Yuan He scolded,Then turned and walked quickly into the house。
“Grandma Yuan,Thanks to you this time!”
On the road,Mo Xiaosheng said with some gratitude to Yuan Jinshu。
to be frank,If it wasn’t for Yuan Jinshu to follow him this time,,He may not be able to get out for a while。
“okay,Niche,Why are you polite with grandma?!”
Yuan Jinshu smiled and patted Mo Xiaosheng’s hand,Smiled,“In the future,If you have anything difficult,Just tell grandma,If grandma can’t handle it,,And your grandpa,Your grandpa hears me often mention you,Always let me invite you to eat at home,Say I want to meet you,By the way, thank you in person,Thank you for saving my old lady’s life!”
“Grandma Yuan,You don’t agree,Don’t mention this!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled at her,I learned that Grandma Yuan’s lover wanted to know herself,Can’t help being flattered,But he knew,“Companion with a monarch as a companion with a tiger”The meaning of this sentence,Know this big man,He should stay away for now。
After returning to the hospital,Yuan Jinshu knew that Mo Xiaosheng was going to the hospital to visit King Yue,And didn’t let Mo Xiaosheng help him massage,Let the driver come and pick him up。
Mo Xiaosheng casually took two bites of rice,So he took Mingcheng and Li Zhen to the hospital。
Because Yuerenwang’s identity is quite special,People from the military intelligence department arranged him in a separate room.。
After Mo Xiaosheng and the others rushed over,,King Yueren is still in a coma。
Mo Xiaosheng quickly took out the silver needle,Gave another injection for Yueren Wang,Detoxify the wound。
“Mr,Should we take him back to the hospital??”Li Zhen asked curiously。