Only after the shooting started,Buyiyi gradually fell into trouble。
Honestly,There are not many heroine roles played by Buyiyi,But for the transformation of the clown,But it played a vital catalytic factor。
Although director and producer Todd Phillips,Made a change to the heroine’s identity,But the challenge for Buyiyi is still great。
This is not,Tossing all morning,made a bid5Group shot,There is3Group failed,In no way,Todd Phillips can only let Buyi rest first,After adjusting your emotional state,Shoot again in the afternoon。
The crew didn’t stop completely,The deputy director took a group of people to shoot the group actors。
Buyiyi in the large nanny car,I immediately put away my peaceful face,Turned into frowns。
Can walk in with her,It can only be Wang Xi she brought from China。
Wang Xi hurriedly closed the door behind him,By the way, I poured a glass of ice water for Buyiyi,“Come,Sit and rest,Don’t stress yourself too much,Otherwise, if you collapse,How to shoot?”
“I can’t help it!”Buyiyi drinking water,The troubled road:“Jackie is so amazing,Obviously he is still in despair,But I can always see crazy things in his eyes,Under such a fear,Naturally I can’t act out!”
“This is the strength of a Hollywood actress。”Wang Xidao,“precisely because of this,You have to be more competitive,Otherwise, there are even more people who gossip secretly。”
“What are you afraid of?They dare not speak in front of me!”Bu Yiyi coldly hummed,“I’m stuck these days,Couldn’t they see my previous efforts?”
“They can see,You are Shen Huan’s woman,Came in by the power of capital。”Wang Xi responded。
“cut,If I pay attention to these people,I can still fight till now?”Xiao Huadan said dismissively,“Even if this girl has Shen Huan,Should act well,I will play well,Will never be perfunctory。”