Xia Jian took out his phone,I found out Ma Hongxia’s phone number,I want to call her,But for a moment I was stunned。This woman is doing business,Smart,Belongs to the strong woman type,But she is not only beautiful,And people are very romantic。Thought of here,Xia Jian put the phone back in,It’s best to call such a woman at night。

Xia Jiangang put the phone on the table,Xi Zhen opened the door and walked in,She whispered:“President Xia,The doorman just called and said,A female boss named Ma Hongxia came to see you“
“what!She really came,Come up soon,Greet you at the elevator,She is the god of wealth in our eastern market,Can’t slow down at all“Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Xi Zhen http://www.supperdream.cn responded,So he left quickly。Xia Jian couldn’t help but“Damn“Several times,Things in this world are really amazing,Just talked about her,She came by herself,This is only the seventh day of the first lunar month today!How could she come so early?
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,With a burst of women’s laughter,Xi Zhen led Ma Hongxia in。Xia Jian hasn’t seen this woman for some days,I saw her in a red trench coat,Tall chest,There are also two beautiful legs wrapped in flesh-colored stockings,Take a look,Just make Xia Jian feel a little bit ungrateful,He is also the one who has seen beautiful women,what is it today?
“What’s wrong, Mr. Xia?Is it not welcome??“Ma Honglu laughed,Came over to meet Xia Jian。
Xia Jian across the table,Help stretch out:“Where dare,But Mr. Ma is getting more and more charming,Let me take a look,This eyeball can’t move“
Xia Jian squeezed Ma Hongxia’s small white hands,Squeezed hard。Woman smiled happily,The two went to the sofa and sat down,Xi Zhen made tea and went out,Shut the door easily。
Ma Hongxia saw the two of them in the room,Rushed up immediately,Twist Xia Jian’s ears with your hands,Curse softly:“You have no conscience,Ignore me once the business is successful。How many times have i been to you,You don’t make a call”
Seeing Ma Hongxia mature and charming,Xia Jian couldn’t help but kissed her on the face and said:“Sorry,There are so many things,Sometimes remember,Suddenly something came in,I forgot”
“it is good!Forget the previous,I came today,You have to stay with me”Ma Hongxia looks like a little bird。
First1021chapter Two-tier relationship
Beauty loves handsome guy,Handsome guys also like strong women。
The relationship between Xia Jian and Ma Hongxia,Not just a cooperative relationship,The private relationship between the two of them is also very mysterious,What kind of love。If there is no such relationship in it,I want Xia Jian to remove her fromZJI’m afraid it’s a bit difficult to invite this great northwest。
“Hey!I came here today to thank you,This is really something to trouble you”Ma Hongxia sat up straight,Tidy up the clothes,Said seriously。No loss is the style of a strong woman,It can be said that it does not leak。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Also thank me,Isn’t it promised by body?!”
“can,This is totally,But you have to promise to do me a favor”Ma Hongxia smiled charmingly。
Xia Jian is most afraid of women treating him like this,He asked quickly:“What busy,Speak out and listen,See if i can help,I http://www.mylcfs.cn will never say anything if I can help,But can’t help,You said it for nothing”Xia Jian is also a clear person,Business is business,Friendship is friendship,He has always distinguished clearly in this regard。

Here are the coverage of the snow here.,Compared with the city, it looks a warm and lovely snow.,The snow here looks a lot of cold.。

artistic conception,There is really a bit of taste,But nothing is a good taste。
Xi Qian once again,Many tone has also become a lot,Like an actor role:“good,The strong is only the time to die with another strong,I will slow down toned,Can you tell me?,I was summoned to this reason??”
Although the West is like,But the Baxin Sichuan is still another turn.,It seems to be disappointed。
May be http://www.sztcpzcwvrssxx.cn acting not enough。
“You should know that the night god countries are trying to deal with me.,It also called a group of old nine sections to Hokkaido held a key conference.。”Yuechuan Longhe Directly cut into theme。
“Earnest,It should be a big plan。”Xi Qipingping and the road。
“He can I forbe I now,It should be said that he is good.,Still, what is the bigger conspiracy??The answer is of course the latter,”Yuechuan Long said。
“Although I don’t understand what his ambition is.,But I already know the results of the meeting in the night god country,The rest of the nine sections are followed by,This dragon battle will be expanded in the form of group warfare。”
“Group war?The head of the head can also be carried out in a group battle.?”Xi Qi, very unexpected。
It is also the practice of pioneering。
So the problem is coming.,At that time, if there is a group battle to become a championship.,So who is the title to this group??I can’t always play.?
“Specifically how to operate,It’s their own business.,But they decided to carry out this competition in the way groups.,To put it bluntly, it is a collective discussion of my.,Just like Dong Zhuo, the princes of the 18th Road,For this reason, I also need allies.,Such as you。”Yuechuan Long said。
Icy waves shot on the hull,Send a deafening sound。
Demon,To the West Thousands of team invitation。
Chapter 27 · The strange chess scene appeared again.
The cold snowflakes flutter from the umbrellas,Frozen on the back of the west。
This invitation is unable to refuse。
Accept team,In a sense,It is to bind your future and fortune with the Yuechuan dragon.,Also known as he was bound to the other party’s chariot。
The only problem is,This chariot,It is very likely to be in the gutter.。
“I want to ask,This dragon group battle,Every team will have a few people?”I didn’t hurry。
“Five people,Normal group war scale,Integral match,Each ring of the team is crucial。”
“This kind of competition system is for Mr. Yuechuan.,Must be very unfavorable.,Ability to Night God,Must be able to make a dream-sent five-person lineup。”
“Yes,His strength,His face is bigger.,So I have to help you.。”Yuechuan Longhe Pass the hands on the desktop,Poster a sincere posture。
“That.,Mr. Yuechuan,I want to pull me.,At least, let me have the conditions for my heart.,otherwise,If the night god country is expensive,I can’t do it.。”West Thousands,Smile is slightly indulgence。
Blood nature of district negotiation counterattack,As a title owner,Of course。
“Um condition,See you so,I am really not good.。”Yuechuan Longhe Putting,Looking at the distant thinking。
suddenly,He is like a spiritual machine, he has called a song.:“What to see you,That should be the most suitable.”
The whispering voice echoed on the empty deck,Then it is covered by the cold wind。
Turninafter, it is a red wine.,Agreement reached。
“ok,I agreed,So where did the three teammates go to find??”Xi Qian。
“This is a problem with injury.,Who else is I am willing to myself??”
Yinchuan Longhe City, the city, the city is contemplated。
Also from the other end of the port,On the bustling street in the Qianyoda area。
After coming out of the chess,Kohumang and the mountains wrapped around Xiaoyuan Road,When you have a skewer http://www.monigaoerfu.cn in the wine house.。
It is rare to meet the snow of Xiaoboxia in the city.,I have to go shopping.。
As for the distance, there may be something bad people are gathering.,who cares,Anyway, I can’t get this side for a while.。
“I am back。”Kevo dragged the baggage back to Peach Huazhai。

NS46chapter Chapter 46 Dog Egg Sequay

The first idea of branch is:Xiao Jo finally got a chance to come to me.。
Just escaped by the robbery of death, In the blink of an eye, it is facing a dilemma that can be died by Xiao Yao.,Does the women match people??
From Xiao Jo’s facial expression and limb movement,In particular especially。
The reason why didn’t take it immediately, But the good cultivation of the family, To keep the last style, Not making too much rude things come。
Pair of eyes on Xiao Yao cold frost,枝 心,Carefully fight:“To 揍 I can,Go back first……Brother?”
Hopeful“Brother”Evil Xiao Jie is a memory of the same door love,Although there is no thing in the roots between them。
Xiao Yao is in the clear eyes of light water,Listening to her intentional softening tone,I know that she is in medallion., Do not move『color』Deep breathing, It’s a half-life, and it’s a semi-dead.,Tough:“what happened?”
Yan Zhi did not dare to let Xiao Jie come to help help,Actually:“Temporary fainting。”
Unexpectedly Xiao Yao listening, God『color』Another change,Objective『dew』Amortical, Dare to confuse and impose angry geomalism:
“Actually fainted?!”
枝 懵『force』Nodding:“what, Correct, It’s fainting.。”
immediately,noodle『color』Gray, Heat shake,Mutter:“……Actually, I went to the point of faint。”
So powerful charm。
It’s not an attack power up., I actually made two men。
Xiao Yao is tight,But still embarrassing,Take the balance, Talking to the nail scratches between the stars and necks,Not deep,It is obvious that it is not a long time.。Xiao Jie is more face『dew』pain『color』,It is difficult to endure。
枝 ‘s head slowly played a question mark:“?”
Is the relationship between the two men??
Seeing that the star is difficult,Xiao Yao actually『dew』Such expression。
Friendship between men,It’s amazing.。
枝 剑,Holding the exhaustion to take out the jade card and the temperature,Something three people,It is a small tea shed in the mountains.。
Wen Yan sitting on a shabby bench,Before the lesson, the rules and Xiao Joh。
“You said you.,One ran another and running!The situation in the case,This mix『chaos』,What if you have something to do again?!How do I go back and Master?、Sect?”
“Before leaving, the Qing Dynasty is still deliberately asked.,If you have anything?,How can I go to Qingyu??”
“枝 入 入 入 晚,Light,Doing things will not be average,How do you follow Mono?!”
Don’t die, a flat-off lookout,Training people are very skilled,A set of set of zone、Master and so on,Nothing to escape the heart,『sex』The Soft Weakness is crying on the spot.。
Yan Zhi said that the dry tongue,But still adhere to education,It’s soft in the tricks.:“It didn’t know the specific situation at the time.,But don’t throw a teacher one person in that mountain.。Team,The best power is the warm teacher.,But you have to keep the rest of the disciples,Minute|Suffer;And I have already growing many after the last secret experience.,Eat a big demon,Since the righteousness, you will be a responsibility to find the http://www.jinse168.cn teacher.……When some words, he can’t wait.,Let the brothers worry,It was my fault。”
She took the jade card.:“I haven’t forgotten it.。It’s just a charm.,The mountain barrier is not,Why can’t I contact?。”
枝 非 is a temporary crap,She is unspeakable in the electro-optical flame.,Of course, she must go to save the will of the star.,Can be free from the team, but also is not her『sex』grid。
The charm of the mountain is enhanced,With the dragon eggs, you can’t get off.,Can come out from her,Her impact is completely over the controlled range,And danger『sex』Not large;Whole team,Her cultivation is second only to Wen Yan and Xiao Jo,More than a hole in Xinyue,Is the most suitable candidate。
Point consideration,Wen Yan is also understood,Therefore, although it is angry with 枝,But there is no rituit?,But with the disciple team。
http://www.hrbguangri.cn After all, Xiao Jie also followed.,It is always not allowing 枝 孤。
枝 番 话 话 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 话,Really let people continue。
Wen Yan sighs,road:“You said it is not bad.。Stop,Ping An is coming back。”
Say,Swift,Reicing and Xiao Yao,The tone is strict:“Xiao Shi,I sincere, you are very good at the time.,When you chase it, it is late.,I almost didn’t find a teacher.。This is quite out of your day.,You still have to add more provinces.。”
Xiao Jo:“……”
Isn’t it just saying that peace is coming back??
Wen Yan’s spending,Xiao Johi『color』Slightly:“I hit me.。”
On the side silently:

“My judgment,Will it be wrong?。”

actually,Shen Xuan, I really want to know,Behind the Tianwu Club,Is there a mysterious force?。
According to the situation,Tian Wu Club and Huangjia Relations are so good,at this point,Absolutely not that simple things。
Before,Why did the Tianwu Course not jumped out?。
In fact, such a thing,Itself,It is even more feeling.。
http://www.ping-yuan.cn That is now,How to see this,How to make people feel so obvious。
So next,How to do it in the end。
In fact, from the fundamental level,at this point,In itself,It is already just right.。
Although it is said,But starting with the fundamental level。
At this moment,Shen Xuan is very light。
“despite this,But now,Such a thing,It seems still not enough。”
When Shen Xuan said directly in front of him,The more like this,In fact, in front of Shen Xuan,Others are very expected。
And Shen Xuan,It is a neon country.。
If this is said,This Tianwu Club,is it possible,Is it a neon country??
certainly,Now these,All is the guess of Shen Xuan.。
But in Shen Xuan’s heart,In fact, it is quite clear.。
“Since it is like this,So next,I feel,It’s time to start from this place.!”
When Shen Xuan’s heart thinks http://www.junhangshuangjin.cn here,For these things,How should I solve it?。
In fact, it is itself.,at this point,Already coming just right。
so,Shen Xuan’s face,It’s all over a touch of smile.。
As for now,What should I do if I don’t want to handle?。
In fact, do something else,It is not a good delay.。
In this way,It’s better to start now.,Put hand。
Chapter 390 Someone is happy,Some people worry
Tolerance bureau,It’s very lively at this time.。
Lin light snow looks at these people who are caught in front of them.,She is standing up,Blunt,It is even more。
“Before,Are you not very proud??”
“How?,You are,Take your means to take it out.!”
When Lin’s light snow said to the front of his eyes,She looks like,It’s even more likely.。
But with Lin Xiaoxue here,For those people in front of you,They all bite their teeth。
After all, this time,If you think about it carefully,In fact, more or less,Still feel very shameful。
But now,In fact, Lin is light snow.,Don’t I don’t think there is any impact?。
“did not expect,Shenxuan’s intelligence is true,They actually,I really dare to come over!”
When Lin is talking here,For such things,How should I handle it?。
In fact, it is now these,How to see,How to make people feel,In fact itself,It’s not simple to come.。
And in front of Lin Xiaoxue,Other tolerances see here,Also, I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
“What is it?,We have,Who wants to go smoothly??”

Four Yuan Baby,Power is naturally unusual。

Falling nine yin is preparing to fight against the enemy。
啼 兽 is coming soon。
Lin ran out:
“You don’t don’t shoot。This seat is going to try a try to pick the stars,They are just a sharpening stone。”
Falling nine yin rushed back。
The Yaxing who disturbed the master tried the tricks is really sinful.。
With the four stars in the top of the head,Half the sky is also shine。
Whether it is the people in Lingnan City, it is still a monk, and lifting the sky.。
A murderous whisper:
“Star hand。”
Everyone only feels like a throat。
Fear makes them can’t。
Directly face the four Yuan Yingqiang of the forest,Just feel that his right hand contains the power sufficient to destroy the earth.。
The big eldest http://www.dg523.cn earliest is busy:
Four people stand side by side,At the foot of the big array。
The strength of the four people gathered in the hands of the old man,Don’t pay attention to the forest。
This palm also has the power destroyed。
Big elders anger:
“Die!go to hell!”
Lin lians disdainful。
They are all insense, but they are the light of the spot.,Can you http://www.0335net.cn make a moon??
This palm of four people is fighting with pick-up。
In an instant,Landslide。
It seems that the power of one hand is in harmony,It is far from the difference。
The big life of the old man is big.。
Because he also missed。
Lynch’s pick-up star is closing the fall of their moves。
Until a moment,That zero point is here.。
The four people have been completely destroyed by the four people.。
To know,The auxiliary of their four people,That is a plus one plus one plus one equal to four,But the power greater than four。
This force even surpasses the yuan baby,But I didn’t expect Lin.,it turns out。
The big thoughts stopped in his chest in the pick-up of the gain of Lin Xing.。
turn out to be,Your heart is really black。
The three people were not http://www.c-silk.cn almost,I call for the old age。

Lu Changfei and Li Bajin fight each other,The situation on the court stabilized as。Two people have offense and defense,For a while, a situation of chess and drums was formed。

For those who watch the excitement,I can’t see Mingtang at all。But Xia Jian knew,This kind of play is very hurtful,If it goes on for a long time,It’s a situation where both factions are hurting。
Xia Jian is righteous,And http://www.yingzrd.cn this Lu Changfei is Lu Wanting’s father。Lu Wanting did not help him less,He ran into this today,Can’t leave it alone。
Xia Jian took off his coat,Handed it over to Guan Tingna。Guan Tingna saw Xia Jian like this,I was in a hurry,She whispered:“Did you make a mistake?You came to dine with me”
Guan Tingna’s voice hasn’t fallen yet,Xia Jian has already jumped out。The appearance of Xia Jian,Make everyone exclaim。But in a blink of an eye,I don’t know what method Xia Jian used,Anyway, I have separated the two old people。
Gao Deju saw that Xia Jian had solved the crisis,She shouted excitedly:“Good job!Wanting did not misunderstand you,Auntie invites you to drink”
at this time,That’s a fuss。Xia Jian just smiled at Gao Deju,Did not speak。He was panting,Asked a little breathlessly:“Lu Changfei!You are really shameless now。That’s it,I also brought http://www.hbsmgg.cn a helper”
“Li Bajin,Don’t know what’s wrong。If he is my helper,You should lie here just now,Where is the chance for you to speak”Lu Changfei sweats like rain,After all, he is also a few dozen years old。
Li Bajin took a look at Xia Jian,There was a terrible light in both eyes。He clasped his fists and said:“Thanks a lot!If it is a helper,Then shoot”
Xia Jian walked over,Smiled and said:“The two old ancestors have good skills,But this goes on,Will hurt the body,If the two give face to the younger generation,Might as well sit down for a while。It should be said that there is no hurdle to pass,how is it?”
Lu Changfei looked back at Gao Deju,Took a breath and said:“Easy to say,Everything will be arranged by President Xia”Lu Changfei sounds like he is very generous to Xia Jian,But actually he borrowed the donkey from Po Xia。
Li Bajin thought a little bit,Talk to Xia Jian:“it is good,this way please”
Li Bajin took Xia Jian into a box。Gao Deju and Lu Changfei also walked in afterwards,The last person to come in turned out to be Guan Tingna。She is holding clothes,Standing behind Xia Jian without saying a word。
“Both are my Xia Jian’s http://www.bigappleny.cn seniors,Can give me Xia Jian this face,I first express my thanks。But what I want to say next is,Can you give me face,Resolve today’s matter peacefully?”Xia Jian originally wanted to say this。
Lu Changfei,I couldn’t help but raise my neck。Although Li Bajin said he didn’t raise his neck,But the muscles on his face jumped twice invisibly。This subtle movement,Xia Jian sees it all。It seems that these two old people are still not convinced of each other。


First1018chapter The fastest film breaking 100 million
When Zhang Yaya called Shen Huan,The boy just finished watching the movie with Buyiyi,Ready to drive home。
Buyiyi’s home was originally in Shizhong District,But in order to avoid encountering many people in the cinema,I found a movie theater in a remote place to watch a movie。
The name of the movie is《Thai 囧》。
Shen Huan gave Zhang Huawei,The comedy produced and distributed by Abao Entertainment。
Yang Feng is confident in Shen Huan,I didn’t even think that this movie would hit the street。
already1At the beginning of the month,on《Thai 囧》Publicity is overwhelming,Whether on the web platform,Still on the TV platform,Still on the newspaper and magazine platform,Abao Entertainment has spent a lot of money in advertising。
The industry’s preliminary estimate,This time, Abao Entertainment’s promotional expenses are at least2Over RMB 100 million。
Plus production costs、The share fee for Shen Huan, etc.,If this movie doesn’t9Box office over RMB 100 million,Must be at a loss。
But now there are only a few movies with the top box office in China?
Just last year by Chen Hao《Operation Condor》,Took8.5Billion RMB。
Of course you have to say it is actually like Hao He、Wang Mu、Yan Shan and other directors,If you can have a loyal audience overseas,Then increase Shanghai overseas box office,Maybe it can meet the standard。
But the problem is,Among the six top directors in China,Only this Zhang Warwick’s box office,It’s all domestic。

But stopped suddenly……

Secretly thinking“No way,This kid just abused me like that……”
seemingly,It’s not okay not to be punished!
Thought of this………
Xu Sheng’s eyes flashed with chilling coldness……
Tang San, who had regained consciousness, found himself kneeling in front of Xu Sheng.,Looking at my arm,His face was full of consternation“??I’m not dead?”
immediately,His gaze subconsciously cast a sideward glance,I saw a headless corpse and a chubby thing collapsed on the ground next to him……
See the familiar dress and face clearly……
Tang San’s pupils suddenly widened,Can’t help but exclaimed“that’s me……”
Not finished yet,Heard“Puff”Bang,Blood spattered again……
There was pain in Tang San’s neck again,The visible line of sight slipped again……
Consciousness returned to darkness……
Tang San regained consciousness,Look at my body for the first time,See it is still okay。
There was a big doubt in his mind,“???I……Was my illusion just now?But such a real pain……”

“Nothing。”Finished saying this,I hung up over there,Chen Yu looked at Weibo headlines,Mixed in my heart。

“Song,Wait till you graduate,Shall we hold a wedding?”Su Jingchen has graduated,Shen Mange will graduate in one year,They have been married for two years,He plans to wait until Shen Mange graduates,Hold the wedding directly,The relationship between two people can be regarded as publicity。
“what?Do you have a wedding after graduation?Will it be too fast?Grandma doesn’t know we are married yet,So soon,I am afraid……”Shen Mange said worriedly。
The two of them are getting more and more familiar,More and more like a normal couple,But Shen Mange still thinks the relationship between the two of them is weird。
“I’ll talk to grandma later,We have been married for two years,Wait till you graduate,We have been married for three years,I’ll replenish your wedding in three years,Can’t justify,Are you going to delay?”Su Jingchen doesn’t understand,Why Shen Mange never intends to announce the relationship between the two of them。
“Su Jingchen,no,I just think,Married right after graduation,Seems a little strange,too fast。”Shen Mange says。
“Get married right after graduation?We are not,We have been married for two years。”Su Jingchen laughed and said。
These two years,Although they are husband and wife,But they always get along with boyfriend and girlfriend,She is also a normal man,Every time nephrite is in my arms,He can only watch and cannot eat,Are very depressed,Besides, this woman is still his wife,Can’t touch。
“but……Everyone don’t know,Besides, the relationship between the two of us,If you get married directly,I’m afraid it will have a bad influence on the group too。”Shen Mange says。
“not good?No way,The two of us have been in love for so long,Nothing bad,The opposite of,If married,Then the Shen Group and the Su Group are one family,It is more conducive to the development of our two groups。”Su Jingchen said。
“but……”Shen Mange frowned and said。
“In that case,Think again,Song,You accompany me to Di Ye tonight。”Su Jingchen said。
Two days ago,Tong Xinming, Shangyu and Fan Yi told him to go to Emperor Night together,Say something,Let him bring Shen Mange along,he thinks,The two of them have been together for two years,Haven’t let her meet his friends yet,I agreed。

Back jumper!

Xu Xuan’s signature moves!
“Ouch hello,Xu Xuan is still accurate!”Instructor Zhang Yangyang clapped his hands。
Switch offense。
James is not on the court,All the ball is Love。
The bottom corner is another three-pointer。
McGee roared and grabbed the rebound。
Long pass——
Pacers counterattack!
Xu Xuan frontcourt,Facing Mo who came over·Williams and Richard·Jefferson,Face unchanged,Pulled up almost instantly——
Picturesque backward jumper!
Hit again!
Two three-pointers in a row!
Love’s white face turned black in an instant。
Do things right?