a lot ofbossHave a habit of seeing the death of the opponent,To enhance your forces,Even occasionally a bad mood,Directly, http://www.natural-change.cn don’t get rid of your hand.,Said is the blue dyeleman。
“His purpose is to let other chess people,Better feel your strength,In order to stimulate them more clearly accept modern Go,And the next two months of hard work。”
This is really,Various senses,The purpose of the discipline and the other side are almost。
Corona is busy ingredients,And the night god country, busy, busy to fight the arrogance of the ancient cheers.。
Last night’s battle is an indispensable forever for both parties.,Arrived12month,The ancient chessists will complete their respective practice.,Step into the battlefield with a gentle gesture。
The previous time and half-wild teacher blowing,Also about to face。
But unfortunately not to honor yourself,But the teammates come to honor。
“Gainfulness,Everyone has the enemy of our own,The enemy left five chess,So how do you allocate this??”Zero。
Corporation thinks slightly:“First predecessor,This line is dead,Next, I want to play a friend,Xuan Yu again”
Two corresponding points。
“Star marriage seems to be one more,The last thing is not good, and there is a secret weapon.,Can also kill one?”Science is just shaking the opportunity。
“You,At the critical moment, I think of a woman.?”Zero eyebrow hang hang。
Ah, it seems to be true.,Look down on this side of combat skills,I feel all my sister。
“Cough,no way,This is the plaic role of 正,Know how to understand。”Boarding is an answer,“certainly,In addition to me。”
“Don’t think that the other party’s lineup,Only ancient chess,There are also many other well-known players in history.,For example, Cheng Zlan、Abandon,Xiu Rong,Liang Wei”
Another brilliant name read from zero mouth,These are all people who are familiar with the players.,What you have to say,Most of these people have the ability to compete for chess, Sheng this throne,But there is no second,Their http://www.weixin008.cn glory is all compared。
But the glory is more,Does not mean that their chess or talent is not enough。
“Repropted a message you may not listen to,Two chessths that have not yet been awakened,That pair of Shuanglong in history,Fan West Screen,Shi Xia,Is the true strongest chess,Wait until they have completed the last two months of practice,The strength will be with Qingdao,That is what you really trouble.。”
“Strongest chess?You are so directly?”
“Only enough strong opponents,Only to hone a person’s strength,When an era has just appeared such two super-seesys,That is of course, there is a crazy competition between them.,Match each other,Finally, the rest of all people are far away.。”Zero is reasonable to say。
The balance of victory is silent.,Two high-tonnate weights suddenly booked in each other。
“Then what should I do now??”
“Didn’t I say it??Power of all people。”Zero repeats。
“You said,Now someone now,No mobilization。”
“if not?”
Taken such a little,Boarding is really thinking。
Xi Qian,And Japan Valley Ghost Tailang。
The only combat power that can still be thought about, it is like it.。
When you think about it,The doorbell came from outside the door.。