“Now Xiao Li is next to me.,I am not afraid of Xiao Li Ji.,Xiao Li is in http://www.ljyg0591.cn our hearts??

Be a goddess,Fat,Now the meat is in your mouth.,However, you will take a garlic with a garlic.,You are not willing?”
“You are not willing,So today, I don’t have it.,After all, this building of the pork processing plant must pass through the village.,There is no passing。”
Say this,Peach rolls directly“Break”。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Peach is actually so stasic in Taohua Village.。
This peach roll that he saw on weekdays is somewhat different.。
at this time,Li Hui Feng also rushed and laughed:“uncle,uncle,Don’t worry!Do you call me to let me solve the problem??
I haven’t started to say two sentences yet.,You will break,How is this going on??”
“You won’t really want me to build this pork processing plant in Zhaojia Village.?”
I listened to Li Hui to stand up.,Tao Wanji is also a pleasure,Know that the small fox is still fighting him, the old fox。
This hasn’t used hard meat.,Li Hui hooks with the wind。
“Xiao Li,I said it.,This is still like this,What can you have??”
Although he asked in his mouth,But then take a horn to drink.。
“Quiet quiet,Xiao Li also has something to say to you.,You listen to Xiao Li’s words。”
Li Xiangxue saw Tao Wan Volume,I don’t know that this is a roller that is taken by Tao Wan.。
It’s also hilarious.。
“The grandfather said just now.,If you don’t want me to open a pig processing plant in this village?,Then I will take the horse.。”
“But before I walked,I have to give you a bill.。”
“I start working in Taohua Village,The worker used is the first of Taohua Village.?
Even if you make a shadow, make money,I don’t want to work.,But your greenhouses don’t have to manage every day.,Don’t use a family to manage in the greenhouse,Just take a person to work to the factory.,One month guarantee three thousand wages。
”“Three points, you have a year of grain,How much can you earn??
Can you earn three hundred??
One month, 3,000 can be earned than you have been earned.,And you are not willing to accept the conditions of the grandfather,There is also a lot of empty places in your village.,Why not let me build a factory?”
“I am building a factory loss of your land.,But do you think about it?,I am not in this construction plant.,Those land is panicked, no one can,I can’t http://www.kali-linux.cn see you in the first year.,So you are happy.?
The grandfather came to me for two days, let me build the factory.,I asked me for a long time last night.,Since you are not willing,Then I will go to Zhaojia Village to build a factory.,The land pig farm there is mine.,I don’t have to spend a penny.。”
Finish,Li Hui Hui gave the horn in the hand.,Then turn directly to the people。
Tao Wan Volume I thought that Li Hui Feng was to stabilize the military,I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually thought about Zhaojia Village.。
This can make him have some mementers.。
Immediately see more。
“Xiao Li,Wait a moment,Wait a moment,Will it haven’t finished yet?!How did you worry??”
“Forehead,uncle,Don’t you say that I have finished speaking??”

This day is more people.,See who everyone feels familiar。After a few confused,I don’t dare to make people.。

“it’s okay no problem!”
Grande, Yee, rushed to sway。
Have a slightly familiar person,Grandpa Suiped in the heart of a lot of,Tone is also alleviated。
“Anzhi brother,You know.!”
“Yup,They have made some trading on the back and the shopkeeper.。Go first.,Here I am looking at it.!When the shopkeeper is coming back, he tells him.,Let him come as soon as possible!”
“it is good,That’s hard you.!”
“Go to work!The lake is also there.,I am busy outside.!I can hide in this.!Don’t envy me.!”
“Will not,I am still afraid that the reception is not good.,When I arrived slowly, I jealous.!”
Box door,Anzi took the tray from the second hand,Two people have two sentences。
“uncle,Drink tea!I have to find our treasurer today.!”
The average person is just looking for a position in the hall, let him sit down.,Or go directly to the backyard waiting.。
But Andzi has earned the business of the last sour bamboo shoots.,I feel that I am also a business partner.,Can’t be slow, it is,This is only in the box.。
Shouldn’t blame your own self-proposition!
“During this time, my wife is in the family.,Pondle your fresh eating,I want to see your restaurant.!”
Su Yeng is embarrassed to laugh。
But it is still very thoughtful, the weight of Niu Niu is weakened in this thing.,Push Su Grandma。
This credibility has also been much higher.,A small doll study new eating。It is estimated that no one is believed, no one dares to eat.!
“Then you really come to the place.,Our restaurants!I like these fresh http://www.99lebao.cn things.,Especially eating!uncle,Do not you worry,I estimate that there are ten eight nine you have to do business with our restaurant.!”
It is also a favorite.。
No words,Just indicate your own attitude。After all, how is it to be valued by the treasurer,Also or store small two,Cannot be more likely。
It’s this all words that I am in the heart of Sujia people.。
Listening to the words of Andzi,The opportunity of your own is still very big.,Total is better than a pot of cold water.。
“Su Lao Ge,long time no see!You are getting more and more spiritual.!Niu Niu,More and more beautiful!”
Tea is drinking half a pot,The shopkeeper is coming back.。
Open the door with a gust of wind,The face is also full of smiles。
“I will listen to someone else, I’m looking for me.,Is there anything that is a good?!”
The http://www.renchenghualang.cn last square is not mentioned by the earnings,But still earned a small。
the most important is,With this specialty, the name of the Fufu Restaurant is even more loud.。
Guests from the shop are not as adjust to praise the sate old duck soup。
Its unique flavor,It is also an imitation of other shops that cannot be imitated.。To eat authentic,Can only come to Tongfu Restaurant。
A pass ten,Ten pass hundred。
Many rich people will make their own small two in the door for this small second.。
This is also the strategy of Zhou Master.。
Not allowed to take,Do not accept advance reservation。Only 30 copies per day,First come first served。
have to say,Zhou Master is still not so much.。Zhou Lao is already very business.,Only from the white hand, there is such a big family。
But this week,Obviously it is blue and better than blue.!If someone is pressed,I still don’t know where this business will develop.!

Don’t open your doors casually。”

A middle-aged woman’s voice came,Follow,A pink middle-aged woman in a pinkTShirt,The following wear camel’s shorts,Drag with a word drag,In the eyes of Yue Lingxi。
She knows this is Mrs. Chu,She has only seen it once ,Still some impression。
“Mrs. Chu,Hello!I am Yue Lingxi,excuse me。”
Chu’s people listened to the people of Yuejia,I have a strong hate in my scorpion.,Anger:“What is your favorite people?,Is my daughter be harmful enough??”
Yue http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn Lingxi quickly looked at Chu Yan,It seems to guess what?
“Mrs. Chu,can we talk?
do not worry,We will not hurt you.,Because Yue Sheng is evil,I want him to get a sanctions,Miss Chu is also a victim,There are also a lot of girls like Chu.,Everyone is dare to anger.,If you have a heart to come up with evidence,Remember the court,Let him get the punishment you should,So everyone’s days can be peaceful。”
“I bother,It’s good to say it.,Your pleasure,There are a few stinky money, you can do whatever you want.,My daughter is so destroyed by Yue Sheng.,She has been embakened for a few years.,It is destroyed by your home.,Ggo。”
Chu said,Turn your daughter behind your body,Quickly turn the door。
Yue Lingfeng’s previous step,Stop。
Yue Lingxi on the front step:“lady,At that time, you didn’t call the police.,Don’t you want to go back to fairness for your daughter??”
“It is not your greed for one million cooperation when you are.,Miss Chu will not turn it now.。”
“Looking at the daughter’s pain for a few years,Do you want to make your daughter better??
Don’t want your daughter to revenge??
Just like this to swallow your life to keep a sick daughter for a lifetime??”
“Mrs. Chu,A long life,Do you think you have to stick??”
“Yue Sheng is still bullying a woman outside,Even my little sister, I don’t want to tarnish.,That kind of people,Do you really plan to let him go??”
“Mrs. Chu,I will find other victims of the girl one by one.,As long as everyone stands out together,This thing will get everyone’s attention.。”
Chu’s eyes have a touch of hate,There are also regrets,But it’s here.,What can they have?。
NS2385chapter The president will definitely save your sister.
If you don’t greedn, the millions of cooperation,The daughter will not turn this.,They also found daughters after half a year.。
It is because the evening of Yue Sheng is the same as her.,Caused a lot of shadows in her heart。
At that time, they just bought the house here.,More than 3 million houses,They lend more than 100 million loans,Plus the little son at college,Various pressures on their shoulders,Be unable to,They have chosen to earn hundreds of thousands and to endure,I didn’t expect that my daughter was sick.。
Her daughter is beautiful and understanding,She has a dream,Be a jewelry designer,But I came to my head.,But it turns into this person who is unreliable.。
Yue Lingxi handed his own business card to Mrs. Chu,Say:“Mrs. Chu,this is my name card,If you want to pass,Call me at any time。”
Yue Lingxi knows that this thing is in a hurry,The injured family has their own consideration,Some fear,Also choose to swallow。
The indulgence of Yue family is starting from high school.,A group of pig friends,Yue family parents are not too tube,Happy son is happy。
Yue Sheng knows that she is not her kisites,Just playing her idea,She is desperately studying,Pay,Successful abroad,Hide。
Chu said deeply over the Yue Lingxi,Finally, I have received my http://www.zzplot.cn business card in Yue Lingxi.,Then“boom”A touch of the door。
Yue Lingxi:“”I can experience their hate across the door panel.。
Just is too late!Sister and brother two people downstairs,Outstanding community,Yue Lingxi belly is a bit hungry。
“Small peak,Let’s go eat something,This thing is slow,I will go to another tomorrow.。”

They follow the summer figure,Remember‘Look’In front of a special place。

that place,All chaos have all disappeared。
to be exact,Not disappeared,Instead, it becomes an imitation of harmless transparent color.。
It is like a space that is completely condensed by gel material.。
“Finish,The force of confusion http://www.lvgenhai.cn has been solidified,I don’t know if Wang Yu can stick to it.。”
“Hen”They saw that summer did not hesitate to go in,And his body is also hysteresis。
It’s like entering an ultra-large jelly.,It seems to fall into the swamp mudmidge.。
He is like black fire burning,As black water sputtering substance,Sudden expansion。
he,Extremely tough forward。
See this scene,Nine old ancestors all clenched fists,A full face surprise。
“let’s go,No matter how to enter,The life of the chaotic king needs to continue。”
Now,Everyone adds the Yuan force,While holding a flag,Tough walking。
Different teams of the two teams,Also re-step。
Their speed is extremely slow,But still move forward。
“I still don’t believe that Wang Wei only combines the Jiu Dao Rune。”
On the way,The old ancestors can’t help but。
Just finished,Fire old ancestral,“But I can feel,That black material,Effective fire。”
Chen Shui’s ancestors also frowned,“But I can also feel like I can feel,The rules of the mystery of water in it。”
Taibai old ancestors laugh,“one way or another,I have a peerless genius again.,If you can spend peace this time,Wang Wei must create a new mystery,At that time, he can open it.。”
at this time,峰 老祖 开口,“Wang Hao said that only compliance of Jiu Dao Rune,I think he can’t lie to us.。”
Toned,He said that a sentence means deep and long,“Don’t forget,Xuanao trees have nine twigs。”
Bamboo!Voice is just,Everyone’s figure。
All in the silence,Slowly walk。
Half half,Taibai old ancestors broke the silence,“Certain truth,Xuanao trees have nine twigs,Three hundred leaves on each twig,There are nine rune in each blade。”
Merely,Swift,“but in fact,All rune imprint,Both is the extension and http://www.wx-rdhb.cn evolution of twigs,Conscientiously,Xuan Olympics only has only Jiudi Rune。”
This sentence,The other eight eyes have become bright。
“what do you mean……Wang Wei wanted to know the mark of nine local origin?
If so,Isn’t it a great success??”
This sentence,Many people’s mouth is not self-shaking。
All listen,The joke of this sentence is very large。
It is impossible to have people to fully understand all rune imprints.……Millions of years,Never no one。
There is also the most important reason。

Poseidon’s eyes looked at the five figures in front of him,With gratitude“Thank you all this time,God of Cookery,Nine Color Goddess,God of Phoenix,Mars,God of speed!”

Nine-color goddess smiles gracefully,“Poseidon doesn’t have to be like this,Actually, I also liked Ning Rongrong very early,I just plan to let her grow up a little bit and pass on her goddess!”
The god of speed with a cold face said lightly“Don’t have to,I also watched Zhu Zhuqing early!”
And the God of War said heartily“Unexpectedly, the inheritors we fancy are all from the same team!It seems to be fate!”
The Phoenix God shook his head,Slowly“It’s just a pity,That woman named Xiao Wu is also very talented,Unfortunately it’s a soul beast!”
Seeing the five gods are so kind,Poseidon smiled too……
Secretly“God of destruction,This situation,You must have not expected it!”
Not in vain, he shot out,Directly let Tang San’s entire team,Six people get the gods!!
Let us see,What is the future development of the Netherworld?!!!
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Two Battle of Poseidon Island(Subscribe)
the other side,The God of Destruction, lying comfortably on the lap of the God of Life, suddenly sensed the presence of a few gods in the lower realm.,Eyes slowly opened.
The god of life who saw the god of destruction awoke wondered“Little Purple,what happened?”
The god of destruction shook and stole,Slowly“At the same time, several gods’ residences appeared in the lower realm,I’m afraid the person who came is not good”
The God of Life,Exuding divine power, moving towards the lower realm perception。next moment,Her brows frowned slightly“These breaths seem to be colorful goddess,Mars,God of Cookery.”
The corner of the god of destruction’s mouth is slightly raised,Lightly“These gods can pass on the mansion to the lower realms together,I’m afraid it has been discussed!”
The god of life thoughtfully“Little Purple,You mean Poseidon planned all this?”
The god of destruction nodded“Ok,I’m afraid it was done to sanction Xu Sheng!”

Chen Tian’s sweet face sank,Cold voice:“You also deserve to wear such good clothes?”

“Better than you,You look,Faceless,To be in shape,To be temperamental,Older,The whole person looks like a fifty-year-old aunt,Have the face to grab clothes from us!”
Mo Xiaosheng curled his lips,Disgusted。
Chen Tian is crying sweetly,I have to say that these words of Mo Xiaosheng are too vicious,These points are a dead end for any woman!
“Forget it,Niche,Let her the clothes。”Luo Yilin pulled Mo Xiaosheng gently。
“I don’t need you to let!Who are you showing in this hypocritical act??You robbed someone else’s boyfriend,Now grab someone else’s clothes,Shameless,Bitch!”
Chen Tiantian stared at Luo Yilin angrily。
She and Luo Yilin are in the same department,When I was in college,Her boyfriend kicked her after seeing Luo Yilin,Turn to pursue Luo Yilin,She’s always worried about this,That’s why I feel resentful towards Luo Yilin。
She hates Luo Yilin for being prettier than her,I hate that Luo Yilin is better than her everywhere!
“Clean your mouth!”Mo Xiaosheng pointed at her and warned coldly。
“Forget it,Don’t reason with such people。”
Luo Yilin advised Mo Xiaosheng,Then dragged him aside。

“sister,I lost the Shen Group three years ago,Now I’m back three years later,Naturally, I will give you the Shen Group。”Shen Luoluo said easily,As if this thing,It’s just a small thing。

But everyone in the know knows,The Shen Group already went bankrupt three years ago,But in the end Ai Chen showed up in time,Saved the Shen Group。
But now,This Shen Luoluo said to take the Shen Group back,Just grabbed it back,It can be seen that her skills are extraordinary。
Some people are thinking,Maybe three years ago,The bankruptcy of the Shen Group,It’s just fake,Shen Luoluo is back now,Naturally, we need to sort out the Shen Group,And then returned the Shen Group to Shen Mange。
And Fan Yi’s parents here,I heard that the Shen Group has returned,Their faces have also eased a bit,After all, the Shen Group,That is the second largest company in Jiangzhou,Who doesn’t want to use this piece of fat?。
“Lolo,How many days are you coming back,Come back for a few days,You don’t say a few days in advance,We’ll send someone over to pick you up。”Fan Yi’s parents are flattering,Make Shen Luoluo feel sick,But for the sake of taking care of my sister in recent years,She also held back。
“no need,Mr. Fan,Mrs. Fan,Thank you for your kindness,I came back to see my sister today,Has nothing to do with other people,Since sister is fine,Then i’m leaving。”Shen Luoluo knows,If you don’t leave,I’m afraid Ai Chen will be here soon,She has seen Ai Chen has noticed her。
“Lolo,Where do you live now?How can i find you?”Shen Mange didn’t want Shen Luoluo to leave him like this。
“sister,Like me call me。”Shen Luoluo gave Shen Mange his phone number,And then left by himself。
Shen Mange held the note in his hand tightly,Looking at the direction Shen Luoluo left,Tears couldn’t help but fell again。
“Wow,Song,congratulation,Your Shen Group is back again。”Deng Xiner and Fan Xiaoxiao,And Li Meilin couldn’t help but come over and say hi。
Even Fan Yi came over,“Song,congratulations,Your Shen Group is back。”Fan Yi’s face,With a faint smile,Looks very warm。
“thank you,thank you all。”Shen Mange said with a smile,The Shen Group returned to its own hands so soon,Really made her feel a little weird,But if Lolo did these things,Is also forgivable。
Fan Yi’s parents,Came over with a smile too,Holding Shen Mange’s hand,It’s like Shen Mange is their daughter from Deloitte。
“Songs,Unexpectedly,You are back to the Shen Group again。”Fan Yi’s mother said。
“mom,Stop talking。”Fan Yi feels a bit embarrassed,at the very beginning,They have been disgusting Shen Mange,But now I heard that the Shen Group is back,They have such a face again。

Xiao Han put down the things in his hand and turned to face Qiao Long:“I am not worried about not earning my principal back,I’m afraid you are too tired。”

Chapter One Hundred Ninety Seven Great Wang Sha
The two are like real couples,Feels very good。Lu Shanshan, who was watching the play, was also itchy,These two are too natural,Sure enough, the strength group is different。
The two looked forward to the future,This paragraph is over。
Gu San is fairly satisfied,Let both of you go to rest。
Xiao Han twisted his waist and walked to Gu San:“Director Gu,I seemed to be a bit fast just now。”
Gu San watched the film:“Okay,You did a great job,Nothing,I will find you if there is a problem。”
Xiao Han is smiling:“I don’t know what the next two sisters’ scripts are like?”
Gu San has the habit of writing and shooting:“I have to watch the audience reaction,Don’t explain too much when you come up,Otherwise the audience will be confused。”
Xiao Han is a little lost,She wanted to inquire,I still didn’t hear anything。
Zhuzhu’s current stage of play is pretending to be tender,She is soft and waxy,Talking。
Before shooting,She wandered in front of Brother Liang again:“Liang Ge,Later,We are acting as lovers,I am a little scared,Afraid of my bad acting。”

“Later this yacht will appear in Dongming Lake,Sink directly。”

Invisible monster“Ok”Up。
“not enough。”Gan Yifan said again,“Just have‘Qin Chao’The two-character ship sinks。And as long as you see Qin Hanwen appearing in Dongming Lake,No matter which boat he sinks in……Will this be too much?Or scare them away……”
“Little stars are sparkling,The sky is full of little stars……”
Not finished,The phone rang,Gan Yifan takes out a look,Uncle actually called。
“Yifan,Get out of the dock,There are wolves on the island!”
Uncle’s yelling voice came from the phone,Gan Yifan was taken aback,Look up,A small boat in the distance is approaching the pier,Isn’t the uncle standing on the bow waving straight?。
The monster grunted,That means you can’t eat grilled crabs。
Another mutant crab still in the water escaped,Lose the monster bondage,Disappeared in an instant。
Gan Yifan also feels helpless,How did he think that his uncle would come to the dock again。
The mutant crab that was originally grilled on the fire is now struggling violently,I took a lot of hands and feet to grab this mutant crab。
The boat approached,Xu Mingliang greeted Gan Yifan quickly on board。
“I’m fine,The wolf on the island can’t hurt me。”How many people are on the boat,Gan Yifan didn’t explain much,“Why did uncle come out fishing again??Do not come here if you want to fish,It’s dangerous here。”
“Variety Crab!”Another person on the boat exclaimed。
“what!”Xu Mingliang only discovered the big crab in Gan Yifan’s hands,Exclaimed,Started yelling again:“Yifan, be careful,Don’t let the big guy get caught,fast,Tied it up,I have never seen such a big mutant crab,You can sell a lot for the money……”

First242chapter Dunk!Dunk!!(Wind and rain hall master add more)

8Advance4The opponent is Seventeen Middle School。
This school is also8Strong strength,But it’s much worse than Chunlei High School,Belongs to the bottom of the quarterfinals。
So the Mingxian Middle School basketball team easily won。
The final score is55:43。
This difference is13Since the game,The basketball team of Mingxian Middle School scored the least,It is also the one with the smallest difference。
But the five original main players of the Mingxian Middle School basketball team,After the game, they hugged each other happily,I was so excited that I shed tears。
The reason for all the above is simple。
Shen Huan didn’t play this game。
Superficial reasons,Shen Huan wants them to exercise,Look at the results of recent competitions and training。
If they can’t hold it,Shen Huan goes to the rescue again。
Fart on the court!
I drank the medicine for strengthening the muscles and bones for two consecutive days,Shen Huan felt that she was about to explode。
Energetic all over,And there is an impulse to vent violence。
Shen Huansheng was afraid of breaking through and dunking crazy as soon as he played,Scared these children to death on the court。
He is also afraid that because of such a strong performance,Was school that night.The flowers caught the hotelxxooGot him。
That is to work desperately with the recipe of soup medicine,In order to slowly restrain this blood pulse。
But I don’t know what will happen if I drink for a few more days。