And many people’s thinking concept,Only Shaolin Temple has monk。

In fact,Many ancient temples in Huaxia have monk,Shaolin Temple is only one of them,And very famous,All will give people this illusion。
“Who are you?,I am very clear。”
White woman is still slow,“When you think the mind is the magic,Want to cross him……Both people explain the Buddha,As a result, you are really monk by the mute of the mind.,Entrance to anger, decide him……How?
Now I still pay attention to his son??”
I heard this sentence。
Not still stunned。
Summer is also a stay。
This baldness actually has a hatred with the people.?
Interrogate,The hardened of the reaction will never repeat before,But it becomes like,“Hello,The Ming people are magic……”When he talks,The robes are suddenly drums。
He did not hesitate to play the strongest blow。
Golden Gaosheng,There is a movie in the back。
But this vain is no longer the previous human form.,But a huge palm print,Under the white woman。
White woman did not dodge。
Also hard。
Let the golden palm printing。
A golden lighting in the field of view,Inconstitution,No one sees what happened inside。
“Hum!Female donor,You are really big.,Even if it is the holy,Facing the poor destroyed printed……Heap!”
Musical face color,But the eyes can’t cover the color。
But not finished,Stop。
No violent energy fluctuations。
Golden Guanghua suddenly dull。
Women’s white,Na Na,Set up a hand,Excellent。
“You……You……”The monk is still a scene.,I can’t say that the other party is complete.。
This……How!How can I。
Woman step forward,That is like transient。
Not,This is not a transient,But the legendary shrinking inch is generally,At the moment, the monk is still recently,Cold sound echoating in the mountain。
“Let your baldness live for five years,You should also be content。”
Be accepted。

Only pass this news to a limited number,Let them pay attention。

This is only a few days.,It turned out to be a light.。
“The boss let me tell you,The rush first appears in a country in Europe and America.,Later returned to Huaxia。”
Toned,Su Wei,“not only that,His arm is intact,And the eyes that are also restored.。”
What!!Summer shocked,“you sure?”
“I am uncertain,But my boss said that,And after returning to the country,We lost his traces,The boss let me inform you to be careful,And there is a super master around him.……”After a moment,Summer interrupted the phone,There is a good look。
“What happened?”
Xiani whispered。
“Do you know what I am with a rush??”
Xiani stunned,And then shake his head,“I don’t know,You and him?
Summer is not hidden,Will pass the simplicity。
Finally,“I didn’t expect this that I have been less than a month.,He appeared,And I broke an arm,I have been stabbed.,Returned now。”
Heard him,Xianti has also been quite surprised。
“I also hope that it is impossible。”
Summer eyes flashes cold,“But it is very likely to be true,And I suspect……Is the gods alliance in the dark。”
Inference according to the resulting message,The gods alliance has a long time,Always tested in human body。
If you can make the rush in this world,,Non-League Union。
“Let it go,Go eat first,I am going to return to China tomorrow.,And you?”
Xianti does not hesitate,“I certainly go to China.。” ……China。
A unclear yard。
Ji Bao bottle is sitting at the door,Cold cold looking at the head man。
It is the big magic Wang Jian Six。
“cough,I came to Beijing to do something.,So, by the way, look at you。”
The eyes of swords six are somewhat fluttering,More than a little。
“I have seen it now.,I am very good.,You go.。”
The attitude of the Ji Bao bottle is very cold。
Jianxiao grabs the head of their own,Some helplessness,“Treasure bottle,Why do you have this?,Conscientiously,I know you first.,And I also introduced you to the brother.,But I also like you at the time.,I don’t understand until today.,Why did you choose a brother?,And why is this attitude towards me?。”
Ji Bao bottle picks the eyebrows,A pair of eyes have a stunned,Soon disappear。
She whispered,“Jiang alone,Warned disciple as a head of Tianshan,He for me,Can withdraw from Tianshan School,It’s until he died,I have never said that he has said that he is a disciple of Tianshan School.。”
Toned,No sword,The eyes of the Ji Baotao bottle have emerged again.。
“And I learned that the Rock’s enemy’s head was killed,He is not forgotten when he is always,Do you really think that he is sick??”
I heard this sentence,Sword six pupils。
“you,What did you say?”

Many people are excited。

Obvious,The situation has been upgraded。
The high level of the two parties has not followed,But the two exhibitions,It has already feel that the atmosphere is slowly gaining。
“Me……Me……”Changping changed http://www.meilesc.cnbetween the looks,Pale,The brain is very flowing,Thinking。
“Ha ha。”
Li Tong is a smile,The eyes fall in the summer,The color of the scorpion。 Little guy is really good,No,Your luck is also good.,Really, I want to collect my little guy.?
What should I do if he doesn’t grow up??”
“This will not work with my old brother.。”
The two people like the old friends who pore abdomen,Seems to talk freely。
What kind of mentality can I do?,They are all clearly clear。
However, the ginger is not a sigh.。
Since Li Tong is now,And say this,Obviously another layer of meaning。
He can only see it.,This matter cannot be pursued.。
Think here,He dark self-emotion,“Wang Wei,Some things are unclear a time.,Time to stay here long,Will understand,This matter can only be temporarily,Waiting for one day you are strong,Can you rest assured to revenge,How do you see。”
Ginger is really loved by this boy.。
If you let others hear,He talks like this,Clearately shocked。 Summer is of course not doing people who don’t know。
In fact。
Daxion main ginger,Already made him very surprised。
Even in the heart,Also give birth to a grateful。
He jammed,“Some seniors,I will personally revenge.。”
“Ah,Still calling the seniors??”
Ginger is no longer empty,Laugh,“Today, when the people in the city,跪 跪 师。”
Narrate,Summer is not hesitant,I want to worship.。
However, at this time,A mild voice suddenly rang in the empty。
“And slow。”
The sound is just。
Distant horizon,A remaining shadow is like a meteor。
That is like transient,Moment,Overhead。

“Take me to meet your chief!”

“Yes Yes,We will notify!”
Several intelligence personnel responsible for guarding the door immediately divided the work,Someone greeted Leo and someone called the person in charge。
quickly,I saw LeoCP5Person in charge。
“Haha,Small cold house,Let Master Leo come,Really brilliant!”
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Leo didn’t talk nonsense with this intelligence chief,Directly describe the appearance characteristics of Ainilu。
“You should know about my friend?”Leo asked。
The intelligence head’s face changed slightly:“Lord Leo,Is there any misunderstanding in this?,We don’t know this person!You know we are only in charge of finding some information,Never do anything other than inquire about the news!”
Leo looked at the intelligence chief,The more news you know,Naturally know more。
Otherwise it would be dead。
“Give you one more chance,Say,Or die!”
Leo’s eyes were full of chills,Looking at the intelligence chief,As if to see another dead person。
The intelligence chief is cold,Main Leo’s eyes are too scary。
“Lord Leo,I really don’t……”
I just said it,Leo’s hand is already pinching the intelligence leader’s neck,Lifted the opponent up。

Wang Teng finished,Is more of a kind,Always be ready to deal with the opponent。

But after what Wang Teng said,,Those around,They are all looking in front of you。
After all, don’t talk about other things for now。
But at least here,Such a thing,Strictly speaking,Indeed。
But by Wang Teng’s side,Jiang Ya looked over here。
“Wang Teng,No matter what,I will definitely be on your side!”
slowly,When Jiang Ya spoke directly to Wang Teng。
The more so,Actually these problems,How to solve it。
Let’s not talk about anything else,But at least here,Such a thing,There is still a need to deal with it。
As for Wang Teng,Looking at all this,The more so,Wang Teng is more casual。
“well,Actually these things,It’s very interesting。”
“As for the others,Actually there is nothing to say,Almost ready,Just start!”
slowly,When Wang Teng subconsciously looked in front of him。
While looking in front of you,Wang Teng is even more completely convinced of the other party。
Other things,For the time being, don’t worry about that much。
But think about it,These things,In fact, it’s completely obvious。
But the more so,Put here,Wang Teng looked at all this subconsciously。
“Interesting,but,It looks like,The Wei family is very dissatisfied with us now。”
“But think about it,If there is an economic war with them,We will definitely lose。”

Saaya cells like Saru,The Saiyan people do not wave。

Jun does not see the original story,Shalu became a complete body,It is clear that they have their strengths,But it is biased to have a sufficient cultivation world.。
Then I got it again.“Sha Lugel Fighting Competition”,It can be seen that the other party is also very deeply affected by the inner cases.,There is also a battle mad in the bones.。
The main character of this time and space is the strongest,And Shalu has just been violent by Begita.,He is impossible to revenge.。
Chapter 646 Surmped to fly night with Bergiita
But this is not surprising,Because Shalu is full of Salane cells,It can even become a super-semi-Saiyan,Will be a good thing is normal。
And as aBOSS,Equipped property,That’s more normal.。
Counting most of the heavensBOSS,There are not a few not to die.。
Shalu is another Saiyan.BOSS,If you don’t wave a little,I really can’t afford him.。
“Why waste that time,There is a ready-made two people here.,Let him absorb better?”
Bergiita listened to the offer,Some unsatisfactory,Saru to go to other time and space,Kararot they have come out。
You can“Spiritual Time House”So big improvement,Bergi Tower will not be stupid to think that Kararot will step in。
Too much porridge,In order to avoid the night dream,Bergi Tower believes that Shalud will become『Complete body』,Then defeat him。
Anyway, these people make people,I was not all the way.,What will be absorbed?,What is the matter of Begga??
“no,The 17th and the 18th, they are only transformed from Dr. Clow by ordinary people.。
And they come from now to now,There is no evil,So I can’t let them be absorbed.,This is my minimum bottom limit.!”
At night, no pills,And what he said,Let the 17th are quite touched with the 18th。
After they are being transformed into people,Actually out of date“Humanity”Category,Even sometimes they feel that they are different,I didn’t expect that someone understood them.。
Even my heart is embarrassed.,Because she feels,Night is not just a slag male,And also sold them。
Now look,Night is indeed helping them。
“Attempt,up to you,Anyway, this Shalu became『Complete body』Later,The first opponent can only be me。
Even you and Kar Carlot,Can only be row,But I want to probably you have no chance to play.。”
finally,Still Begita,After all, I have retreated a step before.。
And although I don’t want to recognize,But in the past two years,Bergi Tower suffers from Bamma and the night.。
Bamma is also calculated.,After all, it is now a wife.,But from time to time, the night of the training,This face can not give,So Behagi Tita。
There is no problem in two people.,Shalu is also the same。
After all, now he is a growth period.,Arms are screwed,Even if you disagree, how can you??
Have the opportunity to become『Complete body』Nice,What else is eligible to pick three picked four?。
As long as you can become『Complete body』,Shalu swearing that you will be back to revenge,Let today these despise their guys regret。
But there is no problem in others.,Tex is there.。
Although it is possible to solve the seventeen and No. 18 and No. 18, which is evil.,But Tex feels,Make more dangerous Sha Lu become stronger,It is simply a death behavior。
So no matter what,That Tex is impossible to agree with Bergiita. They propose。
Tex directly into a super-seizure,And full body muscle expansion,Body squatting,A handy of his old man is ready to get Shalu seconds。
But the night seems to have an expected general,If you have a good job, you have changed.“Attack gun”trail of,Let Teks attack guns fall into the suburbs of the city。
A huge explosion sounds,A huge mushroom cloud suddenly rises in the suburbs,Also accompanied by huge waves,It is even a short-lived deaf。

then,JDGIt is directly by this feet.,Fly three people。

InngThis feet,The situation on the field can be almost said that dust is settled.。
JDGOriginal is a disadvantage,In the case of death in one person,Waiting such a perfect wave group。
to be honest,Palace clearly can’t think of,If you are at this time,How to win this wave of group。
next moment,Just when the Switz and vampires follow the blind output。
Tumm has already opened its own big tricks.,AlertADC,SealJDGEveryone’s goal。
finally,Magical overbearing and sharp ax,Exhibition in this battlefield。
JDGEveryone,Even after this, try to do it.。
But in the case where there is a lot of dust,Their efforts,What can I turn to have a wave??
finally,JDGFour people were killed,IGAlso completed the group。
after this,IGEveryone has no hesitation,Directly came to the distance,It is also the best road to the war line.。
They don’t play more ideas,Do not respect the racing,Eventually it will be anticogeneous。
JDGHighland,After this, it is directly broken.,Next, crystal。
Then,Two pockets。
last of the last,YesJDGBase main crystal。
When the palace clearing manipulate Deli,When the last knife,His heart is inexplicable.。
This feeling,And he feels like he last year in the world of the world.。
But the palace is clearly experienced,I didn’t have a strong in the Incheon last year.。
possible……This is the champion antibody.。
Didn’t let the palace clear in my heart too long,Precisely,rookieDidn’t give him the time to respond。
existJDGA moment of explosion of the base,rookieJump directly from the chair next to it.。
Then,Hold the Palace clearly。
certainly,Because of the height reasons,The palace clearly has to bend his waist, just see him.。
Gently patrookieBack,Palace Qingwen is found,rookieIt seems that there is an impulse to cry.。
Palace Qingwen is clearrookieIs a very sensible person,At this moment, it still can’t help but surprise。
“Okay,After all, it is not a buddy.,Is a big heart。”
This is a bit like a joke in the heart of the palace.,Also just flashing only。
actually,He is very understandablerookieAt this time。
After all, last yearIG,Although the biggest fruit has been obtained。
But in fact,The results they have in the domestic league have been unreasonable.。

Here are the coverage of the snow here.,Compared with the city, it looks a warm and lovely snow.,The snow here looks a lot of cold.。

artistic conception,There is really a bit of taste,But nothing is a good taste。
Xi Qian once again,Many tone has also become a lot,Like an actor role:“good,The strong is only the time to die with another strong,I will slow down toned,Can you tell me?,I was summoned to this reason??”
Although the West is like,But the Baxin Sichuan is still another turn.,It seems to be disappointed。
May be acting not enough。
“You should know that the night god countries are trying to deal with me.,It also called a group of old nine sections to Hokkaido held a key conference.。”Yuechuan Longhe Directly cut into theme。
“Earnest,It should be a big plan。”Xi Qipingping and the road。
“He can I forbe I now,It should be said that he is good.,Still, what is the bigger conspiracy??The answer is of course the latter,”Yuechuan Long said。
“Although I don’t understand what his ambition is.,But I already know the results of the meeting in the night god country,The rest of the nine sections are followed by,This dragon battle will be expanded in the form of group warfare。”
“Group war?The head of the head can also be carried out in a group battle.?”Xi Qi, very unexpected。
It is also the practice of pioneering。
So the problem is coming.,At that time, if there is a group battle to become a championship.,So who is the title to this group??I can’t always play.?
“Specifically how to operate,It’s their own business.,But they decided to carry out this competition in the way groups.,To put it bluntly, it is a collective discussion of my.,Just like Dong Zhuo, the princes of the 18th Road,For this reason, I also need allies.,Such as you。”Yuechuan Long said。
Icy waves shot on the hull,Send a deafening sound。
Demon,To the West Thousands of team invitation。
Chapter 27 · The strange chess scene appeared again.
The cold snowflakes flutter from the umbrellas,Frozen on the back of the west。
This invitation is unable to refuse。
Accept team,In a sense,It is to bind your future and fortune with the Yuechuan dragon.,Also known as he was bound to the other party’s chariot。
The only problem is,This chariot,It is very likely to be in the gutter.。
“I want to ask,This dragon group battle,Every team will have a few people?”I didn’t hurry。
“Five people,Normal group war scale,Integral match,Each ring of the team is crucial。”
“This kind of competition system is for Mr. Yuechuan.,Must be very unfavorable.,Ability to Night God,Must be able to make a dream-sent five-person lineup。”
“Yes,His strength,His face is bigger.,So I have to help you.。”Yuechuan Longhe Pass the hands on the desktop,Poster a sincere posture。
“That.,Mr. Yuechuan,I want to pull me.,At least, let me have the conditions for my heart.,otherwise,If the night god country is expensive,I can’t do it.。”West Thousands,Smile is slightly indulgence。
Blood nature of district negotiation counterattack,As a title owner,Of course。
“Um condition,See you so,I am really not good.。”Yuechuan Longhe Putting,Looking at the distant thinking。
suddenly,He is like a spiritual machine, he has called a song.:“What to see you,That should be the most suitable.”
The whispering voice echoed on the empty deck,Then it is covered by the cold wind。
Turninafter, it is a red wine.,Agreement reached。
“ok,I agreed,So where did the three teammates go to find??”Xi Qian。
“This is a problem with injury.,Who else is I am willing to myself??”
Yinchuan Longhe City, the city, the city is contemplated。
Also from the other end of the port,On the bustling street in the Qianyoda area。
After coming out of the chess,Kohumang and the mountains wrapped around Xiaoyuan Road,When you have a skewer in the wine house.。
It is rare to meet the snow of Xiaoboxia in the city.,I have to go shopping.。
As for the distance, there may be something bad people are gathering.,who cares,Anyway, I can’t get this side for a while.。
“I am back。”Kevo dragged the baggage back to Peach Huazhai。

Summer laughs,“So I am curious,He cares about what my life is for??” Sway,Suqi open,Also,“Ask me a few points to grasp the alive,Ha ha,I want you to try me,Is it true that the long-lived road??”
Su Wei’s face changed,Immediately show your smile,“The boss does have this meaning.,After all, there is such a rumor outside.。”
Summer nice head,“Then you tell him,I got all the inheritance of the ghost valley.,Never rumors。”
Su Yu stayed,Tongue。
“As for the letter,Just follow him。”
Summer means deep long laugh,Turn around。
Looking at his back,Su Yudi,Finally。
She naturally does not believe,But still prepare to tell the boss in the summer.。
……the other side。
Summer truck came to the old house。
I saw the father and Chu Jiangyu.。
Two old age is happy,Pull in the summer chat,Atmosphere。
And a living is three days。
Three days,Summer gates don’t have two gates,Always accompany yourself。
Daily use of special techniques for the old master massage and acupuncture,Let the old man look red light。
“I am in my life.。”
Whenever this time,When the old man is squatting on the bed,Will always feel a few points,“So your dad is a son,And you so grandson,I am now dead.。”
Summer smile and fun,“Grandfather,People have said that they are older.,That’s like a child,It seems that it is good.,But I can guarantee,You can definitely live for a hundred years old。”
“What is the use of a long life?。”
Master is kneeling in bed,Twinkling,Interested in unintentional,“The grandchildren have gone.,I don’t think about it.。”
Summer original twist one silver needle,Hand is slightly stiff。
“Boy,What do you do?,Not afraid that my old man has a cold。”
The old man shouted a sentence.,Extraordinary。
Summer laughing,I have emerged in my eyes.,Green needle to gently puncture。
“Grandfather,This time I come out,Have already finished,I will return to Qinghai tomorrow.。”
“Um,Go back,Have a good look,People are not easy,Unlike me this bad old man……”Though,The father of the old man has no joy,Instead, it became incomprehensible.。
And the father of Chujiang Jade in the side,Get the fist equally,A few times to say,But in the end, it turned into a silent sigh.。
Stepping Guardian Alliance,Unique world group,I have to make a break with everyone.。


Both are close to,Snake knife and two consecutive collisions,Quick。
But very quickly,Summer was once again shocked。
His figure is like a gyro-rotating land,Wipe to the mouth of the mouth,Cold and cold。
Reality is the case,Summer has the strength of the eighth steps,Standing on the top of the pyramid。
Don’t say young generation,Even if you are older characters, someone can match him.。
But thinking with shaking,The gap is too big.。
He a few times before and after,In fact, it is very clear where the gap between the two sides is.。
On fighting consciousness,Battle skills,He is not weak in the light.。
Poor differences in strength。
If you say to the virtual realm,Can be converged at a point,Post-instant outbreak,You can play a thrilling force。
So caven,Earlier has already saved the steps,Can make such a force anytime, anywhere。
In other words,The cave is in this power.。
And the virtual needs need to be achieved by the conversion party。
Important,The oddity cannot always play such strength,Very large consumption of essential gods and cell phones。
“You really let me accidentally。”
Mild and smile on the face of the face,Murder,“Such,Don’t stay you。”
He stepped forward,Again hit again。
Summer mouth bloody,Tough waving snake knife,Then launched a god style。
“Bamboo”Knife,I am shaking if I have a sky。
A knife is like a sun that is obliquely.,The thorn light makes the surrounding。
A knife,Summer continues to sword。
Jiu Yang Magic Three Killing Transformation Movies。
this moment,Endless radiance illuminates this area,In the air, it seems to have a small sun.。
The rush has finally changed color,He was first shocked out.。
But only this,Not injured。
Summer is moving,Shake。
But he did not stop。
Using the inertia of the body,嗖,Frontier,And then tiger。
this moment,Summary half-length snake knife,Holded by summer hands。
People are in the air,Top-down,If you want to smoke。
This knife,Infused his essence!The moment of the top and down,Knife skyrocket,Not out of the knife,Form a giant blade。