Qin Liang deliberately raised the bar seriously,He just wants to continue this topic。

“Even if the kid fights back,I can’t beat Sister Shanshan。”
Shen Ruoxue said confidently。“That are two different things!If you can’t beat it,The key is to have your sister Shanshan fight a real opponent seriously.!We can’t count on the competition between us,Because knowing that the other party won’t hurt yourself,The psychological pressure is very small and very
small,Will not be afraid,Those are two completely different properties。”
Qin Liang explained patiently。
“According to what you mean,Next time I meet some bad guy,Don’t do it,Let Ruoxilun and I move around。”
Murong Shan said angrily。
“what,you’re so smart!I really think so!Congratulations, you got it!”
Qin Liang nodded immediately。
“I just said casually,Kidding,Don’t take it seriously。”
Murong Shan regretted immediately!Aren’t you digging a hole for yourself and jumping down?!Why are you stupid to say such a thing?。
“You just say anything,But i’m serious。”
Qin Liang gently shook his head to answer。
“It’s okay,Old sister,We will protect you by your side,You don’t have to think about anything,Just use what you learned,We guarantee you won’t lose,And won’t get hurt。”
Liu Xiaoyun saw Murong Shan’s tone of timidity,I immediately comforted her nonchalantly。
“Shan Shan,You have to think so,What is your purpose of learning Kungfu?It’s for your own ability to protect your daughter, right??But if you don’t even have the courage to do something with others,How do you protect the key?You can’t do anything with determination and desire alone,You have to take action。”
Qin Liang is very smart about Murong’s key,Because he knows;For Murong Shan,Murong’s key is the biggest killer that strengthens her courage and confidence!For my daughter,Any mother who truly loves her daughter will have the courage to sacrifice everything she has!Murong Shan stopped talking,What Qiliang said is reasonable,She can’t refute if she wants to refute,I can only accept it silently,And these words of Qin Liang are like a knife,Accurately stuck in her heart……indeed;For my daughter Murong Qiaoyao,She can’t even kill her,Not to mention anything else。
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Chapter two hundred and ninety one Add ten chicken breasts

Chapter two thousand six hundred and ninety It’s really not easy now

“No no no,I always make you angry,You are so fierce to me,The responsibility lies with me,I will change……”
Facing Shen Ruoxi who sincerely apologized to herself,Qin Liang is ashamed!So he hurriedly corrected his attitude,Seriously said to Shen Ruoxi,But he is used to being free and loose,Talk about it,I forgot after talking for a while!
“Actually it’s really not easy for the two of us now!”
Shen Ruoxi suddenly felt sad,Sadly,Then my eyes are red。
She remembered that since she married Qin Liang two years ago,Two people almost never enjoyed it“world of two people”,The house became a barracks,The life between her and Qin Liang,It’s not even as good as the childhood period!This made her feel wronged and sad。
Qin Liang doesn’t know what to say,Of course he understands what Shen Ruoxi said,And the root cause of this situation lies in me,So he doesn’t know what to say。
“I feel how we are now,Not as good as those who fall in love。”
Shen Ruoxi finished saying this,Tears fell……
Qin Liang reached out and took Shen Ruoxi into his arms,Shen Ruoxi burst into tears in an instant,Qin Liang didn’t speak,Just hugged his wife tightly,Tap her back gently with one hand。
Negative emotions that have been suppressed in my heart for a long time,As long as you vent it, you will feel better,So after Shen Ruoxi cried for a while,Feel more comfortable,I stopped crying slowly。
“Over,Crying eyes swollen,Not pretty anymore。”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile,Deliberately coaxing Shen Ruoxi。
“Not pretty long ago,old……”

Yang Shiyun answered with a wry smile。

“Ok,For your face,I won’t play with her,Hehe。”
Murong Shan’s talent is still unfinished, and she has let the plums go……But she let the plums go,But Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun began to stare at Meizi maliciously。
“plum,Come,Let’s sit down obediently。”
Shen Ruoxue pulled Meizi onto a long couch and sat down,Liu Xiaoyun immediately sat down on the other side of Meizi clearly。
“plum,What did Sister Shanshan mean??Why didn’t I understand?What’s the big place you have,The brain is small?Where are you older?”
Shen Ruoxue asked Meizi quietly,A confused look,This girl is about to start spoofing plums。
“Nothing big,Sister Shanshan is talking nonsense。”
Meizi answered more awkwardly,The pretty little face gets even redder and starts。
“impossible?Why is sister Shanshan talking nonsense??I think she must have found something in you。”
Liu Xiaoyun started to cooperate with Shen Ruoxue,If these two girls join hands together,That plum will end up“At risk”Up。
“So what did Sister Shanshan find in Meizi’s body??”
Shen Ruoxue asked curiously。
“I do not know!How about we come and explore together,See where the plum is big,Actually affects the brain,So strange!”
Liu Xiaoyun continued to cooperate with Shen Ruoxue and said。
“I’m going to the toilet……”
Meizi sensed the danger,Throw a word immediately and stand up and want to run,But Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were swiftly holding on to one side!
“Coincidence plum,It just so happened that Xiaoyun and I also said we were going to the bathroom,Why don’t the three of us go together?,By the way, the three of us will study the problem just now。”
Shen Ruoxue said badly。

“Is not。”Hu Lai shook his head,“sister,Are you our tour guide?”

I heard a high school student call herself sister,Lin Jin, who is almost 30 years old, is very happy,Smile brighter,The tone of speaking to this classmate is also much gentler“Not,This classmate。I am a staff member of the National Competition Organizing Committee,Specifically responsible for receiving you——。During the next national competition,Everything related to you,I will be responsible,Including accommodation、traffic、Dining、Competition preparation……If you don’t understand anything, you can contact me。”
“Are we treated so well?There is also someone responsible for reception?”Hu Lai asked in surprise。
Lin Jin quickly smiled and waved“no no,All participating teams will have a person responsible for the matchmaking。And I am responsible for things related to you。”
After talking, she took out her phone“Come,Dear students of Dongchuan Middle School football team,Let’s pull a group,You can also find me in the group。My last name is Lin,Shuangmulin,Called Lin Jin,Jin is Zhou Yu Zhou Gongjin’s Jin。You can also call my sister like this classmate……”She pointed at Hu Lai,Said happily。
Meng Xi come over,Seeing Lin Jin’s peachy smile,Say to Hu Lai“I rely on,Can’t see it,Your kid still knows how to tease sister?”
“what……”Hu Lai confused。
“One by one sister yells so well……”
“She looks so young,Can’t be younger than me,Then I can only call my sister!”Hu Lai retorted loudly。
After Lin Jin heard what Hu Lai said,,The smile on my face is even more gorgeous,Scan the official attitude when we first met,The whole person becomes vivid。
Seeing this scene, Meng Xi gave a thumbs up to Hu Lai“I admire you!”
The other teammates also cast awe at Hu Lai.——Can boast so fresh and refined,No trace,Really an amazing ability……
When in school,They think Luo Kai is a female food,After all, he has the most female fans。
But now after coming out,They realized that sister Lin didn’t seem to pay much attention to Luo Kai at all.,He is rather kind to Hu Lai……
When a group of people led by Lin Jin to the bus stop,I just noticed that there are stickers on the side of this white bus with yellow and blue flowers。
The sticker is the school badge of Dongchuan Middle School,Followed by the team logo“Dongchuan Middle School”Four characters,Below this line of big letters is a line of small letters“The Andong Provincial Team of the 6th National High School Football Championship”,Show their identity。
“Wow!Great!I want to take a photo with this line!”
“I also want,I also want!”

Peng Changyi surprised,Hurried to the outside of the crowd,Whispered:“Wenwen,What happened?”

Wenwen said with a trembling voice:“My dad……He resigned today……”
“what?Your father resigned?”
Peng Changyi was surprised again,He looked around for a while,Everyone is wittyly away from the secretary,He took a few steps in the opposite direction from the crowd,Then said quietly:“Wenwen,Don’t worry,Speak slowly,what is the problem?”
Wenwen said:“I don’t know the details,Someone told me just now,Said my dad quarreled with Secretary Han at the meeting,Then resigned……”
“it is good,Wenwen,I’m having something outside,Call you in a while。”
Talking,After Peng Changyi hung up Wenwen’s call,He stretched out his hand and beckoned at his secretary not far away.,The secretary ran over,Peng Changyi said:“I’m in a hurry,Back to work immediately,Call Zhao Feng over。”
in fact,When the secretary answered the phone,Zhao Feng, secretary general of the Municipal Party Committee, has been watching him,just,The secretary answers the phone alone,It’s inconvenient for them to get close,The secretary and secretary will see themselves,Zhao Feng hurried a few steps,Trot over,Said:“Secretary Peng,Something?”
Peng Changyi said:“I’m in a hurry,First back to unit,You guys continue,Let’s summarize the situation。”
Zhao Feng nodded。
Peng Changyi turned around and walked back,Old Gu’s car has fallen off a long time ago, waiting for him,After getting in the car,Peng Changyi said:“Back to work。”
On the road,Peng Changyi called Wenwen again,Wenwen connected immediately,Peng Changyi said:“Wenwen,Don’t worry,Can you elaborate?”
Wenwen said:“Peng Shuer,I know so much,Or Shuer Cao called me just now,Just said that。”
“Well,Let me call Cao Nan。Wenwen,remember,No matter what happens,Don’t mix up,Take good care of your children and your mother-in-law,listen to me,I’ll tell you after I find out。”Peng Changyi told。
“Peng Shuer,do not worry,I will。” Can hear it,Wenwen’s heart is heavy,Also messy,But her tone is firm。

Meng Ke looked at Peng Changyi,Just stunned,Then said:“You don’t know about it?”

Peng Changyi looks at the expression on Meng Ke’s face,Not like joking with him,Just say:“I do not know,No one told me,I’m almost the same as a widow。”
Say it here,If Meng Ke didn’t go down, he obviously couldn’t go.,Just say:“That’s it,I am also a gossip,I heard that Yao Bin might come out,It’s possible to come to Qingping,I don’t know if it is true or not。”
Peng Changyi was even more stunned,Said:“I have never heard of it,Is the news reliable?”
Meng Ke thought for a while and said:“Basically reliable。”
Peng Changyi nodded,not talking anymore,Pretty serious,long time,He just picked up the cup,Motioned to Mengke,Said:“drink!”
Shu Qing looked at Peng Changyi with some worry,Chong Meng Ke shook his head silently,It means that Peng Changyi and the others are not allowed to drink。
I don’t know if Meng Ke didn’t understand Shu Qing’s meaning or deliberately pretended to be confused,He even touched a loud cup with Peng Changyi,Head up,Drank the wine in the glass。
Peng Changyi is more unambiguous,Mengke first toast。
After putting down the glass,Meng Ke looked at Shu Qing,The eyes are clearly saying:how,Distressed?
Shu Qing didn’t bother,But stood up and filled Mengke with wine。
Meng Ke looked at Shu Qing,Until Shu Qing will slowly fill a small glass of wine,Watching Shu Qing slowly pouring wine into Peng Changyi’s glass。When Shu Qing reaches half a cup,,Hand stopped,Don’t want to fill Peng Changyi。
She took a peek at Meng Ke,I saw Meng Ke’s eyes fixed on this wine glass,She poured out two more drops slowly,Just about to lift the bottle mouth,Meng Ke spoke:“how,Pour me so full,Don’t fill him up,What do you mean?Biased?”
Shu Qing heard what Meng Ke said,Simply put down the bottle,She said frankly:“Of course,Because we have to drive back later,You don’t have to drive if you drink too much,Someone will pick up Secretary Meng after you call,We can’t。”
Meng Ke heard this,Looking at Peng Changyi,Silent。
Peng Changyi did not speak,But pick up his own glass,Put it in front of Mengke,Bring his full cup to yourself,Then he looked at Meng Ke and said:“Are you satisfied??”
Meng Ke saw Peng Changyi exchanged cups with himself,Said embarrassingly:“Don’t,Doesn’t it appear that I am bullying you?”Talking,Reach out,I want to bring back my glass。

When Yang Shiyun doesn’t know what to do with this,Suddenly the walkie-talkie hung on her shoulder made a sound。

“Please pay attention to each unit!Please pay attention to each unit!Robbers rob the bank in Huaxia Bank on Guangliang Road,Robber holds firearms,very dangerous,Kidnapped a large number of hostages,Emergency,Please support immediately!”
When Yang Shiyun heard the news,My face changed immediately,I don’t care about Qin Liang and the crowd,Rush to your police car at the fastest speed,Huaxia Bank on Guangliang Road。
“Did you hear!Robbers rob the bank!We hurry up to join in the fun,Live broadcast!Say it’s not the same, I will become an influencer immediately!Beautiful car beauties are waiting for me!”Some of the onlookers took great interest in this bank robbery,Ignore Qin Liang who was lying on the ground pretending to be dead,A swarm of people rushed to Guangliang Road,Some are afraid to wait for the robbers to exchange fire with the police,Will hit the pond fish,People who rush to leave,But they didn’t mean to help Qin Liang get up。
In this year,Once lifted a person,Being wronged is a murderer,Who will be redressed then??So just ignore Qin Liang who fell on the ground,Thirty-six strategies are the best。
After these people are gone,Qin Liang got up slowly,Flicked the dust off the body,Shook his head and said:“Ugh,The world is cold,If I really fall down,I didn’t need to report to Yan Luo,This delay,It must be reported by Yan Luo。
Qin Liang got up from the ground,Flicked the dust off the body,After a sigh,I remembered that Yang Shiyun’s walkie-talkie said that someone robbed the bank。
“Robbers rob the bank。”Qin Liang pondered,“It is also the Huaxia Bank with the strongest security force,These robbers are so courageous。”
Huaxia Bank is very famous in China,Security force is also the strongest,The average robber wants to rob but can’t do it,If there is a robbery,That proves that these robbers are very skilled。
Thinking of this, Qin Liang suddenly felt an uneasy throb in his heart。
“Yang Shiyun will be fine, right?。She rushed over to support,The robber still has a gun in his hand。Too dangerous,I have to go to see the destination。”
Fighting in the battlefield for many years,I have trained Qin Liang to have a very accurate instinct for warning of danger,This time he felt uneasy about Yang Shiyun’s safety,Yang Shiyun will definitely be in danger,Minor injuries,Badly injured。Qin Liang’s intuition has saved him many times during many dangerous missions。So he values his instinct very much。
Thought of here,Qin Liang should not be late,Immediately jump into your own BMW car,Huaxia Bank on Guangliang Road。
Outside the Huaxia Bank on Guangliang Road,The whole road has been emptied,Pulled the cordon far away,A dozen police cars parked outside the cordon,Dozens of police scattered around Huaxia Bank,Monitor the situation of this building。
On a command vehicle,Director of Public Security Liu Yong,Captain Mei Changlin,Zhong Tian, the captain of Haishang’s special forces, is together,Looking at the floor plan of the Hua Xia Bank Building, discussing tactics。
Police Chief Liu Yong pointed to the middle area of the building and said:“Now we have determined,The robbers gathered the hostages of the entire building here,Their number is not completely determined,But they have guns in their hands,And very good,All made in America。”

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Chapter two thousand three hundred and fourteen Married and be a wife
? “But I feel very uncomfortable。”
Shen Ruoxue pursed her mouth and said。
“Ok,Then I apologize to you,Sorry,Brother-in-law is joking,Improper use of words,Upset you,Be careful in the future。”
Qin Liang endured a smile and said seriously。
“It’s almost,It depends on your sincere apology, brother-in-law,I will forgive you this time,Take it as an example。”
This is Shen Ruoxue’s face“Cloudy to clear”Up,Little Tsundere said。
“Ugh……Sometimes women are really troublesome……”
Qin Liang sighed in his heart,Think silently。
“Brother-in-law,You haven’t drunk this bowl of soup yet。”
Liu Xiaoyun, who hadn’t spoken for a long time, suddenly spoke,It turned out that her attention was still on the bowl made by Shen Ruoxue“Dabutang”on。
“Yes yes yes!Patronize and speak,The soup is going to be cold,Brother-in-law, please drink quickly。”
Shen Ruoxue was reminded by Qin Liang’s words,And urged Qin Liangdao。
“Then I’ll try our Xiaoxue’s craftsmanship。”
Qin Liang knew he couldn’t hide,So I had to scoop a little soup with a spoon,Carefully put it in his mouth……
“how is it going?how is the taste?”

“Then I have to learn!”

Shen Ruoxue immediately followed the request。
“Forget it……You are already a schoolmaster,What are you doing,Isn’t it just for the red envelopes to join in the fun??”
Qin Liang told Shen Ruoxue knowingly。
“Of course not!Xiaoyun learns to be boring and lonely alone,If I’m her company,She will be more interested in learning。”
Shen Ruoxue Zhenzheng said。
Actually, Shen Ruoxue can totally tutor Liu Xiaoyun,But she is not a teacher,I have a culture and don’t teach others,Secondly, she and Liu Xiaoyun got together,Two people will start chatting in five minutes,It is impossible to achieve the purpose and effect of making Liu Xiaoyun study culture seriously。
“Yep,This excuse can have,Ha ha,I found that you are not just a snack,And I’m still a small money fan。”
Qin Liang smiled and nodded and said。
“Then let’s say it happily,Brother-in-law, when you gave out red envelopes,Remember to send a double copy。”
Shen Ruoxue ignored what Qin Liang said about her,As long as the purpose is achieved,She is satisfied。
“Ugh……Koyuki,Can you be more reserved?The old lady’s face will be lost by you.!”
Shen Ruoxi sighed helplessly。

Baby Ou has a faint look,“Fortunately, Ou Huang is Ou Huang,Foresight,The project finally flew,Double profit,The Qin family is only subdued,Started coaxing Daou。Ou Huang made the Qin family suffer a few dumb losses,Qin Jiacai completely lowered his head。And because of the contract constraints,It’s like that they all have amnesia,Maintained the partnership for many years。to date,Although the cooperation is not close,But externally,Still a close and friendly relationship.”

“Your Qin family,Has always been a great company,A gesture of a benefactor for Daou。The benefactor bonus after so many years,I’ve been sick for so many years,Do you really think,Your Qin family is Daou’s benefactor?Enemy becomes benefactor,I think the beauty is you,It is you who suffer from amnesia,Not Dao。”
Ou Baobao also said nothing,“Don’t worry about you and Miss Sun,Look so heavy,I am the chairman of Daou,Not a silly little girl。Swallowing the Qin family is destined,Daou let the Qin family for many years,Although I keep collecting interest,But I don’t have the feeling of eating a cake in one bite.?It’s just that right time,If it’s really because of Miss Sun,I wish you all a hundred years。”
“Self-righteous person like you,And Miss Sun,Really a perfect match。”
Ou Baobao knocks on the table,“You can go back and get your Qin family ready。I won’t kill them all,just,The Qin family is destined to disappear,It’s useless to struggle。”Just because you are an important male match,Hurt Huaiye in the plot,I can’t let the Qin family go。
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Five Dumplings
“.”Qin Chuan was furious,Pale face,Trembling half of the body。
Baby Ou still looks at Qin Chuan lightly,“something,Believe in retribution,It’s better than admitting that I am incompetent,You said,is not it?”
Yuze was worried that Qin Chuan would suddenly pass。
Qin Chuan finally stabilized himself,Then stood up slowly,“Da Ou is afraid of the reputation of perfidy?”
“I live by strength and beauty,Not on reputation。”Baby Ou is very simple。
“.”If it wasn’t for the bad atmosphere,Yuze is about to laugh。
“.”You do have beauty and strength,Qin Chuan cannot speak nonsense without his conscience。even,He must hold on to the affection in his heart,In order to go smoothly,I usually stand in front of Baby Ou。He also imagined,If he proposes to follow Bao Bao unconditionally,Give the Qin family a dowry or dowry to Da Ou,Will Ou Baobao be happy,Would you agree to him.