[Is kelp high in iodine]_action_effect

[Is kelp high in iodine]_action_effect

Kelp is a common ingredient in daily life. Many people like to eat various foods made from kelp, such as hot and sour kelp, stir-fried kelp, kelp rib soup and so on.

Kelp is completely delicious, and its nutritional value is also amazing. The iodine content in kelp is particularly high, and this nutrient can prevent and treat “big neck disease” to a certain extent.

First, the efficacy and role of kelp1. Because kelp is rich in iodine, which is the main substance synthesized by the thyroid gland, if the body has iodine, it will suffer from “rough neck disease”, that is, hypothyroidism.The best food for those with hypothyroidism.

2, kelp also contains a large amount of mannitol, and mannitol has a diuretic and swelling effect, can prevent renal failure, senile edema, drug poisoning and so on.

3. The synergistic effect of mannitol in kelp with iodine, potassium, niacin, etc., has a good effect on arteriosclerosis, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, anemia, edema and other diseases.

High-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids in kelp have certain intervention effects on hypertension, diabetes, and hypertension.

4. Kelp gelatin can induce the resonance substances in the body to be discharged with the stool, thereby reducing the accumulation of repeated substances in the human body and reducing the incidence of disease.

Regular eating kelp can make hair moist and dark.

5. Kelp also has the function of protecting against cold.

People who are afraid of cold in winter often eat it, which can effectively improve their ability to keep cold.

6. Routine research has found that kelp, seaweed, seaweed and other seaweed foods have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Among them, the implantation effect on colorectal cancer and breast cancer has been confirmed.

According to the statistics of the United Nations Health Organization, Japanese women hardly suffer from diabetes. First, they eat more kelp.

American women suffer more from diabetes, primarily because they eat less kelp, eat more meat and eat more milk.

According to statistics from relevant experts, the prevalence of elderly people who eat kelp for many years is 5% lower on average?
8%, life expectancy increased by an average of 4-8 years.

Second, the nutritional value of kelp Kelp is rich in glucose, little protein and aunt.

The ratio of kelp to green leafy vegetables is rich in vitamin C. Its crude protein, sugar, calcium, and iron are several times or even dozens of times higher.

Kelp is a kind of seaweed with high iodine potential. The cultured kelp generally contains 3% iodine?
5%, as much as 7%?

Fresh kelp is 95% water and 3% is estimated fiber with low conversion.

Kelp also contains large amounts of mannitol.

Third, the collocation of kelp kelp + pig blood: eating together will cause constipation kelp + barley: will cause congestion kelp + pig blood: will cause constipation kelp + licorice: will produce toxic kelp + liquor: will cause indigestion kelp + liquor: Can cause indigestion kelp + licorice: can produce toxic kelp + pig blood: can cause constipation kelp + barley: can cause congestion kelp + grapes: can affect calcium, iron absorption kelp + grapes: can affect calcium, iron absorption kelp +Persimmon: Physical Discomfort

[Gastrodia impotence]_ eating method _ effect

[Gastrodia impotence]_ eating method _ effect

Gastrodia is a relatively common Chinese medicine. It is a very common and commonly used medicinal material in Chinese medicine.

There are many effects of Gastrodia. It can be said that it can calm the liver and relieve wind, relieve wind and relieve pain, and has a good relief effect on dizziness, headache and other symptoms.

So, can Gastrodia be aphrodisiac?

In fact, reasonable use of Gastrodia can achieve the effect of impotence and kidney to a certain extent.

First, Gastrodia and Kidney experts pointed out that the efficacy and role of Gastrodia is mainly used to calm the liver and relieve wind and relieve pain.

Usually suitable for dizziness and headache symptoms, but for ordinary colds, the effect is not very obvious.

Gastrodia also has a sedative and analgesic effect, can increase blood flow in the brain, and has a certain therapeutic effect on cerebral thrombosis.

It can relieve heart colic, lower blood pressure, and has a certain protective effect on the heart.

There are many effects of Gastrodia elata, and it also has certain effects on nourishing the kidney. If you have a kidney deficiency, you can use Gastrodia rationally to help restore health.

Second, how to eat Gastrodia kidney powder, ground Gastrodia into a powder, and then take warm water to take clothes, about one to two grams each time, long-term use for people with kidney deficiency is an excellent health method; another way to eat is stewThis method of eating is to slice Gastrodia into thin slices, which can be eaten alone or combined with other nourishing foods, boiled in a casserole, and taken with soup; you can also cook Gastrodia and duck together, duckRemove the viscera and add it to the casserole, and add the appropriate amount of gastrodiae slices. This is a good medicinal diet, which can improve yin deficiency and yang, and help kidney, especially for friends who have headaches and dizziness. The effect is very good.

Third, what is the way to eat Gastrodia 1, Gastrodia boiled eggs raw materials: 30 grams of Gastrodia slices, 3 eggs, 1000 grams of water.

Processing method: Put the gastrodiae into the pot and boil for 30 minutes. After the eggs are cooked, they can be eaten.

Features: Clear soup is refreshing and easy to eat.

It has the effect of treating headache and dizziness.

2. Gastrodia steamed egg raw material: 6 grams of gastrodia powder, 1 egg.

Processing and eating method: open a small hole on one end of the egg, pour into the gastrodia powder, stick the small hole on the egg with the wet white paper, put the hole upwards and steam it in the steamer, remove the shell and eat the egg and gastrodia powder,Take one meal in the morning and evening, one course for 10 days.

Stop taking it for 2 days and then take it for 3 courses.

Efficacy: It has a certain adjuvant treatment effect on uterine prolapse.

3. Gastrodia stewed chicken ingredients: 100 grams of Gastrodia chips, 20 grams of ginseng, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms, and 1 old hen (weighing 2000 grams).

Processing method: Gastrodia elata, ginseng, wolfberry, shiitake mushrooms, washed hair, old hen slaughtered hair, viscera, mouth tip, claw tip, washed; after gastrodia, ginseng, wolfberry, shiitake mushrooms are sent together, fill the chicken belly together, Put in a pressure cooker, after stewing, eat chicken, gastrodia, ginseng, medlar, drink soup.

[Mushroom bacon honey sauce ham sausage pizza]_Mushroom bacon honey sauce ham sausage pizza home _Mushroom bacon honey sauce ham sausage pizza Daquan_Mushroom bacon honey sauce ham sausage pizza Daquan

[Mushroom bacon honey sauce ham sausage pizza]_Mushroom bacon honey sauce ham sausage pizza home _Mushroom bacon honey sauce ham sausage pizza Daquan_Mushroom bacon honey sauce ham sausage pizza Daquan

Mushroom bacon and honey sausage ham sausage pizza is a very common alternative, but this dish can also eat a lot of tricks, a variety of methods to give people visual and taste different stimulation.

It looks very delicious. The light taste is also very delicious without peppers. If the taste is heavy, you can add more peppers. I hope it is delicious.

1. Slice mushrooms, cut red and yellow peppers, cut corn into pieces, slice ham, and bacon. 2. Add flour, salt, sugar, and water softened into the bread machine. Warm water to add yeast powder.Press the dough in the bread machine, and finish the dough. Press the dough to ferment 3. After the fermentation, dip some oil in the hand to take out the dough, knead it and let it stand for 10 minutes. 4. Spread a little bit of oil on the baking sheet with tin and use your hands.Knead the dough into a pie shape, pierce a small hole with a fork to prevent foaming5, preheat the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes, put the pizza in and bake for 7 minutes, take it out, fully smear the tomato sauce, and coat with a layer of horseSurila cheese, then add mushrooms corn, ham, bacon, yellow and red pepper in the oven for 20 minutes, take out after 6 or 0 minutes, spread a layer of mozzarella cheese, roast and melt it out of the oven to eat outsideIt is to save time, but in fact, the method of ham and bacon honey sausage pizza is very simple, it takes very little time, don’t worry at all.

[How to eat dried coconut]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat dried coconut]_ production method _ practice Daquan

People who have eaten coconuts should know that coconut contains a special fragrance of coconut. Although the fructose content of coconut is not as high as other fruits, coconut is also welcomed by many people.

Presumably, when you eat coconut, you are directly connected to the coconut milk, but the coconut meat on the coconut shell can also be made into dried coconut.

And what is the specific way to eat it when eating dried coconut?

When eating directly as a snack, when the tongue just touched the coconut flakes, it feels cold and cold. It should be the surface of the coconut powder that melts first. After a while, the whole piece of coconut melts in the mouth, sweet and delicious. At this time, there is more on the tip of the tongue.The feeling is smooth.

If you chew quickly, you will feel like eating potato chips, and it will make a crunchy sound.

The coconut flakes in soymilk or vegetable milk at this time have been completely softened, and the taste is not as good as the first two methods, but the essence is transferred to the vegetable milk, which is blended with mellow coconut milk.

Coconut chips use coconut chips instead of high-sugar and high-conversion chocolates.

Enjoy afternoon desserts on the balcony with a sea stall.

Coconut crispy fresh fruit salad For friends who like to eat fruit, you can try adding some coconut crispy when making fruit salad.

Remember to crush some, we can eat coconut and a crisp taste experience while eating fruit.

Coconut crunchy crackers like to make small snacks in the kitchen. Cookies are the most commonly made and simplest type.

But I haven’t tried coconut crunchy biscuits. Add some coconut crumbles to the cookie batter.

That makes the cookies have coconut aroma and the nutrition of coconut fruit.

The practice of coconut flakes I fell in love with roasted coconut flakes for the first time and couldn’t stop it!

But at that time, I bought it in the supermarket. Today I drank the old coconut juice and made coconut flakes with coconut meat. Oh my god, it ‘s so delicious!

Ingredients old coconut a hot water 150g sugar 50g crispy roasted coconut flakes practice 1.

After drinking the old coconut juice, knock it directly.

I put it in a clean plastic bag and fastened it, and then I fell outside the door, and when I heard a muffled sound, I couldn’t catch it, it just opened.


Take the coconut!

After the coconut is broken, the side of the coconut meat will be separated from the coconut shell, and the whole coconut meat will fall off with a slight pry.

(There will be a thin layer of shell still sticking to it, remove it with a fruit planer.

) 3.

Then continue to use a fruit planer to shave the coconut into small pieces (forgot to take a screenshot at this step!

) 4.

Pour hot water into the non-stick pan, add sugar to it, melt and pour into coconut flakes until the water is almost dried.


Then put the coconut flakes on a baking sheet, about 140 ° C (this temperature is not so high, as long as it is not burnt), I just watch it for a few minutes and turn it halfway until it turns yellow.When it comes out of the oven to cool, it becomes brittle!


It’s so fragrant and delicious!

An old coconut can make about 200 grams of coconut flakes.

Be sure to use the old coconut. The meat of the coconut green is too tender and not fragrant. It is suitable for drinking coconut water.

[Pregnant women with high blood sugar diet recipe]_High blood sugar

[Pregnant women with high blood sugar diet recipe]_High blood sugar

High blood sugar in pregnant women is a matter that needs to be treated with caution, because high blood sugar can also adversely affect the fetus. Therefore, it is recommended to eat a small number of meals at this time to avoid these sweets such as sucrose, granulated sugar, and fructose. Try to chooseCrude rice and coarse grains food.

① A small number of frequent meals, mix 5-6 meals of foods that should be ingested every day, because eating too much at one time will cause rapid rise in blood sugar, and fasting for too long can cause obese ketosis in pregnant women.

It is best to divide into 3 large meals and 3 small meals.

② Eat less meat and eat more vegetables. Fruits should be eaten between meals. Fruits with high sugar content, such as sugar cane, watermelon, cantaloupe, cantaloupe, cherry, etc. should be avoided.

Eat more vitamin fiber foods, such as celery, pumpkin, carrots and so on.

③ Avoid sucrose, granulated sugar, fructose, glucose, rock sugar, honey, chocolate, maltose drinks and sweets.

You can drink two glasses of milk daily to get enough calcium.

④ Food should choose coarse rice and coarse grains, because coarse grains (such as rye noodles, buckwheat noodles, oat noodles, corn noodles, etc.) are replaced with fiber, B vitamins and various trace elements. Long-term consumption of diabetes patients can reduce blood sugar.Effect of blood lipids.

⑤ Foods high in starch are broad beans, potatoes, flour, bran, oil gluten, etc. It is better not to eat high blood sugar in pregnant women, to prevent excessive sugar intake, chocolate, caster sugar, candied fruits, sweet bread, cakes, etc.avoid.

⑥ Pregnant women adjust the proportion and quantity of food structure according to their body shape.

Eat less sugary fruits, vegetables 400-500 grams per day, of which colored vegetables are more than 50%.

When pregnant women suffer from diabetes, because protein breakdown is multiplied, it is necessary to increase protein intake. Eat more high-quality protein foods such as fish, meat, poultry milk, and beans.

[How to make squid in soy sauce]_Homemade practice in squid in soy sauce_How to make squid in soy sauce_How to make squid in soy sauce

銆 愰 睿 鐑 ч stupid shoulder 殭 沭 掭 抶 銆 銰 銆 儳 女 楸 Ben 銄 勫 冫 Ning drafts 咉 咉 昉 閰 喰 喰 儸 奸 倸 鬥 像 囏 雏 鄏Guo pot?
姣忛€㈣妭鍋囨棩鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鎯虫兂閮芥縺鍔ㄣ€傝€屽湪鏀惧亣鏈熼棿锛屾渶鑸掓湇鐨勪簨鎯呰帿杩囦簬涓変簲灏忓弸涓€鑱氾紝鍚冪偣鍙彛鐨勯キ鑿滀簡銆傝€屽鏋滆繖鑱氫細鐨勫湴鐐癸紝鑳芥斁鍦ㄥ閲岋紝灏辨洿濂戒笉杩囦簡銆傞偅涓嬮潰灏辨潵涓哄ぇ瀹朵粙缁嶄笅鏈夊叧閰辩儳楸块奔鐨勫仛娉曞惂銆?.楸块奔鍘绘帀琛ㄩ潰鐨勪竴灞傞粦鐨€?.1 Rough and sloppy, sorrowful? 雒 囨 柇 绾 ﹀ 垏 Juan?/ 3: What is the link? How about the rules? If you want to go to the right?.2绔栧垏鎴愭潯锛屼粠閲岄潰鍒囪姳鍒€锛屽厛鏂滃垏涓?/ 3 trickle  鍒 囨 柇 銆?.1闈掓鍏堝垏鎴愰暱鏉°€傜劧鍚庡啀鏂滃垏鎴愯彵褰㈠潡銆?.2閿呬腑鐑х儹姘达紝鍔犲叆楸块奔鐑垚鍗锋崬鍑哄鐢ㄣ€?.钁卞垏鎴愭锛屽鍒囨垚鐗囷紝鐢熷鍏堝垏鐗囧悗鍒囪彵褰€?.What are you talking about? 2 咶 у 嫼 黈 綈 睿 Adorable?澶у嫼鐨勬按銆佽儭妞掔矇銆佽姖楹绘媽鍖€銆?.閿呯儳鐑叆娌癸紝鏀捐懕銆佸銆佽挏鐓搁銆傚啀鍔犺荆妞掔倰涓€鐐掋€?.Are you afraid of peaks and peaks? You are tired of the peaks and peaks. Do you want to know how to do it?0 莞 纴 綴 迪 唔 撣 欣 卻 鍑 鍑 抨 銆?閰辩儳楸块奔宸茬粡浠嬬粛瀹屼簡锛屼笉鐭ヤ綘蹇冧腑宸茬粡鐞嗚В浜嗘病锛熼€€涓€姝ヨ锛岃鐪熺湅鍑犻亶锛屼綘鑲畾鑳藉瀹屽叏鎺屾彙鐨勩€傝€屾帉鎻″畬姣曪紝浣犻渶瑕佺殑灏辨槸浠樿琛屽姩浜嗭紝鍥犱负缇庨閮芥槸鍦ㄩ敾鐐间腑鍋氬嚭鏉ョ殑銆?

[Cholera diarrhea]_action_effect

[Cholera diarrhea]_action_effect

Diarrhea often occurs due to dietary problems or other problems, which is also quite normal.

However, under normal circumstances, the treatment of diarrhea should still use scientific drug treatment methods. According to the cause of the diarrhea, a targeted method is the most effective.

Cola is a beverage that people are very familiar with. Cola contains some carbonates.

Drinking cola regularly is not good for your body, so it is not recommended to drink it often.

Can Cola cure diarrhea?

Try not to drink cola for gastroenteritis.

Serious diarrhea or vomiting requires intravenous fluids.

Eat regularly and regularly, avoid overeating and eliminate long-term burden.

Avoid eating too hard, too sour, too spicy, too salty, too much, too cold and overly rough foods, and don’t drink sweet, the sweeter the more likely to cause diarrhea, you can drink something salty.

Acute acute inflammation is a common complication in summer. It can cause dehydration and potassium loss in the body due to vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. If there is severe dehydration, intravenous infusion should be promptly carried out. Caffeine and carbonic acid in cola can stimulate gastric mucosa and increase vomitingSymptoms, it is recommended not to drink during the illness, usually try to drink less cola.

In the early stages of illness, it is recommended to eat liquid foods that are easy to digest and nutrient-rich, such as millet porridge and egg noodles.

If the diarrhea is severe, you should drink some fruit juice, light salt water, etc.

Avoid eating cold, greasy, and irritating food.

To be restored 3?
You can eat normally after 4 days.

Gastroenteritis diet: 1, low fat, less fiber.

Foods containing too much fat, in addition to being difficult to digest, are often accompanied by aggravating diarrhea. Therefore, patients should eat fried, substitute, cold and multi-fiber foods, easy-to-digest thin noodles, braised noodles, 馄饨, Green leaves, fish, shrimp, eggs and legumes, etc., so that you can get rest.

2. If patients with chronic enteritis are accompanied by dehydration, drink some salt water, vegetable soup, rice soup, fruit juice, rice porridge, etc. to supplement water, salt and vitamins.

3. Exhaust, when the bowel is too strong, eat less sucrose and foods that are easy to produce gas, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, white radishes, pumpkins, milk, soybeans, etc.

The contents of the above article suggest that we can indeed understand that gastroenteritis patients cannot drink cola during the medication process. Because cola is a carbonated beverage, it will react with the drug and may reduce the efficacy of the drug, which causes gastroenteritis disease.We must follow the doctor’s advice to take the medicine correctly.

[It is better to take off or cover when turning clouds and rain]

[It is better to take off or cover when turning clouds and rain]

A large American sex dating site surveyed 3,890 people. Women who participated in the survey believed that they were almost uneasy, and wearing sexy pajamas and underwear could greatly enhance their confidence.

At the same time, a European study found that when showing men photos of women, men generally think that women who are properly covered are more mysterious and sexy.

The following are tips from multinational sexologists to teach you how to looming, highlight the curves and sexy of women, and ignite the passion and desire of men.

Don’t doubt about wearing at least one piece of clothing. Put on at least one piece of clothing before you have sex. It would be better if you could put sexy and delicate underwear inside.

Pink silk pajamas, loose and bulky white shirts or T-shirts, he gave you short skirts . No matter what clothes, look soft and comfortable, half exposed, let him have the desire to look more for exploration.

A man participating in the survey described it this way: “I like to have my wife wear one of my white cotton T-shirts, with the front side exposed from the neckline, the shoulders half covered, and very sexy.

” 1234Next

[Can vitamin b remove spots-]_ freckle _ how effective

銆 愮 huai 鐢 熺 礌 b 鑳 borrow and 揂 戝 悧?銆 滱 綁 涙 桠 _ 鏁 堟 灉 悡 綍
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[Miaokou nutrition sandwich practice]_Miaokou nutrition sandwich common practice_Miaokou nutrition sandwich practice Daquan_Miaokou nutrition sandwich how to make

[Miaokou nutrition sandwich practice]_Miaokou nutrition sandwich common practice_Miaokou nutrition sandwich practice Daquan_Miaokou nutrition sandwich how to make

In fact, cooking is not as difficult as everyone thinks. As long as you want to learn, you can slowly practice.

The editor below introduces the practice of nutrition sandwiches in the temple mouth. Take a closer look. I believe you can learn it.

Add sugar, instant yeast, and salt to the flour.

(Due to the different water absorption of flour, leave a small amount of flour to the end for mediation) 2.

The eggs lay and evenly.

Slowly add a little, knead a little bit of water to an appropriate amount.


After putting down the soft cream in the greenhouse and kneading it, use your hands or one hand to slowly drip and knead the dough until it doesn’t stick to your hands, like washing clothes. It is smooth and moderate in softness. If it is too wet, add the remaining flour to make it.

(Do not rub too hard to pull, so as not to break the gluten) 5.

Cut it into strips after relaxing.

(My dough is a bit more after the dough is finished, but it shows that 5 cups of flour will be better and it will be better. I have failed twice, and of course I listened to her!

But there are only so many in my family. I do n’t know how to give it too much. Thanks for all of them. They also praise it for being delicious.

) 6.

Wrap each strip with some water and wrap it with a layer of bread crumbs.

(Boil water to make it easier to stick to bread crumbs) 7.

All were covered with bread crumbs.


Warm in the oil, lightly lower the low fire and fry slowly. Carefully turn it a few times until it is golden and crispy. Press it with a shovel and it will immediately return to its original shape.

(The oil temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will be scorched on the outside and not cooked on the inside, and will soon burst and burst, which is not beautiful) 9.

The fried bread absorbs its oil with blotting paper.


After cooling, use scissors to cut one side of the bread.


Prepare yourself for filling.

(Put the stuffing as you like) 12.

First squeeze an appropriate amount of salad dressing at the bottom, and then drop it into your own filling to form a[Nutrition Sandwich].

Although the recipe of Miaokou Nutritional Sandwich is very simple, if you have never cooked, you ca n’t read it, and it will not prevent you from consulting your elders. Under the guidance of the elders, you will definitely be better.