At least what Wang Teng has now,Are all obtained through games。
and so,Let Wang Teng not play games,It’s unlikely。
This time I played Metal Slug4,Currently playing to the level of the biochemical laboratory,Wang Teng’s operation,Various scores continue to improve。
Wang Teng originally played these games,Very handy,so now,Beat this level,It’s even easier。
“Ding,Congratulations on trying out Metal Slug4,Obtain rewards for God-level medical skills。”
See here,Wang Teng was even more surprised。
Did you get the reward so soon??
Follow this rhythm,Wang Teng’s assets exceed 10,000,Just a breeze。
But this god-level medical skill,It’s a good skill。
Wang Teng just thinks,In my own mind,A lot of things poured in at once。
In an instant,Wang Teng has now become a medical master。
Jiang Ya finished the call,Speaking apologetically to Wang Teng。
“I am sorry,Delayed you so long。”
Jiang Ya’s face looks a little pale,Obviously I didn’t have a good rest。
“take care,Take it easy。”