joke,Now words,Playing games can be rewarded。

At least what Wang Teng has now,Are all obtained through games。
and so,Let Wang Teng not play games,It’s unlikely。
This time I played Metal Slug4,Currently playing to the level of the biochemical laboratory,Wang Teng’s operation,Various scores continue to improve。
Wang Teng originally played these games,Very handy,so now,Beat this level,It’s even easier。
“Ding,Congratulations on trying out Metal Slug4,Obtain rewards for God-level medical skills。”
See here,Wang Teng was even more surprised。
Did you get the reward so soon??
Follow this rhythm,Wang Teng’s assets exceed 10,000,Just a breeze。
But this god-level medical skill,It’s a good skill。
Wang Teng just thinks,In my own mind,A lot of things poured in at once。
In an instant,Wang Teng has now become a medical master。
Jiang Ya finished the call,Speaking apologetically to Wang Teng。
“I am sorry,Delayed you so long。”
Jiang Ya’s face looks a little pale,Obviously I didn’t have a good rest。
“take care,Take it easy。”


Both are close to,Snake knife and two consecutive collisions,Quick。
But very quickly,Summer was once again shocked。
His figure is like a gyro-rotating land,Wipe to the mouth of the mouth,Cold and cold。
Reality is the case,Summer has the strength of the eighth steps,Standing on the top of the pyramid。
Don’t say young generation,Even if you are older characters, someone can match him.。
But thinking with shaking,The gap is too big.。
He a few times before and after,In fact, it is very clear where the gap between the two sides is.。
On fighting consciousness,Battle skills,He is not weak in the light.。
Poor differences in strength。
If you say to the virtual realm,Can be converged at a point,Post-instant outbreak,You can play a thrilling force。
So caven,Earlier has already saved the steps,Can make such a force anytime, anywhere。
In other words,The cave is in this power.。
And the virtual needs need to be achieved by the conversion party。
Important,The oddity cannot always play such strength,Very large consumption of essential gods and cell phones。
“You really let me accidentally。”
Mild and smile on the face of the face,Murder,“Such,Don’t stay you。”
He stepped forward,Again hit again。
Summer mouth bloody,Tough waving snake knife,Then launched a god style。
“Bamboo”Knife,I am shaking if I have a sky。
A knife is like a sun that is obliquely.,The thorn light makes the surrounding。
A knife,Summer continues to sword。
Jiu Yang Magic Three Killing Transformation Movies。
this moment,Endless radiance illuminates this area,In the air, it seems to have a small sun.。
The rush has finally changed color,He was first shocked out.。
But only this,Not injured。
Summer is moving,Shake。
But he did not stop。
Using the inertia of the body,嗖,Frontier,And then tiger。
this moment,Summary half-length snake knife,Holded by summer hands。
People are in the air,Top-down,If you want to smoke。
This knife,Infused his essence!The moment of the top and down,Knife skyrocket,Not out of the knife,Form a giant blade。

But only this is only。

He can’t put your heart on this.。
At least,Such。
The old man investigated a lifetime,Nothing I found out the fall of Wujia,And more detailed information。
He doesn’t think he can build a tree in a short time.。
Know that there is such a thing,Tell a little。
If you are really leisure in the future,Going to focus on。
certainly,He is not nothing。
Although Liu Chen is dead,But they will also leave traces。
Interpersonal relationship,Personal network,Have you touched anyone, etc.。
These are the direction of investigation。
He handed these to Maji,Anyway, she is now nothing.。
Summer heart now,On the shake。
Always waiting for the news of Xia Qianyun,Just find that the light falling,Summer will not hesitate to kill。
But a week,The rush has lost the trace again.。
But for the ancient weapon,Not only don’t relax,Instead,,Covered by cloudy clouds。
Strong enemy is not terrible。
Be terrible,This powerful enemy turns into a poisonous snake hidden in the dark.。
Who also said that I can’t ask for a bite?。
This period,Summer deliberately went to the Liujia。
He wants to see the Ji Bao Bottle,Maybe she knows the identity of the black woman。
There is no wave during the period。
However, in the summer, I saw a person.,In addition to the Ji Bao Bottle,There is also an ear home。
When the summer entered the courtyard,The two are drinking tea under the tree.。
“how,I said that he will come within seven days.。”
Seeing the summer,Ji Bao bottle is smirking。
The ear is nodded in the summer.,His emotions are not very high,The face is slightly overcast。
Sitting after summer,Take the initiative to ask,“Ear predecessor,I heard that the light is big.,Those predecessors are well。”
The face of the ear is stunned。
Next to Jihuoti is also sighing,“The ear is heavy,Although there is a week,There are also more than a dozen masters.。”
“My ear can comply with the ancestors,Adherence to the commitment,From not afraid of death,But by the swaying of this dog,It is really unwilling!”
The face of the ear is coming,Go straightforward,“I specially come to Beijing,I heard that you also have a sway attack on it.”

“This time,how about it,Are there any more threatening competitors?”

See here, At this time, Chu Tianxing asked directly in front of him。
And the people around,It is the original report to Chu Tianxing。
“Actually this matter,There is,But their words,In itself,It’s completely negligible。”
“But one of them,Need to pay attention,That’s Ye Xuan。”
Beside Chu Tianxing,That man finished。
At this moment,Chu Tianxing frowned slightly。
If you really say that,Then this matter,But http://www.allallyes.cnit’s very tricky。
And what about Chu Tianxing,Quickly recovered。
“This kid,What kind of thing,Dare to toss with us?”
“but it does not matter,If he wants to toss,Then it’s up to him。”
Anyway, Chu Tianxing looks,Want to solve this,Actually speaking,It’s not difficult。
But the more so,Chu Tianxing’s face,Even more proud。
“Find me this Ye Xuan,Let him hold the order,Give it all to us!”
When Chu Tianxing’s words are finished,People around me,Nodded again and again。
After all, now,Actually such a thing,In itself,It’s already obvious。
But when watching this scene,Chu Tianxing waved his hand。
“Nothing,Just let him come。”
“right now,Actually it is also a good opportunity for us to start!”
When Chu Tianxing said these words,It even made those people around nod repeatedly。

Sometimes it becomes a black,Outside the flow, unknown liquid。

Nose,mouth,The ear is also the same。
“Back……Go back……Leave……leave here……”
Today’s Thunder,Consciousness has been blurred。
But every time I heard the voice of Deng Yufei outside.,He woke up again。
This is what he lives.,Perseverance。
He thought that person would take into account a vein,What kind of。
He also believes,I may become a heir,Human,Can help summer。
Those who die,It is also his comrades,Is his brother?!
He doesn’t want the summer to suffer so much pressure.,He also wants to do something for the comrades.!
he thinks……
pity,That is just his wishful idea。
He wished to see the person。
But the other party did not give him an extra choice.。
“Adhere to a month in the god,You will become my heir,Insist,You will die!”
The other party did not even say a sentence.,I left directly.。
These ten days,Thunder is almost every moment to bear the ultimate pain like a million ants.。
His body,flesh,Tendon,Dirty……I have already become a blurred flesh and blood.。
Articulate……But it is the development of the black.……A test agent existing in theory。
No one has succeeded。
The thunder’s eyes are frustrated,“I am afraid of us.……Only when you come again.……Inventory,We are still brothers……Hope……I hope you don’t think about me.……Ah——”
His gods are again blurred。
Thunder is not afraid。
As early as eight years ago,He should go to death as his comrades.,But it is lysted to aunt。
He feels his soul,It seems to float out。
Faint approximate,It seems like whose ear is like,Beautiful and beautiful,Guide to his soul。
He saw the mother who has passed away for many years.,I saw the comrades trained together,I have seen the girl who makes you feel at first sight.……He thinks that there is a tear of your eyes.。
Thunder is suddenly open,Loudly,“I haven’t died yet.!Can’t die!Ah——”
at the same time。
Among the jungles of the cave,Have a row of extremely luxurious villas。

Longsheng Road,It is the future generation,The real name is called an ortholence。

According to the previous experience,He is not difficult to speculate。
All illusion you experienced,In fact, it is a mappier in the heart.。
He saw his parents,Save brothers and comrades,Kill the rush——He felt that he was full.,Take away。
Therefore, the gate of Ghost Valley appeared.。
Summer connected discoloration。
Some things can’t imagine。
Faint thinking!“in this case,If I want to see the death of death,Nothing is not?”
Hool!At the same time,Everything in the field of view collapsed。
next moment,He appeared in a jungle。
Summer view,A very straight body is full of blood,A black hair mixed hair,Also become a blood color。
Jun Lin。
It’s really a Jun Lin.!He is cold in his eyes,The eyebrows of the blood are majestic。
His handheld sword,Sword refers to summer,“Hahaha……Summer,I knew it,We will meet,Huangquan Road,I’ve been waiting for you,You finally came.,Come,We continue to fight 800!”
Summer eyes weird,Bright silk。
He shook his head,“You are not Junli,Junli will not say this,You are just that I am fantasy.。”
“Hum,I don’t know what you are talking.,Nanagan!”
Jun Linyi,Sword。
A little cold。
Summer face is still comparative。
He doesn’t hide,Run each other sword tip。
The whole person is broken.。
shattered,And everything in the field of view。
Summer is always moving,Quietly see the sky collapse。
One of the surrounding scenes。
“call……”Summer calls out a breath,Open eyes,A fearful language self-language,“Ghost valley,God people also……Uh!”
Not finished,Stop。
Summer is really wrong。
He did not appear in the ghost cave。
Surrounded by,Is a golden gentle glow。 It’s still in that canyon.。
On the left side of him,Turn on the valley,A woman sitting——Good sound!She is close to the moment,Something frown,Sometimes smile,Painful,Sometimes anger……I don’t know what I experienced.。

“sister,I lost the Shen Group three years ago,Now I’m back three years later,Naturally, I will give you the Shen Group。”Shen Luoluo said easily,As if this thing,It’s just a small thing。

But everyone in the know knows,The Shen Group already went bankrupt three years ago,But in the end Ai Chen showed up in time,Saved the Shen Group。
But now,This Shen Luoluo said to take the Shen Group back,Just grabbed it back,It can be seen that her skills are extraordinary。
Some people are thinking,Maybe three years ago,The bankruptcy of the Shen Group,It’s just fake,Shen Luoluo is back now,Naturally, we need to sort out the Shen Group,And then returned the Shen Group to Shen Mange。
And Fan Yi’s parents here,I heard that the Shen Group has returned,Their faces have also eased a bit,After all, the Shen Group,That is the second largest company in Jiangzhou,Who doesn’t want to use this piece of fat?。
“Lolo,How many days are you coming back,Come back for a few days,You don’t say a few days in advance,We’ll send someone over to pick you up。”Fan Yi’s parents are flattering,Make Shen Luoluo feel sick,But for the sake of taking care of my sister in recent years,She also held back。
“no need,Mr. Fan,Mrs. Fan,Thank you for your kindness,I came back to see my sister today,Has nothing to do with other people,Since sister is fine,Then i’m leaving。”Shen Luoluo knows,If you don’t leave,I’m afraid Ai Chen will be here soon,She has seen Ai Chen has noticed her。
“Lolo,Where do you live now?How can i find you?”Shen Mange didn’t want Shen Luoluo to leave him like this。
“sister,Like me call me。”Shen Luoluo gave Shen Mange his phone number,And then left by himself。
Shen Mange held the note in his hand tightly,Looking at the direction Shen Luoluo left,Tears couldn’t help but fell again。
“Wow,Song,congratulation,Your Shen Group is back again。”Deng Xiner and Fan Xiaoxiao,And Li Meilin couldn’t help but come over and say hi。
Even Fan Yi came over,“Song,congratulations,Your Shen Group is back。”Fan Yi’s face,With a faint smile,Looks very warm。
“thank you,thank you all。”Shen Mange said with a smile,The Shen Group returned to its own hands so soon,Really made her feel a little weird,But if Lolo did these things,Is also forgivable。
Fan Yi’s parents,Came over with a smile too,Holding Shen Mange’s hand,It’s like Shen Mange is their daughter from Deloitte。
“Songs,Unexpectedly,You are back to the Shen Group again。”Fan Yi’s mother said。
“mom,Stop talking。”Fan Yi feels a bit embarrassed,at the very beginning,They have been disgusting Shen Mange,But now I heard that the Shen Group is back,They have such a face again。

But arrived2floor,She only saw the menopausal old woman lying in the bedroom。

“Where’s Fang Hao??Where did you hide him?”
Tang Xiaodie asked unhappy。
I didn’t put down my schoolbag,She started looking。
Looked under the bed,No one seen,And opened all the wardrobes,No one was seen。
Even opened the curtains,I didn’t see the person who was hiding。
Shan Rou couldn’t help being funny,Said:“There are still a few drawers open,Do you want to take a look?”
“You treat me stupid,A man as old as Fang Hao,How could it be hidden in the drawer?”Tang Xiaodie angered。
“He finished the photo,People are gone,You are still looking for him here,Isn’t that stupid?”Shan Rou said leisurely。
“Really gone?”Tang Xiaodie looked at her suspiciously。
“if not?”Shan Rou asked,“Don’t leave after work,Save it for dinner?”
Tang Xiaodie pouted:“Look at you stingy,Can’t bear a supper?”
“I was willing to have that dinner,I just can’t see your nympho。”
Talking about this,Shan Rou is angry again,Originally lying in bed,Sat up all at once,Pointing at Tang Xiaodie and said:

First693chapter The strongest takeover in the history of the entertainment industry

Yang Kai’s role problem,Just a small matter。
Yang Feng knew that Shen Huan could not deliberately suppress Yang Kaixin,For the character of this boy,He is still very relieved。
Shen Huan made his daughter popular,Boss Yang didn’t propose any gifts for Shen Huan,This is because he knows that Shen Huan will not care about it。
not to mention,Yang Feng’s vision is so awkward,Of course, I also saw Yang Kaixin’s love and admiration for Shen Huan,I also saw Shen Huan’s affection for his daughter。
Since this is the case,Well, let the two young people walk around again、Take a look。
If you have that fate,Yang Feng won’t stop。
After all, there are not many geniuses in this world,Fewer can be admired by Yang Feng。
Shen Huan happens to be one of those。
The two drank a few cups of tea,Pu’er’s stomach warming effect comes out。
Shen Huan feels warm all over,But it’s not hot。
In this hot summer,On the contrary, there is a very comfortable feeling。
“Dong Yang, this tea is good。”Shen Huan said,“This should be no less50Ripe Tea Bar of the Year?”
Pu’er tea is divided into two types: raw tea and cooked tea。
Raw tea is just picked and made tea cakes。
In ancient times, the storage period of raw tea was long enough,Then it will automatically turn into cooked tea。
It’s just that modern society can’t wait that long,So special craftsmanship,Let raw tea be transformed into ripe tea that can be drunk in one or two years。

Great halftime scoring show,Kobe and Jordan’s offensive rhythm remains the same!

Kobe draws a!Jordan has one more!
But hitting,Jordan found something was wrong。
“damn it,Three points are one point more than two points?”
Not only is Kobe’s score dominant,The overall performance of the Lakers players,Both offense and defense are better than the Bulls。
“FAK!You played shit in the first half!”Jordan midfielder scolded directly in the locker room。
“Scotty,Guard against your damn counterpointer,He shit on your head7Three points,And you just continued?”
“Dennis,Help defend!Are your old legs rusty?Double-team me!Turn me around!”
“Ron!damn it,Can you behave a bit?Can you stop being a wandering god on the court??”
One shot!Jordan sprayed the starter all over,Except for Luc Langley,Jordan has given up on him,No matter how you spray it, you can’t prevent O’Neill.。
Red face,The Bulls’ players are all big names that have achieved fame,Apart from Michael Jordan in this world,Maybe no one dared to spray them in front of them。
And this is how Michael Jordan leads!
This is my team!
You have to do as i say!
The guy who doesn’t work hard,Get out of my team!Don’t think about getting something for nothing!
Jordan,He didn’t expect this game to be like this。If I was when I was young,I’m ready to slap my teammates at this time!
The Bulls players were speechless by Jordan’s spray,They know how terrifying the angry Jordan is。