Not just him,Everyone is in the first day,Qi brush to look into the entrance to the square。
High heels make a pretty foot。
immediately,A woman’s figure appears in the sight of everyone。
Women’s blonde such as waterfall,Silk moist,A http://www.bomexsolar.cnpair of brows is the moon to teeth.,High nose,Thin lips with fatal temptations。
Her body is hot,Exquisite,Extracted a pair of slender legs,The whole delicate body is outlined out of a beautiful curve。
Under lighting,Her delicate body is equipped with the delicate look,Attracting everyone’s gaze。
An unavoidable princess and the most beautiful princess in the world。
“sky,Really the princess。”
Many young people can’t help but exclaim,Surging between gods, unable to inhibit excitement and excitement。
Even those who have identified people,Surprised。
Eagle king room is just a symbol,But no one can noise the influence of the royal family。
And Alice is a princess that has attracted attention and petition.,I have participated in the engagement ceremony of the Clare family.……Is there another layer of meaning?。
This is the idea of many people.。
Only Dalton has no such idea。
He did not invite princess and royal family.。
Don’t you want。
But not qualified。
on the contrary,See Alice’s appearance,The Dalton’s mind suddenly emerged for him to feel absurd.。
The princess is not also the Oriental.。
one way or another,The person is a guest,Dalton packed complex emotions,Accelerate your footsteps,Extremely gentleman。
“your Highness,Thank you for coming to Clare Castle。”
Aust’s footsteps,Soft smile,“congratulations,Mr. Dalton,I hope I didn’t bother your wedding.……”
Dalton’s face is stiff,A young color,Embarrassed。
He just wants to explain,I only see Alice’s gaze to quickly sweep over the people,Ask,“Mr. Dalton,I would like to ask the Chinese people named Ext……”
Not finished,Aristise eyes,That exquisite face blooms smile,I nodded again toward Dalton.,“Feel sorry,Mr. Dalton,I went to see a friend.。”After the end,Accelerate your footsteps forward。
NS1016chapter What qualifications do you have, my sister?
People’s gaze,Follow with Alites’s footsteps。
Her arrival,Indeed that many people are surprised。
But in surprise,Looking at the direction of her front,Everyone also gave a similar idea.。
To know,This is the most beautiful unspeakable princess in the world.,Just three months ago,Already married。
She won’t also rushing to the Oriental man.。
Under a different gaze,Aristate came to the past,“Hi,Exxter。”
Summer tough turning,Surprise smile,The heart is a dog’s blood shot in the heart.。