[How to eat dried coconut]_ production method _ practice Daquan

People who have eaten coconuts should know that coconut contains a special fragrance of coconut. Although the fructose content of coconut is not as high as other fruits, coconut is also welcomed by many people.

Presumably, when you eat coconut, you are directly connected to the coconut milk, but the coconut meat on the coconut shell can also be made into dried coconut.

And what is the specific way to eat it when eating dried coconut?

When eating directly as a snack, when the tongue just touched the coconut flakes, it feels cold and cold. It should be the surface of the coconut powder that melts first. After a while, the whole piece of coconut melts in the mouth, sweet and delicious. At this time, there is more on the tip of the tongue.The feeling is smooth.

If you chew quickly, you will feel like eating potato chips, and it will make a crunchy sound.

The coconut flakes in soymilk or vegetable milk at this time have been completely softened, and the taste is not as good as the first two methods, but the essence is transferred to the vegetable milk, which is blended with mellow coconut milk.

Coconut chips use coconut chips instead of high-sugar and high-conversion chocolates.

Enjoy afternoon desserts on the balcony with a sea stall.

Coconut crispy fresh fruit salad For friends who like to eat fruit, you can try adding some coconut crispy when making fruit salad.

Remember to crush some, we can eat coconut and a crisp taste experience while eating fruit.

Coconut crunchy crackers like to make small snacks in the kitchen. Cookies are the most commonly made and simplest type.

But I haven’t tried coconut crunchy biscuits. Add some coconut crumbles to the cookie batter.

That makes the cookies have coconut aroma and the nutrition of coconut fruit.

The practice of coconut flakes I fell in love with roasted coconut flakes for the first time and couldn’t stop it!

But at that time, I bought it in the supermarket. Today I drank the old coconut juice and made coconut flakes with coconut meat. Oh my god, it ‘s so delicious!

Ingredients old coconut a hot water 150g sugar 50g crispy roasted coconut flakes practice 1.

After drinking the old coconut juice, knock it directly.

I put it in a clean plastic bag and fastened it, and then I fell outside the door, and when I heard a muffled sound, I couldn’t catch it, it just opened.


Take the coconut!

After the coconut is broken, the side of the coconut meat will be separated from the coconut shell, and the whole coconut meat will fall off with a slight pry.

(There will be a thin layer of shell still sticking to it, remove it with a fruit planer.

) 3.

Then continue to use a fruit planer to shave the coconut into small pieces (forgot to take a screenshot at this step!

) 4.

Pour hot water into the non-stick pan, add sugar to it, melt and pour into coconut flakes until the water is almost dried.


Then put the coconut flakes on a baking sheet, about 140 ° C (this temperature is not so high, as long as it is not burnt), I just watch it for a few minutes and turn it halfway until it turns yellow.When it comes out of the oven to cool, it becomes brittle!


It’s so fragrant and delicious!

An old coconut can make about 200 grams of coconut flakes.

Be sure to use the old coconut. The meat of the coconut green is too tender and not fragrant. It is suitable for drinking coconut water.