“Better than you,You look,Faceless,To be in shape,To be temperamental,Older,The whole person looks like a fifty-year-old aunt,Have the face to grab clothes from us!”
Mo Xiaosheng curled his lips,Disgusted。
Chen Tian is crying sweetly,I have to say that these words of Mo Xiaosheng are too vicious,These points are a dead end for any woman!
“Forget it,Niche,Let her the clothes。”Luo Yilin pulled Mo Xiaosheng gently。
“I don’t need you to let!Who are you showing in this hypocritical act??You robbed someone else’s boyfriend,Now grab someone else’s clothes,Shameless,Bitch!”
Chen Tiantian stared at Luo Yilin angrily。
She and Luo Yilin are in the same department,When I was in college,Her boyfriend kicked her after seeing Luo Yilin,Turn to pursue Luo Yilin,She’s always worried about this,That’s why I feel resentful towards Luo Yilin。
She hates Luo Yilin for being prettier than her,I hate that Luo Yilin is better than her everywhere!
“Clean your mouth!”Mo Xiaosheng pointed at her and warned coldly。
“Forget it,Don’t reason with such people。”
Luo Yilin advised Mo Xiaosheng,Then dragged him aside。