Of course the captain wants http://www.yundingyingshi.cn to go with sister Qiao,The longer the road, the better,Best never ends。But people’s face is like frost,Not say a word,Really uncomfortable。And just got into trouble,Scared in my heart,So I didn’t have a few steps,Just ran back。

Rushed into Li Tianchou’s room in one go,The captain can’t be happy anyhow。
“Why don’t you walk around together?Talk more。”Li Tianchou deliberately teased the captain。
“Nothing to say,People ignore me。”
“You can usually blow?It’s diarrhea when it’s critical?”
“I really don’t know what to say,Panic in front of her,Paralyzed,Don’t know what’s going on。”
“What do you say。”
“That won’t work,Didn’t you poke the basket at noon??”
“Oh shit,What a great mallet,Who makes you okay to scold you?。Forget it,I http://www.mamorux.cn won’t tell you,Don’t make trouble,Or just lie down here,Or go back to your house。”Li Tianchou turned around and ignored the captain。
The captain closed his mouth,Start thinking wildly,Tossing in bed,Never stop,And sigh from time to time。
“Have you tossed enough??Just go back to the house。”Li Tianchou is upset。
“brother,You said Qiao sister won’t bother me?”
“Then where do i know?But you will be like last night,Like a man,I will never bother you。”
“Really?I grass,Then let’s find time to get Hong Mao and them.,Paralyzed,Show off。”
“Leave far away,Who made you fight all day long?Something wrong。Real men are men,Is to be able to take responsibility。I don’t know the truth。Say so,You have to support yourself by your own ability,Feeding http://www.susongdanbao.cn his wife and children,Feed the whole family,Have to make them live better。Understand?”

then,JDGIt is directly by this feet.,Fly three people。

InngThis feet,The situation on the field can be almost said that dust is settled.。
JDGOriginal is a disadvantage,In the case of death in one person,Waiting such a perfect wave group。
to be honest,Palace clearly can’t think of,If you are at this time,How to win this wave of group。
next moment,Just when the Switz and vampires follow the blind output。
Tumm has already opened its own big http://www.ultrageek.cn tricks.,AlertADC,SealJDGEveryone’s goal。
finally,Magical overbearing and sharp ax,Exhibition in this battlefield。
JDGEveryone,Even after this, try to do it.。
But in the case where there is a lot of dust,Their efforts,What can I turn to have a wave??
finally,JDGFour people were killed,IGAlso completed the group。
after this,IGEveryone has no hesitation,Directly came to the distance,It is also the best road to the war line.。
They don’t play more ideas,Do not respect the racing,Eventually it will be anticogeneous。
JDGHighland,After this, it is directly broken.,Next, crystal。
Then,Two pockets。
last of the last,YesJDGBase main crystal。
When the palace clearing manipulate Deli,When the last knife,His heart is inexplicable.。
This feeling,And he feels like he last year in the world of the http://www.chenjuncaiwu.cn world.。
But the palace is clearly experienced,I didn’t have a strong in the Incheon last year.。
possible……This is the champion antibody.。
Didn’t let the palace clear in my heart too long,Precisely,rookieDidn’t give him the time to respond。
existJDGA moment of explosion of the base,rookieJump directly from the chair next to it.。
Then,Hold the Palace clearly。
certainly,Because of the height reasons,The palace clearly has to bend his waist, just see him.。
Gently patrookieBack,Palace Qingwen is found,rookieIt seems that there is an impulse to cry.。
Palace Qingwen is clearrookieIs http://www.sankikeiso.cn a very sensible person,At this moment, it still can’t help but surprise。
“Okay,After all, it is not a buddy.,Is a big heart。”
This is a bit like a joke in the heart of the palace.,Also just flashing only。
actually,He is very understandablerookieAt this time。
After all, last yearIG,Although the biggest fruit has been obtained。
But in fact,The results they have in the domestic league have been unreasonable.。

Go back to Zhang Teng’s room,Zhang Teng immediately let people serve food and wine,He seems to be ready。Xia Jian did not decline either,Because it’s getting dark at this time。

“Xiongji is coming?Is he leaving now?”
Xia Jian glanced at Zhang Teng who was busy making tea for him,Asked quietly。
Zhang Teng was taken aback and said:“He will come every afternoon,I usually go back in the middle of the night。If you don’t want to see him,He can’t get in here”
“Oh!I don’t want him to see me with you。how to say,I’m really not good at positioning this person,So some things between us,Don’t let him know。Like what I helped you today,do you understand me?”
“understand!But to be honest,Today, you saved my life。Don’t you know,Let’s not talk about Zhang Fenglan’s background and strength,Which one is standing at the door,The background is very scary。Do you know whose son he is?”
Zhang Teng handed the brewed tea to Xia Jian’s hand,Then he dumbfounded him?
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“I really do not know,But I knew it was a playboy。Listening to the rich and powerful,Should be a rich master”
“He is the third son of Li Tieyuan in Bucheon。The earliest Nanyuan villa in Bucheon was built by Li Tieyuan,Later, there were several properties in Bucheon,Although Li Tieyuan didn’t show up,,But he is the real big shareholder behind the scenes。So some people say,Li Tieyuan is the richest man in Bucheon”
Zhang Teng lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but smiled and said:“How could such a powerful person have such a son??It seems that Li Tieyuan is not so good”
“You are right,When Li Tieyuan first worked in a state-owned enterprise,Due to a fight,Bullying,Was expelled。Unexpectedly,He turned into a big boss。This is the world,You have to serve。But this person is very capable,It can be said that I know a lot of people。So his business is getting bigger and bigger”
Zhang Teng is really amazing,He has a very detailed understanding of this matter,This is why Xia Jian came to him。
Two cold dishes,Four hot dishes,And a good bottle of wine。These one serve,Zhang http://www.maidikuai.cn Teng began to pour Xia Jian himself。If it wasn’t for Xia Jian to settle this matter for him today,Does he lose money?,Maybe Li Wei won’t let him go。
Xia Jian took a sip of the wine Li Wei poured him,Then asked softly:“Where is my driver?”
“Oh!Don’t worry about this,I have arranged for him to eat,resting”
Zhang Teng said and raised his glass。Xia Jian and Zhang Teng touched their glasses,And drank one。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and asked:“I have been to Bucheon for a while,Unexpectedly, Bucheon City has become really big,I don’t know if there have been any major changes recently?I come today,Just want to see you,The other is to inquire about some useful information”
Zhang Teng laughed and said:“Actually you didn’t say that I knew,Xiao Xiao played missing again for you。I knew it when you came to Bucheon,If you don’t come today,I http://www.fanhaodaquan.cn will find you myself”

“Yes!The host wearing a cheongsam in the camera is not only in good shape,The appearance is also particularly resistant,Looks very pure!When did such a beauty appear in http://www.cqfjy.cn the circle?!”

“You don’t know that?A month and a half ago,She did the interview on Tenjin’s retirement,Miss the name of sauce,It was on fire,Popularity is rising!”
Lu Yi stopped washing dishes,I stretched my head and glanced at the window,Praised:“Missing sauce actually interviewed the founder of modern e-sports shooting games——Zhuge·Mike,Really amazing!”
Recalling the message sent by Miss Jiang last night,Full of ostentation,The general content is that although his global ranking only13Wando,But Fool’s company works for the game industry in various countries to facilitate work and experience games.,Extra prepared1000Taiwan customized glory game cabin,And miss sauce,As a host of a popular game show in China,Get a completely free glory game pod!
“Free game equipment,Really fragrant!”
Lu Yi had to admire“Fool Company”Clever propaganda,As the saying goes“Short hand,Cannibalism”,After this talk to the media“buy”,Can be predicted“Battle of Glory”This5month1Games officially open beta,Will achieve game scores and reputation、Recommended big harvest!
The most advanced gaming technology,The most advanced control experience,Media“Tap water”,Plus only for global10Ten thousand players“Hunger Sales”Strategy……The development plan of the popular game,In progress!
Believe“Battle of Glory”in6month1End of day test、After formal operation,2Around 10,000 soft sister coins, one game cabin peripheral,Will be sold out!
Lu Yi,Undoubtedly lucky,As“Fool Company”Global ranking of previous games10Thousands of players,Only need5Thousand deposit will be able to experience the qualification of the game forever……
but,The last ten days are really tough,Jingnan University of Science and Technology E-sports Club“Flower team”Everyone in is busy http://www.ynlccg.cnwith their own things……
“FP.Ermapingchuan”,Feng Xichuan,21year old,Miyake,Rich experience in various games,Game career breakup。The captain of the team,Head of the legion,Rogue in the game,Born3DPeople with vertigo,Plus5Man’s play style,Well-known in the gaming circle。In the past week, I was invited by the leadership of many legions in Jingnan City to teach,Share the experience of several consecutive advancements after completing the legion……
“zi”,Zhang Song,20year old,Law school first grade second class,One semester suspension9Gated“Nine Admirals”。Deputy Captain of the Flower Team,Deputy Commander of the Legion,Lu Yi’s apprentice,Game professional scout、Rider,The ideal of life is to stand out,In real life, you can mix day by day,recent(Always)Get off the list。
“zi”,Li Shun,nickname
“Straight”,19year old,Freshman in Statistics,Game professional sniper,Calm personality、pessimistic,http://www.11yiyi.cn Good at analyzing all kinds of data,As the deputy commander of the Army Corps,in“Annex”The Black Wind Mountain Army made great contributions,Usually soak in the library,I recently went a little closer with a campus gossip reporter named Xiaoju……
“”,Cao Anna,20year old,A beautiful and sassy from the famous family,But the eldest lady who doesn’t obey。Sophomore at the School of Physical Education,Basketball team ace scorer,Due to injury,Thrown into the e-sports club,Game career breakup、Rider。I just convinced my second brother Cao Fa,Solved funding difficulties for the Huacao team,And leased a training field……correct,She once said in front of all the students that she wanted to chase Lu Yi,So Lu Yi needs to avoid。

So before their strength is stable,Zhu Minglang is still not in a hurry to cast dragon armor for them。

Take Xiaobai Qi for example,It will take some time,I’m going to enter the king level。
At the Jun level,Properties are also stable,Cast a perfect dragon armor for it。
“in fact,You become a Dragon Shepherd,Can give full play to the advantages of our Zhumen,Other dragon shepherds can’t compare with you in this respect。”Zhu Tianguan said。
I http://www.zgxybmh.cn wish Minglang study hard,Zhu Tianguan also told Zhu Minglang the preconditions of http://www.vm-online.cn casting,And personally showed Zhu Minglang the combination of parts。
The combination of parts is important,Need to consider the physique of the dragon beast,Avoid putting on heavy armor,Instead, it limits the flexibility of the dragon beast。
unconsciously,it’s getting dark,I wish Tianguan try to inject another inscription pattern,I want to make this volcano heavy armor stronger。
But finally the injection of this inscription failed。
And this inscription,Also broken,Almost dissipated directly。
Fortunately, I wish Tianguan will gather these pieces together in time,Repaired them again。
“This volcanic armor,The limit is an inscription,Looking back, I will let the master of the Cast Armor Hall put a circle of thunder nails on this volcanic heavy armor,Allows your dragon http://www.hzaipeng.cn beast to get a multiplier when it releases lightning。”Zhu Tianguan wiped the sweat from his forehead,Point to the local road where the armor parts connect。
Zhu Minglang nodded,And note down those connections。
With this luxurious heavy armor,Those who think Big Black Fang is just a dragon,It’s probably going to be bad luck!

“nothing special,Rural girl,Just graduated from college,unique design,Temperament,It’s almost the same as you http://www.hhqor.cn said.。”

Blue Xin looked at the information,To one by one。
She combines information,Some points in the bottom of the bottom,So-called employer,Doubt。
She looked at Lu Haozheng,“Ah Cheng,You also have seen her design,Don’t you think she is very familiar??
Where did I have seen it??
If this design is coming over,Large losses will cause our company.。”
so,Before you find out the identity of the other party,She did not inform Lin Xiwei to come to work.。
Lu Haocheng shakes his head:“I don’t have much impression.。”
Blue Xin is hesitant。
Lu Haocheng looked at her troubles,Gently knock on her forehead,“fool,Undoubted,Doubt,If you feel doubts,Then I don’t hire her.。”
Blue Xin is really worried at this moment.:“I am afraid to miss a good designer.,My design can’t guarantee that you are so red every year.,After http://www.tianchifang.cn all, the waves of the Yangtze River push the waves.,Young people are growing,I will ultimately eliminate fashion world.,so,We have to cultivate talents in advance.。”
Lu Haozheng pinched her pretty nose,Laugh,“What do you think so far??
That is Xiao Jun after。”
What is Lan Xin who wants to say?,Knock on the door。
Blue Xin knows that she is a meal.。
NS1527chapter:Small lookkayNS
Lu Haoheng got up to open the door,Wei Jin station smiles at the door,“President,Mrs. Lunch。”
Lu Haocheng took lunch to enter the office。
The Journey is laughing。
Blue Xin suddenly called him:“Assistant。”
The Journey is smile and looks at Blue Xin.:“lady,Any thing else?”
“Um!Lin Xiwei’s information,Did you check it??”
“Um!I follow her for a few days.,I have a few days near her school.,Her http://www.lylj888.cn situation is true。
Does the lady still feel that have other questions after reading the information??”
Blue Xin shook his head:“never mind,You call her,Let her come to work,See what location is there,Give her a position first。”
Even if others have just rushed,She please come in.,I can also know what the other party wants to do.。
But the familiarity of the design is the most doubtful place.。
“Yes,lady,I will call her.。”
Right to leave。
Lu Hao Cheng has already opened the food box on the sofa.。
Looking at Blue Xinyi,He looked at her.:“You have doubts in your heart.,Why should she use her??
Are you not a sin??
The best end of the best end。

Poseidon’s eyes looked at the five figures in front of him,With gratitude“Thank you all this time,God of Cookery,Nine Color Goddess,God of Phoenix,Mars,God of speed!”

Nine-color goddess smiles gracefully,“Poseidon doesn’t have to be like this,Actually, I also liked Ning Rongrong very early,I just plan to let her grow up a little bit and pass on her goddess!”
The god of speed with a cold face said lightly“Don’t have to,I also watched Zhu Zhuqing early!”
And the God of War said heartily“Unexpectedly, the inheritors we fancy are all from the same team!It seems to be fate!”
The Phoenix God shook his head,Slowly“It’s just a pity,That woman named Xiao Wu is also very talented,Unfortunately it’s a soul beast!”
Seeing the five gods are so kind,Poseidon smiled too……
Secretly“God of destruction,This situation,You must have not expected it!”
Not in vain, he shot out,Directly let Tang San’s entire team,Six people get the gods!!
Let us see,What is the future development of the Netherworld?!!!
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Two Battle of Poseidon Island(Subscribe)
the other side,The God of Destruction, lying comfortably on the lap of the God of Life, suddenly sensed the presence of a few gods in the lower realm.,Eyes slowly opened.
The god of life who saw the god of destruction awoke wondered“Little Purple,what happened?”
The god of destruction shook and stole,Slowly“At the same time, several gods’ residences appeared in the lower realm,I’m afraid the person who came is not good”
The God of Life,Exuding divine power, moving towards the lower realm perception。next moment,Her brows frowned slightly“These breaths seem to be colorful goddess,Mars,God of Cookery.”
The corner of the god of destruction’s mouth is slightly raised,Lightly“These gods can pass on the mansion to the lower realms together,I’m afraid it has been discussed!”
The god of life thoughtfully“Little Purple,You mean Poseidon planned all this?”
The god of destruction nodded“Ok,I’m afraid it was done to sanction Xu Sheng!”


“Pacers made two opening three-pointers!”
Made another three-pointer?
DeMarre was instantly lost,The whole person is lost in thought。
who am I?
where am I?
What am i doing?
Wasn’t you still grabbing rebounds??Why did you shoot three points suddenly??
Oh my god!
I just landed,You are done offense?
The shock and incomprehension in DeMarre’s eyes are about to overflow。
But no one will explain to him now。
“The Pacers’ offense is really full of imagination!”
“From picking up a rebound to Xu Xuan launching an offense,Back and forth does not exceed5Time in seconds!”
Without the ball landing,The Pacers completed an incredible cooperation!

“That incident eventually caused the people in a village to become tenacious,Cannibal monster,the most important is,This virus is also contagious。”

“In the end, SHIELD resolved the incident silently,Did not cause the virus to spread across the ninja world。”
Listening to Naruto talking,Shikamaru frowned subconsciously:“this matter,How did you know?”
“Actually,There are our undercover agents in S.H.I.E.L.D.,Fire Cloud Cthulhu,SpongeBob and Pai Daxing are our undercover agents,but,SHIELD seems to have a way to temporarily control them。”
“therefore,All they can do is send us information,Can’t fight with us against SHIELD,Even in the future,S.H.I.E.L.D. may also control them to fight with us。”
Naruto says,For the Resident Evil incident that happened in the Ninja World,Neither Naruto nor Sasuke have heard of it,No trace even left in the Ninja World。
And there are only two guesses,First, S.H.I.E.L.D. had the ability to far exceed the strength of Ninja at that time,Can avoid everyone’s eyes and ears and handle this secretly。
Second, this matter is nonsense。
But Naruto and Sasuke don’t believe this is nonsense.,First of all,Naruto believes in Sasuke,Think Sasuke won’t deceive himself,Secondly,Sasuke believes in Uchiha Itachi,I think Uchiha Itachi will not deceive myself,At last,Uchiha Itachi believes in his guess,Think that SHIELD is indeed capable of doing such things。
Shikamaru said:“If Resident Evil is real,Then we must find the umbrella organization as soon as possible,Completely destroy the biochemical ghost project。”
The most worrying thing is not the cannibal monster that appeared in Resident Evil,But the infectiousness of Resident Evil,This means that once the explosion occurs,The entire ninja world may suffer twists and turns,Everyone may become a cannibal monster。
Chapter Fifty Half achieved now
In a remote forest from the village of Konoha,Under the leadership of Instant Fire,Dashemaru came to the underground research and development base of the umbrella organization。
“SHIELD,Mainly composed of the Avengers Department and the Justice League Department,Grey Wolf,Member of the Avengers Division of SHIELD。”
“This is the underground research and development base honeycomb of the umbrella organization,You can also think of it as the headquarters of the umbrella organization,There are 55 floors underground,Grey Wolf,You only have access to the basement floor。”Shun Huo opened the door of the hive,While saying。
In order to avoid Da She Maru discovering that the entire umbrella organization is the only one,Instant Fire can only say that。

“breakthrough?Give me back!”

Wiggins is pretty good,His negative part is that he is too cautious on the offensive end,Defense is also above average。
“Can’t shake off?”
“Victor forced a throw!”
“Hit the board.a bit.Double click.Three times!o,The ball bounces into the basket!”
“Not easy!It’s not easy to hit this ball!”
A goal scored by individual ability cannot be considered as the overall strength of the team.,Unless you are jordan、People like Kobe can always fight like this。
4ratio2,The international team still holds the advantage。
“After two consecutive dunks,See how Xu Xuan will deal with the next attack?”
“Didn’t shoot three points till now,No one shoots three pointers?”Barkley’s words are not finished yet,After seeing the offense and defense transition,Xu Xuan came to the three-point line and opened his hand to make a big jump shot.!
Here comes the three points you want!
Picturesque pose!
The ball slipped into the basket!
First three-pointer!
Spread to5separated。
“The international team played really well at the start”