[Gastrodia impotence]_ eating method _ effect

Gastrodia is a relatively common Chinese medicine. It is a very common and commonly used medicinal material in Chinese medicine.

There are many effects of Gastrodia. It can be said that it can calm the liver and relieve wind, relieve wind and relieve pain, and has a good relief effect on dizziness, headache and other symptoms.

So, can Gastrodia be aphrodisiac?

In fact, reasonable use of Gastrodia can achieve the effect of impotence and kidney to a certain extent.

First, Gastrodia and Kidney experts pointed out that the efficacy and role of Gastrodia is mainly used to calm the liver and relieve wind and relieve pain.

Usually suitable for dizziness and headache symptoms, but for ordinary colds, the effect is not very obvious.

Gastrodia also has a sedative and analgesic effect, can increase blood flow in the brain, and has a certain therapeutic effect on cerebral thrombosis.

It can relieve heart colic, lower blood pressure, and has a certain protective effect on the heart.

There are many effects of Gastrodia elata, and it also has certain effects on nourishing the kidney. If you have a kidney deficiency, you can use Gastrodia rationally to help restore health.

Second, how to eat Gastrodia kidney powder, ground Gastrodia into a powder, and then take warm water to take clothes, about one to two grams each time, long-term use for people with kidney deficiency is an excellent health method; another way to eat is stewThis method of eating is to slice Gastrodia into thin slices, which can be eaten alone or combined with other nourishing foods, boiled in a casserole, and taken with soup; you can also cook Gastrodia and duck together, duckRemove the viscera and add it to the casserole, and add the appropriate amount of gastrodiae slices. This is a good medicinal diet, which can improve yin deficiency and yang, and help kidney, especially for friends who have headaches and dizziness. The effect is very good.

Third, what is the way to eat Gastrodia 1, Gastrodia boiled eggs raw materials: 30 grams of Gastrodia slices, 3 eggs, 1000 grams of water.

Processing method: Put the gastrodiae into the pot and boil for 30 minutes. After the eggs are cooked, they can be eaten.

Features: Clear soup is refreshing and easy to eat.

It has the effect of treating headache and dizziness.

2. Gastrodia steamed egg raw material: 6 grams of gastrodia powder, 1 egg.

Processing and eating method: open a small hole on one end of the egg, pour into the gastrodia powder, stick the small hole on the egg with the wet white paper, put the hole upwards and steam it in the steamer, remove the shell and eat the egg and gastrodia powder,Take one meal in the morning and evening, one course for 10 days.

Stop taking it for 2 days and then take it for 3 courses.

Efficacy: It has a certain adjuvant treatment effect on uterine prolapse.

3. Gastrodia stewed chicken ingredients: 100 grams of Gastrodia chips, 20 grams of ginseng, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms, and 1 old hen (weighing 2000 grams).

Processing method: Gastrodia elata, ginseng, wolfberry, shiitake mushrooms, washed hair, old hen slaughtered hair, viscera, mouth tip, claw tip, washed; after gastrodia, ginseng, wolfberry, shiitake mushrooms are sent together, fill the chicken belly together, Put in a pressure cooker, after stewing, eat chicken, gastrodia, ginseng, medlar, drink soup.