“Give me death,Bodhi blood gives me an explosion!”
It seems to be struggling between dying,This magical power is directly cut in the palm of death.,Red light flashes,Blood light,There is a voyage of ten explosions in foot,Every sound represents a bloody blow,Explosive blood light horror。
Each blood light explosion with a thrilling power,This kind of power is impact, even if the power of the magical level is also retired。
Ten blood light explosion,Even the strong people in the half-step sky must be unique。
This is the blood of the five-poisonous teaching,The so-called Bodhi’s blood is known as the god Buddha like Bodhi also blessed,According to legend, this hidden is originally self-study,But I don’t know why hundreds of years ago.,Tang Jiahe five poisonous teaching has made a transaction。
Tang family taught the production method of Bodhi’s blood to five drug teaching,As for the five toxicism, what is the Tang family?,That is not known.。
In short, the five-poisonous education has been manufactured by this Bodhi’s blood.,In order to make this horrible hidden in the blood of Bodhi,Can directly kill the half-step power,Can hit the powerful。
And the strong people in the upper half-step sky are hardly unable to show opportunities,However, the five-poisonous struggle after dying of many people,Be careful,I have already prepared it.。
This is displayed before dying.。
Football has ten bodhi blood broke out。
“boom,boom,boom。”Dramatic explosion sound。
Horror power fluctuations swept around,Blood light,Blood gas condensation into a filament,Directly stabbed the figure of Alpha,Let Alpha feel the dangerous breath,This Bodhi’s blood is also poisonous,Once you are, you are afraid。
A golden martial arts swept around,Impro hit the blood above these explosions,His martial art collapsed at this moment,At the same time, he felt like a lot of fine needles.,The figure of his figure has retired a few steps.。
Alpha’s mouth flows out of a blood,He looks at the sky.,A punch to the void,The sound of the dramatic impact of the touched,Dry two nets of the palm of the fire broke out。
But just at this moment,More dangerous feelings come。
A dark palm print is broken,This palm print is full of terrible breath,It’s like a dark lightning.。
Also accompanied by this painted black palm, there are two huge fists big stones.,The big stone of these two fists also took a horrible force to Alpha。
If it is the usual Alpha can also avoid,Resolve!
But this is no longer too late.。
The people of sneak attack,The calculation is just right,Grab the weakness of Alpha,When the old power of Alpha is unborn,Let Alpha have no power to resist。
NS371chapter Strange horror
“mean!”Alpha,Crazy power in the body,At the same time,Escape attack,Can still fail。
He even has no strength http://www.centuryjt.cn to gather strength,Just directly in a punch to one of them,Take the power of the meat shell to block。
“bump!”I will blocked this stone attack directly.,咔嚓 嚓 声 声 声,Alpha fingers were actually broken。
“bump!”Alpha headlight transfer,Black palm printing from the head,A bit of fudtle。
Bleged paint black,Similarly, the gas mask on his mouth is also shattered by the sharp horror.,Directization to debris in void。
And another stone smashed the chest of Alpha,The sternum is broken.。
“what!”Alpha dispel,Blood spit out,His figure keeps backwards,A hand, a hand, a head,The sound of screaming in the throat。
“Leave me!”Fire cloud dragon burst,He did not take the opportunity to kill Alpha,Instead, I chased the face of the dark palm.,He must find this murderer,This is the behind-the-scenes black hand,Directly http://www.qqhld.cn use the point to let them kill each other。
Several miserables。