PS,I saw someone protesting my description of snail noodles in Chapter 30。

I have to say,This is my personal experience。
Recently, I am particularly obsessed with snail noodles,Not only ordered a lot of snail noodles for takeaway,Even cook snail noodles at home,I was driven to the balcony by my wife……
Once I went out to get snail noodles for takeaway,Smell around,I still complain in my heart that the property is not responsible,Some people do not clean up their shit in the lawn。Until I went home and ate the snail noodles,I realized that the smell of shit was my own takeaway snail powder……
I ate snail noodles for the first time at home,Think it tastes good,Not as smelly as I thought。As soon as my son came home,Sit in and change shoes,Suddenly yelled:“mom!Why is there a smell of shit at home?!”
My son doesn’t know what snail powder is,He only knew that there was a smell like shit。
I think,Snail powder is really smelly,But it tastes better for me,The smell is not so obvious。But it’s not like that for some people,This really makes them sick。
Like that canned herring,The smelly food at the Internet celebrity level,Later I got a jar,Opened a tin on the roof with relatives and ate,It feels like that,Not as smelly as they are,Of course it doesn’t smell good.。
But many people are really stunned by canned herring,The notoriety of canned herring is not an exaggerated performance.。
I just described the characteristics of snail powder objectively,And made a stalk with this feature。
of course,If readers in Guangxi are dissatisfied,Think I insulted the local food in their hometown,I can apologize to you,I’m not going to insult the snail fan,I actually like snail noodles。And I plan to go to Guangxi to eat the most authentic snail noodles……
But I will not change even one word of the plot in my book,Because I changed the plot, I couldn’t stand.,Unreasonable,It makes no sense。
Some people say you can change something,Change the plot to show Hu Lai’s cunning……But who made me especially like eating snail noodles this time,I just thought of snail noodles when I was thinking about it.?
I have no malice against snail powder,Even full of goodwill,Really,I love snail noodles!

“how do you know?I told you in advance?”

“No,Didn’t you just give me a point?and,Her sense of smell in this area is quite sensitive。”
“You really become a god,Then you know why he came?”Peng Changyi moved。
“I don’t know the specific intention,But i’m sure,She is here for the industrial park,After all, there are many projects。”Wu Guanqi said confidently。
“Hehe,I doubt you can really become a monkey?I tell you,She is exactly what you said,Is for the whole industrial area,But it’s not about engineering,Is coming,Want your southeast piece of land,how about it?Cut the meat?”Peng Changyi said gleefully。
Wu Guanqi jumped up,Said:“what?Want that piece of land?How does that work,How to do?Can’t give,That are my eyeballs,The park relies on that highlight to recruit people。You promised her?”
Peng Changyi said:“How can i promise her,Besides, it’s yours,Can i be the master?I said remove that piece of land,Sanyuan let her pick,But they disagree,Just fancy that piece of land。”
Wu Guanqi walked back and forth in the house,Said:“What i said,Why are you making me drunk,Turned out to be like this?This woman,This woman,The appetite is too fucking。”
Peng Changyi tentatively said:“Or you give her,I’ll just think of a way for you。”
“No way,No way,Already planned,How to give her?”Wu Guanqi went straight in the house。
“You can ask for a high price。”
Wu Guanqi stopped,Said:“High price?joke,Can i ask her for money?Moreover,Where the land is long ago,Why didn’t she want,I’ll wait until I’m ready?Is it obvious??”
Peng Changyi said:“I understand,You must have benefited from others before,Otherwise, why would people reach out to you??”
Wu Guanqi said:“You can tell if you are so incompetent?I just didn’t get any benefits from her,She will also stretch out her hand,otherwise,How does wealth accumulate?”Wu Guanqi gave him a white look。
Peng Changyi opened his eyes and said:“I tell you Wu Guanqi,If you really want to do that,Let’s deal with less in the future,This is too mysterious。”
Wu Guanqi looked at him and said:“do not worry,Even if it’s free,I will also make it reasonable and legal,It’s not that problem now,The key point is that I can’t give her。”

Qin Liang immediately cried out injustice!

Actually he bullied Yanzi,Not wronged,He knew best in his heart……
“Sister Shiyun,He bullies me again,You help me beat him!”
Swallow reached out and hugged Yang Shiyun’s arm,Aggrieved…
“But I can’t beat him。”
Yang Shiyun said melancholy。
“Let’s beat him together!”
Yanzi said stubbornly,Looks like the Yellow River is not dead。
“I have a hasty!Can’t we just use our mouth and not our hands??”
Qin Liang smiled bitterly and begged for mercy。
“Do not,I’ll just move my hands and not my mouth!I can’t talk about you!”
Yanzi grinned his neck and said。
“Are you still my apprentice?Why are you always thinking about beating the master??”
Qin Liang deliberately sad and disappointed。
“Who keep you bullying me!If I don’t give you something bad, you don’t know that your apprentice has a temper.。”
Swallow is right。
“Row……I already know you have a temper,Just hit me。”
Qin Good Words,Unless it is an opponent,enemy,Under normal circumstances,He never works with women,I don’t know how to do it with my own girl。
As for always working with Yang Shiyun,That is for another special reason……

no way,Who made Xia Chenglong wealthy?,to be frank,These things can only be counted as gadgets,Can’t get into his Dharma Eye。

“has a problem?”
“No,No。No,Zhao Xiaoyou,I’m very excited,Hope you can understand,After all so many years,You are the first to complete the mission above level 6。”
The deacon took Xia Chenglong’s hand,Heart and heart,Bitterly,Gentle and pity,Especially the tearful eyes,Wishing to put him at the table and visit。
Forcibly withdraw the hand,Keep smiling,not angry:“That one,Can you hand over tasks first?”
“it is good……Do not worry,Give it back to you。”
As soon as I heard this“Butler”Tears in the eyes,Coquettish,Xia Chenglong suddenly got a cold back,This won’t be a……
As the machine rang,The screen shows that the three tasks have been successfully transferred,Purple gold card gains 18,000 power points,Has arrived。
Wait for the prompt to end,The mission hall is noisy again,This is really scarier than people。
There were already twelve psionics before,Now it’s 18,000,In other words, Xia Chenglong gained nearly 30,000 psionic powers just now。
30,000 points,Even if you go to the center of the Spirit Gathering Array to practice,Can last for more than a month,Not to mention you can exchange for advanced martial arts or something。
Local tycoon,Definitely a local tyrant!

“I have a hasty,incredible!There is even a cafeteria?”

Qin Liang asked in surprise。
“Why?Look down on our cave base is it right??We are small sparrows here,Complete!understand?”
Xiao Huahan is proud to show off,He took care of everything here himself,Of course he is qualified to show off。
“Ha ha,You are no sparrows,Is a sparrow of the boss,I can hold our entire Rose Legion in my stomach,How about a little sparrow?Don’t be humble。”
Qin Liang also answered with a smile,Although he did not personally participate in the renovation project here,But everything was planned by him,Without him there would be no such base,So of course he has to praise this place in various ways。
“I like this sparrow。”
Liu Xiaoyun started booing along。
“I would also like。”
Plum is not booing,She is telling the truth,Of course what Liu Xiaoyun said is not a lie。
“I don’t like the water in such a good place?Is this still necessary?。”
Yang Shiyun said with a smile。
“See how smart I am!Had it not been for me, I would have discovered this is a treasured geomantic place,How can you have a chance to enjoy so much here now?。”
Qin Liang is starting to feel bad again。
“It seems that I discovered this place first……”
Xiao Huahan whispered a little,Not loud,But just so everyone can hear。
“Brother-in-law,Don’t pay attention to this,Do you even have to fight with me??”
Qin Liang deliberately began to struggle with Xiao Huahan,It’s rare that my two women like this place,Of course you have to take the credit,Xiao Huahan, this careless one,I want to compete with myself!This shameless guy……

Ren Yurou still wants to say more,but,Under the guidance of the next person,So-called guests,Walked into the hall。

“Chairman of Tianhong Real Estate,Wen Guofu arrives!”
chapter eight unexpected surprise
“Haha,Talk about Cao Cao,Cao Cao is here。”
Wang Shao smiled。
And Zhang Mazi on the side,Is a bitter look。
in fact,He did get through to Tianhong Real Estate。
just,Very indifferent,Direct sentence,Person is absent,Stop calling,Hung up。
Till now,He’s a little confused。
I wanted to report,Did not expect,Wen Guofu,Actually came in person。
Enough to see,He attaches great importance to Shao Wang。
“A while,Let Mr. Wen be in front of you,Fulfill the agreement。”
Shao Wang looked at Mrs. Yang and others indifferently:“then,This news,Will be spread to the Internet immediately,You Renjia,Completely finished!”
“Wang Shao……”
Old lady Yang wants to cry without tears。

“is it?Can’t run?That simple。”

Qin Liang picked up the gun,Aimed at Abu’s head,To the two scientists around me:
“Please turn your heads over,I’m going to shoot his head。You two should not see this bloody scene。”
Qin Liang finished,I took a step back,It seems to be afraid of Abu’s blood splashing on himself……
“No no no!I can run。I can run!”
Abu immediately yelled in panic,And then really turned around and ran away,Running pretty fast……
“Isn’t this fucking cheap……”
Yang Zhi said so angry and funny。
“You help two scientists run,We can’t rest yet,The chase will come soon,Here is a map,Not even a place to ambush,So we have to keep running,fast,Act now!”
Qin Liang looked around,Then gave the order,So everyone started to run forward again……
“Report general,Satellite monitor display:The first special commando has broken through the edge of the city,Moving towards the landing field,Speed15——20Kilometer。”
The officer came again to report to the general。
“Then they must have gone through a fierce battle,Successfully broke through the interception of the rebels,Now on foot。”
That person“Talkative”’S staff immediately agreed。
“How far are they from the second special commando?”
General asked。
“There are more than 20 kilometers away。”
The officer answered immediately。
“There must be a large number of rebels chasing them behind them,These twenty kilometers……Not easy to run……”
The general frowned and said。

“If you dare to say this to me in the future,I’ll give it up!I’m as you wish,Really let others touch。”

Chen Hao said desperately!
“you try,Then I’ll be in your face,Cut the guy who touched you,Shredded corpse。”
Qin Liang gritted his teeth and said。
“Are you sure?”
Chen Hao turned his face to look at Qin Liang,Unmoved question,But there is an imperceptible smile at the corner of the mouth……
“determine!Try if you don’t believe me。”
Qin Liang’s temper is up too!It seems that on this matter,He still sticks to his principles。
“it is good,Remember what you said!I will go back after this meeting,I’ll go find Shen Ruoxi first,And sleep with her at night,And have a good time with her,Hug,Kiss or something,Then I want to see how you can shed Shen Ruoxi,Shredded corpse!”
Chen Haoyun said lightly,It doesn’t seem to be in my heart at all,But this response is quite significant!It’s a deadly one!As expected, everyone’s evaluation of her;Cotton needle!
Qin Liang is speechless!I can’t say a word。
“Why don’t you talk?Dumb?How about your heroism just now?Why did it disappear in an instant??”
Chen Hao immediately started fighting back……
“I have a hasty!you are vicious!you are awesome!You win!”

Now everyone except Liu Xiaoyun is surprised!Could it be that Shen Ruoxue was really so easily cleaned up by Liu Xiaoyun??This is not scientific!This is totally inconsistent with Shen Ruoxue’s usual style。

But whether you believe it or not,The facts are in front of everyone,Shen Ruoxue was cleaned up so easily and easily by Liu Xiaoyun!
This shows a truth:The tigress also has a nap time……Especially when this tigress meets two other tigresses。
“All right,Xiaoyun,Stop it。”
Chapter three thousand six hundred and fifty six Crying?
Chapter three thousand six hundred and fifty six Crying?
Chen Hao can’t listen anymore,Or to be more precise, I feel sorry for Shen Ruoxue。
“Ok,Meizi and I won’t hit you today,Humph。”
Liu Xiaoyun accepted it if he was obedient,But I didn’t forget that there was a final demonstration,Show the stance of a winner。
“Red wine is so good,The more you drink, the better you feel。”
Shen Ruoxue pretended not to hear what Liu Xiaoyun was saying,I said to myself,I found myself a step down。
“If it tastes good,You can drink a little more after drinking。”

Si Guangnian worried that his mother drank too much,I took the wine glass and handed it to Yuze,Nodding slightly to the reserved below,Got very warm applause。

If Ou Zhaozhao doesn’t say what to burn,Might be more enthusiastic。
Ou Zhaozhao didn’t drink too much,But it’s also a little bit drunk and not intoxicating,So happy,Alcohol smells up。
“Come come,Let me these four children,Join hands,Show everyone,My home is a pianist in light years,Excellent~~~”
Nobody’s children can’t dance to the fate of performing in public。
This time the applause is unprecedented。A child like a dragon and a phoenix among the four in the Ou family,More famous than their mother。
Yuze and Si Guangnian looked at each other,I took my brother and sister,Came to the orchestra。
Si Guangnian naturally chose the piano,Yuze also chose the piano,He only knows piano。Huai Ye picked up the violin,Ou Baobo swept,Picked up the cello。
Huai Ye chooses a good song,Wait for brothers and sisters to be ready,Let’s start。
Ai Xiaojin came back just now,Got a good breath,Just pull Wei Zi,Walked to the orchestra,Looking at the four children lovingly together,Very satisfied,I’m really happy for my sister。
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Chapter One Hundred Forty Eight Medicine
Ou Zhaozhao was supported by Yan Xihe to sit down,Looking at the four children who are not far away working together,Tears slipped silently,But with a smile,Hide。
Yan Xihe just pretended not to see anything,Holding her hand,Beat together。