Su Luo smiled:“Sister Linghua,If you like spicy food,You can adjust the taste yourself,There are oily chili peppers on the stove。”</p>
With,Su Luo casually filled a bowl full of cold skin,Pass it to Reba。</p>
but,Look at her,Doesn’t seem to have an appetite,This made Su Luo frowned。</p>
suddenly,He remembered,Online girls usually at this time,Drinking brown sugar water will be effective,Can feel better。</p>
Su Luo’s eyes flickered,Whether it works or not,Do it first。</p>
But it seems,There is no brown sugar in the kitchen,Only a can of white sugar left。</p>
White granulated sugar does not seem to replace the effect of brown sugar,He came to the corner of the yard,Watching Wang Zhengyu:“director,Do you have brown sugar?”</p>
Wang Zhengyu was taken aback,Shook his head,The show group is mostly a group of men,Who would prepare that stuff。</p>
This result,It’s a little beyond Su Luo’s expectations,Made him frown。</p>
It’s impossible to buy it in town now?But time is too late。</p>
Fortunately at this time,There is a female staff,Hands up:“I have some brown sugar in my suitcase,Brought from home last time,little more,Do you want it?”</p>
Su Luo overjoyed,Nodded quickly,Tao:“want。”</p>
The female staff smiled gently,Tao:“You wait,I’ll get it for you。”</p>