I heard this name,Dalton’s footsteps,Suddenly。

Not just him,Everyone is in the first day,Qi brush to look into the entrance to the square。
High heels make a pretty foot。
immediately,A woman’s figure appears in the sight of everyone。
Women’s blonde such as waterfall,Silk moist,A http://www.bomexsolar.cnpair of brows is the moon to teeth.,High nose,Thin lips with fatal temptations。
Her body is hot,Exquisite,Extracted a pair of slender legs,The whole delicate body is outlined out of a beautiful curve。
Under lighting,Her delicate body is equipped with the delicate look,Attracting everyone’s gaze。
An unavoidable princess and the most beautiful princess in the world。
“sky,Really the princess。”
Many young people can’t help but exclaim,Surging between gods, unable to inhibit excitement and excitement。
Even those who have identified people,Surprised。
Eagle king room is just a symbol,But no one can noise the influence of the royal family。
And Alice is a princess that has attracted attention and petition.,I have participated in the engagement ceremony of the Clare family.……Is there another http://www.cddjxf.cn layer of meaning?。
This is the idea of many people.。
Only Dalton has no such idea。
He did not invite princess and royal family.。
Don’t you want。
But not qualified。
on the contrary,See Alice’s appearance,The Dalton’s mind suddenly emerged for him to feel absurd.。
The princess is not also the Oriental.。
one way or another,The person is a guest,Dalton packed complex emotions,Accelerate your footsteps,Extremely gentleman。
“your Highness,Thank you for coming to Clare Castle。”
Aust’s footsteps,Soft smile,“congratulations,Mr. Dalton,I hope I didn’t bother your wedding.……”
Dalton’s face is stiff,A young color,Embarrassed。
He just wants to explain,I only see Alice’s gaze to quickly sweep over the people,Ask,“Mr. Dalton,I would like to ask the Chinese people named Ext……”
Not finished,Aristise eyes,That exquisite face blooms smile,I nodded again toward Dalton.,“Feel sorry,Mr. Dalton,I went to see a friend.。”After the end,Accelerate your footsteps forward。
NS1016chapter What qualifications do you have, my sister?http://www.rengangkeji.cn
People’s gaze,Follow with Alites’s footsteps。
Her arrival,Indeed that many people are surprised。
But in surprise,Looking at the direction of her front,Everyone also gave a similar idea.。
To know,This is the most beautiful unspeakable princess in the world.,Just three months ago,Already married。
She won’t also rushing to the Oriental man.。
Under a different gaze,Aristate came to the past,“Hi,Exxter。”
Summer tough turning,Surprise smile,The heart is a dog’s blood shot in the heart.。

Saaya cells like Saru,The Saiyan people do not wave。

Jun does not see the original story,Shalu became a complete body,It is clear that they have their strengths,But it is biased to have a sufficient cultivation world.。
Then I got it again.“Sha Lugel Fighting Competition”,It http://www.digital999.cn can be seen that the other party is also very deeply affected by the inner cases.,There is also a battle mad in the bones.。
The main character of this time and space is the strongest,And Shalu has just been violent by Begita.,He is impossible to revenge.。
Chapter 646 Surmped to fly night with Bergiita
But this is not surprising,Because Shalu is full of Salane cells,It can even become a super-semi-Saiyan,Will be a good thing is normal。
And as aBOSS,Equipped property,That’s more normal.。
Counting most of the heavensBOSS,There are not a few not to die.。
Shalu is another Saiyan.BOSS,If you don’t wave a little,I really can’t afford him.。
“Why waste that time,There is a ready-made two people here.,Let him absorb better?”
Bergiita listened to the offer,Some unsatisfactory,Saru to go to other time and http://www.jianyue-ad.cn space,Kararot they have come out。
You can“Spiritual Time House”So big improvement,Bergi Tower will not be stupid to think that Kararot will step in。
Too much porridge,In order to avoid the night dream,Bergi Tower believes that Shalud will become『Complete body』,Then defeat him。
Anyway, these people make people,I was not all the way.,What will be absorbed?,What is the matter of Begga??
“no,The 17th and the 18th, they are only transformed from Dr. Clow by ordinary people.。
And they come from now to now,There is no evil,So I can’t let them be absorbed.,This is my minimum bottom limit.!”
At night, no pills,And what he said,Let the 17th are quite touched with the 18th。
After they are being transformed into people,Actually out of date“Humanity”Category,Even sometimes they feel that they are different,I http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn didn’t expect that someone understood them.。
Even my heart is embarrassed.,Because she feels,Night is not just a slag male,And also sold them。
Now look,Night is indeed helping them。
“Attempt,up to you,Anyway, this Shalu became『Complete body』Later,The first opponent can only be me。
Even you and Kar Carlot,Can only be row,But I want to probably you have no chance to play.。”
finally,Still Begita,After all, I have retreated a step before.。
And although I don’t want to recognize,But in the past two years,Bergi Tower suffers from Bamma and the night.。
Bamma is also calculated.,After all, it is now a wife.,But from time to time, the night of the training,This face can not give,So Behagi Tita。
There is no problem in two people.,Shalu is also the same。
After all, now he is a growth period.,Arms are screwed,Even if you disagree, how can you??
Have the opportunity to become『Complete body』Nice,What else is eligible to pick three picked four?。
As long as you can become『Complete body』,Shalu swearing that you will be back to revenge,Let today these despise their guys regret。
But there is no problem in others.,Tex is there.。
Although it is possible to solve the seventeen and No. 18 and No. 18, which is evil.,But Tex feels,Make more dangerous Sha Lu become stronger,It is simply a death behavior。
So no matter what,That Tex is impossible to agree with Bergiita. They propose。
Tex directly into a super-seizure,And full body muscle expansion,Body squatting,A handy of his old man is ready to get Shalu seconds。
But the night seems to have an expected general,If you have a good job, you have changed.“Attack gun”trail of,Let Teks attack guns fall into the suburbs of the city。
A huge explosion sounds,A huge mushroom cloud suddenly rises in the suburbs,Also accompanied by huge waves,It is even a short-lived deaf。

Middle-aged opening,He swept away from another middle age,Soon, I’m looking at Su Xiaoyu.。

Looking at her full of temptation, dressing with unevenness,The evil procons in the eye of the tiger are now rich,“Click one’s tongue,There is also a policewoman,It’s too good.……”
He did not recognize Su Xiaoyuan。
Or say,Su Xiaoyu dressed as a street sneaked a small gang,Can’t enter the eyes of each other。
“Liu Hu,I didn’t expect you to be here.,What to say,All this is your hardcover.,Wrong!”
Middle age named Liu,After seeing the tiger,Even I have already investigated some clues.,Can really see people,Still shocked。
Without him。
Liu Hu Nai’s tiger helps very famous a murderer,It is also the http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn most trusted person of the tiger to help the boss of Jin Pengjiang.。
“Haha,Liu captain,You know now is some late.。”Liu Hu’s mouth is laughing,“You said that you are three,Police such a good career,Is it good to mix?,
Why do you want to send dead?。”
“Liu Hu!”
Su Xiaoyu opened,Portal,Reproach,“Do you have any humanity?,Those children are so small,You control their beggars.,Also deliberate them to make a disabled,You
This devil!”
Liu Hu is awkward,Take the crazy laugh。
“This police little sister,Is your brain show??Don’t get it, some,How can I win sympathy?,How can I get money?。”
Toned,He touched his big light head,Grin,A pair of eyes stare at Su Xiaoyan’s graceful body,“Police little sister,Give your brother will say you better.
,Never let you down,Hahaha。”
Laughter,He suddenly waved,http://www.qeqts.cn“On,Don’t shoot,I am not only living.,Still can’t get wounded,Do you know??These three people are rare resources.。”
Under the order,More than 100 people are all facing,With a fierce murderous,Step by step forward。
“Stand!Walk again, we have to shoot.!”
Talk,Three people’s muzzle almost brush and aligned Liu Hu,But I didn’t expect the other party very embarrassing.,The first time hiding behind people。
“You only have three guns,I have more than 100 brothers,That is, standing, can’t let you play.,You can kill a few。”
Have to say,Whether Liu Hu is still more than 100 people,They are very clear about what they are doing.,What’s more clear?。
Facing the guns of three black caves,No one is back,Even more people panic。
Opposite,This is full of death.,Killing is not hidden。
They are still working forward in one step.。
See this scene,Su Xiaoyan’s three faces are more difficult to look。
They know,No matter how gun does not shoot,Today, I am afraid that it is a lot of fierce.。
Only Su Xiaotong still saved,After all, the summer has come in.,And she also saw a person in the summer to fight 50 strong people.。
Certainty,I am lucky enough.。

Lin Huangli blinked,so it is,It seems that he misunderstood。

“are you sure?”
Look at her distressed,Probably accumulating many years.!
“As long as you can save,I will give you half a year of merit this fifty years.。”
Lin responded to the control water flag,A wave,Three doors in the temple。
From here, it is the river of the river.。
Forcefully,The river is like a well-behaved sheep.。
The Shujun in Qing Shang County saw the lunquder command,The river is calm,Instead of using water monarch,Surprised to describe。
“Since you do it,I also said to do it.。”
Female water is deeply condensed to condense half of the merits in http://www.shanghai-huifu.cn the palm。
Lin loudly,I really want to laugh,But he neverned,She has accumulated these more than 50 years.?
And look at her frown,Tearful,It seems that it is true that it has been very much stronger to get so many merits.。
“You should take it.!Small place’s merits can have no。”
Qing Shangxian County Shuijun is incredible to stare at Lin ring,It is determined from his eyes because you can’t see your own merits.;She thought of these years of hard work.,People still can’t see it.,Deeply crying。
Lin rang and fishing children are not integrated with her.。
“you,Your brain has no problem.!I don’t want to say it.,I can’t still fall back.!”
She flows tears,Turned and run out,Jumping directly。
Fishy little girl:
“Sweet。She jumped,Do I use to save??”
“Don’t take her。She is http://www.jinshahaianxian.cn also a water,If it is flooded by water,I will laugh.。
“Gure,Gure”Wood of the thorn sound from the twisted。
The woman came out from the door,The eyes of the STASSIA let the main hall have dropped to the ice point.:
“Laugh?I haven’t seen it yet.,Can you perform??”
“that。Watermouth。Are you misunderstood?,I didn’t bully her.。”
The fishing girl also rushed to the forest:
“I testified。Shujun people do not bully her,It is her own jumping.。”
“Shut up。You help this to abuse,Wolf is a rape shield。”
The fishing girl was scared to hide behind the forest。
Lin Yong saw that the water is already exposed to the teeth,Pan http://www.tok-bearing.cn hurried to drive the fish and children out and close the door。
Make sure you are your own back,Thought,I want to control it to sit down。
I am in the 30th year of Qi Zhuang.

Don’t say something really,They really caught a lot of people。

They really prepared two trucks came over,But not the biggest kind。
But if these two cars want to be filled with people,If you say,There are also http://www.szusootltbrxis.cnhundreds of people.。
But here,I will work hard now.,I have installed a few people.。
“I thought that the head collar was joking.,But now I discovered,We have no exaggeration at all.。”
“What is it?,at this point,In fact, I have already seen it.,can only say,Have to accept。”
“Who said is not?,Shock,It’s too shocking.。”
This,Surroundings,You have said that I am talking here.。
After all, start now,This matter itself,In fact, it’s even more coming.,The whole material is not。
at this point,How to say,How to make some anti-fight。
Shenxuan at this time,It is very calm。
“kindness,Well,Now,http://www.ncets.cn Let’s immediately,Go to the big fish!”
Shen Xuan’s words,For everyone in front of you,It is completely unpredictable.。
And this time,Shen Xuan’s side,Huang Yue is a glimpse。
Instead,It is a kind of excitement and excitement.。
After all, this,In fact, it is here.,What yourself,Already obvious。
“Leader,you said,True?”
Huang Yue finished,Shen Xuan is very indifferent。
“what happened,Do you think,I am lying?”
Shen Xuan shrugged,Don’t forget to talk to your eyes。
This,When Huang Yue’s words finished,For the current,How should I handle it?。
In fact, do something else,I don’t think it all.。
But here is here,How should I handle this thing?。
But carefully pondering,In fact itself,Still。
“Ran,Who is it??”
Shen Xuan asked Huang Yue。
Huang Yue,Actually answer。
“Ran,Main http://www.yqzjyf.cn member。”
Main member??
Since this,Then it is even more necessary to let them go.。
Shenxuan at this time,I think here in my heart.,The mouth is slightly rising,Bring a touch of intrinsic smile。
“Since it is the case,So next,What is it??”
“Ready to prepare,Then let everyone,You can start to catch people.。”
Shen Xuan’s words,The cloud is light,It is even more appointed by other people around you.。
this matter,In fact, they look at them.,I feel more and more obvious.。
After all, now,at this point,It has become quite important。
Huang Yue people,Now, I started to try the palm.。

They follow the summer figure,Remember‘Look’In front of a special place。

that place,All chaos have all disappeared。
to be exact,Not disappeared,Instead, it becomes an imitation of harmless transparent color.。
It is like a space that is completely condensed by gel material.。
“Finish,The force of confusion http://www.lvgenhai.cn has been solidified,I don’t know if Wang Yu can stick to it.。”
“Hen”They saw that summer did not hesitate to go in,And his body is also hysteresis。
It’s like entering an ultra-large jelly.,It seems to fall into the swamp mudmidge.。
He is like black fire burning,As black water sputtering substance,Sudden expansion。
he,Extremely tough forward。
See this scene,Nine old ancestors all clenched fists,A full face surprise。
“let’s go,No matter how to enter,The life of the chaotic king needs to continue。”
Now,Everyone adds the Yuan force,While holding a flag,Tough walking。
Different teams of the two teams,Also re-step。
Their speed is extremely slow,But still move forward。
“I still don’t believe that Wang Wei only combines the Jiu Dao Rune。”
On the way,The old ancestors can’t help but。
Just finished,Fire old ancestral,“But I can feel,That black material,Effective fire。”
Chen Shui’s ancestors also frowned,“But I can also feel like I can feel,The rules of the mystery of water in it。”
Taibai old ancestors laugh,“one way or another,I have a peerless genius again.,If you can spend peace this time,Wang Wei must create a new mystery,At that time, he can open it.。”
at this time,峰 老祖 开口,“Wang Hao said that only compliance of Jiu Dao Rune,I think he can’t lie to us.。”
Toned,He said that a sentence means deep and long,“Don’t forget,Xuanao trees have nine twigs。”
Bamboo!Voice is just,Everyone’s figure。
All in the silence,Slowly walk。
Half half,Taibai old ancestors broke the silence,“Certain truth,Xuanao trees have nine twigs,Three hundred leaves on each twig,There are nine rune in each blade。”
Merely,Swift,“but in fact,All rune imprint,Both is the extension and http://www.wx-rdhb.cn evolution of twigs,Conscientiously,Xuan Olympics only has only Jiudi Rune。”
This sentence,The other eight eyes have become bright。
“what do you mean……Wang Wei wanted to know the mark of nine local origin?
If so,Isn’t it a great success??”
This sentence,Many people’s mouth is not self-shaking。
All listen,The joke of this sentence is very large。
It is impossible to have people to fully understand all rune imprints.……Millions of years,Never no one。
There is also the most important reason。

Xiao Han put down the things in his hand and turned to face Qiao Long:“I am not worried about not earning my principal back,I’m afraid you are too tired。”

Chapter One Hundred Ninety Seven Great Wang Sha
The two are like real couples,Feels very good。Lu Shanshan, who was watching the play, was also itchy,These two are too natural,Sure enough, the strength group is different。
The two looked forward to the future,This paragraph is over。
Gu San is fairly satisfied,Let both of you go to rest。
Xiao Han twisted his waist and walked to Gu San:“Director Gu,I seemed to be a bit fast just now。”
Gu San watched the film:“Okay,You did a great job,Nothing,I will find you if there is a problem。”
Xiao Han is smiling:“I don’t know what the next two sisters’ scripts are like?”
Gu San has the habit of writing and shooting:“I have to watch the audience reaction,Don’t explain too much when you come up,Otherwise the audience will be confused。”
Xiao Han is a little lost,She wanted to inquire,I still didn’t hear anything。
Zhuzhu’s current stage of play is pretending to be tender,She is soft and waxy,Talking。
Before shooting,She wandered in front of Brother Liang again:“Liang Ge,Later,We are acting as lovers,I am a little scared,Afraid of my bad acting。”

After all, his limelight has been out tonight,Also made money,No need to publicize,Otherwise, it might lead to something wrong。

Wang Xuan sighed,Quite lost,By his own ability,I’m afraid it will be great if you can save money tonight。
“Miss,Your flowers。”
The waiter suddenly came over,Holding a bouquet of flowers with a big head、Color fiery rose,Bend over and handed to Joeyi。
“Whoops,Who gave this?So courageous,Are you impatient?。”
Didn’t wait for Qiao Yiyi to speak,Wang Xuan scolded immediately。
Mo Xiaosheng’s complexion also changed slightly,Feel a little unhappy,Dare to send flowers to his wife in front of him,I don’t take him seriously。
“Who asked you to send it over,Send it back to someone。”Qiao Yiyi didn’t even look at it,Said coldly。
“That gentleman said it was your friend,Let you take a look at the card on the flower。”Waiter embarrassed,Carefully glanced at Wang Xuan。
Qiao Yiyi frowned,Randomly glanced at the paper card on the flowers,The look changes in an instant。
First0023Zhang beautiful pain
“what happened?”See Mo Xiaosheng,Suspicion in my heart,Just caress in a low voice。
“It’s nothing,I go to the toilet。”Qiao Yiyi lowered his head,Stood up in a panic,Walk out in a hurry。
“Sister-in-law, what’s wrong??”Wang Xuan and Zhou Chen looked at each other,Somewhat puzzled。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t speak,Took a look at the card on the flower,I saw a string of simple English written on it:Missyoumuch。
Besides,Nothing else。

In fact just like《Journey to the West》same,《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》It will be replayed every year,Every year there will be good ratings。

Every round、You have to pay for the replay every year,So much money has accumulated,Are you afraid of not making money??
This time Shen Huan went straight to suppress《Love through time and space》To go。
Not just because they don’t give face,Hurt Bu Yiyi,It’s also because Haoye posted a mission,Must completely defeat them,To get rewards。
Cui Zhong looked at Shen Huan unmoved,Really want to say a few more words,His phone rang。
Wait till answer the phone,Simply said a few words,Cui Zhong’s face is a little strange。
“Youyi.com has reached an agreement with Mavericks,They use3000Million price,Bought《Love through time and space》Network premiere rights,Will be broadcast in the same time period as Zhejiang Yue TV。”
He said to Shen Huan。
Cui Zhong is scolding his mother。
If Youyi does this,,Shen Huan is even more unlikely to《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》Shanhai.com’s premiere rights are separately given to Shanhai.com。
They broadcast on the Internet and satellite TV,You only have one network platform,No matter how much you sell,Will be much weaker。
as expected,Shen Huan smiled and opened his hand to him,Shook his head again:“Ok,Gan Liangchen is very interesting。”
Can it be interesting?
They were slapped badly,Have to lose1Yiyoudeng apologized for reporting,I just thought I understood the grievances。
As a result, you launched a Jian Peng,Pointing to them“Lightning boy”hit,I heard that Gan Liangchen smashed his office again,Can he not hate you?
Gan Liangchen is the eighth richest man in China,By you17Years old so humiliated,He can stand it?
It’s rare that you fell out with Mavericks again this time,Of course they want to help Mavericks Film and Television。
Back again,Gan Liangchen did this,Although it’s venting,But it’s not uncommon in popular TV series,The meaning of comparing with Shanhaiwang。
After all now《Young Di Renjie》Too hot。

Oscar whispered to watch“It looks like,Tang San’s great-grandfather seems to have a connection with this adult!”

Ma Hongjun nodded,Echo“Uh uh!I do have such a feeling!”
Ning Rongrong’s eyes were a little longing,“Maybe it’s still a brilliant love story!”
Xu Sheng,I don’t know if I was angry with myself last time,I haven’t found myself since then!
Zhu Zhuqing next to him saw Ning Rongrong’s eyes lax,Patted her fragrant shoulder,“Rongrong,What are you thinking?”
Ning Rongrong recovered,Qiang Yan said with a smile“Takeki……I’m not thinking about anything”
Bo Saixi stared at Tang San seriously“Tang San,You remember,Including me,No one in the entire Seagod Island can bear your courtesy”
Tang San nodded without knowing it“Ok!”
but,suddenly,Space is twisted again,A familiar figure appeared again in front of Tang San and the others!!
I saw Tang San see the people clearly,The pupils of the whole person shrank suddenly……
Subconsciously“Sheng……Sheng brother??”
Yes,The person here is Xu Sheng,He was just trying to use his powerful soul power to condense into a phantom like Bo Saixi.,Who knows it was successful the first time!
Ma Hongjun’s face is full of fear“Why is Xu Sheng’s also here?!!”
A few traces of fear flashed in Dai Mubai’s eyes,“and,Did you find out??Xu Sheng can appear in the same way as this woman,His strength,I’m afraid it has reached an extremely terrifying level!”
Oscar chanted a spell silently,And the third spirit ring under my feet keeps on……