“Thank you Lingsha girl。”I wish Minglang are not polite。

Like the holy dew from Nan’s Xuezang,It’s basically a rare Tianjing Dihua,Even if you travel through thousands of mountains and forests,May not be found。
Besides, this is the spiritual creature that best matches the attributes of Shenmu Qingshenglong,I heard that Nan had such a baby before,If you steal, you have to steal a copy for your baby dragon!
“Great guardian,The birth of Saint Lu for a hundred years is complete, right?,I’ll give it to Zhu Minglang。”Nan Lingsha went on to say。
“hundred……Century Saint Lu,This is the foundation of our Nan family……”The guardian of the holy forest was stunned,He didn’t expect Nan Lingsha to even send her best wishes,But soon the guardian saw Nan Lingsha’s eyes,He immediately continued with an awe-inspiring expression,“But there is only such a treasure,To be worthy of the identity of Zhu Minglang!”
Zhu Minglang glanced at this protector who had a consistent tone before and after,Sigh in my heart,Nan Zhaobing’s father is also a talent,This can make things rounder!
Nan Lingsha retracted her indifferent gaze,The guardian was relieved,Hurriedly lead Zhu Minglang to continue。
Ten Years of Saint Lu,Is to gather the aura of heaven and earth,The wood spirit finally taken from the silver cedar altar,Generally, it is slowly taken from the silver fir which is more than ten years old,Just the collection process,It takes a http://www.yelangedu.cn lot of manpower and financial resources。
And Hundred Years Saint Lu is even rarer,It is drawn from a century-old silver fir,I think the reason why Nan Taigong Nan had a lofty status,It was he who won the centuries of Saint Lu,Let Nan’s stand tall。
In fact,The reason Nan Taigong wanted to oppose Li Yunzi,To a certain extent, it is also because of the centuries-old Saint Lu。
Grandpa Nan wants to enjoy the century-old holy dew that will be conceived exclusively,But Yunzi Lai hopes to use it to train a new strongman of the dragon shepherd。
Haven’t walked too long,The three came to a forest cliff。
Under the cliff,It is an earth altar piled up with spirit wood stones,The sun is blocked by the tall silver cedar canopy,But this stone altar glowed with a brilliance stronger than sunlight,Fever!
When they approached,Above the forest http://www.rk-coder.cn cliff,A huge ancient tree came alive,Then the body stretched out among the dense foliage,And stuck out an old head,Looking down at the three people who came to the altar。
Is an old sacred tree!
Zhu Minglang is secretly surprised,Most of this Shenmu Qingshenglong’s body is still hidden in the forest cliff,Just show the tip of the iceberg,Gives a strong、ancient、Sense of mystery。
I didn’t expect Nan’s holy forest,There is actually a sacred wood and blue sacred dragon!
“Holy guard,Let’s go to Shenglu,This is the offering we brought。”Talking,The guardian placed a few crystal clear beads aside,It took a respectful salute before leaving。

Summer laughs,“So I am curious,He cares about what my life is for??”

http://www.xinfusheng666.cn Sway,Suqi open,Also,“Ask me a few points to grasp the alive,Ha ha,I want you to try me,Is it true that the long-lived road??”
Su Wei’s face changed,Immediately show your smile,“The boss does have this meaning.,After all, there is such a rumor outside.。”
Summer nice head,“Then you tell him,I got all the inheritance of the ghost valley.,Never rumors。”
Su Yu stayed,Tongue。
“As for the letter,Just follow him。”
Summer means deep long laugh,Turn around。
Looking at his back,Su Yudi,Finally。
She naturally does not believe,But still prepare to tell the boss in the summer.。
……the other side。
Summer truck came to the old house。
I saw the father and Chu Jiangyu.。
Two old age is happy,Pull in the summer chat,Atmosphere。
And a living is three days。
Three days,Summer gates don’t have two gates,Always accompany yourself。
Daily use of special techniques for the old master massage and acupuncture,Let the old man look red light。
“I am in my life.。”
Whenever this time,When the old man is squatting on the bed,Will always feel a few points,“So your dad is a son,And you so grandson,I am now dead.。”
Summer smile and fun,“Grandfather,People have said that they are older.,That’s like a child,It seems that it is good.,But I can guarantee,You can definitely live for a hundred years old。”
“What is the use of a long life?。”
Master is kneeling in bed,Twinkling,Interested in unintentional,“The grandchildren have gone.,I http://www.scpsc88.cn don’t think about it.。”
Summer original twist one silver needle,Hand is slightly stiff。
“Boy,What do you do?,Not afraid that my old man has a cold。”
The old man shouted a sentence.,Extraordinary。
Summer laughing,I have emerged in my eyes.,Green needle to gently puncture。
“Grandfather,This time I come out,Have already finished,I will return to Qinghai tomorrow.。”
“Um,Go back,Have a good look,People are not easy,Unlike me this bad old man……”Though,The father of the old man has no joy,Instead, it became incomprehensible.。
And the father of Chujiang Jade in the side,Get the fist equally,A few times to say,But in the end, it turned into a silent sigh.。
Stepping Guardian Alliance,Unique world group,I have to make a break with everyone.。

Do you say that there have been such an experience??”

“no,no,how is this possible。”
When I said this, Li Hui’s heart is also a sense of arrogance.,After all, Qin Xue’s thing is that he has seen parents.。
Just, some things have led to him, I don’t know what to say.。
“Really no?”
“Really no!”
Li Hui Feng is very hard to answer,Xu Ru Mei Mei Lianlian。
“it is good,See you very good,That night, my sister is here.,Accompany you for one night。”
The 470th chapter Sun Yaruan came back
Looking at Xu Ruzhen’s might,Li Hui Feng also couldn’t help but think of that day night with http://www.game9678.cn the other party.。
“Hey-hey,Sister,You are the opportunity to show me.,Guaranteed tonight to let the sister regret。”
On the same day,Li Hui is not dry,Accompany Xu Ruzhen visited a circle in the village,Then I saw my own mountain field.,Greenhouse。
night,Xu Ruzhen kit,Then Li Hui bought a beer,Then put it in the refrigerator.。
On the evening,The two will stop from the beginning to the last like a glue。
All night,All are spent in sports。
Xu Ruzhen did not expect Li Hui to be more powerful than before.,Also crazy。
The first sunshine in the morning is irradiated from the window.,Directly put Xu Ruzhen’s white root arm,The slender jade legs are shining with a charming luster.。
Li Hui rose directly to pull the curtains directly,Then I returned to the bed, holding the soft body, I slept again.。
http://www.cuangd.cn Just don’t,The room once again sounded a different sound.,Xu Ruzhen is directly awake from groggy to excitement。
As the sound of the sound is listening to the ear,Sun Yarn in the yard is a five-flavor。
She rushed back overnight.,Just I want to see Li Hui Hui earlier.,Can take the other party earlier。
But I didn’t expect to come back.,The morning, I heard the voice that made her most reluctant to hear.。
She doesn’t understand,I don’t understand why my own three five times active sent to the door.,Li Hui does not ask,And Treating someone else, but the wind is coming, it is not refused.。
Sun Yaru originally thought that he was a competitor such as Qin Su.,But now it’s just a matter.。
Finally, accompanied by a high-spirited sound house, the movement is also slowly stopped.。
And Sun Yaru is open his own door.,Go in。
Hear the opening of the partition door,Li Hui’s rush is a glimpse。
The two have just been turned too much.,I didn’t find someone.。
“Blame you,I tossed my sister in a night last night.,it’s good now,Be heard by people,How come my sister to come to you。”
Although Xu Ru is in the mouth,But the beauty of the beauty of the eyes is still let Li speak again and kissed again.。
“Hey-hey,Not afraid,Anyway, you are my name.,Or girlfriend,Others say those who are definitely 妒。”
Say,Li Hui Feng quickly dressed,Then let Xu Ruzhen lie down and rest.,But when Xu Ru is still resting,It is also getting up and wearing clothes.,Walk out with Li with the wind,I want to see who is。
Sun Yarru put down something,Was ready to leave the yard,It’s just that she just went out and met Li Hui and Xu Ru.。
Her first eyes feel that each other is very white,Skin Snow,Face,There is still a touch of red halo on the face.,It is obvious that the voice just sent out.。
A snow-white slim dress,Highlight the highly unparalleled temperament。
Especially the might of the opponent’s eyes,Even her, there is a kind of idea that I want to share each other.,What’s more, Li Hui。
Just when Sun Yaru is obsessed,Xu Ruzhen is also worthy of Sun Yaru。
Black oblusive bag hip skirt,Snow white beef shoulder,Deep clasia is http://www.nmyikao.cn presented outside,That embarrassing body is more perfect,Plus the other party’s value,At least the Qin Su Yaqi eight points。
A pair of high heels,The two slender jade legs are wearing a meat stockings.,Give a different temptation。

No wonder Williams so peaceful。

Fisherman,Full of face,Staring at Williams,“You,You are, let me know you.,I don’t know these secrets.,However, do you think that my family is so many years??”
Williams is not anxious at all,“What deals,Let me see it。”
“I grow from the grinding of lightning.,It is no longer afraid that now.。Give me death!”
He roared again and again。
“嗤嗤 嗤嗤。”
Williams continuous sword,Six arms thick huge lightning,Along with the broad sword。
In the face of this,Black fog http://www.chenjuncaiwu.cn on the Terlim,Even the thunder is rushed over.。
In terrible lightning,The black fog on him is constantly being destroyed,Again to rise again,So repeated。
Nai Wai Yilms does not give him a chance to close,Sturdy,Connected sword,Wow, wow, I am。
Said that it is not afraid.,But in fact,He is also only resistant to one or two。
At the other party’s continuous attack,He has to avoid flash。
See this scene,Summer is completely relieved。
He put his gaze to Rola。
Now now,Say everything is extra,Kill it。
Rock’s pupil suddenly concrete,So there is a decision。
She is very clear,No extra choice。
Either life,Either death。
As for the retreat,Already have no chance。
“I am fighting with you.!”
She is arrogant,Bite red red,Hemorable mist,Rushing in summer。
Blood light。
A sigh of murderer。
http://www.fgkeo.cn Rola is completely out of date,Directly exhibited the most powerful tricks。
On the way,The pores of her body have a scarlet blood.,I instantly dyed a bloody person。
At the same time, these fresh blood is a large blood mist.,Summer sweep,“Imprisonment!”
A large blood spot is bloody,Summer shrouded。
There is no killing force。
But the summer is as if it is in the quagmire.,It’s like a powerful force that is not speculative.,Pressed him。
This piece of blood is like a bloody Tianshan.,I want to imprison summer。
Summer is really bound,The body is gradually heavy like a mountain,It’s hard to move one step,Action becomes slow。
This feeling,Some similar to gravity,But more。
Rolla,But she is like a ghost-like and cold smile.,Reward to the summer,“Kill god,Your confidence,In front of my secret law,You are just a crust。”
She has a nearby,Refers to the hand knife,狠 着 着 项 项。

even so,Difficulties in the dragon’s family are getting more and more obvious.,The so-called wall push,Those enemies,Also jumped out one by one。

Many ordinary people are sighing the world;,People in the circle,But it is trying http://www.dsilearning.cn to explore the scene behind the scenes。
A person who is a bit of brain,Can see,Long family is not naturally declined,Instead, it is a big man who can’t afford.。
Soon after,When you know that the witch of the capital,Many people are shocked。
To know,Summer red clothes have a witch in Beijing,Many people are afraid of being afraid。
In fact,She rarely goes to deal with anyone。
And she now actually puts the dragon to die.。
finally,People can’t prove the truth,Can only mourn the dragon,The dragon is doing what is a matter of anger.,I actually made this grandmother.。
Dragon family is over。
This is a cognition of everyone。
certainly,This is something。
Morning,Sitting on the returning plane in summer。
About 10 o’clock,Back to Qinghai,He played a taxi straight to Baihua Group。
He already learned,Liu http://www.yulejx.cn Qingqing three women are also coming back,About 5 pm to Qinghai。
Soon to Baihua Group,Pay off,Town to the company hall。
Can just take a few steps,Suddenly。
Left side,A generous,Woman like a village,It’s faint to look at him.。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Hurriedly,I don’t care,Continue to walk,Just got a few steps,Take it again。
The woman of the village is followed up.。
Summer is curious about each other,Look carefully。
The woman looks like a three0 years old.,But combing a big http://www.yodei.cn braid,Don’t look good,There is a unpleasant temperament。
She slowly came,Earth is almost no sound。
“You are summer?”
When walking to ten meters distance,Woman stopping,Indifferent tone,God is also indifferent。
“You are……”
Woman does not answer,Continue asking,“Baihua Group’s Liu Qingqing,Your wife?”
Summer frowns,Eyes are not 眯。
Just a moment,He feels an extremely dangerous breath from a woman.。
“Who are you!”
This world,There are not many people who can feel dangerous.,Summit is somewhat by the other party。
“It seems that Liu Qingqing is really your wife.。”

Summer laughs。

“You threaten me?”
Luolan looks at the summer,“I threaten you?,For my family,I can do anything.。”
“Then I have to kill you.。”
Luo Lila laughs,“I naturally know how the you are.,But unfortunately,I won’t give you a chance.,Go to you,Be sure to optimize your friends and family http://www.njspwl.cn around you,If I caught it,Only use the Holyer to exchange。”
Summer eyes,“I am killing you now.,Can you??”
“What?”Rola,Once again,“Mr. Xia,I admit that you are very strong.,But I am not a weak person.,Moreover,There are so many world famous currents here.,If we do it,I will inevitably be tired of others,If it is dead……Hehehehe。”
She is challenging in summer,“You dare to Update, do I do it??”
Summer is directly responded directly,A pair of scorpions suddenly skyrocket。
The momentum momentum broke out in an instant,The murder is almost chemical。
Rolla is big。
She can’t think of it anyway.,Summer actually dare to really do,Under the manner。
Summer face,Single arm stretch,Five fingers,It’s like a mirror snake.,Lightning is like a probe。
Lightly,“Laozi never http://www.guangcaizhixing.cn accepts threats。”
First1903Chapter Suspected cloud
What is one of the summer?。
Kill decisive。
Cold and cold。
He is a life and death in foreign countries,Is hard to live to the current hegemony。
Some things,He can choose tolerance and ignore,After all, it is clear that the rules of this world.。
He never strong weakness,Although the enemy is good,But I also talk about it.。
But some things,Once the bottom line is touched,No matter who is,A strike!So much。
This name is a Rola,It actually threatened and provocation in his face.,Is it true that his hegemonic identity is mud??
Five fingers,Lightning,Talking about the other’s throat。
Speed is getting more imagined。
It is difficult to capture the shadow of the shot with your eyes.。
Never thought,Summer actually dare to do,She is behind her shape,At the same time, the arm。
Her palm is directly poked with a blood cave,Sprinkle a blood flower。
Summer wrist flip,A stirring,The other hand has a knife.。

“Later this yacht will appear in Dongming Lake,Sink directly。”

Invisible monster“Ok”Up。
“not enough。”Gan Yifan said again,“Just have‘Qin Chao’The two-character ship sinks。And as long as you see Qin Hanwen appearing in Dongming Lake,No matter which boat he sinks in……Will this be too much?Or scare them away……”
“Little stars are sparkling,The sky is full of little stars……”
Not finished,The phone rang,Gan Yifan takes out a look,Uncle actually called。
“Yifan,Get out of the dock,There are wolves on the island!”
Uncle’s yelling voice came from the phone,Gan Yifan was taken aback,Look up,A small boat in the distance is approaching the pier,Isn’t the uncle standing on the bow waving straight?。
The monster grunted,That means you can’t eat grilled crabs。
Another mutant crab still in the water escaped,Lose the monster bondage,Disappeared in an instant。
Gan Yifan also feels helpless,How did he think that his uncle would come to the dock again。
The mutant crab that was originally grilled on the fire is now struggling violently,I took a lot of hands and feet to grab this mutant crab。
The boat approached,Xu Mingliang greeted Gan Yifan quickly on board。
“I’m fine,The wolf on the island can’t hurt me。”How many people are on the boat,Gan Yifan didn’t explain much,“Why did uncle come out fishing again??Do not come here if you want to fish,It’s dangerous here。”
“Variety Crab!”Another person on the boat exclaimed。
“what!”Xu Mingliang only discovered the big crab in Gan Yifan’s hands,Exclaimed,Started yelling again:“Yifan, be careful,Don’t let the big guy get caught,fast,Tied it up,I have never seen such a big mutant crab,You can sell a lot for the money……”

Bowen and Big Ben ran back and forth inside and outside!

Campbell sits in the center(Paddling)!
End of first quarter,Wizards only13Minute!
The Lakers won25Minute。
Substitute stage of the second quarter,Horry led Fan Madzi to contact Fisher and scored three points,The score not only did not shrink but expanded。
Webber has no choice but to play early,Continuous attack on the weak inside of the Lakers bench。
The score was stabilized by Weber。
Both sides start,The Bullets still can’t adapt to the Lakers’ high-intensity defense,Rod-Strickland crashed across the board in front of Kobe,Strickland, whose strength, speed and experience are at a disadvantage, was continuously intercepted by Kobe。
This is the normal state of the Lakers’ second quarter,Some fans even suspect thatSHOWTIMEEra of basketball,Countless fast breaks broke the bullet。
The only normal person on the bullet team is Webber,He used gorgeous skills to prove that he is already the strongest group of power forwards in the league,Under the strict defense of Ben Wallace, he can still score in different ways。
The other players are out of standard,Half-time bullets12Mistakes,Kobe’s defense is impenetrable。
The rhythm of the third quarter is the same,Bullet error,Then the Lakers fought back。
The game lost its suspense at the end of the third quarter。
The end of the audience,Lakers98:76bullet。
Chris Weber scored31Minute9Backboard6Assist2Steal1Cap5Mistake。

In the eyes of the Chinese people,This is how things should be。

But when the epidemic spread to the world,Everyone knows,This is just a scene in China。
During this period, of course, something that makes people angry and unspeakable,But anyway,Nor can it deny how great this country and nation is in fighting this epidemic。
Fang Hao considers himself a scumbag with low morals,But watching the news every day,I also have a sore nose。
This is really a huge disaster。
but,I can feel that there is such a force turning the tide。
Qu Wan’er is the youngest among several people,The news,I started crying every day,Many times the eyes are red。I love chinese net
Under the influence of this emotion,New Year’s Day 16,Her new song《We are together》Full network release。
This is an anti-epidemic song,Can be downloaded for free,Free to use。
The lyrics are written by Liu Qing,I also changed the lyrics several times before and after,Become more profound,More touching。
——Liu Qing also reads the news every day,Have a deeper understanding of this epidemic every day,The lyrics will also be adjusted accordingly。
Of this songTVEdited a lot of touching images in news reports,Make the lyrics more infectious。
After the song was released,Get a lot of reposts quickly。
In this time of depression,Many people need something positive to support their emotions。
and《We are together》This song,It’s a song of positive energy against the epidemic。

He can understand Lu Qingyun’s ideas。

Although not good at expressing,But I still want to leave the best to my daughter。
However, Lu Yuxin’s next answer made him a little uneasy。
“No,I’ll take out the card you gave me,Photographed on the table,Tell him that Kari has 37 million,Password is also my birthday,Let him take it and spend it。”
The powerful brain made Wang Yufei instantly restore the father and daughter sitting face to face in his mind,Take pictures of each other。
Terrible is,The father is still defeated。
“and then?”Long silence,Wang Yufei asked again。
“Then I persuaded him to take the money to find me a stepmother,Of course I also declared,Although I asked him to find me the stepmother,But I don’t necessarily recognize that stepmother。”
Although Lu Yuxin is a bit confusing,,But of course Wang Yufei understood her own woman’s thoughts immediately。
This is for her father to find a companion for herself,But this companion must not interfere with her life。
Ok,This is indeed very Lu Yuxin。
“But he wouldn’t want my money,So I didn’t ask for his money!Evened out。Then he asked me how I have been,I told him to be happy with you。”
“Then I told him a fact,His vision of finding a wife is not as good as my vision of finding a husband,He didn’t make as much money as we did,So he really doesn’t need to live for me,A lot of age,Should live a little more chic。Even if he wants to find the woman back then,Or smash that woman back with money,I have no objection。”