don’t know what’s going on。”
“What do you say。”
“That won’t work,Didn’t you poke the basket at noon??”
“Oh shit,What a great mallet,Who makes you okay to scold you?。Forget it,I http://www.mamorux.cn won’t tell you,Don’t make trouble,Or just lie down here,Or go back to your house。”Li Tianchou turned around and ignored the captain。
The captain closed his mouth,Start thinking wildly,Tossing in bed,Never stop,And sigh from time to time。
“Have you tossed enough??Just go back to the house。”Li Tianchou is upset。
“brother,You said Qiao sister won’t bother me?”
“Then where do i know?But you will be like last night,Like a man,I will never bother you。”
“Really?I grass,Then let’s find time to get Hong Mao and them.,Paralyzed,Show off。”
“Leave far away,Who made you fight all day long?Something wrong。Real men are men,Is to be able to take responsibility。I don’t know the truth。Say so,You have to support yourself by your own ability,Feeding http://www.susongdanbao.cn his wife and children,Feed the whole family,Have to make them live better。Understand?”

“Thank you Third Young Master Wang,I will eat more when you go”Zhao Hong said,Did not look up。

Wang Youcai smiled awkwardly and said:“All from the same village,Don’t need to be so productive!Do you think it’s Xia Jian,You persuade Zhao Hong,Let’s get drunk together,Oh!I can also introduce you some friends in the business field by the way,I’m tired of all your advertisements”
Weasel to the rooster,Surely not at ease,Xia Jian believes in this,But Wang Youcai’s attitude,He is really not good at rejecting,After all, in the public,Saying badly will make others laugh。
But at this time,Someone came http://www.jinshahaianxian.cn over,Patted Wang Youcai on the shoulder and said:“Boss Wang,Everyone is waiting for you,Why are you here”
This person looked up,Suddenly stupid,Xia Jian has a look,I haven’t spoken for a long time。
Wang Youcai, look around,Ha ha smiled:“What’s wrong with you Long brother,It’s not that you two know each other too?”Wang Youcai said,Puzzled。
Zhao Long’s mouth curled up slightly and said:“Less talk,Brother http://www.qdjiyazhailipin.cn Qiang has arrived,Don’t dawdle here”Zhao Long finished,Unnaturally flicked his yellow hair,Walked quickly to the other side。
“I said there are big shots today,You really don’t want to go?“When Wang Youcai heard that Brother Qiang was here,Just said,Took Chen Xiaoju away。
Ouyang Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered:“Do you know the yellow hair just now?I think he is a bit hostile to you,Or let’s go now!“
“it is good!I’m full too,I wanted to eat more,But I didn’t expect this fly to fly over,Greatly affected my mood“Zhao Hong said,Angrily slam the chopsticks on the table。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This yellow hair is more than acquaintance“He said,Rolled up his sleeves,A long scar came out。
Ouyang Hong surprised,Asked:“When is this?Why didn’t you mention a word,And treat people as improper friends?”Ouyang Hong is a little angry,But his http://www.volnn.cn face is full of concern,Zhao Hong sees it,Somewhat uncomfortable。
“Don’t worry,Eat slowly,We can’t go too fast,Or let this guy think I’m afraid of him,Ran away“Xia Jian changed his mind,But calmed down a lot,He picked up the chopsticks again。

joke,Now words,Playing games can http://www.xinqinn.cn be rewarded。

At least what Wang Teng has now,Are all obtained through games。
and so,Let Wang Teng not play games,It’s unlikely。
This time I played Metal Slug4,Currently playing to the level of the biochemical laboratory,Wang Teng’s operation,Various scores continue to improve。
Wang Teng originally played these games,Very handy,so now,Beat this level,It’s even easier。
“Ding,Congratulations on trying out Metal Slug4,Obtain rewards for God-level medical skills。”
See here,Wang Teng was even more surprised。
Did you get the reward so soon??
Follow this rhythm,Wang Teng’s assets exceed 10,000,Just a breeze。
But this god-level medical skill,It’s a good skill。
Wang Teng just thinks,In my own http://www.lead-lighting.cn mind,A lot of things poured in at once。
In an instant,Wang Teng has now become a medical master。
Jiang Ya finished the call,Speaking apologetically to Wang Teng。
“I http://www.iotsecu.cn am sorry,Delayed you so long。”
Jiang Ya’s face looks a little pale,Obviously I didn’t have a good rest。
“take care,Take it easy。”


阳神以为林响会投鼠忌器,But he is a forest,Will not compromise anyone。
The right hand has reached the limit,Revose,I am afraid I can’t control this power.,But just this is enough.。
I saw him stretching his right hand slowly stretching his head in front of him.。
The power of horrible power slowly。
Directly,After hitting the huge merits。
This power is completely crushed,So huge amount,It can be said that it is turning a flash.。
But the Yang god http://www.339aabp.cn doesn’t want to show weakness。
“Since you don’t have to work with me,Then don’t blame my heart.。”
The few cars that were covered by the fault were instantly dead.。
The monks who witnessed the land of the Lingnan land neitched tooth cut teeth。
Of course, the forest to the owner is the same.。

Near Zhu,Anna Atasi is also a low desire woman,I have been deeply affected with Chen Linzhi for a long time.,Follow the idea of playing a job,Not only to give others as an assistant。

Chen Linzhi jokes, she said:“You haven’t gone yet.,How can you know that?,Let me tell me the first few times.,What attitude is Dior?,I am free to draw a fund for $ 20 million.,Help you complete financing or acquisition。”

NS247chapter Old husband wife
Hall for more than two months,Chen Linzhi, the foundation of the family was mastered by Anna Tasia.。
She didn’t care about http://www.jzdjzx.cn Chen Linzhi.,This little rich woman is approximately $ 30 million,There is also an upcoming family trust fund behind him.,The beneficiary has only her and her parents。
Waiting until Anna Atasia has children,No matter how many,Can be born from birth,Until the day hanging down,The premise is that the Foundation is working well.,Revenue on the book。
Considering the Charity Trust Fund is quite mature in the United States,Little John·d·Rockefeller Family Foundation, founded by Rockefeller1913Year operation,And annual investment charity、Payment to the Lockefeller family members dividends,The scale of the foundation of the Foundation has doubled several times,It is really likely to let the children and grandchildren have to eat for her life.。
Have to say that since the boss checks the heart problems,The father of Anna Atas is very consistent to this baby daughter.,Put the problem of inheritance heritage in advance.。
Wait until her family fund is talented to Anna Atas,There is also Chen Linzhi to assist next to,Look at the assets worth 67 million US dollars,Maybe the scale may be considerable。
No wonder Newman once sent it,Chen Linzhi found such a girlfriend,Not asa to find a big treasure,Advantage is obvious,It is enough to let ordinary people lying together in a lifetime。
Sitting in the hotel roof,Evening wind blowing。
Anna Atas listened to Chen Linzhi to help himself,Curious asked:“You sell your stock.?Still ready to use the funds you have recently raised recently?”
“neither,I want to use the stock as a collateral in the account.,Borrow a money from the bank,Some people say that smart people will use others to make money for themselves.,And I only owe the bank’s only mortgage,Consult the idea of the bank before,They tell me about 80% of the total value of stocks.,7.5% of the interest per year,Quite cost-effective。”
I thought that Chen Linzhi just want to help himself.,Anna Atas is touched,said laughingly:“you are so kind to me,But I don’t necessarily make back your interest money.,So still count.,No need to adventure。”
Chen Linzhi explained very unfinished:“Neither,I am very optimistic about the prospects of Dior’s luxury goods companies.,Somewealth of cloth leather,Online only one downside processing fee,You can earn more than 90% of gross profitability,Even the promotion of promotion is huge,Still worth investing,So I advise you to pay attention to luxury goods companies.,Women’s money is best earned,I can pay attention to cosmetics after I have money.。”
Anna Tasia really wants to say that women are not so stupid,But look at the love of tens of thousands of dollars to buy the Hermes crocodile bag,Instantly, there is no bottom gas,Combine one piece of Chanel short-sleeved for two or three hundred dollars,And cotton short sleeves only sell a few dollars in the supermarket,Silently recognize his woman’s money。
Discharge:“I really want to go directly.,Since you come,Give you a task that I negotiated.,Honestly, this makes me easily。Before Warma left,I thinkceoWork does not trouble,Many tasks have been handled by us.,It seems that it is difficult to do business than I imagined.。”
“Negotiation is not easy,You need to accumulate some experience,In addition to this, there are skills,For example, learn me,Based on Morgan Stanley to help,I believe they call the door.,Dior will definitely pay more attention。”Chen Linzhi has not yet eaten,Let the waiter send fruit salad。
Anna Tasia bite is not good,Ask him:“Since you know, who should be invited to help?,Why don’t you tell me earlier??”
Chen Linzhi forgot this,It is half a month ago to let the Anna Tasia single guns,Let her touched a nose ash,I laughed and said.:
“You need to exercise learning,Only you have experienced it,Can be a qualified businessman。
I suggest you read the biography of those luxury goods companies.,Experience from China,When the boss and when the assistant can be different,Seriously put it, I am selling clothes in China,Looking for someone designed to design,We will barely calculate。”
He was opened by him,Anna Tasia tonight,I have forgotten this thing soon.,Talking about the recent people seeing in Paris……
The old husband has a long time.,So Chen Linzhi sometimes forgot Anna Tasia has more beautiful。
After getting up the next day,Look at her bath to dress up,Light is a few kinds of skin care products.,arm、neck、The legs have not been put,Apply sunscreen afterwards,Carefully organize your hair,No wonder the whole person tender。
Good figure relies on exercise and diet,She will be with Matia during San Francisco·Ipez morning running、Yoga,To the beauty salonspa,Early, it is dizzy.,Recently, I have been physically and psychologically began to get healthy.,Chen Linzhi finally found that Anna Tasia temperament was followed up.,Learn to dress up。
Just dressed in a dark dress,Anna Atasa saw Chen Linzhi, staring at himself.,Wonderful asked:“what happened?I can start with my shoes.,From here to the Louvre,The temperature is not rising yet,Walk in the past。”
Chen Linzhi strived to let her come,Anna Atasa。
After approaching, Chen Linzhi is pressed on the sofa.,Just listen to his tone:“You are so good today.,I thought about it.,I have no problem to visit again.,Anyway, it is not a weekend,It is estimated that there are not many visitors.。”
I don’t understand what he mean.,Anna Atasia was proceeded by him,I http://www.myiran.cn am laughing in the past.:“I am not easy to make up makeup!Haircut!”
“Reese later……”
This delay,Going out is already 11 o’clock noon。
Anna Atasian spirit shake,Chen Linzhi is sluggish,Laoses out of the hotel,Go to the place to have a lunch。

I heard this name,Dalton’s footsteps,Suddenly。

Not just him,Everyone is in the first day,Qi brush to look into the entrance to the square。
High heels make a pretty foot。
immediately,A woman’s figure appears in the sight of everyone。
Women’s blonde such as waterfall,Silk moist,A http://www.bomexsolar.cnpair of brows is the moon to teeth.,High nose,Thin lips with fatal temptations。
Her body is hot,Exquisite,Extracted a pair of slender legs,The whole delicate body is outlined out of a beautiful curve。
Under lighting,Her delicate body is equipped with the delicate look,Attracting everyone’s gaze。
An unavoidable princess and the most beautiful princess in the world。
“sky,Really the princess。”
Many young people can’t help but exclaim,Surging between gods, unable to inhibit excitement and excitement。
Even those who have identified people,Surprised。
Eagle king room is just a symbol,But no one can noise the influence of the royal family。
And Alice is a princess that has attracted attention and petition.,I have participated in the engagement ceremony of the Clare family.……Is there another http://www.cddjxf.cn layer of meaning?。
This is the idea of many people.。
Only Dalton has no such idea。
He did not invite princess and royal family.。
Don’t you want。
But not qualified。
on the contrary,See Alice’s appearance,The Dalton’s mind suddenly emerged for him to feel absurd.。
The princess is not also the Oriental.。
one way or another,The person is a guest,Dalton packed complex emotions,Accelerate your footsteps,Extremely gentleman。
“your Highness,Thank you for coming to Clare Castle。”
Aust’s footsteps,Soft smile,“congratulations,Mr. Dalton,I hope I didn’t bother your wedding.……”
Dalton’s face is stiff,A young color,Embarrassed。
He just wants to explain,I only see Alice’s gaze to quickly sweep over the people,Ask,“Mr. Dalton,I would like to ask the Chinese people named Ext……”
Not finished,Aristise eyes,That exquisite face blooms smile,I nodded again toward Dalton.,“Feel sorry,Mr. Dalton,I went to see a friend.。”After the end,Accelerate your footsteps forward。
NS1016chapter What qualifications do you have, my sister?http://www.rengangkeji.cn
People’s gaze,Follow with Alites’s footsteps。
Her arrival,Indeed that many people are surprised。
But in surprise,Looking at the direction of her front,Everyone also gave a similar idea.。
To know,This is the most beautiful unspeakable princess in the world.,Just three months ago,Already married。
She won’t also rushing to the Oriental man.。
Under a different gaze,Aristate came to the past,“Hi,Exxter。”
Summer tough turning,Surprise smile,The heart is a dog’s blood shot in the heart.。