8Advance4The opponent is Seventeen Middle School。
This school is also8Strong strength,But it’s much worse than Chunlei High School,Belongs to the bottom of the quarterfinals。
So the Mingxian Middle School basketball team easily won。
The final score is55:43。
This difference is13Since the game,The basketball team of Mingxian Middle School scored the least,It is also the one with the smallest difference。
But the five original main players of the Mingxian Middle School basketball team,After the game, they hugged each other happily,I was so excited that I shed tears。
The reason for all the above is simple。
Shen Huan didn’t play this game。
Superficial reasons,Shen Huan wants them to exercise,Look at the results of recent competitions and training。
If they can’t hold it,Shen Huan goes to the rescue again。
Fart on the court!
I drank the medicine for strengthening the muscles and bones for two consecutive days,Shen Huan felt that she was about to explode。
Energetic all over,And there is an impulse to vent violence。
Shen Huansheng was afraid of breaking through and dunking crazy as soon as he played,Scared these children to death on the court。
He is also afraid that because of such a strong performance,Was school that night.The flowers caught the hotelxxooGot him。
That is to work desperately with the recipe of soup medicine,In order to slowly restrain this blood pulse。
But I don’t know what will happen if I drink for a few more days。