Chinese medicine skin beauty DIY safety effect is good_1

Chinese medicine skin beauty DIY safety effect is good

Maybe you are already accustomed to using traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases and condition your body, but still worry about the beauty products with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients?

In fact, as long as you have some basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and make some simple traditional Chinese medicine skin care products, you can also get excellent beauty effects.


Effect of Polygonum multiflorum: It has the effects of dilating blood vessels and reducing contraction. It can make skin cells, brain cells and hair get enough blood. It is a kind of hair care, nourishment and hair growth treasures.

  Usage: You can pluck the tubers to extract the concentrated juice of Polygonum multiflorum and wash the porridge with rice and red dates.


Zelan effect: The medicinal part is stems and leaves. Zelan leaves boil water for bathing, which can make hair shiny and skin smooth.

  Usage: Zelan tea can help the mother to recover her slim body as soon as possible.


Oatmeal effect: It can soothe dry skin after being blown by the wind. It has excellent moisturizing effect and is most suitable for sensitive skin.

  To use: Apply thick oatmeal to your face, remember to use it near your skin.


The effect of angelica: activating blood, nourishing blood, can lighten spots, whitening, is recognized as an anti-aging beauty agent, known as “cosmetic medicine”.

  Usage: Grind into powder, apply it to the face after making a paste, or immerse it in cotton pads and boil it after boiling water.


Paeoniae effect: It has the reputation of divine beauty, can make the skin tender and delicate, and has an excellent anti-wrinkle and wrinkle removal effect.

  Usage: White lotus root powder with egg white, honey is a high-quality natural mask.

The top five killers for breakfast make you eat more and more fat

The top five killers for breakfast make you eat more and more fat

Many OLs like to go to Western-style fast food restaurants to buy breakfast, such as hamburgers, fried chicken wings, French fries and so on.

Although delicious, the Western breakfast is much higher than the Chinese breakfast.

The amount of meat in the hamburger, chicken wings or French fries is seriously exceeded, and it is strange to eat it without accumulating it.

Moreover, there is only a thin piece of lettuce in the burger, and the vitamins provided do not meet the body’s needs.

  Recommendation: Choose a Western breakfast, you should add fruit or vegetable soup to maintain a balanced diet and ensure the intake of various nutrients.

  In order to lose weight, MM often replaces breakfast with fruits and vegetable juices.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which is good for detoxification of the intestines and does have the effect of losing weight.

The sugar of the fruit is mostly monosaccharide, which can be directly absorbed to provide the energy needed by the body.

However, these can provide limited energy and cannot meet the needs of morning work.

Eating fruit is easy to be hungry, but it will make you eat more.

  Suggestion: By fruit alone, the conversion provided by fruit juice can not meet the needs of the human body. It is best to add some supplements to supplement enough energy, such as Chinese steamed buns, preserved egg and lean meat porridge.

  Most of the traditional MM will choose Chinese breakfast, go to work by buying a fried dough stick.

In fact, the trace content of the fritters is very high, and each fritter has 220 calories.

The fritters are high-temperature fried foods. After high-temperature frying, they absorb a considerable amount of oil. The oil content is seriously exceeded, and the nutrients are destroyed. It will produce carcinogens and should not be consumed for a long time.

  Suggestion: Chinese breakfast should not be eaten more than once a week, breakfast must be accompanied by vegetables or fruits, and the afternoon and evening meals should be light, do not eat fried, fried, fried food.

  Office workers will prepare snacks at home or at the company, such as snow cakes, biscuits, chocolates, etc., in case they need it, or even treat them as breakfast.

In fact, this is quite unhealthy.

Snacks are mostly dry foods, which are not conducive to digestion and absorption for people who are in a semi-dehydrated state in the morning.

Moreover, the main raw material for snacks such as biscuits is cereals. Although it can provide energy in a short period of time, the human body will soon fall into starvation again, and the blood sugar level will gradually drop at noon.

  Recommendation: It is not advisable to replace breakfast with snacks, especially not too much dry food.

Breakfast food should be selected with a lot of moisture.

  Some MMs are convenient, relying on a cup of instant noodles to support the whole morning.

Although the instant noodles are convenient, fast and delicious, the instant noodles are often fried, the trace content is quite high, the soup contains more MSG, and eating more harmful to health.

Moreover, instant noodles of dehydrated vegetables do not provide vitamins and fiber, and eating more easily leads to constipation.

  Recommendation: People who eat instant noodles can choose instant noodles that are not fried, such as instant rice noodles, macaroni or fans, and it is recommended to use less soup.

In addition, you should eat more vegetables, fruits, or meal replacement foods to help you stay in the house, if the vegetable fiber meal replacement powder.

Kidney deficiency diet taboo!

Kidney deficiency diet taboo!

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is one kidney on the left, one with the gate of life, and one with the internal yin and the other on the inside. It is the internal organ of water and fire, the main essence, the main bone, and the spinal cord.Government, so the physiological function of the kidney is extremely important.

The ancients called the kidney the “congenital foundation” and it was the root of life.

If tiredness, excessive lust, or long-term illness and loss of support, exhausting essence, and thus manifestation of kidney deficiency.

People with kidney deficiency are usually divided into kidney qi depletion and kidney yin trauma.

Kidney qi depletion can be caused by insufficiency of kidney qi, or lack of kidney qi, or lack of kidney yang, or flooding of kidney deficiency. Generally, pale complexion, soft lumbar spine, hearing loss, frequent urination, and even irritability, Ejaculation, premature ejaculation, or impotence, or leaching after urination, or cold and cold, limbs are not warm, or moving asthma, chronic cough, shortness of breath, or lower limb edema, according to mud, etc.May have kidney yin deficiency or yin deficiency and fire dysfunction. Generally, the body is weak, dizziness, tinnitus, shameless forgetfulness, backache, soft legs, or hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, nocturnal emission, nocturnal emission, red tongue and little moss.And other symptoms.

  The principle of avoiding kidney deficiency should be based on their own conditions, should eat foods with kidney and strong waist, strong muscles and bones; those who are kidney yang deficiency, should also take foods with warming kidney yang effect; partial kidney yin deficiencyThose who eat kidney food should also eat some food that nourishes the kidney and yin; those with kidney deficiency and missed symptoms should also eat some food that nourish the kidney and solidify essence.

Those with kidney deficiency should not only take the foods introduced in this section, but also see the foods that should be avoided in the chapters such as yang deficiency, yin deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, low back pain, and senile bone hyperplasia.

People with kidney deficiency generally avoid eating cold and cold things, and spicy and dry food; when kidney deficiency edema occurs, avoid salty diet, and also not eat irritating food such as tobacco, wine, onion and garlic.

  Avoid food products according to the principle of avoidance of kidney deficiency, avoid eating or eating crickets, persimmon, radish, lettuce, lettuce, cucumber, raw sweet potato, watermelon, melon, onion, pepper, mustard, clove, fennel, pepper, mint,Vegetables, chrysanthemums, salt, sauce, liquor and cigarettes.

Woman relaxing at home with beautiful waist

Woman relaxing at home with beautiful waist

Women are busy going to work outside, they have to take care of their husbands and children when they get home, they also have to do housework. In fact, there is no time to go to the gym to exercise. In fact, women do not have to go to the gym to do fitness.Help women to perfect a beautiful waist.

  Action name: Beauty’s sideways action Key points: 1. Swing the torso through the waist, forbid arms to swing freely.

  2. Keep Pilates breathing during the movement: take a deep breath.

When inhaling, the thoracic bone expands laterally. When exhaling, try to sink the thoracic bone into the body as far as possible, and move the sternum on both sides closer to the center.

  Don’t hold your breath, imagine the lungs are like a two-way inflatable cushion. When you bend to the left, you feel inhaled into the right lung, and when you bend to the right, you feel inhaled into the left lung.

  3, keep the balance box square.

  Act 1 Exhale, bend the main shaft close to your ears and forward, and feel that the external oblique muscles are stretched and your chest is open.

Keep your legs together, your knees and your feet overlapping.

  Action 2 Sit on the side with your weight on your right hip, bend your legs together to the left and back, flex your hands with your left hand holding your toes and shift your torso straight, and lift your right arm against your ear.

Inhale and bend your arms upwards, feeling that your waist is gradually stretched.

  Exhale in motion 3, lift your left arm close to your ear, tilt it to the right, and feel the spine gradually extend.

When inhaling, use the strength of the transverse abdominal muscles and back muscles to drive the body back to a sitting posture.

  Act 4 inhale and return the torso to an upright position.

Put down your right hand with your palms flat on the ground, with your fingertips facing outward.

Release your left hand holding your toes.

  Tip: The movement process should be smooth, the body feels upward, and do not let the waist and abdominal muscles sag when sideways.

  The body leans sideways in action 4, and the shoulders cannot be folded forward.

The top should be opened during the movement, and no chest is required.

Six tips for getting along with colleagues

Six tips for getting along with colleagues

As a young white-collar worker, until you do not work overtime, you have 8 hours a day with a group of colleagues, and the following problems arise: family relationships, friendship with friends, love with lovers, but between colleaguesThe relationship is complex.

  How to deal with the step-by-step relationship, here are some tips for you: 1. The first step to get along with colleagues is equality.

Whether you are a veteran of the vocational high school or a newcomer to the industry, you should definitely abandon unequal relationships. Pride or inferiority are taboos among colleagues.

  2. Harmonious colleague relationships are not hindering your work. You may wish to associate your colleagues and colleagues in your work, friends in your life, and don’t have a face in the office, so that people feel that you are pretentious and disdainful.Yu lives with everyone.

  3. Facing common work, especially when encountering issues such as promotion and salary increase, the relationship between colleagues will become particularly fragile.

At this point, you should put aside your thoughts and concentrate on your work, using no means or skills, but never giving up the opportunity to compete fairly with your colleagues.

  4. When you are struggling to maintain a relationship with your boss and colleagues, you do not know that your boss or colleagues may also be suffering from anxiety.

When you get along, you must learn to treat others with sincerity. When you encounter a problem, you must first think of the other person from the standpoint of others. In this way, you can often extinguish the dispute in the cradle.

  5, there will be gentlemen in the world, there will always be villains, so what we mean by sincerity does not mean that we have nothing to do with nothing.

Especially for colleagues you do n’t know very well, it ‘s best to have reservations and do n’t tell each other about all your private life.

  6. Finally, I would like to remind you that the highest state of co-workers is to always treat others as good people, but always remember that everyone cannot be a good person.

Don’t let your diet erode your health

Don’t let your diet erode your health

Children have a weak congenital spleen and stomach, and it is not appropriate to have excess nutrition in their diet. Otherwise, stomach heat is likely to form, and they are susceptible to wind and cold. Adult diets are different for men and women. Everyone adjusts according to their own age and physical condition.Under the influence of others, how do traditional Chinese medicine treat some of the common dietary phenomena nowadays?

  Rich dinner Now most of us are working-class people, so busy at work, so most people deal with it in the morning, deal with it at noon, eat a savory meal in the evening, finally catch up with the weekend and have a sleepy night.

This bad diet is also an important cause of our current obesity and high blood lipids.

  What should we do?

The best eating habits are to eat better in the morning and at noon, and try to be lighter in the evening. Why?

Because we said above, in a person ‘s day, it ‘s also four o’clock. Morning is spring and noon is summer. At this time, the natural yang is very strong. After you have reached middle age, your spleen and stomach function is weak. WhenAfter you eat in the morning and noon, it can overcome the yang of the natural world and transport it, so it can be digested and absorbed, just fine. The yang of the natural world is weak at night, and the function of the human spleen and stomach is also weak.At this time, after you finish eating, it will not be fully transported, and it will not be able to fully generate qi and blood, and it will stagnate.

  As a working young man, you should remember not to sleep until 10 o’clock in the morning, to eat in the morning, to eat better at noon, and to try to eat lighter at night. In this way, your chance of obesity will be greatly reduced.

  Many people only eat food in order to lose weight. Many people now love beauty, especially little girls, want to lose weight.

I asked a lot of little girls, most of them lose weight by not eating and only eating vegetables every day. This is very inappropriate. There is a Chinese word for “noodles with vegetables”.There is no healthy color for the dishes.

  I saw a lot of little girls in the clinic. They did n’t eat food to lose weight. They were slim and slim, but they were as thin as white bone essence, and they did n’t come for the holiday.

When I gave them Chinese medicine, I used her sugar, maltose, to let her eat for the first half of the year, and the holiday was back.

This shows that people are maintained by qi and blood. If your qi and blood cannot be maintained and maintained well, it will not be biochemical. Can you talk about growth and development?

So on this issue, I suggest that everyone, especially girls, must correct it. We ca n’t say that losing weight means dieting, and then taking diet pills. Our current diet pills have a role after eating, which is to make you diarrhea.Or no appetite.

Anorexia and diarrhea from the pharmacological effects of traditional Chinese medicine, it both hurts your stomach gas. People who have stomach gas will be born, and those who have no stomach gas will die. If the grain is raised by stomach gas, if you hurt it, thisIt’s terrible.

People say, “Lean is quite old, can I still cook?”

The old man said that it doesn’t matter if he is old, he can still eat, which means that his whole state is good, if he has gas, then he will die.

  Many of our current diseases, not obesity or our metabolic disease, are directly related to the inconsistency of our diet.

Throat itch cough drink duck egg mint soup _1

Throat itch cough drink duck egg mint soup

As the saying goes: eggs raise the spleen and stomach, duck eggs raise the lungs and kidneys.

Duck eggs are cool, sweet, salty, enter the lungs, and spleen meridian, and have the effects of nourishing yin and clearing the lungs.

Duck eggs have great tonic effect, nourish yin and nourish blood, nourish the lungs and make skin beautiful. They can be eaten by patients suffering from physical weakness, hot cough, dry throat, sore throat, diarrhea and dysentery.Patients with pain, eat better.

Peppermint is cold, spicy, and enters the lungs and liver channels.

It has the effects of evacuation of wind and heat, clearing the head, clearing the throat and rash, clearing the liver and qi.

It has obvious thirst quenching, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on upper respiratory tract infections.

Duck egg mint soup can clear the lungs and remove heat from traditional Chinese medicine, and can kill sterilization and anti-inflammatory from western medicine. Among them, they complement each other and work together to have a very effective effect on respiratory diseases, especially dry throat.

Ingredients for making duck egg mint soup: 1-2 duck eggs, 30 grams of fresh mint, salt, MSG amount method: first add an appropriate amount of water to the casserole, boil the duck eggs, and add fresh mint when cooked until half cooked,Salt, monosodium glutamate, cook for a while and serve immediately, once a day for 7 days.

Contraindications: Those with gas stagnation and spleen and stomach deficiency after eating should not eat. Those with cholecystitis, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and unfortunate liver should also avoid eating.

In addition, duck eggs and turtles, plums, and mulberries are in grams. Avoid taking these foods when taking duck egg mint soup.

The throat is the most vulnerable part of our body, and the haze that is now raging makes our throat more and more vulnerable, and various throat diseases follow.

Duck egg mint soup even gave us delicious nutrition, and nourished the throat of workers in harsh environments.

How to eat pumpkin tonic and boost qi

How to eat pumpkin tonic and boost qi

Pumpkin is rich in nutrients, contains carbohydrates, proteins, radishes, vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and other ingredients, and its trace content is very low, it is a good low-fat food.

Pumpkin pectin has strong adsorption, which can remove harmful substances in the human body and improve human resistance.

  Different pumpkins have different maturity and slightly different nutritional components.

The carbohydrate content of old pumpkin is much higher than that of young pumpkin, and carotene, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and supplementary fiber are also higher.

The taste of the old pumpkin is sweet and sweet, and it can be used as food.

  The characteristics of young pumpkin are high moisture content, high vitamin C content, crispy and tender taste, and more alternative to cooking. Diabetics should give preference to young pumpkin.

  According to the taste, the best way to eat old and young pumpkins is also different. Old pumpkins are mostly cooked, steamed, or cooked and mashed to make pastries, noodles, etc., and can also be processed into pumpkin powder.

The pumpkin can be sliced, baked, and fried, and it can also be used as soup and filling.

Here we recommend a healthy way of eating: pumpkin and potato porridge: cut the old pumpkin, potato into diced, halve the rice and glutinous rice, a few red dates, add a moderate amount of boiled porridge, very convenient for the elderly, Buzhong Yiqi.

  Three kinds of pumpkin fry: tender pumpkin, sliced yam, blackened black fungus and boiled with boiling water.

Stir-fry the pumpkin first, then add yam and black fungus, add salt and sugar to taste when cooked.

The yellow, white, and black color of this dish is bright and attractive, rich in nutrition, and taste good. It is ingested by patients with high blood pressure and high blood viscosity.

Women need lovers more

Women need lovers more

But think about it, whether it can be achieved is another matter. In fact, why would a woman never want to have a dedicated husband, a passionate lover, and a blue face like a brother?

It can even be said that women actually need a lover more than men.

  Most women are emotional, like fantasy, and like to pursue things that are unrealistic in the eyes of men, and before marriage, men usually do something to please the woman in order to please the woman, but after marriage, they start to play silly clothes.The romantic return to marriage once came to an end, and men think that they must live a good life after marriage. What use is it for those who are false?

But women are different. Even if a woman is old enough to lose her teeth, her eyes will shine when she sees a bunch of bright red roses. Even if she is a grandma, she also hopes that men can often say “I love you””But men seem to have amnesia. They don’t remember that women are romantic animals, and often make women despair slowly in hope.

  A woman is an auditory animal. She always wants the affirmation and praise of the man she loves, but after getting married, the man will become more and more silent. When they return home, they only care about whether the woman has prepared meals, but treat the woman in the morning.I’ve forgotten what I said when I’m not feeling well.

The man who is the lover will never hesitate to praise the woman. They consider you to take a good rest. They will not even forget to boil a bowl of porridge for you and slowly blow it to feed you.

Women naturally love shopping, and women have always been unable to resist new clothes, but the man who is the husband always frowns and says why women buy clothes again?

But when the lover’s man is different, he will carefully help you to see if it fits well, the color is suitable, and then actively pay for you.

  I still remember watching a movie. After bathing, the beautiful wife put on a friend’s lace black pajamas brought from France by her friends, looking forward to attracting the attention of her husband who has not brought her passion for a long time, but she sat in front of him for a while.For a long time, he didn’t notice how sexy and beautiful his wife was this night.

When the wife couldn’t help asking him, didn’t she find any difference?

He only looked up to see the sexy pajamas on her body, but he didn’t embrace her as his wife expected, and even asked her how beautiful this pajama was.

His wife said that he was thrown in a basin of cold water and changed back to the ordinary pajamas that he usually wears.

The ending of this movie is conceivable. His wife found a lover who can bring her a passionate lover. Whether she is wearing a professional suit or sexy pajamas, he will always praise her and give her a storm.Like love.

  In fact, the husband did not love his wife. From his diligent and diligent work every day, he worked hard to make a beautiful wife a better life. He loved her.

But he didn’t understand that women don’t just need material satisfaction. He ignored women’s spiritual needs. Think about which woman can tolerate being ignored by his man?

However, most of the men who become husbands will suddenly become real. They often think that romance is a waste. Their purpose is to turn women into yellow-faced women. They always hit women’s love for beauty. They are not like lovers but more like relatives.But what women want is love, and a marriage without love is just a glass of boiling water.

  All love will die in marriage. No wonder women lament if they can talk about a lifetime of love, but marriage is always the inevitable life, there is no love that will never change. When love dies in marriage, women need to seekA lover came to surround the vacancy.

If men are looking for a lover for physical stimulation, then women are looking for a lover for a long-lost heartbeat, men are looking for a lover for bed, and women looking for a lover are sometimes just spiritual satisfaction.The feeling of a woman cannot be given by her husband.

But men are selfish. They can flutter colorful flags, but require women to end in one. But men, if your woman is looking for a lover, then do n’t be too angry, find the reason from yourself, why that oneAn innocent woman, a woman who believes you will bring her a lifetime of happiness, will she no longer love you?

Rope Yoga: Play a Rope Rope Game

Rope Yoga: Play a Rope Rope Game

If you think that yoga is meditation, lower legs, and waist movements, plastic rope yoga can completely break your concept of yoga for several years.

A cable with a thick rope is separately fixed by the oversized screw buckle embedded in the wall. Under the absolutely safe replacement, you can complete the handstand on the rope, even if your hands are not restrained by chickens.

  Dismantling: Put a blanket on the rope so as not to pinch your waist.

Hold the upper end of the rope, sit on the rope with your waist and hips, step on the wall with your feet, your legs are perpendicular to the wall, hold the end of the rope with both hands to support the body, step on your feet slowly until you form a 90-degree angle, The legs leaned around the rope.

At this time, the legs have fixed the body, and the upper body can be easily suspended upside down.

  Effect 1, visceral reset: Why do people have a big belly in middle age?

One reason is that the metabolism is slowing down, and the other is because of the effect of gravity, the internal organs will sink and accumulate in the body, making it look bloated.

Hanging upside down is completely opposite to gravity, which allows the sinking internal organs to resist gravity and reset.

  2. Purify blood: Just as impurities in water will precipitate, impurities in blood will also precipitate in the lower part of the body during circulation without being metabolized.

Hanging upside down allows the position of the sediment to start at the bottom and top, allowing impurities to enter the recycling system and exit the body through the metabolic system.

  3, activate the brain: contraction, hypoxia will gradually shrink the brain, memory decline, and the inverted position allows the blood to concentrate in the brain, maintaining its vigorous vitality.

For facial skin, the abundant blood supply will also relax the capillaries and make the skin rosy.

  Triangle spring is the time to concentrate on waist training. Want to wear low-rise pants and tight denim skirts?

Full-body aerobic exercise may make your calves plump and your waist still. The triangle type allows you to exercise your waist in a targeted manner, eliminating inactivation and excess meat, especially the two on the waist side.

  Demolition: Use a low rope on the wooden board to cover the thighs and the roots. Keep the legs straight and prevent them from bending.

Holding the other higher rope, the body bent in the opposite direction of the leg that was caught.

  Effect: 1. Weakening the waist: Strengthening the waist strength, allowing slight stress on both sides of the waist, and always maintaining a tight state, because there is very little exercise that can be used to train the aunt on the waist side. The triangle type is a very targeted item.
  2. Tighten the thighs: The thighs covered by the rope below also become tight and strong because they are always kept tight. This yoga pose produces tension rather than power to the muscles, so even the muscles have a soreness, but alsoThere will not be too strong “fowl legs.”

  3. Relieve constipation: The strange side-bending action is to twist the body externally, and the movement is initiated internally to help the bowel movement and peristalsis. After one week of persistence, the symptoms of constipation will be relieved.

  The most simple plastic rope yoga for lower dog style. If your family does not have a rope and your equipment, then this lower dog style only needs a tube or post, or a heating plate plus a rope (that is, skipping rope).Can be done.

  Dismantling: Rope around the waist, put a blanket on to protect the waist.

Try to keep your body leaning forward without bending your legs and extending forward in some places.

When doing a dog-like movement, you should pay attention to landing with the entire foot, so as to stretch the leg, do not lift the heel.

  Effect 1. Spinal rehabilitation: For a long period of time due to work, maintaining a sitting position, and incorrectly re-verting the spine, of course, will also affect the cervical spine, back pain, distortion and stiffness due to prolonged sitting.

At the end of the lower dog pose, there will be a very obvious sense of stretching. If you feel struggling for the first time, you can pad yoga tiles or two Oxford dictionaries under your hand.

  2, strong legs: sitting will also make the legs in a bent state, and private cars, elevators let us lose a lot of exercise opportunities, even if you don’t have time to play badminton or running, the downward dog can also place to stretch the leg musclesMake your legs look long and firm.