[Pregnant women with high blood sugar diet recipe]_High blood sugar

High blood sugar in pregnant women is a matter that needs to be treated with caution, because high blood sugar can also adversely affect the fetus. Therefore, it is recommended to eat a small number of meals at this time to avoid these sweets such as sucrose, granulated sugar, and fructose. Try to chooseCrude rice and coarse grains food.

① A small number of frequent meals, mix 5-6 meals of foods that should be ingested every day, because eating too much at one time will cause rapid rise in blood sugar, and fasting for too long can cause obese ketosis in pregnant women.

It is best to divide into 3 large meals and 3 small meals.

② Eat less meat and eat more vegetables. Fruits should be eaten between meals. Fruits with high sugar content, such as sugar cane, watermelon, cantaloupe, cantaloupe, cherry, etc. should be avoided.

Eat more vitamin fiber foods, such as celery, pumpkin, carrots and so on.

③ Avoid sucrose, granulated sugar, fructose, glucose, rock sugar, honey, chocolate, maltose drinks and sweets.

You can drink two glasses of milk daily to get enough calcium.

④ Food should choose coarse rice and coarse grains, because coarse grains (such as rye noodles, buckwheat noodles, oat noodles, corn noodles, etc.) are replaced with fiber, B vitamins and various trace elements. Long-term consumption of diabetes patients can reduce blood sugar.Effect of blood lipids.

⑤ Foods high in starch are broad beans, potatoes, flour, bran, oil gluten, etc. It is better not to eat high blood sugar in pregnant women, to prevent excessive sugar intake, chocolate, caster sugar, candied fruits, sweet bread, cakes, etc.avoid.

⑥ Pregnant women adjust the proportion and quantity of food structure according to their body shape.

Eat less sugary fruits, vegetables 400-500 grams per day, of which colored vegetables are more than 50%.

When pregnant women suffer from diabetes, because protein breakdown is multiplied, it is necessary to increase protein intake. Eat more high-quality protein foods such as fish, meat, poultry milk, and beans.