Like the holy dew from Nan’s Xuezang,It’s basically a rare Tianjing Dihua,Even if you travel through thousands of mountains and forests,May not be found。
Besides, this is the spiritual creature that best matches the attributes of Shenmu Qingshenglong,I heard that Nan had such a baby before,If you steal, you have to steal a copy for your baby dragon!
“Great guardian,The birth of Saint Lu for a hundred years is complete, right?,I’ll give it to Zhu Minglang。”Nan Lingsha went on to say。
“hundred……Century Saint Lu,This is the foundation of our Nan family……”The guardian of the holy forest was stunned,He didn’t expect Nan Lingsha to even send her best wishes,But soon the guardian saw Nan Lingsha’s eyes,He immediately continued with an awe-inspiring expression,“But there is only such a treasure,To be worthy of the identity of Zhu Minglang!”
Zhu Minglang glanced at this protector who had a consistent tone before and after,Sigh in my heart,Nan Zhaobing’s father is also a talent,This can make things rounder!
Nan Lingsha retracted her indifferent gaze,The guardian was relieved,Hurriedly lead Zhu Minglang to continue。
Ten Years of Saint Lu,Is to gather the aura of heaven and earth,The wood spirit finally taken from the silver cedar altar,Generally, it is slowly taken from the silver fir which is more than ten years old,Just the collection process,It takes a lot of manpower and financial resources。
And Hundred Years Saint Lu is even rarer,It is drawn from a century-old silver fir,I think the reason why Nan Taigong Nan had a lofty status,It was he who won the centuries of Saint Lu,Let Nan’s stand tall。
In fact,The reason Nan Taigong wanted to oppose Li Yunzi,To a certain extent, it is also because of the centuries-old Saint Lu。
Grandpa Nan wants to enjoy the century-old holy dew that will be conceived exclusively,But Yunzi Lai hopes to use it to train a new strongman of the dragon shepherd。
Haven’t walked too long,The three came to a forest cliff。
Under the cliff,It is an earth altar piled up with spirit wood stones,The sun is blocked by the tall silver cedar canopy,But this stone altar glowed with a brilliance stronger than sunlight,Fever!
When they approached,Above the forest cliff,A huge ancient tree came alive,Then the body stretched out among the dense foliage,And stuck out an old head,Looking down at the three people who came to the altar。
Is an old sacred tree!
Zhu Minglang is secretly surprised,Most of this Shenmu Qingshenglong’s body is still hidden in the forest cliff,Just show the tip of the iceberg,Gives a strong、ancient、Sense of mystery。
I didn’t expect Nan’s holy forest,There is actually a sacred wood and blue sacred dragon!
“Holy guard,Let’s go to Shenglu,This is the offering we brought。”Talking,The guardian placed a few crystal clear beads aside,It took a respectful salute before leaving。