Rushed into Li Tianchou’s room in one go,The captain can’t be happy anyhow。
“Why don’t you walk around together?Talk more。”Li Tianchou deliberately teased the captain。
“Nothing to say,People ignore me。”
“You can usually blow?It’s diarrhea when it’s critical?”
“I really don’t know what to say,Panic in front of her,Paralyzed,Don’t know what’s going on。”
“What do you say。”
“That won’t work,Didn’t you poke the basket at noon??”
“Oh shit,What a great mallet,Who makes you okay to scold you?。Forget it,I won’t tell you,Don’t make trouble,Or just lie down here,Or go back to your house。”Li Tianchou turned around and ignored the captain。
The captain closed his mouth,Start thinking wildly,Tossing in bed,Never stop,And sigh from time to time。
“Have you tossed enough??Just go back to the house。”Li Tianchou is upset。
“brother,You said Qiao sister won’t bother me?”
“Then where do i know?But you will be like last night,Like a man,I will never bother you。”
“Really?I grass,Then let’s find time to get Hong Mao and them.,Paralyzed,Show off。”
“Leave far away,Who made you fight all day long?Something wrong。Real men are men,Is to be able to take responsibility。I don’t know the truth。Say so,You have to support yourself by your own ability,Feeding his wife and children,Feed the whole family,Have to make them live better。Understand?”