[Cholera diarrhea]_action_effect

Diarrhea often occurs due to dietary problems or other problems, which is also quite normal.

However, under normal circumstances, the treatment of diarrhea should still use scientific drug treatment methods. According to the cause of the diarrhea, a targeted method is the most effective.

Cola is a beverage that people are very familiar with. Cola contains some carbonates.

Drinking cola regularly is not good for your body, so it is not recommended to drink it often.

Can Cola cure diarrhea?

Try not to drink cola for gastroenteritis.

Serious diarrhea or vomiting requires intravenous fluids.

Eat regularly and regularly, avoid overeating and eliminate long-term burden.

Avoid eating too hard, too sour, too spicy, too salty, too much, too cold and overly rough foods, and don’t drink sweet, the sweeter the more likely to cause diarrhea, you can drink something salty.

Acute acute inflammation is a common complication in summer. It can cause dehydration and potassium loss in the body due to vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. If there is severe dehydration, intravenous infusion should be promptly carried out. Caffeine and carbonic acid in cola can stimulate gastric mucosa and increase vomitingSymptoms, it is recommended not to drink during the illness, usually try to drink less cola.

In the early stages of illness, it is recommended to eat liquid foods that are easy to digest and nutrient-rich, such as millet porridge and egg noodles.

If the diarrhea is severe, you should drink some fruit juice, light salt water, etc.

Avoid eating cold, greasy, and irritating food.

To be restored 3?
You can eat normally after 4 days.

Gastroenteritis diet: 1, low fat, less fiber.

Foods containing too much fat, in addition to being difficult to digest, are often accompanied by aggravating diarrhea. Therefore, patients should eat fried, substitute, cold and multi-fiber foods, easy-to-digest thin noodles, braised noodles, 馄饨, Green leaves, fish, shrimp, eggs and legumes, etc., so that you can get rest.

2. If patients with chronic enteritis are accompanied by dehydration, drink some salt water, vegetable soup, rice soup, fruit juice, rice porridge, etc. to supplement water, salt and vitamins.

3. Exhaust, when the bowel is too strong, eat less sucrose and foods that are easy to produce gas, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, white radishes, pumpkins, milk, soybeans, etc.

The contents of the above article suggest that we can indeed understand that gastroenteritis patients cannot drink cola during the medication process. Because cola is a carbonated beverage, it will react with the drug and may reduce the efficacy of the drug, which causes gastroenteritis disease.We must follow the doctor’s advice to take the medicine correctly.