NS46chapter Chapter 46 Dog Egg Sequay

The first idea of branch is:Xiao Jo finally got a chance to come to me.。
Just escaped by the robbery of death, In the blink of an eye, it is facing a dilemma that can be died by Xiao Yao.,Does the women match people??
From Xiao Jo’s facial expression and limb movement,In particular especially。
The reason why didn’t take it immediately, But the good cultivation of the family, To keep the last style, Not making too much rude things come。
Pair of eyes on Xiao Yao cold frost,枝 心,Carefully fight:“To 揍 I can,Go back first……Brother?”
Hopeful“Brother”Evil Xiao Jie is a memory of the same door love,Although there is no thing in the roots between them。
Xiao Yao is in the clear eyes of light water,Listening to her intentional softening tone,I know that she is in medallion., Do not move『color』Deep breathing, It’s a half-life, and it’s a semi-dead.,Tough:“what happened?”
Yan Zhi did not dare to let Xiao Jie come to help help,Actually:“Temporary fainting。”
Unexpectedly Xiao Yao listening, God『color』Another change,Objective『dew』Amortical, Dare to confuse and impose angry geomalism:
“Actually fainted?!”
枝 懵『force』Nodding:“what, Correct, It’s fainting.。”
immediately,noodle『color』Gray, Heat shake,Mutter:“……Actually, I went to the point of faint。”
So powerful charm。
It’s not an attack power up., I actually made two men。
Xiao Yao is tight,But still embarrassing,Take the balance, Talking to the nail scratches between the stars and necks,Not deep,It is obvious that it is not a long time.。Xiao Jie is more face『dew』pain『color』,It is difficult to endure。
枝 ‘s head slowly played a question mark:“?”
Is the relationship between the two men??
Seeing that the star is difficult,Xiao Yao actually『dew』Such expression。
Friendship between men,It’s amazing.。
枝 剑,Holding the exhaustion to take out the jade card and the temperature,Something three people,It is a small tea shed in the mountains.。
Wen Yan sitting on a shabby bench,Before the lesson, the rules and Xiao Joh。
“You said you.,One ran another and running!The situation in the case,This mix『chaos』,What if you have something to do again?!How do I go back and Master?、Sect?”
“Before leaving, the Qing Dynasty is still deliberately asked.,If you have anything?,How can I go to Qingyu??”
“枝 入 入 入 晚,Light,Doing things will not be average,How do you follow Mono?!”
Don’t die, a flat-off lookout,Training people are very skilled,A set of set of zone、Master and so on,Nothing to escape the heart,『sex』The Soft Weakness is crying on the spot.。
Yan Zhi said that the dry tongue,But still adhere to education,It’s soft in the tricks.:“It didn’t know the specific situation at the time.,But don’t throw a teacher one person in that mountain.。Team,The best power is the warm teacher.,But you have to keep the rest of the disciples,Minute|Suffer;And I have already growing many after the last secret experience.,Eat a big demon,Since the righteousness, you will be a responsibility to find the http://www.jinse168.cn teacher.……When some words, he can’t wait.,Let the brothers worry,It was my fault。”
She took the jade card.:“I haven’t forgotten it.。It’s just a charm.,The mountain barrier is not,Why can’t I contact?。”
枝 非 is a temporary crap,She is unspeakable in the electro-optical flame.,Of course, she must go to save the will of the star.,Can be free from the team, but also is not her『sex』grid。
The charm of the mountain is enhanced,With the dragon eggs, you can’t get off.,Can come out from her,Her impact is completely over the controlled range,And danger『sex』Not large;Whole team,Her cultivation is second only to Wen Yan and Xiao Jo,More than a hole in Xinyue,Is the most suitable candidate。
Point consideration,Wen Yan is also understood,Therefore, although it is angry with 枝,But there is no rituit?,But with the disciple team。
http://www.hrbguangri.cn After all, Xiao Jie also followed.,It is always not allowing 枝 孤。
枝 番 话 话 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 话,Really let people continue。
Wen Yan sighs,road:“You said it is not bad.。Stop,Ping An is coming back。”
Say,Swift,Reicing and Xiao Yao,The tone is strict:“Xiao Shi,I sincere, you are very good at the time.,When you chase it, it is late.,I almost didn’t find a teacher.。This is quite out of your day.,You still have to add more provinces.。”
Xiao Jo:“……”
Isn’t it just saying that peace is coming back??
Wen Yan’s spending,Xiao Johi『color』Slightly:“I hit me.。”
On the side silently:

However, he is a late step.,At this moment, Alpha has a punch in the head of the power of this magical power.,This universal strong called a fierce。

“Give me death,Bodhi blood gives me an explosion!”
It seems to be struggling between dying,This magical power is directly cut in the palm of death.,Red light flashes,Blood light,There is a voyage of ten explosions in foot,Every sound represents a bloody blow,Explosive blood light horror。
Each blood light explosion with a thrilling power,This kind of power is impact, even if the power of the magical level is also retired。
Ten blood light explosion,Even the strong people in the half-step sky must be unique。
This is the blood of the five-poisonous teaching,The so-called Bodhi’s blood is known as the god Buddha like Bodhi also blessed,According to legend, this hidden is originally self-study,But I don’t know why hundreds of years ago.,Tang Jiahe five poisonous teaching has made a transaction。
Tang family taught the production method of Bodhi’s blood to five drug teaching,As for the five toxicism, what is the Tang family?,That is not known.。
In short, the five-poisonous education has been manufactured by this Bodhi’s blood.,In order to make this horrible hidden in the blood of Bodhi,Can directly kill the half-step power,Can hit the powerful。
And the strong people in the upper half-step sky are hardly unable to show opportunities,However, the five-poisonous struggle after dying of many people,Be careful,I have already prepared it.。
This is displayed before dying.。
Football has ten bodhi blood broke out。
“boom,boom,boom。”Dramatic explosion sound。
Horror power fluctuations swept around,Blood light,Blood gas condensation into a filament,Directly stabbed the figure of Alpha,Let Alpha feel the dangerous breath,This Bodhi’s blood is also poisonous,Once you are, you are afraid。
A golden martial arts swept around,Impro hit the blood above these explosions,His martial art collapsed at this moment,At the same time, he felt like a lot of fine needles.,The figure of his figure has retired a few steps.。
Alpha’s mouth flows out of a blood,He looks at the sky.,A punch to the void,The sound of the dramatic impact of the touched,Dry two nets of the palm of the fire broke out。
But just at this moment,More dangerous feelings come。
A dark palm print is broken,This palm print is full of terrible breath,It’s like a dark lightning.。
Also accompanied by this painted black palm, there are two huge fists big stones.,The big stone of these two fists also took a horrible force to Alpha。
If it is the usual Alpha can also avoid,Resolve!
But this is no longer too late.。
The people of sneak attack,The calculation is just right,Grab the weakness of Alpha,When the old power of Alpha is unborn,Let Alpha have no power to resist。
NS371chapter Strange horror
“mean!”Alpha,Crazy power in the body,At the same time,Escape attack,Can still fail。
He even has no strength http://www.centuryjt.cn to gather strength,Just directly in a punch to one of them,Take the power of the meat shell to block。
“bump!”I will blocked this stone attack directly.,咔嚓 嚓 声 声 声,Alpha fingers were actually broken。
“bump!”Alpha headlight transfer,Black palm printing from the head,A bit of fudtle。
Bleged paint black,Similarly, the gas mask on his mouth is also shattered by the sharp horror.,Directization to debris in void。
And another stone smashed the chest of Alpha,The sternum is broken.。
“what!”Alpha dispel,Blood spit out,His figure keeps backwards,A hand, a hand, a head,The sound of screaming in the throat。
“Leave me!”Fire cloud dragon burst,He did not take the opportunity to kill Alpha,Instead, I chased the face of the dark palm.,He must find this murderer,This is the behind-the-scenes black hand,Directly http://www.qqhld.cn use the point to let them kill each other。
Several miserables。

Middle-aged opening,He swept away from another middle age,Soon, I’m looking at Su Xiaoyu.。

Looking at her full of temptation, dressing with unevenness,The evil procons in the eye of the tiger are now rich,“Click one’s tongue,There is also a policewoman,It’s too good.……”
He did not recognize Su Xiaoyuan。
Or say,Su Xiaoyu dressed as a street sneaked a small gang,Can’t enter the eyes of each other。
“Liu Hu,I didn’t expect you to be here.,What to say,All this is your hardcover.,Wrong!”
Middle age named Liu,After seeing the tiger,Even I have already investigated some clues.,Can really see people,Still shocked。
Without him。
Liu Hu Nai’s tiger helps very famous a murderer,It is also the http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn most trusted person of the tiger to help the boss of Jin Pengjiang.。
“Haha,Liu captain,You know now is some late.。”Liu Hu’s mouth is laughing,“You said that you are three,Police such a good career,Is it good to mix?,
Why do you want to send dead?。”
“Liu Hu!”
Su Xiaoyu opened,Portal,Reproach,“Do you have any humanity?,Those children are so small,You control their beggars.,Also deliberate them to make a disabled,You
This devil!”
Liu Hu is awkward,Take the crazy laugh。
“This police little sister,Is your brain show??Don’t get it, some,How can I win sympathy?,How can I get money?。”
Toned,He touched his big light head,Grin,A pair of eyes stare at Su Xiaoyan’s graceful body,“Police little sister,Give your brother will say you better.
,Never let you down,Hahaha。”
Laughter,He suddenly waved,http://www.qeqts.cn“On,Don’t shoot,I am not only living.,Still can’t get wounded,Do you know??These three people are rare resources.。”
Under the order,More than 100 people are all facing,With a fierce murderous,Step by step forward。
“Stand!Walk again, we have to shoot.!”
Talk,Three people’s muzzle almost brush and aligned Liu Hu,But I didn’t expect the other party very embarrassing.,The first time hiding behind people。
“You only have three guns,I have more than 100 brothers,That is, standing, can’t let you play.,You can kill a few。”
Have to say,Whether Liu Hu is still more than 100 people,They are very clear about what they are doing.,What’s more clear?。
Facing the guns of three black caves,No one is back,Even more people panic。
Opposite,This is full of death.,Killing is not hidden。
They are still working forward in one step.。
See this scene,Su Xiaoyan’s three faces are more difficult to look。
They know,No matter how gun does not shoot,Today, I am afraid that it is a lot of fierce.。
Only Su Xiaotong still saved,After all, the summer has come in.,And she also saw a person in the summer to fight 50 strong people.。
Certainty,I am lucky enough.。

“Ancestors……” “Go down!”

Zhang Zhidong was drinking。
“……Yes……” Although Zhang Laoba is unwilling,Still obey your orders,Walked away alone。
Xie’s ancestor Xie Tianhua and Chai’s ancestor Chai Jin also waved to Xie Zhou、Chai Rong left。
Xie Zhou、Both Chai Rong knew that they were not qualified to stay here,Listen to the secrets of these ancestors。
After Zhang Laoba and the other three walk away,Li Tianran, the ancestor of the http://www.baby201314.cn Li family, said first:“Originally we were chasing him,Now send it over for Chen Xiu to hunt down our children。
Do you have any attention to find this kid?”
Everyone shook their heads,If it is a frontal hard bar,None of them are afraid of Chen Xiu,But now there is no master’s morals,Hiding in the dark, specifically against his family children,It’s really a headache! The eight second-rate masters were silent for a while,The highest combat power inside,Liu Dunyue, http://www.9989bba.cn who is closest to the first-class master, is helpless in the face of Chen Xiu’s sneak attack。
“I have a way!”
Everyone looks at,Talking about the old Zuma in the vest。
“Old horse,any solution,You say!”
Liu Dunyue asked anxiously。
The horse is gone, but it’s sold out,Just looking at Xie Tianhua。
Seeing everyone, I also look to myself,Xie Tianhua said awkwardly:“Old horse,What’s the solution,You just say,What does it mean to look at me like this!”

But his face suddenly changed.。

“Still?,Fortunately, I pay attention every day.”Signs。
Sudden spring,His ring makes fluctuations,Is the long gate called him。
“Is this found?,It’s true time.”
Spring knows that the long door is looking for him?,It’s nothing more than letting him find sneak people.。
Quan Yi wants to think,Then a psychomic will summon the transfusion eye.。
Then it is then transferred to the smoke.,Changed a pure white tennis size sphere。
Then I fid out to the hands of the spring.。
This is part of the organization that has been spoken.。
Spring has set a print in his hand。
http://www.hackersha.cn Wooden roots must spread out from spring,Then aggregate together,It turned into a humanoid,The final shape has also become a spring now.。
White ball on the hand hand,Press to the eyes of the wood。
Wooden eyes restored into wooden structure,Extending the root must wrap the white puzzle,I took into the body.,Then restore the original。
This is the wooden score he mastered.,Spring integrates the part of the tissue of the revivement。
In this case,Spring can pass Chakra to Woodfold,This can always exist this,And you can also use Quan’s Chakra,At the same time, it also has the ability to absorb the beast Chekra.。
Almost all the skills used in front of the long door,It can be used。
In addition to a wide range of exploration,Rogue is not so powerful,But it is also better than the general white eyes.。
But this is also enough,Almost no one can find this is a branch。
Even the lives of life is imitated.,Because he has been life。
Quanyi said the short stick and the ring before and after:“I will change my clothes soon.,Go to the Changmen,Now you are the real spring”。
“knew”Wood is divided into,Quickly get upstairs。
Spring does not directly control the consciousness of the wood,But let him act independently。
Next, you may have to fight,He can’t distract。
Spring is once again picked up in the ground,And this summons are a set of clothes and a knife.。
“I haven’t used you for a long time.,Gantry,Soon, you will not be lonely.”Quan Yi carested caressing。
The knife and scabbard of the gantry have been changed by Spring.,The previous destruction is too serious.。
Spring is quick to change your clothes,Clothes are also his previous style,Lingerie,White short-sleeved windbreaker。
Spring is replaced,Just put the gap in the waist。
Then Quan Yu took a sigh of breath,His face and skin begin to change quickly,It http://www.tianchifang.cn turned into his previous。、
Hair is black,And shortened it into a short hair。
White eyes also changed to normal black。
Wood is divided into the base from the windows of the wood.。

This listened to this description,Kohumang always feels similar to where the story has seen。

a lot ofbossHave a habit of seeing the death of the opponent,To enhance your forces,Even occasionally a bad mood,Directly, http://www.natural-change.cn don’t get rid of your hand.,Said is the blue dyeleman。
“His purpose is to let other chess people,Better feel your strength,In order to stimulate them more clearly accept modern Go,And the next two months of hard work。”
This is really,Various senses,The purpose of the discipline and the other side are almost。
Corona is busy ingredients,And the night god country, busy, busy to fight the arrogance of the ancient cheers.。
Last night’s battle is an indispensable forever for both parties.,Arrived12month,The ancient chessists will complete their respective practice.,Step into the battlefield with a gentle gesture。
The previous time and half-wild teacher blowing,Also about to face。
But unfortunately not to honor yourself,But the teammates come to honor。
“Gainfulness,Everyone has the enemy of our own,The enemy left five chess,So how do you allocate this??”Zero。
Corporation thinks slightly:“First predecessor,This line is dead,Next, I want to play a friend,Xuan Yu again”
Two corresponding points。
“Star marriage seems to be one more,The last thing is not good, and there is a secret weapon.,Can also kill one?”Science is just shaking the opportunity。
“You,At the critical moment, I think of a woman.?”Zero eyebrow hang hang。
Ah, it seems to be true.,Look down on this side of combat skills,I feel all my sister。
“Cough,no way,This is the plaic role of 正,Know how to understand。”Boarding is an answer,“certainly,In addition to me。”
“Don’t think that the other party’s lineup,Only ancient chess,There are also many other well-known players in history.,For example, Cheng Zlan、Abandon,Xiu Rong,Liang Wei”
Another brilliant name read from zero mouth,These are all people who are familiar with the players.,What you have to say,Most of these people have the ability to compete for chess, Sheng this throne,But there is no second,Their http://www.weixin008.cn glory is all compared。
But the glory is more,Does not mean that their chess or talent is not enough。
“Repropted a message you may not listen to,Two chessths that have not yet been awakened,That pair of Shuanglong in history,Fan West Screen,Shi Xia,Is the true strongest chess,Wait until they have completed the last two months of practice,The strength will be with Qingdao,That is what you really trouble.。”
“Strongest chess?You are so directly?”
“Only enough strong opponents,Only to hone a person’s strength,When an era has just appeared such two super-seesys,That is of course, there is a crazy competition between them.,Match each other,Finally, the rest of all people are far away.。”Zero is reasonable to say。
The balance of victory is silent.,Two high-tonnate weights suddenly booked in each other。
“Then what should I do now??”
“Didn’t I say it??Power of all people。”Zero repeats。
“You said,Now someone now,No mobilization。”
“if not?”
Taken such a little,Boarding is really thinking。
Xi Qian,And Japan Valley Ghost Tailang。
The only combat power that can still be thought about, it is like it.。
When you think about it,The doorbell came from outside the door.。

No wonder Williams so peaceful。

Fisherman,Full of face,Staring at Williams,“You,You are, let me know you.,I don’t know these secrets.,However, do you think that my family is so many years??”
Williams is not anxious at all,“What deals,Let me see it。”
“I grow from the grinding of lightning.,It is no longer afraid that now.。Give me death!”
He roared again and again。
“嗤嗤 嗤嗤。”
Williams continuous sword,Six arms thick huge lightning,Along with the broad sword。
In the face of this,Black fog http://www.chenjuncaiwu.cn on the Terlim,Even the thunder is rushed over.。
In terrible lightning,The black fog on him is constantly being destroyed,Again to rise again,So repeated。
Nai Wai Yilms does not give him a chance to close,Sturdy,Connected sword,Wow, wow, I am。
Said that it is not afraid.,But in fact,He is also only resistant to one or two。
At the other party’s continuous attack,He has to avoid flash。
See this scene,Summer is completely relieved。
He put his gaze to Rola。
Now now,Say everything is extra,Kill it。
Rock’s pupil suddenly concrete,So there is a decision。
She is very clear,No extra choice。
Either life,Either death。
As for the retreat,Already have no chance。
“I am fighting with you.!”
She is arrogant,Bite red red,Hemorable mist,Rushing in summer。
Blood light。
A sigh of murderer。
http://www.fgkeo.cn Rola is completely out of date,Directly exhibited the most powerful tricks。
On the way,The pores of her body have a scarlet blood.,I instantly dyed a bloody person。
At the same time, these fresh blood is a large blood mist.,Summer sweep,“Imprisonment!”
A large blood spot is bloody,Summer shrouded。
There is no killing force。
But the summer is as if it is in the quagmire.,It’s like a powerful force that is not speculative.,Pressed him。
This piece of blood is like a bloody Tianshan.,I want to imprison summer。
Summer is really bound,The body is gradually heavy like a mountain,It’s hard to move one step,Action becomes slow。
This feeling,Some similar to gravity,But more。
Rolla,But she is like a ghost-like and cold smile.,Reward to the summer,“Kill god,Your confidence,In front of my secret law,You are just a crust。”
She has a nearby,Refers to the hand knife,狠 着 着 项 项。

“This time,how about it,Are there any more threatening competitors?”

See here,http://www.zbqqgjk.cn At this time, Chu Tianxing asked directly in front of him。
And the people around,It is the original report to Chu Tianxing。
“Actually this matter,There is,But their words,In itself,It’s completely negligible。”
“But one of them,Need to pay attention,That’s Ye Xuan。”
Beside Chu Tianxing,That man finished。
At this moment,Chu Tianxing frowned slightly。
If you really say that,Then this matter,But http://www.allallyes.cnit’s very tricky。
And what about Chu Tianxing,Quickly recovered。
“This kid,What kind of thing,Dare to toss with us?”
“but it does not matter,If he wants to toss,Then it’s up to him。”
Anyway, Chu Tianxing looks,Want to solve this,Actually speaking,It’s not difficult。
But the more so,Chu Tianxing’s face,Even more proud。
“Find me this Ye Xuan,Let him hold the order,Give it all to us!”
When Chu Tianxing’s words are finished,People around me,Nodded again and again。
After all, now,Actually such a thing,In itself,It’s already obvious。
But when watching this scene,Chu Tianxing waved his hand。
“Nothing,Just let him come。”
“right now,Actually it is also a good opportunity for us to start!”
When Chu Tianxing said these words,It even made those people around nod repeatedly。

“My judgment,Will it be wrong?。”

actually,Shen Xuan, I really want to know,Behind the Tianwu Club,Is there a mysterious force?。
According to the situation,Tian Wu Club and Huangjia Relations are so good,at this point,Absolutely not that simple things。
Before,Why did the Tianwu Course not jumped out?。
In fact, such a thing,Itself,It is even more feeling.。
http://www.ping-yuan.cn That is now,How to see this,How to make people feel so obvious。
So next,How to do it in the end。
In fact, from the fundamental level,at this point,In itself,It is already just right.。
Although it is said,But starting with the fundamental level。
At this moment,Shen Xuan is very light。
“despite this,But now,Such a thing,It seems still not enough。”
When Shen Xuan said directly in front of him,The more like this,In fact, in front of Shen Xuan,Others are very expected。
And Shen Xuan,It is a neon country.。
If this is said,This Tianwu Club,is it possible,Is it a neon country??
certainly,Now these,All is the guess of Shen Xuan.。
But in Shen Xuan’s heart,In fact, it is quite clear.。
“Since it is like this,So next,I feel,It’s time to start from this place.!”
When Shen Xuan’s heart thinks http://www.junhangshuangjin.cn here,For these things,How should I solve it?。
In fact, it is itself.,at this point,Already coming just right。
so,Shen Xuan’s face,It’s all over a touch of smile.。
As for now,What should I do if I don’t want to handle?。
In fact, do something else,It is not a good delay.。
In this way,It’s better to start now.,Put hand。
Chapter 390 Someone is happy,Some people worry
Tolerance bureau,It’s very lively at this time.。
Lin light snow looks at these people who are caught in front of them.,She is standing up,Blunt,It is even more。
“Before,Are you not very proud??”
“How?,You are,Take your means to take it out.!”
When Lin’s light snow said to the front of his eyes,She looks like,It’s even more likely.。
But with Lin Xiaoxue here,For those people in front of you,They all bite their teeth。
After all, this time,If you think about it carefully,In fact, more or less,Still feel very shameful。
But now,In fact, Lin is light snow.,Don’t I don’t think there is any impact?。
“did not expect,Shenxuan’s intelligence is true,They actually,I really dare to come over!”
When Lin is talking here,For such things,How should I handle it?。
In fact, it is now these,How to see,How to make people feel,In fact itself,It’s not simple to come.。
And in front of Lin Xiaoxue,Other tolerances see here,Also, I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
“What is it?,We have,Who wants to go smoothly??”

Lin Huangli blinked,so it is,It seems that he misunderstood。

“are you sure?”
Look at her distressed,Probably accumulating many years.!
“As long as you can save,I will give you half a year of merit this fifty years.。”
Lin responded to the control water flag,A wave,Three doors in the temple。
From here, it is the river of the river.。
Forcefully,The river is like a well-behaved sheep.。
The Shujun in Qing Shang County saw the lunquder command,The river is calm,Instead of using water monarch,Surprised to describe。
“Since you do it,I also said to do it.。”
Female water is deeply condensed to condense half of the merits in http://www.shanghai-huifu.cn the palm。
Lin loudly,I really want to laugh,But he neverned,She has accumulated these more than 50 years.?
And look at her frown,Tearful,It seems that it is true that it has been very much stronger to get so many merits.。
“You should take it.!Small place’s merits can have no。”
Qing Shangxian County Shuijun is incredible to stare at Lin ring,It is determined from his eyes because you can’t see your own merits.;She thought of these years of hard work.,People still can’t see it.,Deeply crying。
Lin rang and fishing children are not integrated with her.。
“you,Your brain has no problem.!I don’t want to say it.,I can’t still fall back.!”
She flows tears,Turned and run out,Jumping directly。
Fishy little girl:
“Sweet。She jumped,Do I use to save??”
“Don’t take her。She is http://www.jinshahaianxian.cn also a water,If it is flooded by water,I will laugh.。
“Gure,Gure”Wood of the thorn sound from the twisted。
The woman came out from the door,The eyes of the STASSIA let the main hall have dropped to the ice point.:
“Laugh?I haven’t seen it yet.,Can you perform??”
“that。Watermouth。Are you misunderstood?,I didn’t bully her.。”
The fishing girl also rushed to the forest:
“I testified。Shujun people do not bully her,It is her own jumping.。”
“Shut up。You help this to abuse,Wolf is a rape shield。”
The fishing girl was scared to hide behind the forest。
Lin Yong saw that the water is already exposed to the teeth,Pan http://www.tok-bearing.cn hurried to drive the fish and children out and close the door。
Make sure you are your own back,Thought,I want to control it to sit down。
I am in the 30th year of Qi Zhuang.