What is the best way to eat kidney deficiency

What is the best way to eat kidney deficiency

Food yam for women to nourish the kidney-what women eat tonic the kidneys-Xingping, sweet, is the medicine of Chinese medicine “top grade”, in addition to the role of nourishing the lungs and strengthening the spleen, it can also benefit the kidney.

Those with kidney deficiency should eat it often.

  Women eat kidney well-scallops scallops also known as Jiang Yanzhu.

It is flat in nature, sweet and salty, and can nourish the kidney and nourish yin, so those with kidney yin deficiency should eat it often. Perch: also known as flower bass, perch.

It is flat in nature and sweet in taste, and can not only supplement the spleen and stomach, but also liver and kidney, and strengthen bones and bones.

  Women eat kidney well-chestnuts are warm and sweet, in addition to the role of spleen and stomach, completely kidney kidney strong waist function, for those with kidney deficiency and low back pain, the most suitable for consumption.

  Women eat kidney well-wolfberry fruit is flat, sweet, with kidney and liver, Yiming eyesight, strong bones and bones, in addition to back pain, Jiufu can benefit life and extend life.

Especially middle-aged women who have kidney deficiency should eat best.

  Women eat kidney well-He Shouwu has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing essence and blood, and it has been used by people of all ages for kidney deficiency.

Those with kidney deficiency have early white hair, or weak waists and knees, sore bones or bones, or men’s nocturnal discharge. Women who are taking it, should take it at ease. Tips for women: What to eat or eat less for a woman’s kidney — What to eat for a woman’s kidney — 肾, persimmonRaw radish, lettuce, cucumber, raw sweet potato, watermelon, melon, onion, pepper, mustard, clove, fennel, pepper, mint, amaranth, chrysanthemum, salt, sauce, white wine and cigarettes.

Newborn has genetic disease, parents have heavy responsibility

Newborn has genetic disease, parents have heavy responsibility

Medical dictionary term: Newborn hereditary and metabolic diseases Explanation: Hereditary diseases caused by family history and chromosomal abnormalities. Visiting department: Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology. No. Hee Hee was only 1 year and 2 months old, but was diagnosed as “hereditary”Hyperammonemia. ”

Because in the family map of Hee Hee, there are two generations in the patrilineal family with 1?
In two cases of early death, the mother was an elderly mother.

The doctor said that “hereditary hyperammonemia” is a type of genetic metabolic disease that is related to genetic and chromosomal abnormalities.

  There are actually more than 500 genetic and metabolic diseases that have been discovered. Various genetic and metabolic diseases are rare or rare. Many people have never heard of these diseases, but the cumulative prevalence of various diseases is extremely harmful.One of the leading causes of child death or disability.

As a parent, you will soon build a defense line against genetic diseases for your baby.

  The first line of defense: prenatal physical examination of genetic metabolic diseases is related to heredity. In addition to knowing each other’s family disease history before marriage, prenatal diagnosis is very important for high-risk groups.

Cui Qiliang said that most of the genetic and metabolic pathogenic abortions occur, accounting for only about 5% of the total number of births, but the diagnosis rate is high, accounting for 25?

Therefore, a related examination during pregnancy can reveal problems.

  Metabolites found in pregnant women’s blood or urine.

Amniotic fluid analysis measures abnormal metabolites released by fatty acids in amniotic fluid.

B-ultrasound guidelines or fetal microscopy of egg blood, villous cells, and amniotic fluid cell culture can all be used to diagnose genetic metabolic diseases before birth.

Those who need these tests are: pregnant women over 35 years of age; children who have had chromosomal disorders; both spouses who are carriers of chromosomal translocations; those who have had children with NTD (neural tube malformations);Stillbirth, stillbirth pregnant women; couples with children with congenital metabolic disease or born with metabolic disease; families with severe concomitant genetic diseases; long-term exposure to radiation harmful to pregnant women, substitute children, pesticides and other substances.

  The second line of defense: detection of genetic metabolic diseases in newborns.

Cui Qiliang said that children with genetic metabolic disease often have no special clinical manifestations in the neonatal period, and it is easy for doctors to misdiagnose or confirm the diagnosis.

Once abnormal, physical and intellectual damage is irreversible, opportunities for treatment are lost, and death and relapse rates are high.

  Although the kinds of diseases are terrible, they can be treated and controlled by appropriate measures.

Therefore, don’t wait for the symptoms of a newborn to seek help from a doctor.

In addition, statistics show that without newborn screening, the cost of treating and caring for the child will be 4.

2 times.

White tongue and pale tongue are mostly cold

White tongue and pale tongue are mostly cold

People with white tongue coating and pale white tongue are often accompanied by cold cold limbs, cold hands and feet, and a deficiency of coldness due to insufficient yang.

  Heart yang deficiency Patients with heart yang deficiency may experience palpitations, shortness of breath, and increased fatigue.

Patients can take some red ginseng, astragalus decoction as tea, and usually eat warm Yang Sanhan ginger in their diet.

Professor Guo Shuyun said that patients with yang deficiency should pay special attention to keeping warm in winter. They can eat more hot porridge or make a cotton wool vest.

The method is to soak the cotton with fried ginger, then dry it and put it in a cotton vest.

  Spleen and stomach yang deficiency Patients with spleen and stomach yang deficiency often experience stomach pain and fear of coldness, and do not think about diet, especially for cold food, and some are accompanied by stool diarrhea.

Patients with stomach ache can use dried ginger (or ginger) and drink it with decoction, which has the effect of warming the stomach and dispersing cold.

You can also use ginger and white pepper powder to mash into mud, apply the umbilicus after warming, and change it every day.

Elderly people have dry stools due to yang deficiency. Cistanche, aconite, dried ginger, and onion can be used to drink.

  There is an old gentleman in his 60s who starts to dry his stools every winter solstice, and the next spring, the flowers bloom naturally.

Guo Shuyun believes that he belongs to Yangxu’s intestinal motility and weakness, just like a river icing boat cannot travel, so he recommends this side.

After the old gentleman drank it once, he felt warm and his bowel movements were smooth.

He asked if he could drink again, Guo Shuyun replied: Yes.

That’s it for the old gentleman.

Helps to eat gherkins

Helps to eat gherkins

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that gherkins are the most suitable for regulating sexual dysfunction caused by liver stagnation and damp-heat, so when you have sexual dysfunction due to liver stagnation or damp-heat, you may wish to eat more cold salad “double color cucumber””” And “Cucumber cold jellyfish skin.”

  ”Two-color cucumber” consists of gherkin, salmon eggs, and caviar. The method is very simple: wash and cut the cucumber and cut it in half, then dig out the seeds, spread salmon eggs, and caviar is ready.

Salmon eggs and caviar can supplement nutritional nutrients such as protein and fish oil.

  In addition, jellyfish skin can clear heat and reduce inflammation, eliminate accumulation of intestines, relieve thirst and annoyance, refreshing and refreshing. If paired with a cucumber that has the effect of clearing heat, quenching thirst, and relieving anxiety, it can effectively regulate lung heat, liver depression and damp heatSexual dysfunction.

  The method of “cucumber cold jellyfish peel” is also very simple. You only need to prepare 200 grams of jellyfish peel, 1 small cucumber, 1 small carrot, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 1/2 tablespoon of fructose.

When doing so, first wash the jellyfish skin to remove salt, shred, and then soak it in water to remove it.

Add in boiling water, blanch, remove, and soak in cold water.

Wash the cucumbers and shred them, and peel the carrots, wash and shred them.

Finally, the jellyfish skin is mixed with shredded cucumbers and shredded carrots. Add white vinegar and fructose to mix.

  Two-color cucumbers are generally suitable for people, but they are extremely weak or have a cold spleen and stomach. Those with frequent diarrhea should not eat more, while cold jellyfish, cold spleen and stomach, and those with cold stomach should not eat.

The face is easy to protect

The face is easy to protect

Citrus skin beauty cream: Ningxia wolfberry 3000 grams, longan meat 2500 grams.

Pour the above 2 flavors into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, cook over low heat, and fry until the wolfberry, longan meat is tasteless, remove the residue, and then boil it into a paste, and store it in a porcelain pot.

Can nourish qi and nourish blood, moisturize the skin.

  Pork skin roasted peanuts: 200 grams of fresh pig skin, 250 grams of raw peanuts, salt, monosodium glutamate, shallots, and ginger.

Wash the peanuts for later use.

The pigskin was depilated and washed, then placed in a boiling water pot, removed, washed, and cut into small cubes.

After boiled pork skin, peanut rice, refined salt, ginger and fresh water, boil in a wok, and use simmer to burn until the skin is cooked. When the peanut rice is mellow and tender, sprinkle the green onion, and MSG is ready to eat.

Consuming this growth regularly can effectively moisturize the skin, making the skin white and elastic.

  Purslane with bean sprouts: 150 grams of fresh purslane, 150 grams of soybean sprouts, 6 grams of sugar, 2 grams of vinegar, 2 grams of MSG, 3 grams of soy sauce, and 15 grams of sesame oil.

Remove the purslane from the old leaves and wash them; wash the soybean sprouts, and add the purslane and soybean sprouts into boiling water, respectively, and remove the water to control the dryness. Turn the sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil into miso sauce;Blend purslane and soybean sprouts evenly, and serve with sauce.

It can strengthen spleen and dampness, and make skin beautiful.

  Tremella Cherry Porridge: 50 grams of tremella fuciformis, 30 grams of canned cherries, sugar osmanthus, rock sugar, and 50 grams of rice.

First boil the previous rice. After the porridge is cooked, melt it with rock sugar, add tremella, cook for 10 minutes, then add cherries, osmanthus, and boil.

Nourishing qi and nourishing blood, tender skin, beauty face.

Suitable for qi and blood deficiency, aging face, rough and wrinkled skin.

Regular food can make a person plump.

The skin is white and radiant, and the lips are like cherry.

  Lotus root in Yan Fang: lotus 7 grams, lotus root 8 grams, lotus seeds 9 grams.

The upper 3 flavors are dried to the end, sieved, mixed, bottled and sealed.

Take 1g in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, and bring it in warm water.

Can stay light and youthful.

It is suitable for those who are obese and their appearance will decline.

  Anti-wrinkle cream: 80 grams of ginseng, 200 grams of peach kernels, 100 grams of amaranth, and 300 grams of honey.

Add 500 ml of water to the 3 flavors, fry 3 times, take 200 ml of juice each time, combine the juices 3 times, concentrate to 300-400 ml, boil in honey, stop the fire, cool and close the bottle.

Take 2 spoons each morning and evening.

It can nourish qi and blood circulation, nourish and wrinkle.

Suitable for premature aging and premature wrinkles on the face.

Baby Weaning Nutrition Recipes

Baby Weaning Nutrition Recipes

Ham and mashed potatoes: Ingredients: ham, potatoes, butter.


Take a piece of egg-sized potatoes and cook them, peel and grind them; 2.

Take a large piece of ham (bagged in the market), remove the crust, fat, and tendons, and chop the remaining ham; 3.

Mix mashed potatoes and grated ham together and add a small piece of flour; 4.

Steam on the pan for 5 minutes while eating.

  Raisin mashed potatoes: Ingredients: raisins, potatoes, honey.


Take a piece of egg-sized potatoes and cook them, peel and grind them; 2.

Take more than 20 raisins of good quality, mix and cook into a paste, add an appropriate amount of honey; 3.

Steam on the pan for 5 minutes while eating.
  Flower tofu: Ingredients: tofu, greens, eggs, salt.


Take half a large piece of tofu, boil over fire and grind; 2.

Take 5-8 green cabbage leaves (rapeseed or pakchoi), wash them with boiling water, and chop them; 3.

Take an egg and cook it, and remove the yolk for later use; 4.

Mix the tofu and the greens together, add an appropriate amount of salt, and grind the egg yolks on top; 5,

Steam for 5-8 minutes while eating.

Be careful not to cook the tofu, green vegetables can not be replaced with spinach.

  Fish mud: 1.

Take a plate of fish or two strips of fish, steam over high heat, remove bones, and chop; 2.

Take half a tomato and peel and chop; 3.

Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, cook the fish and tomatoes together to add a paste, add water starch and an appropriate amount of salt;

Mince the fruit (1/4 apple, half banana, half kiwi, some kind); 2.

Use a baby bottle cap as a measuring device. Calculate according to a bottle of water and half a bottle of cappuccino.

Cook the mixed rice flour over medium heat, add fruit before boiling, just cook a little.

  Note: Be naturally cool, if you stir more, it will become thin;

  Seafood Quiche: 1.

Bone a small piece of fish or peel a prawn and chop it into mud.


Beat an egg and use it according to your baby’s food; 3.

Mince a small piece of shallot; 4.

Stir the above ingredients together for later use; 5,

Use a saucepan, add flour, spread the above ingredients into a small round cake, and smear tomato sauce.

  Note: Use light fire pancakes and eat them now.

Six details of men showing love

Six details of men showing love

In fact, no matter what kind of romantic courtship will make a woman screaming crazy, but do not think that everyone likes Kimura Takuya to show love on the TV wall.

Although some creative companies are now carefully planning, pulling banners in subway cars to let that specific woman see the huge courtship slogan at the moment of parking; there is also a whole dormitory building of a university, which is combined with lights to form a heart shape.Courtship.

  Therefore, there were media reports on this. For a while, it was very lively. It turned out that showing love can become a form of intelligent creativity. Probably the only thing a woman touches is the form. The feeling is actually suspended in the air and cannot border onDirt, so this moving moment slips like a meteor.

Because it cannot be deep, it cannot last.

  For men, it is “behavior”.

One psychologist explained: “Men do not rely on language to communicate feelings.

Their thinking is guided by things that work, so they tend to convey emotions through behavior.

“So, if you want to find out how he treats you, you need to pay attention to his subtle disclosure.

  1. Sven is very handsome. If he usually drives the “Trolleybus” randomly and jokes all over the sky, but he behaves politely in front of you, and speaks carefully and cautiously.

In order to win your approval, you will be asked from time to time how you feel.

  Motivation analysis: Picking a husband, women always like Sven, to be honest, a smooth-smooth man is always like a loach grabbed in his hand, unreliable.

If a man really cares about you, he will definitely “reshape” his image and try to move closer to the qualities of the man you admire. This is also the most prominent manifestation of his repackaging himself.

  2, pretending to talk deeply about things, if he has always been more than lively, but only when he meets you, he is a little depressed, and dare not meet you, and may tell you some affectionate memories when you have a chance, of course, heHe will say more and more hard, no matter it is often struggling hard or expressing the feeling of peace with you, he will cause abnormal calm and sincerity, so that you can not refuse his sincerity.

  Motivation analysis: The vicissitudes of men make women love, because women’s great motherhood always volatilizes everywhere.

If you will be moved by his sadness and even tearful eyes, then your heart has become a sign of his first love success.

  3, always ready to take photos if he likes you, he will pose in front of the camera in various poses, has a strong desire for expression, and may be abnormally exaggerated and funny; instead, if you call him to take a photo, heWill become very shy.

  Motivation analysis: If a man is creative and expressive in front of you, it means that he is very interested in you and he is trying to win your favor and interest.

So if you take out your camera and ask for a photo with him, and he gladly accepts it, it means that he has 100% love for you.

He is willing to let people all over the world know that he likes you.

If he shows your photos to his colleagues in the company, it means that he has loved you quite deeply.

Subconsciously, he wants to tell everyone who looks at the photo: he likes you and has made you your first candidate for his girlfriend.

  4, diligently accompany shopping, no complaints, falling into men, men do not like to accompany women shopping, for them, it is almost 25,000 miles of painful long march.

If you are bored, call him for an invitation to go shopping, and he will not say anything, and he promises it. In fact, he most likely pushed off the date with his buddy, and inevitably “accompanied” to you, that means you are in his heartFull of ingredients.

  Motivation analysis: From the most annoying to the most proactive dedication, we can see from the shopping campaign how men’s minds are.

By analogy, he will actively buy tickets for musicals, just to win your appointment; you go to make hair and make beauty, he takes the initiative to correct, diligently accompany . The word “love house and black” is certainly appropriate here.
However, in the warm period, the enthusiasm of the man has a certain false advertising, because he wants to establish a good men’s brand, and naturally, the demands of women are not refused, let alone you are the key target of his research?

You are “origin” and “coordinate”.

  5, knocking side by side prepared men are not like women, there will be so many places and time to inquire about the privacy of others.

However, once he is interesting to you, he will use the detective spirit of the FBI (US Security Agency) to ask others about your details.

When someone inadvertently mentions you, he will definitely make an excuse to walk over and listen.

Maybe your tastes and hobbies, dress style, relationships, birthday numbers are all such “heard” by him.

  Motivation analysis: This man should not be familiar with you yet, but he knows the principle of “knowing oneself and knowing one another and winning every battle”, so he will try his best to inquire about your news, which is the so-called unprepared battle.
However, he may also be just a timid secret crush, who is content with hearing your name, or your voice, or looking at your smile and back.

  6, a lot of text chat every time you go to MSN or QQ, he is always the first to say hello to you, copy a paragraph after paragraph of jokes and one funny picture after another to make you laugh.

His text messages are refreshed every day, so you can read them with enthusiasm.

You gradually become accustomed to his ridicule. If one day, his information is lost or disappeared, you will be lost and suspected.

In fact, you have already won.

  Motivation analysis: There are fewer men writing love letters these days, replaced by text messages and web chat.Women are delicate, and the expressiveness of words can be very sensational.

Therefore, men’s mere words can make women think.

Besides, men regularly “bomb” the information at fixed points every day, and their enthusiasm for becoming a woman gradually rises.

Such a show of love can be described as a subtle and peaceful evolution.

  In fact, if you have feelings for a man, you will feel that his eyes are hot, and the magnetic field exudes a strong attraction.

That proves that this man’s “small universe” is gradually moving closer to your world.

All you have to think about is whether this man is right for you and if you have a chance to start.

Of course, you have to think carefully about whether he wants to have sex or sex with a trick of some way and a fantasy fan of love in some way; don’t be fooled by his fancy and moving words and actions.

What to eat blood red dates 12 ways to eat the most blood

What to eat blood red dates 12 ways to eat the most blood

Click to buy Now the extra people, whether male or female, will have a noticeable lack of qi and blood, which is especially common among women.

The face of a person with insufficient blood and blood does not look shiny, and the body still often eats various diseases. So what blood is eaten?

In fact, jujube is a good blood-supplementing food, the following editor will introduce to you the 12 blood-eating ways of jujube.

  The 12 most delicious ways to eat red dates are actually the jujube we are talking about. They are listed as one of the five fruits. The vitamin content in red dates is very high. It is also known as a “natural vitamin pill”.One of the best things is blood.

  1. The red date porridge belongs to porridge / porridge. The main raw materials are jujube and rice, the taste is sweet, the process is cooking, and cooking is difficult to belong to the elementary.

Nourishing blood and stomach, red dates contain protein, sugars and jujube acid, crystalline acid, mucus, and also contain various vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron; rice contains protein, trace and organic acids, monosaccharides, vitamin BAnd calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on.

Jujube is warm and sweet, nourishes the spleen and stomach, is beneficial to qi and health, and rice is plain, sweet and nourish spleen and stomach.

  2, 500 grams of ginger, 250 grams of red dates, 100 grams of salt, 150 grams of licorice, 25 grams of cloves, 25 grams of agarwood.

Pound into coarse powder and mix well.

15–25 grams each time, decoction in the morning or make tea with water, several times a day.

This tea has the effects of nourishing the spleen, nourishing the blood, strengthening the stomach, soothe the nerves, and relieve depression. Jiufu makes the skin white and tender, and the skin is smooth and wrinkles reduced.

  3, we use red dates, eggs and an appropriate amount of brown sugar, add some water to stew, drink some daily, so that we can achieve post-natal conditioning, and very good qi and blood.

Jujube has the effect of replenishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, because the vitamin content in jujube is very high, and it has a very good and healthy effect on human capillaries4, 50 grams of red dates, 100 grams of rice, chrysanthemum 15Grams, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot together, and cook until thick, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar to taste.

This formula has the effects of strengthening the spleen and blood, clearing the liver and clearing eyes; long-term consumption of ruddy facial skin helps to prevent and cure diseases.

  5, 50 grams of red dates, 100 grams of black fungus, white sugar.

Wash the hair fungus with impurities and cut into small pieces.

Remove the jujube, add the water to the pot and cook until the jujube is cooked, and the fungus is ripe. Add sugar to taste and serve.

According to Materia Medica records, jujube has the effects of nourishing the lungs and strengthening the spleen, relieving cough, replenishing the five internal organs, and treating deficiencies. When paired with black fungus that nourishes and strengthens the body, its nourishing, nourishing, activating blood and nourishing capacity are enhanced.

Regular food can make the complexion rosy and youthful. This soup is especially beneficial to women.

  6, red dates 20 grams, barley kernels 20 grams, ginkgo 15 grams (shelled and undressed), 10 grams longan meat, put together in the pot and cook for 40 minutes, plus 6 cooked and shelled quail eggs, cookFor the first half hour, add the right amount of brown sugar or rock confection.

This soup has the effects of nourishing the heart, clearing dampness and poisoning, and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Regular food can make the skin less acne, acne, scales, etc., make the skin moist and tender, smooth and white.

  7, we use red dates, peanuts, longan and then add some brown sugar, add water to the pot and simmer over low heat, stew it longer, the stew is rotten, and if we eat it often, will it be good for bloodeffect.
  8, red dates can also be fried in a wok and soaked in water, can cure cold stomach, stomach pain, and then add longan, which is blood tonic, Qi tea, especially for teachers, salespersons and other people who use the voice more frequently.
If you add 4?
6 capsules of wolfberry can also treat constipation, but people with thin stools should not add wolfberry.

Female friends who often drink red dates, longan and wolfberry tea have fair skin and good cosmetic results.

Do not add more medlars, just a few grains, red dates and longan are also 6?
8 capsules is enough, so I can make myself a cup after work every morning, not only replenishing qi and blood, but also eyesight, especially suitable for the workaholics who are looking forward to the computer.

  Without frying in the iron pan, frying black red dates for tea is useless, because the jujube is wrapped in the outer skin and the nutritional ingredients are not available. However, after the red dates are fried, the skin is cracked after being soaked in boiling water., The nutrients inside will slowly leak out.

  9, red dates, red beans, add glutinous rice to make porridge together, red beans are not easy to burn, you can first cook red beans, red beans are boiled, and then add glutinous rice, red dates and burn together, it is also a blood-filling dish.

  10, 10 jujubes are cut open, 10 ginkgo are removed from the shell, children can only eat 5 each, and boiled for 15?
20 minutes, eat every night before bedtime, can nourish blood and kidney, relieve cough and asthma, cure frequent urination, cure nocturia, and the effect is very good. From the autumn of Ginkgo, it has been eaten until the spring of the next year. It is for the elderly and children.Kidney, cough and asthma.

10 jujube incisions, 10 wolfberry seeds, boiled water to drink, nourish blood and kidneys, specialize in waist and knee soreness, eat for many years, have the role of beauty and freckle.

  11, 10 jujube incisions, 3 slices of ginger, boiled water to drink, is a good appetizer.

  12, each time, use pork trotters and soybeans to stew and eat; use turtles to add wolfberry, red dates, and ginger to rot and eat; beef liver, lamb liver, pork liver for cooking, stew soup, or cook porridge with riceBeef bone marrow, pig bone marrow and red date stew soup; beef tendon, pork tendon with peanuts, ginger stew rotten, these are good food for blood.

  When making these foods, you must pay attention to the choice of fresh ingredients, and stewed to eat, so as to facilitate digestion and absorption, which requires the person at home to be patient and able to persist for many years.

Only by working hard at three meals a day can we truly ensure the health of the family.

Highlights one by one 30 women skin care


Highlights one by one 30 women skin care

The 30-year-old woman has already been able to say goodbye to the perfect young skin condition in her 20s. Various skin problems will accompany the pace of these years, and invade your skin’s surface and inside a little bit, let you produceAn inexplicable sense of time panic.

A 30-year-old woman should make a skin care plan based on her skin condition.

  30-year-old skin characteristics 20-year-old woman is too young, 40-year-old woman is very mature, so the 30-year-old can be said to be the golden age of women, both in appearance and inner, showing a mature and perfect moment, like a perfect bloomThe flowers have a strong aroma, and the skin in this period changes because it has gradually adapted to hormonal changes, so the skin condition is often more stable than the age of 20, and the incidence of acne, dandruff, and edema is gradually reduced.
  However, we must remind this year-old woman that because of the gradual and gradual decline of hormones, as well as taking care of family and business at the same time, in fact, excessive fatigue often occurs. This dual stress will also affect the normal operation of the skin, collagenThe loss of skin makes the skin easily slackened and inelastic, and fatigue is the most common phenomenon. In addition, it is too busy and often does not have enough time to do the most perfect maintenance procedures.

  The most common skin wounds are due to double pressure. The skin is often in an imbalanced state of oil and water secretion. In addition, the skin’s metabolism is affected. The keratin is easy to eliminate pores. It is also prone to acne and lack of water.The slackness of the protein, and the problem of large pores of the Y type.

The skin around the eyes often has dull, poorly circulated blood plasma.

In addition, if you are over 35 years old, the spots and lines are another two major skin wounds, such as visible spots on the face, lines, especially fine lines around the eyes, crow’s feet, law lines, wrinkles between the eyebrows, and cheekbones.The spots are most noticeable.

Therefore, in the choice of skin care products, avoid not to cause excessive burden on the skin. Use products that are over-moisturized, and place them against multiple skin problems such as pores, eye contour, lines, spots, and lack of water. Select effective skin care ingredients to achieveImprove results.

  Proper maintenance TIPS delay and relaxation is the most important maintenance focus during this period. In addition to the routine maintenance work such as moisturizing, anti-oxidation, sun protection, etc., it is also necessary to address the exacerbating problems such as wrinkles, loose pores, and spotsChoose care products with significantly improved performance.

  [Dark circles]Choose to add some eye care products that promote blood circulation, such as vitamin E, arnica, citrus polyphenols, two and four peptides, etc. to improve dark circles, usually do more eye pressure, orUse warm compress to improve.

  [Texture]At this time, the texture of the face will gradually increase, especially the facial expression lines produced by squeezing the face are not easy to recover. You should start using some anti-wrinkle care products that have good collagen proliferation or soothing expression lines, such asContains pentapeptide, vitamin A, fruit acid, and hexapeptide, etc., are all maintenance items that should be invested at this time.

  [Pores]The problem of two large pores that are faced at the age of 30 is that the pores become larger horizontally due to loose skin. This is a phenomenon of loose and loose skin. The skin must be moisturized and firm to improve the pores.For example, products containing Vitamin A and L-C are most effective in improving pore problems caused by aging.

  [Spots]30-year-old women often have problems with spots and dryness. However, when the skin is dry and dry, the stratum corneum appears rough and scaly, exfoliated, and the sensitivity is increased.The stratum corneum is effectively absorbed and utilized by the skin, and no matter how whitening it is, there is no way to achieve the effect. Therefore, you must choose a whitening essence with good moisturizing and soothing effect. While increasing the meaning of the stratum corneum, whitening, fractional replacement of vitamin C, chamomileExtraction, tranexamic acid, etc .; usually, it is also necessary to match topically used blemish products. Whitening products that usually add keratinous metabolites such as fruit acid have a faster and obvious shifting effect.

  [Antioxidant, sunscreen]No matter what age you are, sunscreen is the most important maintenance item. You can choose a sunscreen lotion that contains anti-oxidant and strengthens skin defense effects, such as vitamin E, green tea, grape seeds, tomato redVegetarian, Q10, etc. to prevent UV damage to the skin.

The best choice for yoga to lose weight

The best choice for yoga to lose weight

Yoga is also a popular way of fitness for Hollywood actresses. Madonna spends 2 hours doing yoga every day. Big names such as Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Hurric are yoga enthusiasts.

Their experience is that practicing yoga can not only create a seductive devil figure, but also reduce the pressure on themselves.

  The following is a brief introduction to the method of slimming yoga: hip weight loss method, lying on your back with your heels close to your back, and your hands climbing on the heels; slowly inhale and exhale to lift your hips upwards; after reaching the limit, stand still for ten seconds, then restore and restore your kneesRight and left feet.

Waist and leg weight reduction method With both feet closed and extended, insert your hands into the top of your head and close your palms, and open your elbows vigorously outward.

Exhale a bit, bend the two parts, squat with your toes aligned, and focus your body on your toes.

Keep your feet close together and keep your tail straight.

Quickly return to the 1 position while exhaling.

The waist and back weight-loss method with the body upright, legs spread out, focus on the anus.

Hold your hands up and to the right, the distance between your palms is about the width of your head.

Slowly turn your waist forward, and your upper body and arms will follow, trying to straighten your back.

Turn your upper body slowly until your hands are down when facing down.

Sit down with your breasts raised, knees folded, hands folded around your head, your hips straightened, your chest lifted, your jaw slightly down.

Take a deep breath and lean your hands back strongly.

As you exhale, straighten your hands up, push your chest forward, and keep your elbows straight.