This is only a few days.,It turned out to be a light.。
“The boss let me tell you,The rush first appears in a country in Europe and America.,Later returned to Huaxia。”
Toned,Su Wei,“not only that,His arm is intact,And the eyes that are also restored.。”
What!!Summer shocked,“you sure?”
“I am uncertain,But my boss said that,And after returning to the country,We lost his traces,The boss let me inform you to be careful,And there is a super master around him.……”After a moment,Summer interrupted the phone,There is a good look。
“What happened?”
Xiani whispered。
“Do you know what I am with a rush??”
Xiani stunned,And then shake his head,“I don’t know,You and him?
Summer is not hidden,Will pass the simplicity。
Finally,“I didn’t expect this that I have been less than a month.,He appeared,And I broke an arm,I have been stabbed.,Returned now。”
Heard him,Xianti has also been quite surprised。
“I also hope that it is impossible。”
Summer eyes flashes cold,“But it is very likely to be true,And I suspect……Is the gods alliance in the dark。”
Inference according to the resulting message,The gods alliance has a long time,Always tested in human body。
If you can make the rush in this world,,Non-League Union。
“Let it go,Go eat first,I am going to return to China tomorrow.,And you?”
Xianti does not hesitate,“I certainly go to China.。” ……China。
A unclear yard。
Ji Bao bottle is sitting at the door,Cold cold looking at the head man。
It is the big magic Wang Jian Six。
“cough,I came to Beijing to do something.,So, by the way, look at you。”
The eyes of swords six are somewhat fluttering,More than a little。
“I have seen it now.,I am very good.,You go.。”
The attitude of the Ji Bao bottle is very cold。
Jianxiao grabs the head of their own,Some helplessness,“Treasure bottle,Why do you have this?,Conscientiously,I know you first.,And I also introduced you to the brother.,But I also like you at the time.,I don’t understand until today.,Why did you choose a brother?,And why is this attitude towards me?。”
Ji Bao bottle picks the eyebrows,A pair of eyes have a stunned,Soon disappear。
She whispered,“Jiang alone,Warned disciple as a head of Tianshan,He for me,Can withdraw from Tianshan School,It’s until he died,I have never said that he has said that he is a disciple of Tianshan School.。”
Toned,No sword,The eyes of the Ji Baotao bottle have emerged again.。
“And I learned that the Rock’s enemy’s head was killed,He is not forgotten when he is always,Do you really think that he is sick??”
I heard this sentence,Sword six pupils。
“you,What did you say?”