“Yes Yes,We will notify!”
Several intelligence personnel responsible for guarding the door immediately divided the work,Someone greeted Leo and someone called the person in charge。
quickly,I saw LeoCP5Person in charge。
“Haha,Small http://www.cyyzb.cn cold house,Let Master Leo come,Really brilliant!”
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Leo didn’t talk nonsense with this intelligence chief,Directly describe the appearance http://www.seening.cn characteristics of Ainilu。
“You should know about my friend?”Leo asked。
The intelligence head’s face changed slightly:“Lord Leo,Is there any misunderstanding in this?,We don’t know this person!You know we are only in charge of finding some information,Never do anything other than inquire about the news!”
Leo looked at the intelligence chief,The more news you know,Naturally know more。
Otherwise it would be dead。
“Give you one more chance,Say,Or die!”
Leo’s eyes were full of chills,Looking at the http://www.join-hands.cn intelligence chief,As if to see another dead person。
The intelligence chief is cold,Main Leo’s eyes are too scary。
“Lord Leo,I really don’t……”
I just said it,Leo’s hand is already pinching the intelligence leader’s neck,Lifted the opponent up。