“Thank you Third Young Master Wang,I will eat more when you go”Zhao Hong said,Did not look up。

Wang Youcai smiled awkwardly and said:“All from the same village,Don’t need to be so productive!Do you think it’s Xia Jian,You persuade Zhao Hong,Let’s get drunk together,Oh!I can also introduce you some friends in the business field by the way,I’m tired of all your advertisements”
Weasel to the rooster,Surely not at ease,Xia Jian believes in this,But Wang Youcai’s attitude,He is really not good at rejecting,After all, in the public,Saying badly will make others laugh。
But at this time,Someone came http://www.jinshahaianxian.cn over,Patted Wang Youcai on the shoulder and said:“Boss Wang,Everyone is waiting for you,Why are you here”
This person looked up,Suddenly stupid,Xia Jian has a look,I haven’t spoken for a long time。
Wang Youcai, look around,Ha ha smiled:“What’s wrong with you Long brother,It’s not that you two know each other too?”Wang Youcai said,Puzzled。
Zhao Long’s mouth curled up slightly and said:“Less talk,Brother http://www.qdjiyazhailipin.cn Qiang has arrived,Don’t dawdle here”Zhao Long finished,Unnaturally flicked his yellow hair,Walked quickly to the other side。
“I said there are big shots today,You really don’t want to go?“When Wang Youcai heard that Brother Qiang was here,Just said,Took Chen Xiaoju away。
Ouyang Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered:“Do you know the yellow hair just now?I think he is a bit hostile to you,Or let’s go now!“
“it is good!I’m full too,I wanted to eat more,But I didn’t expect this fly to fly over,Greatly affected my mood“Zhao Hong said,Angrily slam the chopsticks on the table。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This yellow hair is more than acquaintance“He said,Rolled up his sleeves,A long scar came out。
Ouyang Hong surprised,Asked:“When is this?Why didn’t you mention a word,And treat people as improper friends?”Ouyang Hong is a little angry,But his http://www.volnn.cn face is full of concern,Zhao Hong sees it,Somewhat uncomfortable。
“Don’t worry,Eat slowly,We can’t go too fast,Or let this guy think I’m afraid of him,Ran away“Xia Jian changed his mind,But calmed down a lot,He picked up the chopsticks again。

Many people are excited。

Obvious,The situation has been upgraded。
The high level of the two parties has not followed,But the two exhibitions,It has already feel that the atmosphere is slowly gaining。
“Me……Me……”Changping changed http://www.meilesc.cnbetween the looks,Pale,The brain is very flowing,Thinking。
“Ha ha。”
Li Tong is a smile,The eyes fall in the summer,The color of the scorpion。
http://www.vintageunion.cn Little guy is really good,No,Your luck is also good.,Really, I want to collect my little guy.?
What should I do if he doesn’t grow up??”
“This will not work with my old brother.。”
The two people like the old friends who pore abdomen,Seems to talk freely。
What kind of mentality can I do?,They are all clearly clear。
However, the ginger is not a sigh.。
Since Li Tong is now,And say this,Obviously another layer of meaning。
He can only see it.,This matter cannot be pursued.。
Think here,He dark self-emotion,“Wang Wei,Some things are unclear a time.,Time to stay here long,Will understand,This matter can only be temporarily,Waiting for one day you are strong,Can you rest assured to revenge,How do you see。”
Ginger is really loved by this boy.。
If you let others hear,He talks like this,Clearately shocked。
http://www.igaoer.cn Summer is of course not doing people who don’t know。
In fact。
Daxion main ginger,Already made him very surprised。
Even in the heart,Also give birth to a grateful。
He jammed,“Some seniors,I will personally revenge.。”
“Ah,Still calling the seniors??”
Ginger is no longer empty,Laugh,“Today, when the people in the city,跪 跪 师。”
Narrate,Summer is not hesitant,I want to worship.。
However, at this time,A mild voice suddenly rang in the empty。
“And slow。”
The sound is just。
Distant horizon,A remaining shadow is like a meteor。
That is like transient,Moment,Overhead。

“Since it is restored,Time is now,It should also be started.。”The emperor looked at Lin Feng and laughed.:“I see what you have to resist this time.,Buddha angry Golden lotus test?I can completely resist,I think what do you have?!”

“I have opinions。”Lin Feng suddenly revealed a brilliant smile on his face.。
“Gamble,You are afraid,Directly。”The sound of the burial sword smiled and said。
“good,If you are afraid,I will pass it directly.。”Cool cold road:“The province was disabled,Solve people say that I am slowly waiting for everyone,Is it a lot of water??”
“Humph!”Water Tian Ji cold:“Everything according to the rules of the Miao,let’s start。”
“Slowly!”Lin Feng big hand:“I feel that I have to add a little bet.。”
Tell this,Let everyone become colorful,Lin Feng crazy,Even the strong people who can hide the sky,But it is only a hit hard.,And the monk hand holding a black monarch,Complete a knife out of the attack power of the sky。
This horror attack,Even if the trial of Buddha angry, the power of Golden lotus is better than,Will be broken down。
“Lin Feng,You are crazy。”Cow。
“Don’t be excited,This kid has a basement。”Golden http://www.wptact.cn big snake directly draws a few words。
“What do you want to add??”The devil’s scorpion looks like Lin Feng Road:“I can accompany the end.。”
“You should be a soldier in your hand.,I can gamble!”Lin Feng cold road:“Since you have to play, you will play big.,To play the incoming production,This is irritating,This is called real gambling!”Lin Feng directly took out the magic soul knife from his arms.。
化 魔 刀,Everyone is dead, staring at the knife in Lin Feng’s hand.。
God soldier is the soldier,Once the birth, everyone feels different.。
“Devil’s knife!”The willow blood song is dead, staring at the magic knife in Lin Feng.。
“Actually the magical knife!”Shui Tian Ji also shocked。
“Devil’s knife!”The burial sword is also dead, staring at Lin Feng’s trendy knife:“You are crazy,Actually gambling the soldiers!”http://www.paulight.cnIt can be said that Huaxia has rarely happened such a crazy thing.。
Do not,Don’t say Huaxia,It is also a few people in the whole world to take out the gods to make a bet.。
What is the goddend?,Representing a group,Representative of a dynamic heritage,It is a big potential to basically。
This is a big giant gambling once passed out,Inevitable to the entire international time。
“Lin Feng,You really took out the magic soul knife and gamble?”Moon,God’s troops are very extreme,If he lost,His zombie blackmite,Do not,Whole Miao sinner。
“I will ask you.,Do you dare to play?One sentence,A little man,You don’t dare,Directly,I saw me low in the future.!”Lin Feng said cold,He holds the devil knife,The sound of the devil knife knife sounds,It seems that the opponent,High war。
NS451chapter 斩 魔 刀
“Lin Feng,You are forced http://www.thlcz.cn me!”The glossy face is gloomy and gloomy,His scorpion stared at Lin Feng’s figure。
“Twilight,Demon,You won’t recognize it.。”The golden horn of the golden big snake sounded a ridicule sound.。
“Demon,I will give a sentence。”Niu Devo also grinned:“As you can, you can more thanks to Lin Feng?Fortune?”
“Demon,Blackmale?Nima is blocked!”
Taoined voice continues,Devil’s face is getting more and more sinking,Then staring at Lin Feng Road:“it is good,Lin Feng,I am fighting with you.,I see how you win me.!”
“Ha ha……Win you?I still have a grasp。”Lin Fengnan Yan Haha laughed,Although the magic bore is holding the gods to play the attack,But the speed of the emperor can’t keep up.,This is his chance。
What’s more, Lin Feng, a knife, two kinds,Any half-step strongly has to be smashed by a knife,Be hurt,This kind of attack power has been close to the attack of the Sky.,He won’t be disabled by a knife。
“very good,very good,Since this,Let’s start.。”Cool cold road:“The soldiers in your hand are destined to be mine.。”Among the scorpions of the emperor, a hot and possession。

Qinghai white house?

Standland,Summer look。
He suddenly recited something。
At the beginning, the light was trapped in the 18 masters of the ear.,Both sides of the trip one night,Damage。
After that, the ear is Hao to inform the summer.,And in the last time,Similarly, I said a word.。
http://www.dsyhome.cn Be careful!“Which white home?”
He asked。
“Jinmen,Ancient people,White house。”
Liu Zi’s voice came,“I can only tell you these,Have time you check it yourself.。
that’s all。”
Telephone interrupt。
Summer face pensive。
At this moment,There are five cars to fly quickly.,Parking。
Turn out more than a dozen a strong man in black.。
“Step aside!”
“Go on one side。”
These strong people are full of vigor,It’s not a good person at first glance.,Alongside,The passers by deliberately pushing next to。
And some locals see them,It is like avoiding http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn the plague.。
Not only passerby。
There is also a customer in the hotel,Also changed color。
“Look at the license plate of those vehicles,they are……Bruity people!”
Blush!It is not a white family of four major families in Qinghai.。
But……Qinghai underground emperor,White nine。
It is also known as nine.。
Never thought,The jausa’s background is so horrible.,Baiye from the underground world!“That young man is over,There are also two girls……”Several identity guests secretly sigh。
Ordinary people are not in contact with these,But these are rich than ordinary people,But there is not many people in the background,It is very clear,This half-year turmoil in Qinghai underground world。
Not exaggerated,Since a year ago, the Emperor Lin was launched in the underground world.,Qinghai’s underground world is no longer http://www.rk-coder.cnstable。
Later, rumored was controlled by a person who was Zhang Yunfeng.。
More rumors,Zhang Yunfeng is from Zhang Jia, from Suzhou’s four families.。
However,Zhang Yunfeng also died。
As for how he died,Nobody knows,Later, with Su Hang Zhang, I was said that I have suffered.。
And now Qinghai underground world,A big figure appeared again before a few months ago。
White nine,Blush。
New Underground Emperor。
now,More than a dozen black and strong people pushed the passerby rushed into the field,Quickly help Ma Shao。

Clickqqmusic,Find a song,I listened to the happy farm,The king listening to the song,Like a leisurely seeding。

First open up,Then go to the store to buy seeds,The first-class trumpet is not picking up,Can only plant carrots、White radish,Wang Flow to buy a copy,Snooked on two places,Seeds begin to grow,Two-hour maturity。
http://www.calmbuy.cn Wang Liyou,He is too lazy to wait for so long.,Want to buy fertilizer speed,Unfortunately, the remaining gold coins are not enough.,I want to have a golden gold,Unfortunately, the game has not launched yet.,The payment channel has not been opened yet,There is money, he has no place.。
But don’t matter,Click on the right side of your friends.,Li Xiangtao、Pills and others are listed,Tiansheng executives,Our products developed,They have naturally experienced,And it starts from the test period.,Level is higher than the king,Opened and cultivated crops are more rich,It is just that he is stealing.。
Wang traffic steals,Then sell,The money sold is just enough to buy a bag of ordinary fertilizers,Decisively bought,Then fertilized water,Fertilizer,Mature time decreases for two hours,Residual growth time……Ten-hour。
have to,Still。
http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn Wang Li grinned,But I am also happy.,He did this happy farm,Slightly in the past,But the essence is grasped.。
The past is popular in the country,Old plum,Now the fire is not big.,At least Baidu should be more than enough。
Turn off the farm,Wang Flow and move the mouse,Set the pointer to the address bar,Think about it,Playing two words:Heaven。
moment,A row of URLs:
Tiansheng official website。
Heaven《legend》Official website。
Heaven《Miracle》Official website。
Some of the number of births from Tianheng showed,Click to jump directly,More than searching and then filtering the URL.。
At the same time, the favorites feature is added below the address bar.,I like the website can collect it.,Next, visit without search,Click directly,Is a convenient and practical small feature。
Wang flows one by one,Feel good,Fully reached his expectations,Clickqq,Just give Li to Tao’s information:
“well done,Start the arrangement。”
“it is good。”Li Xintao immediately returned him a word。
some company。
Zhang Hao is busy,Ready to get on the Internet,relax for a moment,Habitual opens Tiansheng browser,When Tian Sheng has been released,He is attracted by the rich site,I feel that the Internet is unprecedented.,Since then, he has become a faithful user.。
Browser he has opened countless times,Early practice,Just this time is a bit less than,I just popped up a box,Tip has a new version,Make updates。
Zhang Hao also didn’t think much,Click to update。
NS245chapter Mostly
After a moment,update completed。
A pop-up window is popped up in http://www.ycsykyw.cn browser,Introduced several new features added to this update。
the first isqqmusic,This Zhang Hao knows,He is alsoqqLoyal user,OccasionallyqqMusic listen to the songs to relax,Very familiar。
But the second happy farm,He is a bit of two eyes.,Planted、Social web game……
What is this ghost??
Web game??
But why should I add a social relationship??
Zhang Hao’s brain flashed a series of question marks,Curious heart driven,He found a happy farm under the search box.,Then I opened the game.。

Don’t open your doors casually。”

A middle-aged woman’s voice came,Follow,A pink middle-aged woman in a pinkTShirt,The following wear camel’s shorts,Drag with a word drag,In the eyes of Yue Lingxi。
She knows this is Mrs. Chu,She has only seen it once ,Still some impression。
“Mrs. Chu,Hello!I am Yue Lingxi,excuse me。”
Chu’s people listened to the people of Yuejia,I have a strong hate in my scorpion.,Anger:“What is your favorite people?,Is my daughter be harmful enough??”
Yue http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn Lingxi quickly looked at Chu Yan,It seems to guess what?
“Mrs. Chu,can we talk?
do not worry,We will not hurt you.,Because Yue Sheng is evil,I want him to get a sanctions,Miss Chu is also a victim,There are also a lot of girls like Chu.,Everyone is dare to anger.,If you have a heart to come up with evidence,Remember the court,Let him get the punishment you should,So everyone’s days can be peaceful。”
“I bother,It’s good to say it.,Your pleasure,There are a few stinky money, you can do whatever you want.,My daughter is so destroyed by Yue Sheng.,She has been embakened for a few years.,It is destroyed by your home.,Ggo。”
Chu said,Turn your daughter behind your body,Quickly turn the door。
Yue Lingfeng’s previous step,Stop。
Yue Lingxi on the front step:“lady,At that time, you didn’t call the police.,Don’t you want to go back to fairness for your daughter??”
“It is not your greed for one million cooperation when you are.,Miss Chu will not turn it now.。”
“Looking at the daughter’s pain for a few years,Do you want to make your daughter better??
Don’t want your daughter to revenge??
Just like this to swallow your life to keep a sick daughter for a lifetime??”
“Mrs. Chu,A long life,Do you think you have to stick??”
“Yue Sheng is still bullying a woman outside,Even my little sister, I don’t want to tarnish.,That kind of people,Do you really plan to let him go??”
“Mrs. Chu,I will find other victims of the girl one by one.,As long as everyone stands out together,This thing will get everyone’s attention.。”
Chu’s eyes have a touch of hate,There are also regrets,But it’s here.,What can they have?。
NS2385chapter The president will definitely save your sister.
If you don’t greedn, the millions of cooperation,The daughter will not turn this.,They also found daughters after half a year.。
It is because the evening of Yue Sheng is the same as her.,Caused a lot of shadows in her heart。
At that time, they just bought the house here.,More than 3 million houses,They lend more than 100 million loans,Plus the little son at college,Various pressures on their shoulders,Be unable to,They have chosen to earn hundreds of thousands and to endure,I didn’t expect that my daughter was sick.。
Her daughter is beautiful and understanding,She has a dream,Be a jewelry designer,But I came to my head.,But it turns into this person who is unreliable.。
Yue Lingxi handed his own business card to Mrs. Chu,Say:“Mrs. Chu,this is my name card,If you want to pass,Call me at any time。”
Yue Lingxi knows that this thing is in a hurry,The injured family has their own consideration,Some fear,Also choose to swallow。
The indulgence of Yue family is starting from high school.,A group of pig friends,Yue family parents are not too tube,Happy son is happy。
Yue Sheng knows that she is not her kisites,Just playing her idea,She is desperately studying,Pay,Successful abroad,Hide。
Chu said deeply over the Yue Lingxi,Finally, I have received my http://www.zzplot.cn business card in Yue Lingxi.,Then“boom”A touch of the door。
Yue Lingxi:“”I can experience their hate across the door panel.。
Just is too late!Sister and brother two people downstairs,Outstanding community,Yue Lingxi belly is a bit hungry。
“Small peak,Let’s go eat something,This thing is slow,I will go to another tomorrow.。”

Chen Tian’s sweet face sank,Cold voice:“You also deserve to wear such good clothes?”

“Better than you,You look,Faceless,To be in shape,To be temperamental,Older,The whole person looks like a fifty-year-old aunt,Have the face to grab clothes from us!”
Mo Xiaosheng curled his lips,Disgusted。
Chen Tian is crying sweetly,I have to say that these words of Mo Xiaosheng are too vicious,These points are a dead end for any woman!
“Forget it,Niche,Let her the clothes。”Luo Yilin pulled Mo Xiaosheng gently。
“I don’t need you to let!Who are you showing in this hypocritical act??You robbed someone else’s boyfriend,Now grab someone else’s clothes,Shameless,Bitch!”
Chen Tiantian stared at Luo Yilin angrily。
She and Luo Yilin are in the same department,When I was in college,Her boyfriend kicked her after seeing Luo Yilin,Turn to pursue Luo Yilin,She’s always worried about this,That’s why I feel resentful towards Luo Yilin。
She hates Luo Yilin for being prettier than her,I hate that Luo Yilin is better than her everywhere!
“Clean your mouth!”Mo Xiaosheng pointed at her and warned coldly。
“Forget it,Don’t reason with such people。”
Luo Yilin advised Mo Xiaosheng,Then dragged him aside。

“Fuck you,Useless waste!”

Yuan He scolded,Then turned and walked quickly into the house。
“Grandma Yuan,Thanks to you this time!”
On the road,Mo Xiaosheng said with some gratitude to Yuan Jinshu。
to be frank,If it wasn’t for Yuan Jinshu to follow him this time,,He may not be able to get out for a while。
“okay,Niche,Why are you polite with grandma?!”
Yuan Jinshu smiled and patted Mo Xiaosheng’s hand,Smiled,“In the future,If you have anything difficult,Just tell grandma,If grandma can’t handle it,,And your grandpa,Your grandpa hears me often mention you,Always let me invite you to eat at home,Say I want to meet you,By the way, thank you in person,Thank you for saving my old lady’s life!”
“Grandma Yuan,You don’t agree,Don’t mention this!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled at her,I learned that Grandma Yuan’s lover wanted to know herself,Can’t help being flattered,But he knew,“Companion with a monarch as a companion with a tiger”The meaning of this sentence,Know this big man,He should stay away for now。
After returning to the hospital,Yuan Jinshu knew that Mo Xiaosheng was going to the hospital to visit King Yue,And didn’t let Mo Xiaosheng help him massage,Let the driver come and pick him up。
Mo Xiaosheng casually took two bites of rice,So he took Mingcheng and Li Zhen to the hospital。
Because Yuerenwang’s identity is quite special,People from the military intelligence department arranged him in a separate room.。
After Mo Xiaosheng and the others rushed over,,King Yueren is still in a coma。
Mo Xiaosheng quickly took out the silver needle,Gave another injection for Yueren Wang,Detoxify the wound。
“Mr,Should we take him back to the hospital??”Li Zhen asked curiously。

“Yes,Whether it is Teacher Xu Gu,Still Li Wei,Have a good grasp of the essence,Well acted!”

“They don’t have any exaggeration in the drama!So restrained,So serious,So real……How to do,I want to keep watching but I’m afraid to cry~~”
“Who is not like this?Me and my mother、With my dad,The three of them couldn’t stand it after watching two episodes!Obviously the plot is pretty easy now!”
Message like this,24Within hours,Just reached7700Ten thousand。
All kinds of discussions have exceeded2Billion messages。
Shanhai.com’s servers are about to crash。
It can be seen that《Gift in Room 7》How much influence and power is。
In such a popular situation,《Gift in Room 7》TV series,I can already declare my success!!
First1069chapter Celebration banquet
In the next week,《Gift in Room 7》Not only did the viewership not decline,And it is constantly improving。
By the tenth episode,The highest number of viewers has broken through3.3Billion,And the average viewership has reached2Billion this amazing number。
《Gift in Room 7》So successful,Naturally, I want to celebrate。
Unfortunately,Xin Changkong,He is still working hard in the hospital to recover,Naturally can’t lead。
This guy ate Gubendan、After applying Yingyue Ointment,The injury has healed a lot。
It is strange that,His recovery is not as fast as Shen Huan thought,I don’t know if it’s because of his poor health。
Shen Huan can only come forward in the end,Please have a meal in the hotel。
By the way, I gave them a bonus。

Qian Renxue’s body is close to Xu Sheng’s back,Braving the scorching heat and tender lips, gently bit his earlobe,A harsh word gradually sounded“Xu Sheng,you……its mine!Who dare to touch you,so I……Who killed!”

Chapter Ninety Six Xue Ye the Great fall from the sky(Request collection,Ask for a recommendation ticket)
An ambiguous breath filled my heart,Xu Sheng’s face also turned red……
Xu Sheng’s eyes are a little loose……
This cold Qian Renxue is so domineeringA!
moment,Xu Sheng immediately wondered if the situation between him and Qian Renxue was reversed?
Xu Sheng took a deep breath,Secretly“I was scolded by Qian Renxue’s hardcore?Blunder……”
I haven’t waited for Xu Sheng to feel it carefully,Qian Renxue released Xu Sheng like an electric shock,She was blushing and a little at a loss……
Ever since,Qian Renxue chose to bite the bullet and start again,Whispered“If you want to leave, hurry up”
Xu Sheng looked at Qian Renxue who was muttering,It’s easy to see that she is trying to save face,At least I can’t see that the words that made me embarrassed just now came from her mouth……
Xu Sheng smiled,“I know,Then take care,Don’t get caught,I won’t be by your side next time,correct,Xueye, I will fix him for you”
If time is not in a hurry,He really wants to interact with Qian Renxue,Although the two didn’t get along for long,But look at her,There is a chance!
Qian Renxue thinks Xu Sheng is questioning her,Angrily at Xu Sheng“Without you……I can!”
Not finished yet,The whole room has become empty……
Qian Renxue bit her lip corner,Sit down angrily“hateful!I leave without saying a word every time!”
but……It seems as long as I am with this man,I will feel the fulfillment I have never had before……