Near Zhu,Anna Atasi is also a low desire woman,I have been deeply affected with Chen Linzhi for a long time.,Follow the idea of playing a job,Not only to give others as an assistant。

Chen Linzhi jokes, she said:“You haven’t gone yet.,How can you know that?,Let me tell me the first few times.,What attitude is Dior?,I am free to draw a fund for $ 20 million.,Help you complete financing or acquisition。”

NS247chapter Old husband wife
Hall for more than two months,Chen Linzhi, the foundation of the family was mastered by Anna Tasia.。
She didn’t care about Chen Linzhi.,This little rich woman is approximately $ 30 million,There is also an upcoming family trust fund behind him.,The beneficiary has only her and her parents。
Waiting until Anna Atasia has children,No matter how many,Can be born from birth,Until the day hanging down,The premise is that the Foundation is working well.,Revenue on the book。
Considering the Charity Trust Fund is quite mature in the United States,Little John·d·Rockefeller Family Foundation, founded by Rockefeller1913Year operation,And annual investment charity、Payment to the Lockefeller family members dividends,The scale of the foundation of the Foundation has doubled several times,It is really likely to let the children and grandchildren have to eat for her life.。
Have to say that since the boss checks the heart problems,The father of Anna Atas is very consistent to this baby daughter.,Put the problem of inheritance heritage in advance.。
Wait until her family fund is talented to Anna Atas,There is also Chen Linzhi to assist next to,Look at the assets worth 67 million US dollars,Maybe the scale may be considerable。
No wonder Newman once sent it,Chen Linzhi found such a girlfriend,Not asa to find a big treasure,Advantage is obvious,It is enough to let ordinary people lying together in a lifetime。
Sitting in the hotel roof,Evening wind blowing。
Anna Atas listened to Chen Linzhi to help himself,Curious asked:“You sell your stock.?Still ready to use the funds you have recently raised recently?”
“neither,I want to use the stock as a collateral in the account.,Borrow a money from the bank,Some people say that smart people will use others to make money for themselves.,And I only owe the bank’s only mortgage,Consult the idea of the bank before,They tell me about 80% of the total value of stocks.,7.5% of the interest per year,Quite cost-effective。”
I thought that Chen Linzhi just want to help himself.,Anna Atas is touched,said laughingly:“you are so kind to me,But I don’t necessarily make back your interest money.,So still count.,No need to adventure。”
Chen Linzhi explained very unfinished:“Neither,I am very optimistic about the prospects of Dior’s luxury goods companies.,Somewealth of cloth leather,Online only one downside processing fee,You can earn more than 90% of gross profitability,Even the promotion of promotion is huge,Still worth investing,So I advise you to pay attention to luxury goods companies.,Women’s money is best earned,I can pay attention to cosmetics after I have money.。”
Anna Tasia really wants to say that women are not so stupid,But look at the love of tens of thousands of dollars to buy the Hermes crocodile bag,Instantly, there is no bottom gas,Combine one piece of Chanel short-sleeved for two or three hundred dollars,And cotton short sleeves only sell a few dollars in the supermarket,Silently recognize his woman’s money。
Discharge:“I really want to go directly.,Since you come,Give you a task that I negotiated.,Honestly, this makes me easily。Before Warma left,I thinkceoWork does not trouble,Many tasks have been handled by us.,It seems that it is difficult to do business than I imagined.。”
“Negotiation is not easy,You need to accumulate some experience,In addition to this, there are skills,For example, learn me,Based on Morgan Stanley to help,I believe they call the door.,Dior will definitely pay more attention。”Chen Linzhi has not yet eaten,Let the waiter send fruit salad。
Anna Tasia bite is not good,Ask him:“Since you know, who should be invited to help?,Why don’t you tell me earlier??”
Chen Linzhi forgot this,It is half a month ago to let the Anna Tasia single guns,Let her touched a nose ash,I laughed and said.:
“You need to exercise learning,Only you have experienced it,Can be a qualified businessman。
I suggest you read the biography of those luxury goods companies.,Experience from China,When the boss and when the assistant can be different,Seriously put it, I am selling clothes in China,Looking for someone designed to design,We will barely calculate。”
He was opened by him,Anna Tasia tonight,I have forgotten this thing soon.,Talking about the recent people seeing in Paris……
The old husband has a long time.,So Chen Linzhi sometimes forgot Anna Tasia has more beautiful。
After getting up the next day,Look at her bath to dress up,Light is a few kinds of skin care products.,arm、neck、The legs have not been put,Apply sunscreen afterwards,Carefully organize your hair,No wonder the whole person tender。
Good figure relies on exercise and diet,She will be with Matia during San Francisco·Ipez morning running、Yoga,To the beauty salonspa,Early, it is dizzy.,Recently, I have been physically and psychologically began to get healthy.,Chen Linzhi finally found that Anna Tasia temperament was followed up.,Learn to dress up。
Just dressed in a dark dress,Anna Atasa saw Chen Linzhi, staring at himself.,Wonderful asked:“what happened?I can start with my shoes.,From here to the Louvre,The temperature is not rising yet,Walk in the past。”
Chen Linzhi strived to let her come,Anna Atasa。
After approaching, Chen Linzhi is pressed on the sofa.,Just listen to his tone:“You are so good today.,I thought about it.,I have no problem to visit again.,Anyway, it is not a weekend,It is estimated that there are not many visitors.。”
I don’t understand what he mean.,Anna Atasia was proceeded by him,I am laughing in the past.:“I am not easy to make up makeup!Haircut!”
“Reese later……”
This delay,Going out is already 11 o’clock noon。
Anna Atasian spirit shake,Chen Linzhi is sluggish,Laoses out of the hotel,Go to the place to have a lunch。

“Take me to meet your chief!”

“Yes Yes,We will notify!”
Several intelligence personnel responsible for guarding the door immediately divided the work,Someone greeted Leo and someone called the person in charge。
quickly,I saw LeoCP5Person in charge。
“Haha,Small cold house,Let Master Leo come,Really brilliant!”
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Leo didn’t talk nonsense with this intelligence chief,Directly describe the appearance characteristics of Ainilu。
“You should know about my friend?”Leo asked。
The intelligence head’s face changed slightly:“Lord Leo,Is there any misunderstanding in this?,We don’t know this person!You know we are only in charge of finding some information,Never do anything other than inquire about the news!”
Leo looked at the intelligence chief,The more news you know,Naturally know more。
Otherwise it would be dead。
“Give you one more chance,Say,Or die!”
Leo’s eyes were full of chills,Looking at the intelligence chief,As if to see another dead person。
The intelligence chief is cold,Main Leo’s eyes are too scary。
“Lord Leo,I really don’t……”
I just said it,Leo’s hand is already pinching the intelligence leader’s neck,Lifted the opponent up。

Kick people’ s legs,A punch to interrupt people arms……How much power is there??

Especially the woman,Even if she practiced the Sanda and Anti-Wolf,At this moment, it is also a tongue.。
That looks high and thin young youth,It turned into a steel iron bone in an instant。
Fracture of legs hard,A punch screamed with arms of crispy sound,The visual impact brought,Has arrived with head,Cold hair。
Even if Liu Qingqing is no exception。
She has seen a summer fight over time.,But it has never been like this close to today.。
That foot is pulled out,Dramatic pain produced by bones and flesh,Don’t say,If you think about it, you will make it soft.。
I don’t know if it is good.,She feels very dangerous in summer.,And anger!
As for Yan Shao and others,Cruel and grievances on the face,I have already solidified it on my face.。
They didn’t think of dreams.,I thought it was a small person.,It’s so strong。
To say that the field is still calm,It is the youth called Wang Dong.,It’s just that the look is already in the face.。
Da da da。
Summer is not awkward,Take a step forward。
“act recklessly!”
Short panic,Yan Lee immediately resumed arrogant,The sound becomes sharp,“Today, I want to throw you into the toilet.!”
Summer solve,Continue to walk。
Several steps,I have a blind in front of him.。
It is Wang Dong。
His face is gloomy,But the corner of your mouth is pulling out a touch of taste.,The sound is even higher.,“Now I will give you a chance.,Kneel,kowtow,Apologize to Yan Shao,Maybe you will let you go。”
Toned,He twisted his neck,咔 咔 节,“In addition, I have to advise you a sentence.,Make people must low-key,this world,There are people outside the sky.,Kunming is not big,But the water is very deep……”
His voice is interrupted。
Interrupting him is summer,A pair of impatient appear,Cold drink,“I want to put it on one side.,Someone outside the sky?what are you!”
It’s not amazing.。
Everyone is stunned。
Especially those who know Wang Dong’s identity,It’s not a face。
http://www.tongshuntc.cnDrink Wang Dong,The proud color of the face is solidified,Turning,Then after a bloody bloodstock,Anger,“Hahaha,In this Kunming City,There are already very few people who dare to talk to me.。”
Say,See the strong people waiting to be sent around,“No one is doing,I am playing with him.。”
He dares to say this,I am sure that I have absolute confidence。
Summer just now,Although she is surprised to him,But only this。
His body actually revealed a forced momentum,Extremely fierce。
“I said,the world is huge,Kunming City is small,But the water is very deep,Large land,There are many existence you don’t know.。”
Feel the direction of the other party,Summary is somewhat amazed。
The rear of Yan Shao is laughing,“Wang Dong,First 蹂 分 10 minutes,Then interrupt the limbs,The woman gave you。”

Wild『dew』Shy expression,Sorry but:“I used to……Subject to the subordinates of the reminder。”

It is not your original!
The sight of the silence of the silence of the silence is condemned in invisible.。
Wei wild hard transfer topic:“But I am completely out of your heart.,Look at you standing on the throne,I will not help but I don’t help but think about it.,What are you thinking about at this moment??”
She looked at the consultant at the time.『force』,I think this feels definitely,Have a look of the world。Waiting for her to stand up,“Jun Lin Tian”Be all gone,Be only thinking“Down”。
枝 声 线 地:“I am thinking about how to run.。”
The Wild face has emerged as a funeral examination approval。
Yan Zhi pushed the door of the ladies,The momentum is planning to ask in Q & D,Even if he wrapped in the dark, she also had a full number of。However, after she went to the screen,Don’t say dark,Even the blood on the ground disappeared,Only in the carpet residual red『color』。
枝 ‘s fingertips release a pure white spiritual force,Along with light mist circles on the carpet,Then, it is divided into three stocks.。This is a high-end law,Shadow,According to a little blood, you can track people who leave for a period of time.。
Yan Zhi couldn’t help but took out the ring pinch,Can’t understand why the consultant is to insist on her secrets in that emergency.:Otherwise, this is a horror film.!
However, the guidance of the consultant is not unconditional.,He is hard to wait for her explanation.,Be willing to。If she didn’t gamble at the time,Hard to the end, she is faithful,Advisory……
Yan Zhi is not too empty, it is too long.,Because the Wild is holding a book and the magic world of each city of the city.。
True the devil, the blessing of the devil and the teacher,For so many years of internal fighting brings a lot of loss。Therefore, the new Magic Zun must not only stabilize the crisis with the iron hand wrist.,Still have a considerable business head,To revitalize the devil economy。
After half an hour to the book,Branch suddenly:“Do you feel that today is long??”
枝 stares at the special figures on the books in front of,Although she doesn’t need her to make a book first,But sometimes it is often a more painful
She suddenly realizes the authentic:“I understand the other of the consultant’s arms.!”
The wild is still thought that the consultant has left a secret weapon.,Full of the full boy:“what?”
Branch sounded:“He just wants me to leave him.!”
Behind the cannon gray,She first lost the system,After it became undercover,On the way in the end, she mounted the representation of the demon sign.,Then……She is beginning to prosperity and resist the enemy『Hold』Heart。
Pocket,Everything is familiar。
She wants a big,Flexible process,Sound ultimate goal!
枝 一 正 经 卫 卫:“There is a handicraft that is called Fujiang scattered man in the world.,Some novelty in the market is doing him.,Repair should be not low。I want you to use all available resources.,Fully find his drop。”
Some sleepy『Confuse』,Still an immediate answer:“Top now。”
Obviously he is now having an inexplicable trust in 枝,The scene on the hall also saved him successfully。
枝 故 高 高 颔 颔 颔:“Um,There is a situation to report。”
Wei Ye won this sentence,I am excited.。
No one in the country,Sitting in the study of the Magic Zun,Handy,Numbers in the city。

“In other words,Decoction of the fixed yuan wall,Equipped with elsewhere for 30 days,This kind of energy is rich,Has been worthy of martial arts,If there is a fixed constant wall,No need to go to the martial arts,after all,Many military super masters,And extremely dangerous……”Narrate。

Summer can’t succeed,Feel very surprised,“Also there is such a treasure?
Each city has a fixed-way wall?”
“right,Differential walls come from the temple of God……Wupu mainland 50 city pool,Billion years stands still,Real reason,These urban pools are the temple of God,Five hundred urban ponds in different locations,Stop the stability of all parties。”
Summer revealed。
He has heard some seemingly not rumors。
Even rumors,Every city is a legendary 谪 谪。
Also rumors,Every city is actually a secret treasure。
No wonder, Zeah, Zengo,As long as the city owner can be a five hundred years,I will inevitably promote the gods。
It turned out to be the credit of the Yuanyuan wall,The concentration of the yuan is equivalent to 30 times from elsewhere.。
Don’t you say,Practice for 30 days from elsewhere?
He thought,At the beginning in Dongpu City,So big a city,Red dust,Yuanqi is still very rich。
It turned out to be the role of the fixed constraint。
Think here,He asked,“Does the temple of God are not afraid that the landlord swallowed into the vital wall??” Miao Wuling smiled,“The city owner can practice directly next to the fixed yuan wall,Why do you swallow??”
He knows that summer implies,Accelerate,“Once,Nor is there no city owner’s idea,However, it is said to have special imprints on the above wall.,Can be positioned by God,Can’t run at all。”
Merely,His look,“but……If you get it by the sea demon,That is not necessarily,Endless blood sea,Extremely dangerous,Don’t say life and death、God,The legendary 谪 谪,I don’t dare to only be a sea.……”Nine mother nodded,Say,“This time the sea,For the direction of the constant wall,Wang Qing said in the news,This demon has three-way power,Every part forces have masters of gods。”
Toned,Also,“Make a reason,We are limited to the king,Non-affordable,This effort is better than yourself,No need to rescue。”
She is turning around,Satiate,“but,If the unit wall is robbed,Fangyuan million yuan,There is a similar wave of fluctuations.,And it will last for a few years.,During this period,Yuanqi collapse riot,It will quickly lose……”By the time,All wild power of the square,I am afraid that I have to migrate.。
Can be such,It is inevitable that there will be other strengths to be robbed on the way of migration.。
Du Hongjun on the side added a sentence,“If you want to have heard of the Master of Xia,Our world of the world,Not from the heavens and the earth,It is from the empty rotation of the eight-phase space of the martial art……”
NS3426chapter Not your slow, I can faster
This world’s vitality,Not from the heavens and the earth。
It is from the empty rotation of the eight outside space.。
about this point,Summer is early in Zhoura Okun,At that time。
in this way,Just need to fix the wall wall to a solid flow。
if not,It will cause a vitality collapse、riot、Lose。
certainly,This doesn’t mean that the vitality will dissipate。
But it will cause a situation。
That is some places, there is no whiteline gas.,Some places are rich in villainous。
Now everyone is facing,This is this situation。
If you don’t rescue Fengbao City,Ding Yuan wall is taken away by the sea demon,The Yuanyuan Million Million will halt。

This is what he wants.,Even if you can’t achieve it,He can also get a pair of 力 远 超 一 般 万 万 万 写 写 写。

The big snake pill took this double-write wheel from the tube in the box.。
Then just press your own eyes。
It can be seen is that this double-write wheel eye is actually incorporated into the eyes of the big snake pill.。
Some strange。
It seems that http://www.selmarkshop.cnhe is still transforming this body.。
Write the wheel eye slowly integrates the eyes of the big snake,He closed his eyes and adapted.。
Then open the land,A pair of three hook jade wrote the eyes of his eyes.。
Then there in the jade begins to rotate.,Finally gather。
Suddenly formed a circle,There are three bumps on the side.。
“hehe,Not excluded,Even this body is still nourishing this pair,Sure enough, there is a thousand hand and the Yishabo family has a relationship.”Big snake pills show smile。
His hand,A surgery knife on the beach is suspended.,And quickly shoot to the big snake pill。
Finally, I stopped in the hands of the big snake.。
“It seems that you can’t use it.”Big snake pill brow wrinkled。
However, this is just a kaleidoscope forced fusion.,There is normal。
“letter,Continue to fusion,And pay attention to the generation of other capabilities”Big snake pills lost their hand of the surgery knife。
Only this ability is too weak,Even if you have a very powerful,This energy is not large。
“clear”The letter said。
The big snake pill is satisfied with the low nod.。
If you take this opportunity, he got an eye-catching.,Then he can also work with Spring and Spots at a level.。
At least in the face of the spring can safely escape。
But all the results have to be seen.,Even himself, you don’t know if he gets a real turn back to the eyes through this way.。
Extended performance,The back of the round should be the evolution of writing.。
But the conditions for the specific needs are not clear,Can only change the quality by volume。
But this pair can not make the spot,Otherwise, he may also be cleared.。
Big snake pill closed his eyes,I saw his eyelids in constant ups and downs.。 After a while。
He turned his eyes and became the previous snake.。
“letter,Laboratory,Don’t leave here recently,Manufactured eyes are sent to me through Tongling”Big snake。
This is not careless,It is used to use spot cells to be discovered.,It’s a big trouble。
What’s more, he also tries to make a round look.。
Like the trust may think that the big snake will just want to make a pair of powerful kaleidoscope writing.。

First242chapter Dunk!Dunk!!(Wind and rain hall master add more)

8Advance4The opponent is Seventeen Middle School。
This school is also8Strong strength,But it’s much worse than Chunlei High School,Belongs to the bottom of the quarterfinals。
So the Mingxian Middle School basketball team easily won。
The final score is55:43。
This difference is13Since the game,The basketball team of Mingxian Middle School scored the least,It is also the one with the smallest difference。
But the five original main players of the Mingxian Middle School basketball team,After the game, they hugged each other happily,I was so excited that I shed tears。
The reason for all the above is simple。
Shen Huan didn’t play this game。
Superficial reasons,Shen Huan wants them to exercise,Look at the results of recent competitions and training。
If they can’t hold it,Shen Huan goes to the rescue again。
Fart on the court!
I drank the medicine for strengthening the muscles and bones for two consecutive days,Shen Huan felt that she was about to explode。
Energetic all over,And there is an impulse to vent violence。
Shen Huansheng was afraid of breaking through and dunking crazy as soon as he played,Scared these children to death on the court。
He is also afraid that because of such a strong performance,Was school that night.The flowers caught the hotelxxooGot him。
That is to work desperately with the recipe of soup medicine,In order to slowly restrain this blood pulse。
But I don’t know what will happen if I drink for a few more days。

It’s only two o’clock at night,He has one hour to work,Not much,But the efficiency is amazing。

For example, Wang Yufei’s hands are dancing fast on the keyboard,Then line of code was typed out。
If you let a serious programmer see Wang Yufei’s working status at this time,I would think that if Wang Yufei was not in the water forum at this time,So there is a high probability that you are tearing up with the product manager。
Serious program,Who would not think at all,Like writing an article?
You know no matter which programming language,The meaning is much richer than natural language,Typing code must be thoughtful,The link that can quickly knock out the code,They tend to use copy、Paste shortcut。
After all, some people’s native language is Chinese,Some people are English,There are people whose mother tongue is other messy languages,But no one’s native language is a programming language。
Not to mention that serious programmers have to scold in their hearts when typing code。
Stupid customer,Do you understand the needs?
Idiot project manager,What garbage plan is this made!
Stupid Product Manager,Don’t you feel tired if you mention some garbage!
Dumb test,You don’t understand after a serious test,Nothing to mess up your first!
Stupid colleague,What garbage code was written!
Stupid architecture,What kind of garbage structure is this Nima!
But Wang Yufei doesn’t need to scold anymore。
After all, from customer to project manager to product manager、Architecture、The test is basically all-inclusive。
Occasionally Lu Yuxin will help him do something,But of course Wang Yufei will not complain about his own woman in his heart。

He thought of something。

In Xu Xuan’s previous life,The Warriors this season has no opponents,Never lost to the Pacers,On the original historical track,This game was indeed won by the Warriors,And the Warriors did exactly like Curry said,They had a complete victory before the All-Star Game。
And now.History is changed。
to be frank,Xu Xuan doesn’t know whether the wings of his little butterfly fan are good or bad.。
He doesn’t know that this season after his change,Warriors can still get73Win the myth of surpassing Chicago?
Nothing is known.
End of the game,The technical statistics after the game surprised everyone again。
Xu Xuan from beginning to end,Was only replaced in the last few minutes to rest,Because at that time the Warriors had already been replaced,The game enters garbage time。
And Xu Xuan, who played from start to finish, did not disappoint.!
Full shot34cast21in,Of which three points15in10,Plus12in8Free throw,Got it crazy60Minute、5Assist、7Backboard、4Steal、2Cap!
Field goal percentage61.7%,Three point percentage66.6%!
And also refreshed his career steals record,4Steals!

Yu Xinxu’s false praise,But wondering in my heart,This Mo Xiao is skinny like a chicken,How can there be such a good amount of alcohol?

If I change to a normal person,I was drunk and fainted.。
“Come,I’ll toast brother Mo again。”Yu Xin poured another glass。
He has a lot of alcohol,Two catties of ordinary liquor is not a problem,But this high wine,He can drink at most a pound,More,Will be drunk。
If drunk,I can’t do things at night,Even if you throw Qiao Yiyi on his bed,It’s useless。
So he tried to pour out Mo Xiaosheng before he got drunk。
“Come!”Mo Xiaosheng picked up his cup and drank it again。
Who knows that Mo Xiaosheng hasn’t stopped,Poured another cup,Continue to respect everyone,Greet everyone to drink together。
Three cups in a row,Almost no one at the table is good,Drunk eyes can’t open,Mo Xiaosheng alone、Yu Xin and Qiao Yiyi who didn’t drink are still sober。
Sun Dafeng is already drunk on the table and fell asleep。
Qiao Yiyi was completely surprised by Mo Xiaosheng’s hand,She even wondered if Mo Xiaosheng always drinks secretly behind her back。
In fact, the reason why Mo Xiaosheng drank so much alcohol was not drunk,Because he prepared before he came,When he goes home to change clothes,I specially prepared a pair of sober decoction and drank it,Don’t say so much wine,Just drink another one,Not drunk。
“Brother Yu,What are you doing,Drink!”Mo Xiaosheng poured the wine again。
Yu Xin is about to cry,Is that human being,The amount of alcohol is too explosive, right??
“Brother Yu, why are you unhappy?,Didn’t you have a good time?,Come,Waiter,Serve me a big cup!”Mo Xiaosheng yelled outside the door。
The waiter immediately brought two goblets,Help Mo Xiaosheng pour the wine,A bottle of wine was emptied after two glasses were poured,It can be seen that this glass is full of half a catty of wine。
“Come,Brother Yu,I respect you!”
Mo Xiaosheng pushed the wine to Yu Xin,Laughed:“I can drink with Brother Yu today,Really happy!”
“brothers,Spare your brother’s life……”Yu Xin said bitterly,This glass of wine down,He’s not over yet。