A middle-aged woman’s voice came,Follow,A pink middle-aged woman in a pinkTShirt,The following wear camel’s shorts,Drag with a word drag,In the eyes of Yue Lingxi。
She knows this is Mrs. Chu,She has only seen it once ,Still some impression。
“Mrs. Chu,Hello!I am Yue Lingxi,excuse me。”
Chu’s people listened to the people of Yuejia,I have a strong hate in my scorpion.,Anger:“What is your favorite people?,Is my daughter be harmful enough??”
Yue http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn Lingxi quickly looked at Chu Yan,It seems to guess what?
“Mrs. Chu,can we talk?
do not worry,We will not hurt you.,Because Yue Sheng is evil,I want him to get a sanctions,Miss Chu is also a victim,There are also a lot of girls like Chu.,Everyone is dare to anger.,If you have a heart to come up with evidence,Remember the court,Let him get the punishment you should,So everyone’s days can be peaceful。”
“I bother,It’s good to say it.,Your pleasure,There are a few stinky money, you can do whatever you want.,My daughter is so destroyed by Yue Sheng.,She has been embakened for a few years.,It is destroyed by your home.,Ggo。”
Chu said,Turn your daughter behind your body,Quickly turn the door。
Yue Lingfeng’s previous step,Stop。
Yue Lingxi on the front step:“lady,At that time, you didn’t call the police.,Don’t you want to go back to fairness for your daughter??”
“It is not your greed for one million cooperation when you are.,Miss Chu will not turn it now.。”
“Looking at the daughter’s pain for a few years,Do you want to make your daughter better??
Don’t want your daughter to revenge??
Just like this to swallow your life to keep a sick daughter for a lifetime??”
“Mrs. Chu,A long life,Do you think you have to stick??”
“Yue Sheng is still bullying a woman outside,Even my little sister, I don’t want to tarnish.,That kind of people,Do you really plan to let him go??”
“Mrs. Chu,I will find other victims of the girl one by one.,As long as everyone stands out together,This thing will get everyone’s attention.。”
Chu’s eyes have a touch of hate,There are also regrets,But it’s here.,What can they have?。
NS2385chapter The president will definitely save your sister.
If you don’t greedn, the millions of cooperation,The daughter will not turn this.,They also found daughters after half a year.。
It is because the evening of Yue Sheng is the same as her.,Caused a lot of shadows in her heart。
At that time, they just bought the house here.,More than 3 million houses,They lend more than 100 million loans,Plus the little son at college,Various pressures on their shoulders,Be unable to,They have chosen to earn hundreds of thousands and to endure,I didn’t expect that my daughter was sick.。
Her daughter is beautiful and understanding,She has a dream,Be a jewelry designer,But I came to my head.,But it turns into this person who is unreliable.。
Yue Lingxi handed his own business card to Mrs. Chu,Say:“Mrs. Chu,this is my name card,If you want to pass,Call me at any time。”
Yue Lingxi knows that this thing is in a hurry,The injured family has their own consideration,Some fear,Also choose to swallow。
The indulgence of Yue family is starting from high school.,A group of pig friends,Yue family parents are not too tube,Happy son is happy。
Yue Sheng knows that she is not her kisites,Just playing her idea,She is desperately studying,Pay,Successful abroad,Hide。
Chu said deeply over the Yue Lingxi,Finally, I have received my http://www.zzplot.cn business card in Yue Lingxi.,Then“boom”A touch of the door。
Yue Lingxi:“”I can experience their hate across the door panel.。
Just is too late!Sister and brother two people downstairs,Outstanding community,Yue Lingxi belly is a bit hungry。
“Small peak,Let’s go eat something,This thing is slow,I will go to another tomorrow.。”