Jun does not see the original story,Shalu became a complete body,It is clear that they have their strengths,But it is biased to have a sufficient cultivation world.。
Then I got it again.“Sha Lugel Fighting Competition”,It http://www.digital999.cn can be seen that the other party is also very deeply affected by the inner cases.,There is also a battle mad in the bones.。
The main character of this time and space is the strongest,And Shalu has just been violent by Begita.,He is impossible to revenge.。
Chapter 646 Surmped to fly night with Bergiita
But this is not surprising,Because Shalu is full of Salane cells,It can even become a super-semi-Saiyan,Will be a good thing is normal。
And as aBOSS,Equipped property,That’s more normal.。
Counting most of the heavensBOSS,There are not a few not to die.。
Shalu is another Saiyan.BOSS,If you don’t wave a little,I really can’t afford him.。
“Why waste that time,There is a ready-made two people here.,Let him absorb better?”
Bergiita listened to the offer,Some unsatisfactory,Saru to go to other time and http://www.jianyue-ad.cn space,Kararot they have come out。
You can“Spiritual Time House”So big improvement,Bergi Tower will not be stupid to think that Kararot will step in。
Too much porridge,In order to avoid the night dream,Bergi Tower believes that Shalud will become『Complete body』,Then defeat him。
Anyway, these people make people,I was not all the way.,What will be absorbed?,What is the matter of Begga??
“no,The 17th and the 18th, they are only transformed from Dr. Clow by ordinary people.。
And they come from now to now,There is no evil,So I can’t let them be absorbed.,This is my minimum bottom limit.!”
At night, no pills,And what he said,Let the 17th are quite touched with the 18th。
After they are being transformed into people,Actually out of date“Humanity”Category,Even sometimes they feel that they are different,I http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn didn’t expect that someone understood them.。
Even my heart is embarrassed.,Because she feels,Night is not just a slag male,And also sold them。
Now look,Night is indeed helping them。
“Attempt,up to you,Anyway, this Shalu became『Complete body』Later,The first opponent can only be me。
Even you and Kar Carlot,Can only be row,But I want to probably you have no chance to play.。”
finally,Still Begita,After all, I have retreated a step before.。
And although I don’t want to recognize,But in the past two years,Bergi Tower suffers from Bamma and the night.。
Bamma is also calculated.,After all, it is now a wife.,But from time to time, the night of the training,This face can not give,So Behagi Tita。
There is no problem in two people.,Shalu is also the same。
After all, now he is a growth period.,Arms are screwed,Even if you disagree, how can you??
Have the opportunity to become『Complete body』Nice,What else is eligible to pick three picked four?。
As long as you can become『Complete body』,Shalu swearing that you will be back to revenge,Let today these despise their guys regret。
But there is no problem in others.,Tex is there.。
Although it is possible to solve the seventeen and No. 18 and No. 18, which is evil.,But Tex feels,Make more dangerous Sha Lu become stronger,It is simply a death behavior。
So no matter what,That Tex is impossible to agree with Bergiita. They propose。
Tex directly into a super-seizure,And full body muscle expansion,Body squatting,A handy of his old man is ready to get Shalu seconds。
But the night seems to have an expected general,If you have a good job, you have changed.“Attack gun”trail of,Let Teks attack guns fall into the suburbs of the city。
A huge explosion sounds,A huge mushroom cloud suddenly rises in the suburbs,Also accompanied by huge waves,It is even a short-lived deaf。