He killed in Magnolia,Do not,Can’t be called killing,And should be http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn called‘massacre’。
He slaughtered those mortals,It’s like crushing a bunch of ants,The difference is that those ants can also bring him some benefits。
And now,It is the turn of the gods of the Magnolia continent,Killed him like a crushing ant。
Weird king·James Fury,Unwilling,despair。
“I want to be the palace owner、I want to improve again in the realm of the magic circle,I want to become Dzogchen、I want to become the legendary main god!I must not die here!”James roared inside,Last fight,Even the body surface is covered with a layer of black light,The shape seems to turn into a shadow。
At this moment of life and death,His strength has faintly broken。
Wright didn’t use a gun,Just reach out the right hand,Operate the laws of the earth,Take a picture。
With the power of Wright,Just use the law of the earth,There is also a palace owner level。And he doesn’t want this James to die so happy。
Endless gravity is suppressed on James,James, who just made a breakthrough under the pressure of life and death,Was instantly suppressed。
No wonder,He is a six-star high-level god close to the seven-star level,Strength even breakthrough,It’s just reached the standard of the Seven Star Darkwalker。In the palm of Wright,As if turned into a mountain to block James directly。
The terrible gravitational http://www.yaliliangjing.cn tear oppresses James’s body,Feel the pain of every inch of body,James wants to wailing,But I can’t even make a sound。
A few minutes later,A soul attack completely annihilated James’ soul,Except for the head deliberately avoided,The soul of James, who has almost turned into a puddle of mud, is completely annihilated。
“died~”Wright’s face didn’t feel much pleasure。
“Count his death happily!”Cecilia also said bitterly。
James killed countless in Magnolia,And then fled into the dark god plane,Now this matter is completely resolved。
Wright waved his hand,Put the head of James in the space ring,Bringing back to the Magnolia Continent at that time is an explanation for the human beings who directly and indirectly killed James.。