“Of course not his,But we can’t get,Don’t even think about it。”

People of Akabane School。
Never thought,This exquisite sect person,I stabbed myself in the back。
Meet the people of Linglong School,Want to snatch this fig。
One after another,Stop this exquisite sect person。
“Your Akabane Sect,Want to die??”
“Dare to stop us from snatching figs?”
Exquisite sect,See this Akabane Sect,Dare to stop my whereabouts。
“Humph!The school of attacking people behind。”
“Stop you,so what?”
People of Akabane School,Every,All with death,Not let this exquisite sect person,Get this fig expression。
“it is good,In this case,Then die for me。”
“kill,Don’t leave one。”
“The people of the Akabane Sect,Kill me all。”
The people of Linglong School heard,Yelled。

Questioning weakly in a low voice“why?Brother Sheng, you,Why do you do this!”

why,Why did you kill Dean Flanders first?!
Then he shot his father!!
Since he did!!
Why don’t you do it yourself!!!
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixteen get out,waste(Subscribe)
Xu Sheng looked at Tang San who questioned him,Cold tone“Mi,You have to know that many things in the world are not up to you and me,But the position!”
Tang San Wenyan,Raise your eyes sharply,Those cold pupils emitted an amazing purple light and bombarded Xu Sheng’s head.……
This purple mental attack was created by Tang San with the help of the purple magic pupil……
unfortunately,The purple light hasn’t touched Xu Sheng,Was blocked by an invisible barrier in front of him……
Xu Sheng stared at Tang San calmly,“Mi,Your mental power has reached the level of Contra,But away from me,Still too far!”
Tang San saw Xu Sheng’s appearance,I squeezed my palm tightly……
Killed his own teacher!
And own father!

And you said I smashed your phone,What proof do you have,This phone is yours?

I also said this is mine!After all, it was in my hands just now。”
“Secretary Liang,Stop talking nonsense with him,Call the police。”
Mu Yuqing on the side,Can’t stand it。
“Haha!!Then go to the police!I happen to be too lazy to call the police,After all you kidnapped my son,Wait for the police to come,I saw the evidence,See if I don’t want to teach you a lesson。
But chick,If you know,Sleep with me for one night,I’ll leave it alone,how is it?”
Staring at Secretary Liang and Mu Yuqing with a squint,Laughed。
“Are you silly??
Since there is evidence,Why show him?
Don’t you guys know,Is this person a rogue?”
Heard Lin Yu’s explanation,Jiang Yiran, who thought he could not lose money,Anxious。
Others don’t understand this old Wang’s character,But I have been neighbors for decades,Can you still not understand?
“I bother!Jiang Yiran,Dare you wrong me,Believe it or not, I interrupted your daughter’s hand,Smashed my car window,Dare to be so arrogant?”
Lao Wang heard Jiang Yiran’s words,Very happy at the moment,Seeing this Jiang Yiran dare to speak,Laughed at Jiang Yiran。
“is it?
Then take a good look,This video,What video is it?”
Lin Yu saw the other party arrogant for so long,I can’t even speak。

But in this moment,Lu Li’s figure disappeared from his eyes,This speed is beyond his expectation。The doormaster came back,But a sharp pain has come from my heart,He looked down in a daze,I saw a bloody hand had passed through his chest。Standing behind him,It’s Lu Li。

“What are you.”
Not waiting for the master to finish,Lu Li pulled away his right hand directly,Blood splattered to the ground,The host was shocked,Body crashed to the ground。
“Land from.”Watching this scene,Wu Di is completely messed up,This person in front of me,Is it really Lu Li??But at the moment,Lu Li looked at him calmly,The hot eyes gradually became very calm。
A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth,Suddenly spit out a smear of black blood。
“boom——”Lu Li’s body crashed to the ground。
Chapter nine Return to the past
Wu Di hurried over,Hold his head tightly in his arms,She saw that Lu Li was just tired,Still awake。
“original,Wasn’t your name Wu Di before,Your previous name.Much better than this。”Lu Li smiled lightly,He looks very satisfied,A feeling of ease appeared on the face。
Seems to be in this imported memory,He has a very contented sense of belonging。
Wu Di’s face blushed,There were tears in her eyes,Sore nose,I burst into tears,“moron,You really scared me just now!”
The two smiled at each other,It seems that defeating the sect master has been forgotten,Lu Li was still intoxicated in that memory,And Wu Di only has the safety of Lu Li。This series of special experiences,These two strangers,Close together in my heart。
“I seem.Don’t remember,Your memory disappears so fast。”Lu Li said slowly,Maybe because of this memory,He feels Wu Di is very kind,very familiar。
He stretched out his hand to touch Wu Di’s face,But stopped again。

Really king.Eight.egg!

It won’t be me anyway!
Who would dare to say Teacher Chu Liuxiang,Or something bad about Teacher Lu Xiaofeng,We fight with them!!!
First463chapter Shen Yun Charm
“Ding Dong!”
“So far,Post about teacher Chu Liuxiang being a good person,The total has exceeded1Billion,At the same time, people held injustices for Teacher Chu Liuxiang on various occasions、Number of appreciations,Has reached100Billion times。”
“This is also the unprecedented glory of the host,The system is very pleased with this,This is directly related to the system’s tireless teaching。If it weren’t for the system to keep the stingy host donating,Can there be today’s big turnaround?Can you defeat the conspiracy of Mavericks and Shining Technology??”
“In order to encourage the host to carry forward the spirit of helping others,The system specially rewards a song、Regular script mastery(intermediate)、Shen Yun Charm(primary)1Pieces。。
Note:Shen Yun charms can be pasted on fake paintings、Above fake calligraphy writing,Let them have the charm of the original。How much Shen Yun,It depends on the host’s calligraphy and painting skills,And the level of Shen Yun charms。”
Yo West!
Shen Huan patted his palm。
When I just came home from school,I received such a few surprises,Really happy。
Just good master,This thing is good,But what do you think,You are leading me in the direction of cheating?
calligraphy、Shen Yun Charm……
Is it possible that you think one day,I can imitate Wang Xizhi’s great works?

Compared to throwing money,Shanhai.com has never been afraid of people。

The princess shouted directly3100 million yuan today’s price,One breath is four or five times higher than the price of Satellite TV,The end is rich!
No matter which one Shen Huan chooses when he arrives,《Gift in Room 7》What are the tens of millions of production costs??
Not worth mentioning!
Earn before shooting2Over 100 million,apart from《Gift in Room 7》,Which TV series can do it!?
First882chapter Comedy No. 1 Director
After discussing with Xin Changkong,Shen Huan turned around and took a taxi to Taifeng Building。
Taifeng Tower is one of Huajing’s time-honored brands。
Huajing likes to set the rules。
Like eating,Eight Building、Badaju and so on,What kind of food you have to go to a special place,Don’t pay attention to eating all the delicacies in one place,That would be laughed at。
Led by the waiting staff,Shen Huan entered the box on the second floor。
Inside the box,I’ve been waiting for a middle-aged man with buck teeth,There are two pretty beauties.Female。

Hao He nodded,Shook his head again,“You can’t do this!”

“Watch while walking!”Shen Huan is also very helpless。
if it is possible,He really doesn’t want to be so famous。
Make money quietly,Marry a few wives,How many children,Live the rich life comfortably,This is the best。
I don’t know that he is now more famous than most people in the world,Even more and more famous,I really feel that such a reputation is a bit burdened。
“All right,Don’t mention these things,It’s no big deal。”Yang Kaixin has different opinions,“Is there something shame about Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang??Not only brilliant,And keep donating to charity,People who care about poverty,Such a positive person,Are you afraid of others saying bad things??”
“You think it’s simple。”Yang Feng reached out and touched his daughter’s head,“But this is not unreasonable,As long as the images of these two identities are very positive,There is nothing to worry about。”
Hao He also agreed,“Like me,I heard that both Teacher Chu and Teacher Lu donated hundreds of millions to the children in the mountainous area,Education for mountainous areas,I feel very admired……Moreover,The two teachers did not behave badly,But to win glory for the country,It’s a young hero!”
Hao He’s opinion,It also represents the opinions of a considerable part of the elite。
They don’t like young people who become famous,Because it means being young and frivolous,Hard to discipline。
But Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang are different。
Their morals are good,Do things low-key,Also actively doing charity,Such young people,Even if I will be jealous,But it won’t hate!
Shen Huan watched them comforting herself,I can’t even notice it。
To be afraid is not to be afraid。
It’s just that there will be a lot of disturbances and troubles。
But I have come to this point,Can it be returned??
Of course the soldiers came to cover the water and earth!
Finished this,Shen Huan and Hao He began to discuss the plot and structure。


First111chapter:I want to fly
The monster grunts and finishes,Gan Yifan froze in silence,After a while:“You lived for thousands of years?”
His focus is always different。
The monster bared its teeth,Silent。
“This is the place for Taoist priests to retreat?”Gan Yifan asked again。
The monster still doesn’t say anything,But he stretched out his foot and stepped on Gan Yifan’s foot,The pain makes me jump。
The amount of information is a bit big,Did not bring the phone,Can’t check online,Gan Yifan asked some strange questions,They don’t match the information the monster wants him to know.,Make the monster very depressed,Simply grunt——Take time to visit Zhongnan Mountain。
Gan Yifan is not willing,He said:“I still have to go to school,And Shaanxi is far away, alright,I haven’t even left Ganning City。”
Monster grunt,This means that——I asked you to go now,Take time to go during the holidays。
“discuss later。”Gan Yifan perfunctory。
The monster can’t do anything with him,Grumble a few words,To sleep on my stomach,Ignore Gan Yifan。
In fact, one person and one animal know each other,Gan Yifan knows this matter is important to the monster,The monster also knows that Gan Yifan knows it takes this matter very seriously。
identical,The monster is not willing to leave it,Gan Yifan didn’t want the monster to leave him。
The monster that is indifferent to everything suddenly pays special attention to this matter,This is not a good sign for Gan Yifan,He doesn’t know what will happen in the future,He never asks much about the origin of monsters,Because he understands a truth——The more you know, the more restless。
Maybe he went to Zhongnan Mountain in Qinling to find out how to practice without fire,and then?
Then will the monster leave?

How can it be ok!

But what can I do if there is a problem??
Stop them?
How to stop?
By the mouth??
Moreover,This is not what people are looking for first,It’s what the referee looks for first,What happened to the referee??
At this time,The old man is calm。
He really didn’t know in advance,Usually superstar whistle is used to it,Today’s,A bit too much。
Old Zhan wants to win。
Lao Zhan wants to win。
He would love to bring the championship trophy to Cleveland,Even for this he did not hesitate to do something,But the game,He wants to fight by himself!
He has confidence in himself!
Indeed,Referee“Officially launched”prior to,The Cavaliers are still slightly behind,But Old Zhan doesn’t think he can’t catch him back。
He has confidence in himself,He believes that he can win the game with his strength。

(So I really can’t touch the bed,I can’t get off as soon as I stick to the bed。)It’s different after rest,The whole person is sober,More conducive to thinking。

There is a one-and-a-half hour break from afternoon to evening,I used to be dragged down by a special class, so basically I didn’t arrange it.。
No matter how you drag it at night,I have arranged for myself to ride half an hour of cycling time to relax。
Otherwise, stay in the room and study all day,Will really crash。Arranged for the evening3Time period,The first time period was originally a word,The second one is special two,The third is teaching resources。
Thinking about English tonight,So I changed the time to the real question,Brushing and not paying attention to the time,It’s the second time。
I still have to write the real question,Now change from 7:30 to 9:00 every day to do real questions,Listen to the real exam,Other times unchanged。
But the original summary time from 8:30 to 9:00 is changed to the rest time at night,Temporarily change the time tonight,The remaining subjects are also changed,There is not much time left for the second major,It is estimated that it will take a few minutes to finish writing today’s summary,The remaining time for the second major is reserved for teaching resources,The teaching resources did not do exercises because of the early rest last night,Just take advantage of this time to practice more。
It’s not early,I should go to practice teaching resources。Today’s chicken blood:No matter how distant the goal is, it can’t stand the persistence。
Body volume
Chapter One Helicopter accident
“Hi,GIGI!It’s time to get up and go to the competition!”Kobe Bryant shouted,He just washed away the sweat after training,Although retired for a long time,Kobe still maintains the habit of getting up early to practice。Was abandoned for a while,But being called a fat Mamba by netizens can make Kobe angry,Although there are more and more Internet spree,Kobe is not easy to be called this way。