Chen Linzhi jokes, she said:“You haven’t gone yet.,How can you know that?,Let me tell me the first few times.,What attitude is Dior?,I am free to draw a fund for $ 20 million.,Help you complete financing or acquisition。”

NS247chapter Old husband wife
Hall for more than two months,Chen Linzhi, the foundation of the family was mastered by Anna Tasia.。
She didn’t care about Chen Linzhi.,This little rich woman is approximately $ 30 million,There is also an upcoming family trust fund behind him.,The beneficiary has only her and her parents。
Waiting until Anna Atasia has children,No matter how many,Can be born from birth,Until the day hanging down,The premise is that the Foundation is working well.,Revenue on the book。
Considering the Charity Trust Fund is quite mature in the United States,Little John·d·Rockefeller Family Foundation, founded by Rockefeller1913Year operation,And annual investment charity、Payment to the Lockefeller family members dividends,The scale of the foundation of the Foundation has doubled several times,It is really likely to let the children and grandchildren have to eat for her life.。
Have to say that since the boss checks the heart problems,The father of Anna Atas is very consistent to this baby daughter.,Put the problem of inheritance heritage in advance.。
Wait until her family fund is talented to Anna Atas,There is also Chen Linzhi to assist next to,Look at the assets worth 67 million US dollars,Maybe the scale may be considerable。
No wonder Newman once sent it,Chen Linzhi found such a girlfriend,Not asa to find a big treasure,Advantage is obvious,It is enough to let ordinary people lying together in a lifetime。
Sitting in the hotel roof,Evening wind blowing。
Anna Atas listened to Chen Linzhi to help himself,Curious asked:“You sell your stock.?Still ready to use the funds you have recently raised recently?”
“neither,I want to use the stock as a collateral in the account.,Borrow a money from the bank,Some people say that smart people will use others to make money for themselves.,And I only owe the bank’s only mortgage,Consult the idea of the bank before,They tell me about 80% of the total value of stocks.,7.5% of the interest per year,Quite cost-effective。”
I thought that Chen Linzhi just want to help himself.,Anna Atas is touched,said laughingly:“you are so kind to me,But I don’t necessarily make back your interest money.,So still count.,No need to adventure。”
Chen Linzhi explained very unfinished:“Neither,I am very optimistic about the prospects of Dior’s luxury goods companies.,Somewealth of cloth leather,Online only one downside processing fee,You can earn more than 90% of gross profitability,Even the promotion of promotion is huge,Still worth investing,So I advise you to pay attention to luxury goods companies.,Women’s money is best earned,I can pay attention to cosmetics after I have money.。”
Anna Tasia really wants to say that women are not so stupid,But look at the love of tens of thousands of dollars to buy the Hermes crocodile bag,Instantly, there is no bottom gas,Combine one piece of Chanel short-sleeved for two or three hundred dollars,And cotton short sleeves only sell a few dollars in the supermarket,Silently recognize his woman’s money。
Discharge:“I really want to go directly.,Since you come,Give you a task that I negotiated.,Honestly, this makes me easily。Before Warma left,I thinkceoWork does not trouble,Many tasks have been handled by us.,It seems that it is difficult to do business than I imagined.。”
“Negotiation is not easy,You need to accumulate some experience,In addition to this, there are skills,For example, learn me,Based on Morgan Stanley to help,I believe they call the door.,Dior will definitely pay more attention。”Chen Linzhi has not yet eaten,Let the waiter send fruit salad。
Anna Tasia bite is not good,Ask him:“Since you know, who should be invited to help?,Why don’t you tell me earlier??”
Chen Linzhi forgot this,It is half a month ago to let the Anna Tasia single guns,Let her touched a nose ash,I laughed and said.:
“You need to exercise learning,Only you have experienced it,Can be a qualified businessman。
I suggest you read the biography of those luxury goods companies.,Experience from China,When the boss and when the assistant can be different,Seriously put it, I am selling clothes in China,Looking for someone designed to design,We will barely calculate。”
He was opened by him,Anna Tasia tonight,I have forgotten this thing soon.,Talking about the recent people seeing in Paris……
The old husband has a long time.,So Chen Linzhi sometimes forgot Anna Tasia has more beautiful。
After getting up the next day,Look at her bath to dress up,Light is a few kinds of skin care products.,arm、neck、The legs have not been put,Apply sunscreen afterwards,Carefully organize your hair,No wonder the whole person tender。
Good figure relies on exercise and diet,She will be with Matia during San Francisco·Ipez morning running、Yoga,To the beauty salonspa,Early, it is dizzy.,Recently, I have been physically and psychologically began to get healthy.,Chen Linzhi finally found that Anna Tasia temperament was followed up.,Learn to dress up。
Just dressed in a dark dress,Anna Atasa saw Chen Linzhi, staring at himself.,Wonderful asked:“what happened?I can start with my shoes.,From here to the Louvre,The temperature is not rising yet,Walk in the past。”
Chen Linzhi strived to let her come,Anna Atasa。
After approaching, Chen Linzhi is pressed on the sofa.,Just listen to his tone:“You are so good today.,I thought about it.,I have no problem to visit again.,Anyway, it is not a weekend,It is estimated that there are not many visitors.。”
I don’t understand what he mean.,Anna Atasia was proceeded by him,I am laughing in the past.:“I am not easy to make up makeup!Haircut!”
“Reese later……”
This delay,Going out is already 11 o’clock noon。
Anna Atasian spirit shake,Chen Linzhi is sluggish,Laoses out of the hotel,Go to the place to have a lunch。