Fisherman,Full of face,Staring at Williams,“You,You are, let me know you.,I don’t know these secrets.,However, do you think that my family is so many years??”
Williams is not anxious at all,“What deals,Let me see it。”
“I grow from the grinding of lightning.,It is no longer afraid that now.。Give me death!”
He roared again and again。
“嗤嗤 嗤嗤。”
Williams continuous sword,Six arms thick huge lightning,Along with the broad sword。
In the face of this,Black fog on the Terlim,Even the thunder is rushed over.。
In terrible lightning,The black fog on him is constantly being destroyed,Again to rise again,So repeated。
Nai Wai Yilms does not give him a chance to close,Sturdy,Connected sword,Wow, wow, I am。
Said that it is not afraid.,But in fact,He is also only resistant to one or two。
At the other party’s continuous attack,He has to avoid flash。
See this scene,Summer is completely relieved。
He put his gaze to Rola。
Now now,Say everything is extra,Kill it。
Rock’s pupil suddenly concrete,So there is a decision。
She is very clear,No extra choice。
Either life,Either death。
As for the retreat,Already have no chance。
“I am fighting with you.!”
She is arrogant,Bite red red,Hemorable mist,Rushing in summer。
Blood light。
A sigh of murderer。 Rola is completely out of date,Directly exhibited the most powerful tricks。
On the way,The pores of her body have a scarlet blood.,I instantly dyed a bloody person。
At the same time, these fresh blood is a large blood mist.,Summer sweep,“Imprisonment!”
A large blood spot is bloody,Summer shrouded。
There is no killing force。
But the summer is as if it is in the quagmire.,It’s like a powerful force that is not speculative.,Pressed him。
This piece of blood is like a bloody Tianshan.,I want to imprison summer。
Summer is really bound,The body is gradually heavy like a mountain,It’s hard to move one step,Action becomes slow。
This feeling,Some similar to gravity,But more。
Rolla,But she is like a ghost-like and cold smile.,Reward to the summer,“Kill god,Your confidence,In front of my secret law,You are just a crust。”
She has a nearby,Refers to the hand knife,狠 着 着 项 项。