At this moment James’ heart is full of despair。

He killed in Magnolia,Do not,Can’t be called killing,And should be called‘massacre’。
He slaughtered those mortals,It’s like crushing a bunch of ants,The difference is that those ants can also bring him some benefits。
And now,It is the turn of the gods of the Magnolia continent,Killed him like a crushing ant。
Weird king·James Fury,Unwilling,despair。
“I want to be the palace owner、I want to improve again in the realm of the magic circle,I want to become Dzogchen、I want to become the legendary main god!I must not die here!”James roared inside,Last fight,Even the body surface is covered with a layer of black light,The shape seems to turn into a shadow。
At this moment of life and death,His strength has faintly broken。
Wright didn’t use a gun,Just reach out the right hand,Operate the laws of the earth,Take a picture。
With the power of Wright,Just use the law of the earth,There is also a palace owner level。And he doesn’t want this James to die so happy。
Endless gravity is suppressed on James,James, who just made a breakthrough under the pressure of life and death,Was instantly suppressed。
No wonder,He is a six-star high-level god close to the seven-star level,Strength even breakthrough,It’s just reached the standard of the Seven Star Darkwalker。In the palm of Wright,As if turned into a mountain to block James directly。
The terrible gravitational tear oppresses James’s body,Feel the pain of every inch of body,James wants to wailing,But I can’t even make a sound。
A few minutes later,A soul attack completely annihilated James’ soul,Except for the head deliberately avoided,The soul of James, who has almost turned into a puddle of mud, is completely annihilated。
“died~”Wright’s face didn’t feel much pleasure。
“Count his death happily!”Cecilia also said bitterly。
James killed countless in Magnolia,And then fled into the dark god plane,Now this matter is completely resolved。
Wright waved his hand,Put the head of James in the space ring,Bringing back to the Magnolia Continent at that time is an explanation for the human beings who directly and indirectly killed James.。

Only pass this news to a limited number,Let them pay attention。

This is only a few days.,It turned out to be a light.。
“The boss let me tell you,The rush first appears in a country in Europe and America.,Later returned to Huaxia。”
Toned,Su Wei,“not only that,His arm is intact,And the eyes that are also restored.。”
What!!Summer shocked,“you sure?”
“I am uncertain,But my boss said that,And after returning to the country,We lost his traces,The boss let me inform you to be careful,And there is a super master around him.……”After a moment,Summer interrupted the phone,There is a good look。
“What happened?”
Xiani whispered。
“Do you know what I am with a rush??”
Xiani stunned,And then shake his head,“I don’t know,You and him?
Summer is not hidden,Will pass the simplicity。
Finally,“I didn’t expect this that I have been less than a month.,He appeared,And I broke an arm,I have been stabbed.,Returned now。”
Heard him,Xianti has also been quite surprised。
“I also hope that it is impossible。”
Summer eyes flashes cold,“But it is very likely to be true,And I suspect……Is the gods alliance in the dark。”
Inference according to the resulting message,The gods alliance has a long time,Always tested in human body。
If you can make the rush in this world,,Non-League Union。
“Let it go,Go eat first,I am going to return to China tomorrow.,And you?”
Xianti does not hesitate,“I certainly go to China.。” ……China。
A unclear yard。
Ji Bao bottle is sitting at the door,Cold cold looking at the head man。
It is the big magic Wang Jian Six。
“cough,I came to Beijing to do something.,So, by the way, look at you。”
The eyes of swords six are somewhat fluttering,More than a little。
“I have seen it now.,I am very good.,You go.。”
The attitude of the Ji Bao bottle is very cold。
Jianxiao grabs the head of their own,Some helplessness,“Treasure bottle,Why do you have this?,Conscientiously,I know you first.,And I also introduced you to the brother.,But I also like you at the time.,I don’t understand until today.,Why did you choose a brother?,And why is this attitude towards me?。”
Ji Bao bottle picks the eyebrows,A pair of eyes have a stunned,Soon disappear。
She whispered,“Jiang alone,Warned disciple as a head of Tianshan,He for me,Can withdraw from Tianshan School,It’s until he died,I have never said that he has said that he is a disciple of Tianshan School.。”
Toned,No sword,The eyes of the Ji Baotao bottle have emerged again.。
“And I learned that the Rock’s enemy’s head was killed,He is not forgotten when he is always,Do you really think that he is sick??”
I heard this sentence,Sword six pupils。
“you,What did you say?”

Bang,The study door that was just closed was opened again,The boy walked out of the room with a yawn,The noise just now really woke him up。

“Morning everyone,what?Wu Ju, what are you doing??”
“Congratulations to the palace lord for leaving!”Liyun should shout first,The astonished people had to bow together to salute the young man。
Exit??The teenager is slightly confused,Then relieved,Go out,I think it’s closed,“How long have i been inside?”
“Ten days。”Liyun reply。
“Ten days?!”Teenager surprised,He feels that long years have passed,Unexpectedly, it was only ten days。
During this period,He not only felt the bumpy and brilliant sound of the Holy Spirit,I also relived the bloodthirsty age where Huo Tianzun was with the broken knife,I even got a glimpse of Qiu Kejian’s growth,And the glorious moment of the first Temple of the Five Elements,The only place where it gets stuck,It was the mysterious place that big eyes took him to see。
The mysterious zone is actually a constant white light and shadow deep in the void,Not because The galaxy and celestial bodies move and change their positions,Just too vague and complicated,Plus the unusually violent storm around,It’s difficult for a teenager to observe closely。
He doesn’t understand,Why can’t the Netherstorm, which can destroy almost everything, help this light and shadow,The boy didn’t know how Huo Tianzun found this place,But there is no magic of light and shadow,It’s a bit mysterious。
Unable to approach,The boy wanted to go around and look at Guangying’s back,But clinker,No matter how far he goes,The void storm lay in front of you like a barrier,This level of storm,Even Tianzun can’t bear it,Young people are naturally insurmountable,I don’t know how long it’s been delayed and there’s no way,But was awakened in confusion。
“Indeed ten days。”The elders of Houtu Temple emphasized。
“Li Tan is here every day,I can’t bear it anymore。”The elder of the Golden Wind Palace said again。
“Allied forces have pulled out on Chiwei Island,Unknown,May come to Nungwi Island again。”The elder of Yi Shui Hall looks solemn 。
“Yan Xiao, that guy dared to stay outside of my island,Suddenly killed our team of Rangers without asking,The old man happened to find Li Tan’s theory,This old man actually denied it。”
The elders of the Giant Wooden Hall are the most emotional,The elders of the temples work in shifts near the Zhenmen,He happened to be there on the day of the accident,Yan Xiao escaped after a fierce battle,Regarded as a great shame 。

This listened to this description,Kohumang always feels similar to where the story has seen。

a lot ofbossHave a habit of seeing the death of the opponent,To enhance your forces,Even occasionally a bad mood,Directly, don’t get rid of your hand.,Said is the blue dyeleman。
“His purpose is to let other chess people,Better feel your strength,In order to stimulate them more clearly accept modern Go,And the next two months of hard work。”
This is really,Various senses,The purpose of the discipline and the other side are almost。
Corona is busy ingredients,And the night god country, busy, busy to fight the arrogance of the ancient cheers.。
Last night’s battle is an indispensable forever for both parties.,Arrived12month,The ancient chessists will complete their respective practice.,Step into the battlefield with a gentle gesture。
The previous time and half-wild teacher blowing,Also about to face。
But unfortunately not to honor yourself,But the teammates come to honor。
“Gainfulness,Everyone has the enemy of our own,The enemy left five chess,So how do you allocate this??”Zero。
Corporation thinks slightly:“First predecessor,This line is dead,Next, I want to play a friend,Xuan Yu again”
Two corresponding points。
“Star marriage seems to be one more,The last thing is not good, and there is a secret weapon.,Can also kill one?”Science is just shaking the opportunity。
“You,At the critical moment, I think of a woman.?”Zero eyebrow hang hang。
Ah, it seems to be true.,Look down on this side of combat skills,I feel all my sister。
“Cough,no way,This is the plaic role of 正,Know how to understand。”Boarding is an answer,“certainly,In addition to me。”
“Don’t think that the other party’s lineup,Only ancient chess,There are also many other well-known players in history.,For example, Cheng Zlan、Abandon,Xiu Rong,Liang Wei”
Another brilliant name read from zero mouth,These are all people who are familiar with the players.,What you have to say,Most of these people have the ability to compete for chess, Sheng this throne,But there is no second,Their glory is all compared。
But the glory is more,Does not mean that their chess or talent is not enough。
“Repropted a message you may not listen to,Two chessths that have not yet been awakened,That pair of Shuanglong in history,Fan West Screen,Shi Xia,Is the true strongest chess,Wait until they have completed the last two months of practice,The strength will be with Qingdao,That is what you really trouble.。”
“Strongest chess?You are so directly?”
“Only enough strong opponents,Only to hone a person’s strength,When an era has just appeared such two super-seesys,That is of course, there is a crazy competition between them.,Match each other,Finally, the rest of all people are far away.。”Zero is reasonable to say。
The balance of victory is silent.,Two high-tonnate weights suddenly booked in each other。
“Then what should I do now??”
“Didn’t I say it??Power of all people。”Zero repeats。
“You said,Now someone now,No mobilization。”
“if not?”
Taken such a little,Boarding is really thinking。
Xi Qian,And Japan Valley Ghost Tailang。
The only combat power that can still be thought about, it is like it.。
When you think about it,The doorbell came from outside the door.。

According to some information heard by Wright,The sanctuary powerhouses currently in charge of the royal camp are Koland and Charlie.·Sistan,One person is the strongest,One is‘orthodox’representative。

Soon,Charlie who is practicing swordsmanship crazy in the martial arts field·Sistan,And in a mansion hundreds of meters away from the palace,Sit cross-legged,The middle-aged man holding a spear received the soul transmission,Can’t help but froze。
Soon,In the side hall of the palace,Convergence of three figures。
All three are strong in the sanctuary,Although there are some friendships,But I haven’t seen it in ten years,And Koland had been expecting Wright and others to join their camp.,However, in the end Wright and others took root in the chaos,Although not to resent,But also a little dissatisfied。
Wright’s temperament is heavy and steady,But it reveals a turbulent momentum。Three distinct temperaments,Integrate into one person without disobeying harmony。This is naturally caused by the law of perception.。
Compared with Koland more than ten years ago,Yes, a hint of blood,If he felt like a gentle breeze back then,Koland today is like a wind of killing,Strong breath。Supporting the royal camp for more than ten years,Suppress many ducal families internally,Fighting with the Holy See externally。More than ten sanctuary died in his hands over the years。
Of three,The weakest breath is undoubtedly Charlie·Sistan,This once quite sunny and enthusiastic sanctuary powerhouse,Now it’s cold。In fact,Although he is a sanctuary,Without much tempering,Zubir·Sistan is well protected。Encircle Hamlin,You·The Fall of Sistan,Had to push him to the cusp of the sealing wave。
But although his breath is weak,But Wright felt a violent wave of vindictiveness from him,This fluctuation and my own perception【The Mystic Explosion】And formed【Flame style】Have quite similarities。
“Koland Senior,Brother charlie!”Wright smiled。“Haven’t seen you in ten years,Congratulations to Brother Charlie,Step into the peak of the sanctuary!”
This sentence,Just let the atmosphere relax。
Charlie with a cold face·Sistan couldn’t help but smile upon hearing this.,Although he is not as strong as Zubir·Sistan,But the peak of the sanctuary holding the artifact,Not bad enough。
Is exactly the same,In order to occupy the position of the three leaders in the royal camp,Of course, this is supported by the strongest member of the royal family, Koland,And the connections of the Sistan family for many years。
“Little Wright!”Koland laughed:“It seems that your strength has improved rapidly,I can feel Charlie’s progress from the fluctuations in anger!”
“but!”Koland’s language becomes serious:“What are you doing here?Don’t say you are here to talk to us。”
Wright is a little confused,How do these two look at themselves like they see the enemy。

“Now Xiao Li is next to me.,I am not afraid of Xiao Li Ji.,Xiao Li is in our hearts??

Be a goddess,Fat,Now the meat is in your mouth.,However, you will take a garlic with a garlic.,You are not willing?”
“You are not willing,So today, I don’t have it.,After all, this building of the pork processing plant must pass through the village.,There is no passing。”
Say this,Peach rolls directly“Break”。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Peach is actually so stasic in Taohua Village.。
This peach roll that he saw on weekdays is somewhat different.。
at this time,Li Hui Feng also rushed and laughed:“uncle,uncle,Don’t worry!Do you call me to let me solve the problem??
I haven’t started to say two sentences yet.,You will break,How is this going on??”
“You won’t really want me to build this pork processing plant in Zhaojia Village.?”
I listened to Li Hui to stand up.,Tao Wanji is also a pleasure,Know that the small fox is still fighting him, the old fox。
This hasn’t used hard meat.,Li Hui hooks with the wind。
“Xiao Li,I said it.,This is still like this,What can you have??”
Although he asked in his mouth,But then take a horn to drink.。
“Quiet quiet,Xiao Li also has something to say to you.,You listen to Xiao Li’s words。”
Li Xiangxue saw Tao Wan Volume,I don’t know that this is a roller that is taken by Tao Wan.。
It’s also hilarious.。
“The grandfather said just now.,If you don’t want me to open a pig processing plant in this village?,Then I will take the horse.。”
“But before I walked,I have to give you a bill.。”
“I start working in Taohua Village,The worker used is the first of Taohua Village.?
Even if you make a shadow, make money,I don’t want to work.,But your greenhouses don’t have to manage every day.,Don’t use a family to manage in the greenhouse,Just take a person to work to the factory.,One month guarantee three thousand wages。
”“Three points, you have a year of grain,How much can you earn??
Can you earn three hundred??
One month, 3,000 can be earned than you have been earned.,And you are not willing to accept the conditions of the grandfather,There is also a lot of empty places in your village.,Why not let me build a factory?”
“I am building a factory loss of your land.,But do you think about it?,I am not in this construction plant.,Those land is panicked, no one can,I can’t see you in the first year.,So you are happy.?
The grandfather came to me for two days, let me build the factory.,I asked me for a long time last night.,Since you are not willing,Then I will go to Zhaojia Village to build a factory.,The land pig farm there is mine.,I don’t have to spend a penny.。”
Finish,Li Hui Hui gave the horn in the hand.,Then turn directly to the people。
Tao Wan Volume I thought that Li Hui Feng was to stabilize the military,I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually thought about Zhaojia Village.。
This can make him have some mementers.。
Immediately see more。
“Xiao Li,Wait a moment,Wait a moment,Will it haven’t finished yet?!How did you worry??”
“Forehead,uncle,Don’t you say that I have finished speaking??”

Huang Lei briefly told him about things,After he listened,The whole person is dumbfounded。

“Brothers,It won’t work,If I go to work there,Then it’s not really going to work,What should I do with my job,I will be fired,It’s not easy for me to be the monitor,It took a lot of thought and time this time……”
“I said Chen An, why do you think so much,From now on you can just follow us,Why are you still thinking about going to work??Is the working life really good??Is it really as beautiful as you think?If not,Now there is a chance in front of you,Can make you change your destiny,At this moment, don’t you hurry to grab your life-saving straw,Still thinking about going to work?It’s really depressing。”
Zhang Bai’s Bai spoke next to him,Mainly because we had a one-day meeting today,He really doesn’t want to continue,At this time he only hopes that this matter can be resolved as soon as possible,then,What they should do,It’s time to rest, you can rest well,Wait until tomorrow, naturally follow the plan。
Finished saying this,Chen An was dumbfounded,But he couldn’t wake up soon。
This is indeed such a thing!Is such a truth!
This time is a chance to change his life!
I’m still thinking about working in a factory?Even Chen An himself feels a little weird。
Have the opportunity to change his life,I can’t take this opportunity,Something so simple,Even children can make choices,Let alone him。
Now Huang Lei and the others wait for the same before inviting him to be one of them,This is simply great for him,From now on his life will be rewritten,Although I always feel like this kind of thing is a little dreamy,But in fact it happened in front of them,All this is true。
In this way, they finally decided on their next plan,What they have to do will become simple,Nothing else to say,Is to finish what should be done。。
First2Under the guidance of the little girl,Soon became a part of the Science Park,Just an ordinary assistant,They are separated into different places,Some became the main assistants,Some are assistants of supervisors in the workshop。

If it spreads out later,Shen Huan’s not doing his job properly to cook private kitchen,I don’t know how many people will scold him。

At that time, the private kitchen did not even have the most basic privacy。
So Shen Huan was wandering around home during this time。
He likes to find some old alleys,There are some old houses inside,It’s more Beijing flavor,It means the ancient heritage。
But once this Haiding District is surrounded by schools,Building a commercial house is definitely the most cost-effective business,Where are so many old hutongs?How many suitable old houses are there?
Even if someone has,It may not be leased out,Or someone is already using it。
Looking for,Shen Huan is finally in Zeng’s Hutong next to Xiyuan Bridge,Found a small yard with one entry and one exit。
This small yard only has100What it looks like,But the win is very quiet,There are no entertainment facilities around,Best for a quiet meal。
And it’s not far from the road,Just30Dormi,It’s easier to come and go。
If parking,There is a mall not far away,I didn’t get to the car200Meter。
The only trouble,It’s this small yard that opened a tea house,And it was opened by the owner himself,Unwilling to transfer。
Shen Huan can’t help it,He himself is not suitable for these bargaining transactions。
So Shen Huan invited four schools.flower,Let them talk to the old man。
Don’t you say,I don’t know what the four young ladies said,In the end, the talk was over。
But they also agreed to a request from the owner, Mr. Ke,When the private kitchen is open,He has to come for the first meal,If it doesn’t meet the standard,Can’t open。
This is quite interesting。
Shen Huan readily agreed。
But the price they rented to Shen Huan is not cheap,A month3Ten thousand,Can not destroy the main structure。
Do the math,Even if you make one table every day,The profit of a single table is1000Above yuan,To maintain the most basic overhead。
If you add Chuan Cai、clean、Labor costs for assistants, etc.,There is no profit of five or sixty thousand,Not well maintained at all。

“The most important thing is the problem of personnel entering the laboratory?”Shen Huan asked。

Jin Lixuan nodded,“Academician Fu did not decide how many people would be needed,But according to normal needs,Should be in accordance with10Graduate student,Another draw3-5A lecturer as an assistant。If you and Wushuang are added,Is there enough manpower??”
Shen Huan has the final say,Shook his head:“Too many people。I think5Graduate student,2A lecturer is enough。”
“so little?”
Jin Lixuan was surprised。
Don’t other laboratories hope that the more people the better??
This way I get more budget,Pay more attention!
Why doesn’t Bai Wushuang like the excitement,There are more than a dozen people in her laboratory。
Good now,Shen Huan only wants7personal,Plus three of them,10Personal laboratory,The scale is small。
Such a small laboratory,Can you see people if you take it out??
Shen Huan saw his doubts,“Our laboratory does not need to do those large-scale experiments,And not in a hurry,You will understand in a while。”
Jin Lixuan can only bite the bullet。

“Your Majesty Wise,I will swear allegiance to His Majesty Tyrant,Long live your majesty!”At this moment, everyone knelt on the ground and shouted,A new empire is officially established。

Tyrant nodded,This empire is officially established。
After thirty years of building the Tyrant Empire finally succeeded,The middle-aged man in a golden yellow robe sits on a chair in the magnificent hall,Yes, he is Tyrant,Thirty years have passed,He is now in his sixties。
Time flies by and another fifty years have passed,At this time, Ba Tian is also over a hundred years old。
“what,time flies,80 years have passed in a blink of an eye,After eighty years,Still haven’t stepped into the god level powerhouse,Nothing more,I guess there is no hope in this life,I have no children in my life,Sadly,What am i thinking?”Ba Tian sighed。
This is a terrifying force in the sky,Sweep the empire,And at this moment a beautiful woman walked into the hall,An expression of excitement appeared in Ba Tian’s eyes,He knew that Tianyu, who had been away from him for fifty years, was back。
“You’re back,long time no see,You finally become a god,Ha ha,Congratulations!”Wow Tian stood up and said with a smile。
But Tianyu’s face is not so happy,Because the Ba Tiantian he saw fifty years later was so old,Although reaching a demigod,But life is still limited,Generally, the life span of a demigod can reach 200 years,Even if his body is tyrannical,But often the time limit cannot be changed。
“Long time no see you back…Are you ok?”Tian Yu whispered。
“Ha ha,The girl is fine,But I betrayed the girl’s kindness,Can’t be a god,He’s over a hundred years old now,Can see you become a god-level powerhouse,No regrets in this life,Calculate the life span under,There are still decades,Time is so fast,The empire created today is also 80 years old,I’ve seen too much life and death in the next 80 years,But not afraid,Because Zai has already died once,Within fifteen years of your absence,I feel the inheritance of God’s position but the kind of god is Raksha God I know,If you don’t become a Raksha God,The life below will stop here,But I don’t want to be a murderer,So I didn’t choose this scallop heritage,So after so many years, it is old,And girl you are so beautiful,Ha ha ha!”Tyrant haha smiled,Sigh。
Tianyu shed tears at this moment,He knows the position of Raksha,After inheritance, although Ba Tian can become young,But he will become someone who only knows how to kill,He knows the character of Tyrant,He would rather die than watch innocent lives,Die by his side one by one,And at this moment Tianyu can’t do anything。
“Okay, Tianyu, we are old buddies too,Come see Long Lin with me,After many years,I haven’t seen him for a long time,Go see him today,If not him,We died decades ago,So we have to thank him。”After talking about the place where the tyrant disappeared,And Tianyu silently shed a drop of tears and followed。
The two soon came to the Jialingguan city wall,And a huge mausoleum in Jialingguan city is in the center,And there are heavy guards nearby。