At least enough for acting。

Only after the shooting started,Buyiyi gradually fell into trouble。
Honestly,There are not many heroine roles played by Buyiyi,But for the transformation of the clown,But it played a vital catalytic factor。
Although director and producer Todd Phillips,Made a change to the heroine’s identity,But the challenge for Buyiyi is still great。
This is not,Tossing all morning,made a bid5Group shot,There is3Group failed,In no way,Todd Phillips can only let Buyi rest first,After adjusting your emotional state,Shoot again in the afternoon。
The crew didn’t stop completely,The deputy director took a group of people to shoot the group actors。
Buyiyi in the large nanny car,I immediately put away my peaceful face,Turned into frowns。
Can walk in with her,It can only be Wang Xi she brought from China。
Wang Xi hurriedly closed the door behind him,By the way, I poured a glass of ice water for Buyiyi,“Come,Sit and rest,Don’t stress yourself too much,Otherwise, if you collapse,How to shoot?”
“I can’t help it!”Buyiyi drinking water,The troubled road:“Jackie is so amazing,Obviously he is still in despair,But I can always see crazy things in his eyes,Under such a fear,Naturally I can’t act out!”
“This is the strength of a Hollywood actress。”Wang Xidao,“precisely because of this,You have to be more competitive,Otherwise, there are even more people who gossip secretly。”
“What are you afraid of?They dare not speak in front of me!”Bu Yiyi coldly hummed,“I’m stuck these days,Couldn’t they see my previous efforts?”
“They can see,You are Shen Huan’s woman,Came in by the power of capital。”Wang Xi responded。
“cut,If I pay attention to these people,I can still fight till now?”Xiao Huadan said dismissively,“Even if this girl has Shen Huan,Should act well,I will play well,Will never be perfunctory。”

Linghua took a bite of the steaming fried Liangpi,Can’t help but frown,Tao:“Why is it so light,No chili。”</p>

Su Luo smiled:“Sister Linghua,If you like spicy food,You can adjust the taste yourself,There are oily chili peppers on the stove。”</p>
With,Su Luo casually filled a bowl full of cold skin,Pass it to Reba。</p>
but,Look at her,Doesn’t seem to have an appetite,This made Su Luo frowned。</p>
suddenly,He remembered,Online girls usually at this time,Drinking brown sugar water will be effective,Can feel better。</p>
Su Luo’s eyes flickered,Whether it works or not,Do it first。</p>
But it seems,There is no brown sugar in the kitchen,Only a can of white sugar left。</p>
White granulated sugar does not seem to replace the effect of brown sugar,He came to the corner of the yard,Watching Wang Zhengyu:“director,Do you have brown sugar?”</p>
Wang Zhengyu was taken aback,Shook his head,The show group is mostly a group of men,Who would prepare that stuff。</p>
This result,It’s a little beyond Su Luo’s expectations,Made him frown。</p>
It’s impossible to buy it in town now?But time is too late。</p>
Fortunately at this time,There is a female staff,Hands up:“I have some brown sugar in my suitcase,Brought from home last time,little more,Do you want it?”</p>
Su Luo overjoyed,Nodded quickly,Tao:“want。”</p>
The female staff smiled gently,Tao:“You wait,I’ll get it for you。”</p>

If it spreads out later,Shen Huan’s not doing his job properly to cook private kitchen,I don’t know how many people will scold him。

At that time, the private kitchen did not even have the most basic privacy。
So Shen Huan was wandering around home during this time。
He likes to find some old alleys,There are some old houses inside,It’s more Beijing flavor,It means the ancient heritage。
But once this Haiding District is surrounded by schools,Building a commercial house is definitely the most cost-effective business,Where are so many old hutongs?How many suitable old houses are there?
Even if someone has,It may not be leased out,Or someone is already using it。
Looking for,Shen Huan is finally in Zeng’s Hutong next to Xiyuan Bridge,Found a small yard with one entry and one exit。
This small yard only has100What it looks like,But the win is very quiet,There are no entertainment facilities around,Best for a quiet meal。
And it’s not far from the road,Just30Dormi,It’s easier to come and go。
If parking,There is a mall not far away,I didn’t get to the car200Meter。
The only trouble,It’s this small yard that opened a tea house,And it was opened by the owner himself,Unwilling to transfer。
Shen Huan can’t help it,He himself is not suitable for these bargaining transactions。
So Shen Huan invited four schools.flower,Let them talk to the old man。
Don’t you say,I don’t know what the four young ladies said,In the end, the talk was over。
But they also agreed to a request from the owner, Mr. Ke,When the private kitchen is open,He has to come for the first meal,If it doesn’t meet the standard,Can’t open。
This is quite interesting。
Shen Huan readily agreed。
But the price they rented to Shen Huan is not cheap,A month3Ten thousand,Can not destroy the main structure。
Do the math,Even if you make one table every day,The profit of a single table is1000Above yuan,To maintain the most basic overhead。
If you add Chuan Cai、clean、Labor costs for assistants, etc.,There is no profit of five or sixty thousand,Not well maintained at all。

But arrived2floor,She only saw the menopausal old woman lying in the bedroom。

“Where’s Fang Hao??Where did you hide him?”
Tang Xiaodie asked unhappy。
I didn’t put down my schoolbag,She started looking。
Looked under the bed,No one seen,And opened all the wardrobes,No one was seen。
Even opened the curtains,I didn’t see the person who was hiding。
Shan Rou couldn’t help being funny,Said:“There are still a few drawers open,Do you want to take a look?”
“You treat me stupid,A man as old as Fang Hao,How could it be hidden in the drawer?”Tang Xiaodie angered。
“He finished the photo,People are gone,You are still looking for him here,Isn’t that stupid?”Shan Rou said leisurely。
“Really gone?”Tang Xiaodie looked at her suspiciously。
“if not?”Shan Rou asked,“Don’t leave after work,Save it for dinner?”
Tang Xiaodie pouted:“Look at you stingy,Can’t bear a supper?”
“I was willing to have that dinner,I just can’t see your nympho。”
Talking about this,Shan Rou is angry again,Originally lying in bed,Sat up all at once,Pointing at Tang Xiaodie and said:


“Pacers made two opening three-pointers!”
Made another three-pointer?
DeMarre was instantly lost,The whole person is lost in thought。
who am I?
where am I?
What am i doing?
Wasn’t you still grabbing rebounds??Why did you shoot three points suddenly??
Oh my god!
I just landed,You are done offense?
The shock and incomprehension in DeMarre’s eyes are about to overflow。
But no one will explain to him now。
“The Pacers’ offense is really full of imagination!”
“From picking up a rebound to Xu Xuan launching an offense,Back and forth does not exceed5Time in seconds!”
Without the ball landing,The Pacers completed an incredible cooperation!

Bowen and Big Ben ran back and forth inside and outside!

Campbell sits in the center(Paddling)!
End of first quarter,Wizards only13Minute!
The Lakers won25Minute。
Substitute stage of the second quarter,Horry led Fan Madzi to contact Fisher and scored three points,The score not only did not shrink but expanded。
Webber has no choice but to play early,Continuous attack on the weak inside of the Lakers bench。
The score was stabilized by Weber。
Both sides start,The Bullets still can’t adapt to the Lakers’ high-intensity defense,Rod-Strickland crashed across the board in front of Kobe,Strickland, whose strength, speed and experience are at a disadvantage, was continuously intercepted by Kobe。
This is the normal state of the Lakers’ second quarter,Some fans even suspect thatSHOWTIMEEra of basketball,Countless fast breaks broke the bullet。
The only normal person on the bullet team is Webber,He used gorgeous skills to prove that he is already the strongest group of power forwards in the league,Under the strict defense of Ben Wallace, he can still score in different ways。
The other players are out of standard,Half-time bullets12Mistakes,Kobe’s defense is impenetrable。
The rhythm of the third quarter is the same,Bullet error,Then the Lakers fought back。
The game lost its suspense at the end of the third quarter。
The end of the audience,Lakers98:76bullet。
Chris Weber scored31Minute9Backboard6Assist2Steal1Cap5Mistake。

But stopped suddenly……

Secretly thinking“No way,This kid just abused me like that……”
seemingly,It’s not okay not to be punished!
Thought of this………
Xu Sheng’s eyes flashed with chilling coldness……
Tang San, who had regained consciousness, found himself kneeling in front of Xu Sheng.,Looking at my arm,His face was full of consternation“??I’m not dead?”
immediately,His gaze subconsciously cast a sideward glance,I saw a headless corpse and a chubby thing collapsed on the ground next to him……
See the familiar dress and face clearly……
Tang San’s pupils suddenly widened,Can’t help but exclaimed“that’s me……”
Not finished yet,Heard“Puff”Bang,Blood spattered again……
There was pain in Tang San’s neck again,The visible line of sight slipped again……
Consciousness returned to darkness……
Tang San regained consciousness,Look at my body for the first time,See it is still okay。
There was a big doubt in his mind,“???I……Was my illusion just now?But such a real pain……”

After all, his limelight has been out tonight,Also made money,No need to publicize,Otherwise, it might lead to something wrong。

Wang Xuan sighed,Quite lost,By his own ability,I’m afraid it will be great if you can save money tonight。
“Miss,Your flowers。”
The waiter suddenly came over,Holding a bouquet of flowers with a big head、Color fiery rose,Bend over and handed to Joeyi。
“Whoops,Who gave this?So courageous,Are you impatient?。”
Didn’t wait for Qiao Yiyi to speak,Wang Xuan scolded immediately。
Mo Xiaosheng’s complexion also changed slightly,Feel a little unhappy,Dare to send flowers to his wife in front of him,I don’t take him seriously。
“Who asked you to send it over,Send it back to someone。”Qiao Yiyi didn’t even look at it,Said coldly。
“That gentleman said it was your friend,Let you take a look at the card on the flower。”Waiter embarrassed,Carefully glanced at Wang Xuan。
Qiao Yiyi frowned,Randomly glanced at the paper card on the flowers,The look changes in an instant。
First0023Zhang beautiful pain
“what happened?”See Mo Xiaosheng,Suspicion in my heart,Just caress in a low voice。
“It’s nothing,I go to the toilet。”Qiao Yiyi lowered his head,Stood up in a panic,Walk out in a hurry。
“Sister-in-law, what’s wrong??”Wang Xuan and Zhou Chen looked at each other,Somewhat puzzled。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t speak,Took a look at the card on the flower,I saw a string of simple English written on it:Missyoumuch。
Besides,Nothing else。

It’s only two o’clock at night,He has one hour to work,Not much,But the efficiency is amazing。

For example, Wang Yufei’s hands are dancing fast on the keyboard,Then line of code was typed out。
If you let a serious programmer see Wang Yufei’s working status at this time,I would think that if Wang Yufei was not in the water forum at this time,So there is a high probability that you are tearing up with the product manager。
Serious program,Who would not think at all,Like writing an article?
You know no matter which programming language,The meaning is much richer than natural language,Typing code must be thoughtful,The link that can quickly knock out the code,They tend to use copy、Paste shortcut。
After all, some people’s native language is Chinese,Some people are English,There are people whose mother tongue is other messy languages,But no one’s native language is a programming language。
Not to mention that serious programmers have to scold in their hearts when typing code。
Stupid customer,Do you understand the needs?
Idiot project manager,What garbage plan is this made!
Stupid Product Manager,Don’t you feel tired if you mention some garbage!
Dumb test,You don’t understand after a serious test,Nothing to mess up your first!
Stupid colleague,What garbage code was written!
Stupid architecture,What kind of garbage structure is this Nima!
But Wang Yufei doesn’t need to scold anymore。
After all, from customer to project manager to product manager、Architecture、The test is basically all-inclusive。
Occasionally Lu Yuxin will help him do something,But of course Wang Yufei will not complain about his own woman in his heart。

“Fuck you,Useless waste!”

Yuan He scolded,Then turned and walked quickly into the house。
“Grandma Yuan,Thanks to you this time!”
On the road,Mo Xiaosheng said with some gratitude to Yuan Jinshu。
to be frank,If it wasn’t for Yuan Jinshu to follow him this time,,He may not be able to get out for a while。
“okay,Niche,Why are you polite with grandma?!”
Yuan Jinshu smiled and patted Mo Xiaosheng’s hand,Smiled,“In the future,If you have anything difficult,Just tell grandma,If grandma can’t handle it,,And your grandpa,Your grandpa hears me often mention you,Always let me invite you to eat at home,Say I want to meet you,By the way, thank you in person,Thank you for saving my old lady’s life!”
“Grandma Yuan,You don’t agree,Don’t mention this!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled at her,I learned that Grandma Yuan’s lover wanted to know herself,Can’t help being flattered,But he knew,“Companion with a monarch as a companion with a tiger”The meaning of this sentence,Know this big man,He should stay away for now。
After returning to the hospital,Yuan Jinshu knew that Mo Xiaosheng was going to the hospital to visit King Yue,And didn’t let Mo Xiaosheng help him massage,Let the driver come and pick him up。
Mo Xiaosheng casually took two bites of rice,So he took Mingcheng and Li Zhen to the hospital。
Because Yuerenwang’s identity is quite special,People from the military intelligence department arranged him in a separate room.。
After Mo Xiaosheng and the others rushed over,,King Yueren is still in a coma。
Mo Xiaosheng quickly took out the silver needle,Gave another injection for Yueren Wang,Detoxify the wound。
“Mr,Should we take him back to the hospital??”Li Zhen asked curiously。