Wang Youcai smiled awkwardly and said:“All from the same village,Don’t need to be so productive!Do you think it’s Xia Jian,You persuade Zhao Hong,Let’s get drunk together,Oh!I can also introduce you some friends in the business field by the way,I’m tired of all your advertisements”
Weasel to the rooster,Surely not at ease,Xia Jian believes in this,But Wang Youcai’s attitude,He is really not good at rejecting,After all, in the public,Saying badly will make others laugh。
But at this time,Someone came over,Patted Wang Youcai on the shoulder and said:“Boss Wang,Everyone is waiting for you,Why are you here”
This person looked up,Suddenly stupid,Xia Jian has a look,I haven’t spoken for a long time。
Wang Youcai, look around,Ha ha smiled:“What’s wrong with you Long brother,It’s not that you two know each other too?”Wang Youcai said,Puzzled。
Zhao Long’s mouth curled up slightly and said:“Less talk,Brother Qiang has arrived,Don’t dawdle here”Zhao Long finished,Unnaturally flicked his yellow hair,Walked quickly to the other side。
“I said there are big shots today,You really don’t want to go?“When Wang Youcai heard that Brother Qiang was here,Just said,Took Chen Xiaoju away。
Ouyang Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered:“Do you know the yellow hair just now?I think he is a bit hostile to you,Or let’s go now!“
“it is good!I’m full too,I wanted to eat more,But I didn’t expect this fly to fly over,Greatly affected my mood“Zhao Hong said,Angrily slam the chopsticks on the table。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This yellow hair is more than acquaintance“He said,Rolled up his sleeves,A long scar came out。
Ouyang Hong surprised,Asked:“When is this?Why didn’t you mention a word,And treat people as improper friends?”Ouyang Hong is a little angry,But his face is full of concern,Zhao Hong sees it,Somewhat uncomfortable。
“Don’t worry,Eat slowly,We can’t go too fast,Or let this guy think I’m afraid of him,Ran away“Xia Jian changed his mind,But calmed down a lot,He picked up the chopsticks again。